Threeway Pleasure in the Mountains

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She paused from licking his balls and breathed, “You want to feel her tongue on your balls as you fuck me?”

This sent him over the edge. She positioned herself over his pulsing cock and opened her mouth. He watched as cum jetted into her mouth and dripped out. He loved it when one little filthy comment could trigger him to cum so hard. Then to watch her take it in her mouth made him feel a deep love for her.

As they lay next to each other he lightly trailed his fingers over her exposed skin. She sighed with contentment and felt her body sinking deeply into the mattress just as the deep orgasm had penetrated her body.

“I love it when you talk dirty.” He said sleepily.

“I know.”

Weeks later they lay in the same bed looking at a laptop screen.

“This place looks nice,” she said.

“Yeah, it’s got the hot tub and everything,” he said as he leaned over and lightly kissed her neck. She let out a small giggle and withdrew slightly. They were going to go to a little cabin in the mountains. Getting out of town and relaxing sounded great to them.

He continued to kiss her neck. His hand moved the computer and then drifted over her chest. She breathed out and a tiny, cozy noise escaped her throat. She moved her hand over his boxers. They kissed and reveled in the taste of each other. He loved the way she tasted: her neck, mouth and pussy always welcomed his tongue. He ached as his eyes followed hers while she scooted down the bed. She kept pressure on his hardening dick while moving her chest between his legs. Her eyes never left his even as she freed his cock from the cotton of his boxers. Gripping the base she moved her tongue from the base to the tip.

“Fuck, Michelle,” he said.

Pressing her fingers into the flesh beneath his balls she took his cock into her mouth, her eyes never leaving his. He grabbed his dick so just more than the head peaked from his fist. He grabbed the back of her head and pressed it onto his rigid cock. He shook his dick firmly in her mouth.

He tried to pull her body up so as to kiss her mouth and eventually arrange access to lick her pussy. She responded by deep throating him to the hilt. He exhaled sharply and arched his back, resisting the urge to thrust forward hard. The distinct feeling of the beginning of her throat pressing firmly on his cock was incredibly hot. Not only did it feel amazing but more than that it denoted an amount of sexual abandon. He loved sex that felt raw and a bit out of control. He thought of her wanting his cock so bad that she couldn’t help fucking herself in the mouth with it.

He couldn’t help it any more and, using his strength, pulled her bodily upward. He kissed her mouth urgently as her pushed her on her back. He made his way down to her pussy, spending some time on her neck, breasts and stomach. He lifted her legs and pushed her knees together and towards her chest. Her pussy and ass peaked through her cheeks and thighs. He put his tongue just below her ass and licked all the way up to her pussy. Opening up her legs he kissed her pussy using his whole, open mouth. He flicked his tongue against her clit. She moaned and writhed. He spread her legs then lips. Her cute little clit protruded and begged to be licked. He placed his tongue so that it barely touched her clit. He brushed his tongue against her clit as fast as her could. She kept trying to thrust her pussy into his face to get more contact with his tongue. He made her wait before he finally gave her the stronger licks that rocketed her to near orgasm. He took the tip of his finger and used it to sample the opening of her vagina. She wanted him to plunge his fingers deep inside her. He eventually gave her what she wanted so deeply. He wet two fingers and paused briefly at the opening of her pussy then slid them completely in. He was licking very strongly now and she was responding.

“Touch my ass,” she demanded.

He obliged and pressed his thumb against her delightful little ass. He thought what it would feel like if his cock were in the place where his thumb was. He pressed his thumb just inside her ass. She flinched and swiftly gave him a slap on the shoulder. He secretly reveled in pushing the limits of his wife. He licked her and stimulated her ass until she bucked and kicked in orgasm.

He gave her pussy a few large slow licks to allow her to recover. He knew he could fuck her very deeply because he had prepared her pussy by licking canlı bahis it so thoroughly. With urgency pulsing in his cock, he pushed her legs up and together as he did when he started to lick her pussy. Her pussy was swollen and begging for more. He knew that entering her this way would be very intense. He wetted the end of his cock with some spit, pressed it against her and entered without any more warning. She arched her back and strained. Her chin dipped to her chest as he began fucking very hard now. He was on his feet off the bed and propping himself up with his hands. In order to fuck even harder he left one foot on the ground and brought a knee up to the bed. This allowed for him to reach behind his thigh and press a finger into her asshole. Feeling her flex and tighten around his finger made him want to be even deeper inside her.

“You want my cum, baby?” He asked.

“I want that hot cum. Cum on my fucking tits.”

He pulled out just as cum was spilling from him. Jets of cum splashed on her belly and breasts. It thoroughly soaked her stomach. As he collapsed on the bed he thought about how happy he was. He sighed deeply and watched his wife walking towards the bathroom as she had done many times before. His heart lurched inside him, feeling as if it was pressing against his chest. He imagined this was his heart feeling the swell of being so full of love.

They stepped through the threshold of the humble lobby. The decoration was cutesy and eclectic. It was exactly what they had expected for the price and pictures online. The man at the desk was very friendly and excitable. He gave many suggestions included a suggestion for a small club that “the young people seem to love”. Being a ski destination there was a substantial number of 20 somethings that would ski during the day and go out at night.

As they unpacked and changed they decided what restaurant they wanted to go to. Walking down the shoveled sidewalks they enjoyed the quaint feel of the town. Anything with snow feels quaint for southern Californians. They walked past the small club that was empty at the early hour. They paused in a small courtyard that had some benches and a snow covered fountain. Being in front of the dinner hours, the town seemed almost sleepy.

“Are you enjoying yourself?” He inquired as her squeezed her butt through her tight jeans.

She used a finger to bring her straightened hair from her lightly made up eye, “yeah, it’s just what I wanted.”

They kissed, took some pictures, took pictures of themselves kissing and then went to dinner. It was a nice meal and they had plenty of time to kill after. They walked and shopped and finally made their way back to the hotel to change. She put on a dress way too short for the weather but it was only a short walk to their destination. He had a beer as he watched her get out of her clothes. He tried putting his hands on her every time she walked by but she would bat them away.

“We don’t have time for that,” she would say coquettishly. “Besides, you want to see a girl lick this pussy tonight don’t you?”

This took him by surprise. They had dirty talked many times before but always during sex. He wondered if she was serious and decided to not answer.

She was freezing on the way to the bar and barely made it. When they arrived there was one large group of rowdy college age people. They seemed to be friends and the drink was flowing. They sat at the bar on one side of the group and ordered a round. He went to the bathroom and when he came back he saw his wife talking to a brunette. They were laughing and separated from the main group. He could not help but notice the girls generous neckline and attractive features.

“This is Eva,” Michelle announced.

“My name is Alister.”

“That’s a cool name,” he responded that he liked it too and asked if these were her friends.

“Yeah, we came up here last year too.” They talked more and traded stories. She was a senior at the university, majoring in education. She liked to ski but came up here mostly to hang out with her friends. She liked going to school, the beach and Long Islands.

“Long Islands are good if they are made right.” Michelle said.

“Let’s see if they make them right.” Alister said.

They did make them just right and it didn’t take much to make them all feel comfortable and friendly. Then something happened that changed the whole night.

“Eva, we’re taking bahis siteleri a survey of who shaves,” said one of the girls who had been taking shots earlier.

“Uhh, yeah I do.” She replied a little reluctantly giving a sideways glance at Alister and Michelle.

“How about you?” The girl motioned towards Michelle.

“Yes, she does.” Alister quickly answered. He really liked the way this was going but the bathroom was calling again.

“You don’t have any hair?” Eva asked as Alister walked away.

“No, not now at least. Sometimes it grows out but not now.”

“Me too,” she replied and the conversation spiraled into a detailed discussion of body hair preferences and eventually all things sexual. When Alister returned he was happy to here the conversation was very sexually charged. He was expecting Michelle would get excited and they would go back to the room and fuck. To promote this course of events he sneaked his hand under her dress and grazed her ass crack. She jumped, turned and pushed him.

“You can’t do that!” She said with the silliness that comes from seemingly any amount of alcohol.

“I can see why he would though. You have a very nice ass.” Eva said. Michelle got this very commonly because she did, simply put, have a great ass. It was full and firm and people rarely failed to notice it.

The talk was playful and got downright steamy in parts. All three were feeling fantastic and warm when one of the other girls came over.

“Tiff’s puking in the bathroom again. We have to go.” She was referring to girl who had spoken about shaving before. Eva gave a quick look at the couple she had been speaking to for over an hour now.

“She didn’t even make it to 10 o’clock.”

“Nope. It blows but we’re heading back so let’s go.”

“Do you guys want to hang out more?” Eva asked Michelle.

“Yeah, we have drinks and some food at our place.” Michelle replied.

“I don’t mean to brag but we also have a hot tub in the room.” Alister added.

She turned to her friend, “I gotta go with them. There is no way I could pass up the hot tub.”

They made it back to the room. They decided stripping to nothing would only be fair as none of them had brought a suit (Michelle and Alister hadn’t planned on having company or wearing clothes in their private hot tub). It was clear where things were going and a concerned Alister repeated “are you SURE your okay with this?” while Eva was not listening. Michelle assured him everything was fine but she did not want him to have much if any contact with her. She was comfortable with touching the strange girl but was not ready to see her man do the same.

The girls started to kiss. It had come out that Eva had kissed a girl but nothing more and Michelle was completely without experience. They gingerly explored each others bodies and Alister looked on with awe. He loved his wife and seeing her kiss another woman made him extremely hard. He absent mindedly stroked his cock and watched unblinkingly as the women began exploring each others bodies. Their wet bodies rubbed against each other. Eva was a little more aggressive and sunk a finger into Michelle’s pussy. They kissed deeply as the pleasure oozed into Michelle’s body. Alister came up behind Michelle and began kissing her neck. The feeling of two mouths and four hands on her was incredible.

Alister knelt down and turned the girls around so they were back to back. He licked at his wife’s ass as he felt the other girl’s ass against his neck and shoulders. They spun like magnets facing north-north so they could kiss again. He took the opportunity to lick his wife’s pussy. He thought about what it must be like to be kissing and get oral at the same time. His hand reached up and slipped a finger into her pussy. Just the feeling of the Eva’s body pressed against him was contact enough: he had rarely felt this kind of pure and pervasive desire.

They drifted towards the bed and Eva lay down with her legs off the bed and feet on the ground. The couple looked down on this magnificent, youthful body. Alister felt a surge of what he could only identify as power. It felt like liquid freedom flowing from his heart out to his limbs. The freedom just to gaze upon another naked body with his wife made him feel like a god. He kissed his wife’s neck and whispered, “Get of your knees between her legs. Just think about what I do when I lick your pussy and do the same.”

Michelle got bahis şirketleri down on her knees. She was very excited and nervous to see this woman’s pussy right in front of her. She thought about all the girl-girl porn she had watched. She thought about the taste of herself when she had sucked Alister’s dick after he had been inside her. Will it be the same taste? Will I be any good at this? These questions and a thousand others swirled through her head.

“Kiss her thighs first. Move your way slowly towards her lips,” He said.

She kissed her milky thighs. They felt so smooth against her mouth. She couldn’t believe the how very different the flesh of a woman felt. Soft moans from Eva let her know that she was doing something right. Her mouth eventually reached the area where the legs met. The smooth suppleness of Eva’s lips was unbelievable. She gave wet kisses right next to her slit as Alister had done so many times. She knew this would make her want the direct stimulation and when it came it would feel incredible. Eva was lightly touching her breasts and nipples and breathing deeply.

Alister licked his fingers and slid two fingers inside Michelle’s pussy. He pressed his fingers against the roof of her pussy while she finally tasted Eva. Michelle couldn’t believe how light and sweet she tasted. He bent over and licked Michelle’s ass as he fingered her. Both girls were feeling waves of pleasure now.

“Michelle, get on the bed,” he said. Eva scooted up and Michelle positioned herself between her legs but stayed on her knees. This gave Alister an opportunity to wet the end of his cock and press it against Michelle’s waiting pussy. As he entered her he marveled at how many times he had fantasized about this exact moment: fucking his wife while her face was buried in another woman’s pussy. He pumped in and out of her and she responded by removing her mouth momentarily and gasping.

“Eva, will you lick me?” Michelle asked. The girls arranged themselves in a 69 position and Alister entered Michelle again. This time he could feel her tighten as Eva’s tongue licked sloppily at her clit. Alister had to hold back from coming while he began to pick up speed with his thrusts. Michelle was certain that the combination of her husbands cock and a hot tongue working together was the most pleasurable thing she had ever experienced. Her toes were positively tingling with pleasure. She also marveled at this new vantage point to a woman’s sex. She continued to do her best licking but had to continually stop to gasp as waves of hot bliss rocked her entire body.

“Fuck me.” Michelle breathed. He responded by quickly plunging as deep in her as he could. He tried to be careful not to slam into her as this seemed to inhibit Eva from licking. He knew the signs of Michelle’s orgasms well and this one seemed to be building into a devastating one. Eva also seemed to be writhing strongly. Both women were going to orgasm very soon.

“Don’t stop.” Eva breathed between licks. She erupted and bucked so hard Michelle had to firmly grab her legs to steady her to continue licking.

As soon as Eva calmed down Michelle said, “Now, you don’t stop.”

Seemingly as soon as Eva resumed her efforts Michelle let out a full, throaty scream. She pounded the bed. She lurched forward. Alister had to strain to pull her onto his cock. She was having the wildest, hardest, fullest orgasm of her life. Megatons would be insufficient to describe the explosion centering on her clit and reverberating through her body.

As the girls collapsed where they lay Alister held his aching cock in his hand. He wanted to cum so badly he didn’t have much time.

“Get on your knees.” He commanded and to his surprise both women complied. Michelle held her tits together with her hands and looked up with her mouth slightly open.

“Give us that cum, baby.” Michelle said as Eva kissed her neck.

The first torrent of cum hit Michelle’s breast with such force that it splattered generously to the other girl. The impact was great enough to make both women jump slightly. Streams of cum splashed, then streaked down her chest and stomach. Once he was finished Michelle was covered and sloppy. To his surprised, Eva lowered her head and sucked Michelle’s saturated nipples. They both looked at her with wide eyes.

Alister looked at his wife and knew that no man could love another woman like he did. They had just shared a sexual experience that he never would have without her. She was irreplaceable; a gem of untold value and unequalled beauty. They piled together in bed and slept a sleep without equal: none of them had a hint of energy, fear or want of anything.

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