Unbridled Lust

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For Paula Birmingham Wednesday had been another grueling day in front of a class of employees explaining the Revised Corporate Benefits Package. With the merger with another smaller energy company; the new larger corporation had seen this as a chance to scale back the level of benefits that each employee received while touting it publically as an enhanced package. Needless to say; lots of employees saw through the smokescreen and were not happy about it. While making the presentations 6 days a week over the last 2 and half weeks at several sites across the country; she had gotten alot of pointed and sometimes angry questions about the changes. She had attempted to answer each question thoroughly and honestly herself or find out the answer and get back to the person who asked with the answer. Being the Corporate Human Resources Manager; she normally would not have been directly involved in this presenting this training but one of the training staff had just transferred to another department and hadn’t yet been replaced and another one had to start pregnancy leave 2 months early because of complications. So with previous instructional experience; it fell on Paula to be a team player and pitch in to help during this crunch.

Having answered several questions after class and prepared the Day 2 material for tomorrow; It was already dark at 610 pm as she left the large conference room where the training was held and got on the elevator to go to her 3rd floor room. All she wanted to do was have a relaxing bath first and then maybe order a meal with a glass of wine from room sevice. She was thinking about skipping her usual 45 min on the treadmill in the exercise room for tonight. She reached her room and slipped the card key into the lock, turned the handle,pushed the door open and turned on the light. She placed her briefcase and purse on the couch and removed her black suit jacket and laid it across the back of the matching large chair. With a sigh of relief; Paula kicked off her black pumps. That made her feet feel so much better. Unbuttoning the waist band of her black knee length skirt; she let it fall around her feet and unbuttoned her dark plumb blouse and and let it slide down her arms and fall to the floor. She reached down and picked up both garments and placed them on the chair back for now. Moving to the nightstand ; she turned on the clock radio to the local smoothe jazz station she liked and adjusted the volume to where she would be able to hear it in the bathroom.

Walking into the bathroom in her stockinged feet; Paula took a couple of bath beads from her vanity case and started filling the bathtub. Reaching behind and unhooking her black lace bra, the shoulder straps slid down her arms as she let the C Cups fall from her breasts.Another sigh of relief came over her as they were no longer constrained. She placed her right foot on the edge of the tub and slowly rolled the black lace top thigh high stocking down her long shapely leg and then repeated the performance with the left leg. Paula smiled a little wry smile as she thought about that it was still a big turnon after 15 years of marriage for her husband to see her put on or remove nylon stockings or pantyhose. He was a leg man and always told her she had better legs than any of the Rockettes. Also her fourteen year old son appeared to be taking after his father because several times recently she had caught him smiling lustfully while staring at her nylon stockinged legs. The last time it occurred; She had asked him; “Do you like my legs”? Somewhat embarassed he had answered “Yes Mom; you have very beautiful legs. My friends and I agree that you have the most beautiful legs of any mother we’ve ever seen”. She was a little shocked at his reply but secretly wondered what other parts of her body that a a group of teenage boys had discussed or even fantasized about. She continued to smile as she hooked her thumbs behind the waistband of her black lace french cup panties, slid them down over her shapely thighs allowed them to drop to the floor. She reached down and picked up the items she had taken off and hung the stockings across the shower curtain rod and placed the bra and panties in her mesh dirty clothes bag. Removing her watch, rings, cross necklace, and pierced earrings; she placed then on the shelf above the lavatory before closing the bathroom door far enough to where she could see herself in the full length mirror that was hung on the door.

Paula surveyed her now nude body in the mirror; her tan was nice and even thanks to the tanning bed room in her basement where she could lock the door and tan in the nude. Her abdomen was still flat; she jogged or used the treadmill regularly. She examined her breasts in the mirror, noting that they were still pretty firm for a 36 yr old that had breast fed 2 children. Her husband told her quite often as he sucked them how nice and firm her tits were. She smiled and felt her nipples harden at the thought of him. She also felt a moistness between her legs as she looked at her bush above her pussy It was was dark and thick but she kept the area beside the lips free of hair. Her husband David seemed to love eating her pussy almost as much as fucking it and was always telling her that she was one sexy piece of ass. Oh how she wanted and needed to be home with him, sharing a bed, making love. Just thinking about it made her so horny. She knew that it was less than a week before her period was to start and she tended to get really horny just a few days before menstruation began each time. It would be 2 more days before she got home to him and could have him inside her again. If her period hadn’t started shortly after she got home; then a good fucking usually seemed to hasten it. If so; then she would just put a thick dark red towel under her and let David wade right in. He definitely didn’t seem to be turned off by a little menstrual blood. The tub was ready and so she slid over the side and down into the water. The warm water felt so good.

She realized that thinking of her husband had aroused her and she needed a release. She needed to be loved. She needed sex. She needed to be fucked. But she would have take care of her needs herself until she got home. She slowly ran the index finger of her right hand down her abdomen, past her belly button and through her pubic bush and let it circle around her clitoris. She had a sudden intake of breath as she felt her juices flowing. Her pale red fingernail trailed along her pussy lips before she slid the fingertip inside. Moving it in and out and around carefully; she started to moan softly. Her long legs were shaking. Her nipples were now fully erect. It had been a long time since she had been that easily aroused while by herself . Then a most powerful orgasm hit her. She arched her back and neck against the tub and planted her feet firmly against the slanted bathtub wall as her whole body shuddered violently from the wave of pure ecstasy that hit her. It was an incredibly wonderful feeling. Her moaning became a muffled scream as she placed her left hand to her mouth. As the waves of ecstasy began to subside; Paula could feel her heart pounding rapidly in her chest. She felt so alive and at the same time so relaxed now. She thought again about her husband David. She Knew he was probably missing her as much as she was missing him. Last Sunday (on her only Off Day for the week); she had told David that she had a surprise for him. She knew xx year old Zack and xx year old Rachel were at an amusement park with their cousins so there would be no interruptions. She connected her personal laptop to the hispeed internet and instructed David to do the same with the home computer. David knew he was really in for a treat when Paula appeared in front of the webcam wearing only a short seethru black nightie with a black garter belt, sheer black stockings and black sandaled hi heel shoes. She proceeded to slowly and provacatively dance around the room to a smooth jazz number before removing the nightie and then sitting on the foot of the bed with her legs spread wide apart. She could see the bulge in David’s pants and suggested to him “why don’t you take em off for me”. He proceeded to do so and release that big, hard cock that she loved so well. Then she asked him to do something else for her. She had never seen him masturbate more than a few strokes. There had been no need with her around. But now she wanted to see him masturbate until he came in front of the camera.

As he sat down on the foot of the bed; David’s left hand encircled his hard cock as he began to jack off slowly but steadily while staring at Paula’s pussy on the monitor. He cupped his balls in his right hand as he increased the tempo of his strokes. She watched his muscular legs flex open slightly and could tell he was close to cumming. Her pussy was getting very moist and tingly as she watched him pleasure himself and her. Her husband removed his right hand from his balls and placed it on his right thigh as he laid back on the bed and hollared “I’m cummmmin”. He continued to pump as his cock erupted with globs of cum shooting all over his chest. She could hear and see his moans and groans of pleasure.

Suddenly; Paula’s thoughts were jolted back to reality by a noise. It took her a moment to realize that it was the telephone. It probably was David or one of the kids; she thought; so she quickly jumped up from the tub, opened the bathroom door and ran to answer it without bothering to grab a towel. The nude woman was still several steps from the phone when it stopped ringing. Stopping abruptly herself; she sensed a presense behind her; close and coming closer. Something passed in front of her face and then was tight around her throat. She felt the nylon against her skin and knew that were was a stocking around her neck. Her assailant swung her around and she felt her body being doubled across the big chair in the room. His weight landed against her lower back and Paula felt a hard cock slide up her ass crack. Then she felt a sudden shove and excruciating pain and her back arched as his big cock rammed deep into her lovely ass tearing and creating a fissure in her rectum. Her attempt at a scream was cut off as he pulled the stocking tighter closing off her windpipe making it virtually impossible to breathe. Her assailant pulled back and rammed his big cock again into her as he arched her upper back away from the chair. He continued to poke her asshole as she clawed frantically at her throat, trying to somehow pull the stocking away, to ease the awful pressure. She then realized that it wasn’t working; she had to try to hurt her attacker. Simultaneaously with both hands; she tried to claw at the assailant’s hands behind her neck. But all her fingernails came in contact with were the gloves covering his hands and wrists. Her attacker just pulled the nylon stocking tighter. She then tried to kick the attacker. But in the position her body was in against the chair ; she could only manage short glancing blows with her naked heel which inflicted no significant pain to his lower legs. In desperation; her hands and fingers returned to her throat. When her assailant came in her ass; Paula’s thoughts didn’t hardly resister that it was happening. She was thinking “Oh God; please help me. O sweet Jesus; Please make him stop. It hurts so much. Please don’t let him kill me. Why is this happening to me”? Her eyes were wide, they felt like they were about to pop out of their sockets and some of the blood vessels were starting to rupture. Her mouth was dry and seemed to be on fire with her swollen tongue protruding from between her puffy lips.

As he pulled his cock out of her ass; the assailant eased the pressure slightly on Paula’s throat as he spun her around and pushed her backwards onto the bed. She was able to drag in a couple of breaths of fresh air as he came down on top of her. For a few moments he just stared into her eyes with a piercing stare of unbridled lust, hatred and death. She recognized this guy; she had seen him in the hotel bar last night and ironically he was also in the benefits class she had taught today. He had the same piercing stare in both places but had never said a word to her either time. She couldn’t comprehend why he was doing this to her. Suddenly he forced her legs apart and rested his cock head on her pussy lips for a moment before driving it deep into her vagina. She could feel the walls of her vagina stretch as it went in. She arched her body, lifting him, twisting, trying to throw him off. But her hands were only concerned with her inability to breathe. She clawed at her throat, her nails digging bloody furrows in her flesh. The nylon was so deeply embedded in her throat. Her eyes were buldging and her tongue swelling. Her body twisted under him as he pumped her; grinding his pelvis against hers. She could feel his big cock moving in and out of her pussy but that was somehow irrelevant then. Her chest hurt, her heart pounded, the thundering filling her head. Her long legs came up and flailed in the air and then her heels returned to the floor and drummed against it and the bed.

But her body began to betray her; that need for kocaeli escort a cock was too strong. Her arousal level had been so high when she left the tub. Her attacker had settled into a rhythm and she could feel her juices gushing. She saw the piercing animal lust in his eyes. Her body throbbed and tingled as he rammed into her pussy on each stroke. She felt the rising emotions, the shuddering and then a massive orgasm was washing over her. All the more arousing as she knew it would be her last orgasm, that very shortly now she would be dead. She had often fantasized about dying like this, being attacked like this and then being found, a nude, strangled, raped corpse. She had imagined her body lying in repose in a casket afterwards. She had even played dead, for her husband, several times while lying on the bed, couch or even once on the kitchen table. They had both been turned on by the role play. But she had never ever wanted or expected this to happen. There would be no modesty for her she knew; her nude ravished corpse would be stared at by all who entered the room; then slice and diced, poked and probed during an autopsy before being buried in a cold grave.

Paula felt him come inside of her; the hot jets bathing her cervix. Her hands now flapped weakly at her throat, her fingers were losing their control, her heels drummed weakly on the floor. All she wanted was air. Must have air. She arched up once more, her breasts crushed against his chest, her hard nipples slamming into him. Her vision had turned a brilliant red that was becoming pale. Her mind was full of whirling images, Her son, her daughter, Her husband……her husband…..her husband. “Oh David” she thought” How I wish I was with you safe in your arms, my darling”. With that thought; her heart beat one last time and her earthly vision faded to black. Paula Birmingham’s body was dead. But her soul and spirit were very much alive. A bright light was beckoning her toward it. Suddenly; there was no more pain and suffering. A figure dressed in white held out it’s hand to take her’s and said “Welcome, Paula, I’ve been expecting you. I need your lovely alto voice to sing in the heavenly choir”. She immediately recognized the figure as the Lord Jesus Christ as soon as she touched his hand; her soul/spirit had a new heavenly body , clothed in a white gown, more beautiful than her earthly body had ever been. Paula Birmingham was in heaven.

In the hotel room Doyle Mintz had withdrawn from the dead pussy and was lying beside the corpse admiring his prize. The eyes were open wide buldged and fixed; the once beautiful brown eyes blood shot with all of the burst blood vessels. The face was discolored and swollen. The swollen tongue protruded from between puffy lips. Blood was drying in the furrows in the neck that Paula’s own nails had dug. Doyle (known to everyone as LD) looked at the chest. It did not rise and fall. She was definitely dead. He had killed her.

LD thought back to the previous night. After checking in; he had went down to the hotel bar to have a drink. Shortly after he had gotten his drink and was sitting at a little corner table; she walked in. He immediately knew she was his kind of woman; tall with legs that seemed to go on forever, dark haired. She was wearing a black short cocktail dress, black stockings and black pump hi heels. He watched her sit down at the bar and order a drink. He was staring intently at her as she swiveled around on the bar stool to have a look at the room. He got to see plenty of nylon stockinged leg and had a brief look up her dress before she turned back around to the bar. She was so beautiful the he decided that “he would eat the peanuts out of her shit” as his uncle used to say. LD knew then he had to have her but he also knew she never go for him. He stared at her back while she finished her drink and got up to leave. He got up also and got on the elevator when she did along with several other people. When it reached the 3rd floor; the woman got off and so did LD. When she reached room 321 and started to open her door; he walked on past with his key card in his hand as if he was on one of the other halls and kept going until he could take the stairs up to his 4th floor room.

Once in his room; LD began to think about how it would be to screw a body like that. To have her longs legs wrapped around him as he was pumping her full. To have her pale red lips sucking his cock. But he knew that in order to have this woman he’d have to rape her; then he would have to kill her too. Didn’t want any chance that she could ID him. He went out on the freezing cold balcony and looked down to the3rd floor below. He knew which balcony was hers because she was 2 rooms over from the elevator shaft. He could climb down and over easily with his climbing ability. At this time of year nonone would be out on their balcony at night. But how would he get in. He looked at the lock on the sliding glass door; there was no burgular proof bar anywhere on the door. He thought about the lock. Might could force the door open with a screw driver but he couldn’t be sure. But then a real plan developed. He had seen one of those circular glass cutters before. If he had one of those. He went out to the hardware store and bought the best one they had, picked up a short piece of nylon cord and then stopped by the wALMART and bought a pair of thin black latex gloves, black sweatshirt and pants, black socks, and a black toboggan that would cover his face except for the eyes,nose and mouth. Now all he needed was a little luck tomorrow night.

He slept well that night and showed up at 825 for the 830 Revised Corporate Benefits Class. He couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw the woman at the podium. It was her. He stared at her throughout the day lusting at her sexy body. Those legs that seemed to stretch forever, her pale red lips and fingernails, her beautiful dark brown eyes with even darker eyebrows and lashes. He fantasized throughout the day about how he was going to rape and kill her. His cockbecame almost painfully hard in his pants.

When class ended just before 530pm; he hurried up to his room, dressed in the clothes he had bought, grabbed the glass cutter and climbed down to the balcony of room 321. A dim nightlight was on so he was oK so far. He attempted to open the door but it was locked so be began to cut the glass near the lock. It worked like a charm and he was soon inside the room and closed the door and curtain. He turned on the light and saw a suitcase in the corner on a stand. Opening it; his eyes were fixed on a pair of suntan thigh high stockings lying on top. Picking them up; LD stuffed one in his pocket and stretched one in his hand. He now had his weapon. It was better than the nylon cord he planned to use. He looked in the bathroom before returning to the bedroom and opening the closet. It was empty on one side with a clothes bar with several suits, dresses, blouses and a heavy coat on the other side. He checked the louvered door for noise. No noise! Good! He stripped except for the thin black latex gloves and his shoes and socks, left his things in the closet, checked the room again; turned out the light and slowly and carefully made his way to the closet and closed the door with the stocking in hand and waited. Surely she would be along in a little while now that class was over.

His thoughts came back to the present. He had actually done it; He had raped her; he had killed her but he wasn’t ready to leave just yet. She was like a lifesize doll lying there on the bed just waiting to be played with. He placed his hand on her dark sticky bush and began to rub and pat it. As he did so; suddenly Paula’s corpse’s bladder dumped it’s contents onto the bed. He watched as her death piss changed from a steady yellow stream to a slow trickle that ran into the crack of her ass. Once the bladder had emptied; he wiped his fingers across the now pissy pussy, place them to his nose and then licked them with his mouth. Seeing the dead body pee was a real turnon to him. He always liked to see his now ex-wife pee and then wipe herself. But she wouldn’t allow it most of the time.

He ran his fingers over the legs he had lusted after. That was what had attracted him to the woman at the start. They were so long and shapely and smooth and tan. The thighs, knees, calves, ankles and feet were just perfect. He had to see them in stockings again so he went to the bathroom and retrieved the nylons that Paula had removed prior to her bath and slowly and carefully put them on before retrieving the black pumps and putting them on. Ah so nice!

Momentarily; his attention turned to the dead woman’s breasts. The were quite nice and firm. He leaned over and began to suck on the swollen nipple of the right breast while squeezing the dead titty with his hand. Oh that was so good. His teeth began to bite softly into the nipple; and then the areola and the breast tissue itself before doing the same to the left breast.

His arousal had caused his cock to recover and become erect again. Seeing the dead woman lying there with nylons and heels on was just too sexy to not take advantage of. He rolled the corpse over on it’s stomach and rammed his hard cock up the ass again. This was how it started he thought. The asshole was well lubed from its previous encounter and he slid in easily and pounded hard several times before withdrawing. There was one orifice he hadn’t sampled yet and he didn’t want to neglect that one. He rolled the corpse over on it’s back again and opened the mouth and pushed the swollen protruded tongue in. He straddled the head and slid his sticky cock into the mouth and against the throat. Pressing hard against the throat; he felt his cock stretching it until it slid all the way in. He couldn’t resist pumping a few times and watching the throat bulge each time his cock went in from the 69 position.

LD knew his 22 yr old body probably only had one more really good cum in it tonight and he wanted to deposit it in the corpse’s pussy. He withdrew from the mouth and got down on the floor between the stockinged legs. His body tingled as he ran his hands up both sexy legs and inserted his right index into the sticky pussy and felt around inside. Wouldn’t any of the live ones let you check them out like this. It was time for a final fuck. LD positioned the corpse so that it was spreadeagled on the bed with the head on one of the pillows before mounting it and thrusting his revived cock deep into the sticky hole and screwing it hard and fast. He could feel he was close to cumming; so he thrust hard and deep as his cock erupted one final time inside the pussy of his prize; his lifesize doll. He let it soak inside savoring the moment until his cock started to go soft and then withdrew. Taking and having the woman’s body had been everything he had hoped for; the ultimate sexual experience of his life so far.

Now he had to get things arrranged before he left. Grasping the corpse by the heels; he pulled it back down the bed until the lower legs up to the knees were off the bed with the heels touching the floor. He spread the legs as widely as possible fully exposing the abused pussy. Grasping the corpse by the hair and lifting the head and back; he placed pillows from the bed and couch underneath the the upper back, neck and head so that the woman’s body appeared to be staring at whoever rounded the corner to come toward the bed. He spread the arms out fully on each side of the body with the fingers open. He stepped back to have a look. Perfect; he thought!

LD entered the closet and redressed and then went into the bathroom. He picked up the watch, rings, cross-necklace and pierced earrings and placed them in his pockets. He spotted the mesh dirty clothes bag; opened it and placed the black lace panties to his nose and inhaled deeply the scent before placing them in his pocket. Returning to the bedroom; he picked up the cordovan Aigner hand bag; removed a smaller purse from it and began to look through it. He pocketed the fourty seven dollars in cash and then the VISA card and AMEX corporate card while leaving the loose change and several department store and gas cards. He looked at the pictures in that section of the wallet. One was of the dead woman smiling proudly in the embrace of a tall, black haired man . Then separate school pictures of a boy and a girl who appeared to be in their early teens. Must be her husband and children he thought. Their loss had been his gain.

He looked around the room. The smoothe jazz station had been playing the whole time. He flipped the switch to turn off the radio and noted that the time was 958 pm. He noticed the Message Light blinking on the telephone. Probably from the call earlier; he surmised. How time flies when you’re having fun; he thought. He placed the black toboggan back over his head; gathered his glass cutter and slipped out the sliding glass door pulling it closed behind him as he left, check to see that no one was out on the balconies and climbed back up to his floor and back into his room.

At 1002pm the telephone in room 321 began to ring again. After the allotted 8 rings; the call went kocaeli escort bayan to the answering machine. It was Paula Birmingham’s husband David. His message was that he was just checking in; she must still be out so he loved her and would talk to her tomorrow. He noted that the earlier call had been from Rachel. She had just wanted her mom to know that she had scored 18 points at the basketball game after school.

But Paula would never hear those messages. Her ravished body lay cooling and stiffening on the bed. On Thursday morning LD arose from his bed; got ready and entered the conference room at about 0815am. It would be interesting to see what would happen this morning he thought as he looked around. At 0820; the local training coordinator Tom Parker was becoming concerning. Paula Birmingham still hadn’t arrived yet. It was getting close to the 0830 start time. She had been there by 0800 every other morning getting ready and answering questions. He decided to call her room but there was no answer. He waited another couple of minutes and then went to the desk; and explained the situation to the hotel’s assistant manager. With a master key card in hand; they arrived outside room 321 and knocked loudly and called her name but there was no response. Opening the door; they burst in still calling her name. Nothing could have prepared them for the scene they witnessed as they turned the corner toward the bed. Both stopped short at the sight of Paula’s spreadeagled corpse lying there staring straight at them. The assistant manager immediately called 911 on his cell phone and said “don’t touch anything” . Tom Parker just momentarily froze there staring at the almost nude woman on the bed that he had worked with the last 3 days. There was nothing he could do to help her now.

He whirled around and returned quickly to the filled training class room and attempted to regain his composure. With all the class staring at him; he announced that Mrs. Birmingham would be unavailable to do the rest of the class. Of course this was no surprise to LD. Tom announced there would a delay in getting started and to sit tight for now. He now left the room and got on the cell phone to his local management.

Officer Jeff Tibbs was the first to It was obviously a horrible murder of a very beautiful woman he thought as he stared at Paula’s corpse before returning to the door to keep out onlookers and prevent the evidence from being trampled. Other units and CSI began to arrive and by 0900; room 321 was abuzz with activity. Shortly after that; Detective Charlie Hall arrived to take over the investigation. Not much got by Charlie. Less than a year from his planned retirement; he had nearly 30 years experience in all areas of police work. He had seen pretty much type of crime and situation that could occur. He walked in and surveyed the scene. Peering closely; he could see the nylon stocking embedded in the dead woman’s neck, the furrowed scratches, her bloated and flushed face, the bite marks on her breasts, the dried fluids on the pubic hair and dried fluid that had leaked from the vagina. We’ve got another real sicko on our hands, he surmised.

Charlie stood back and allowed the photographer to get his photographs of the corpse and then the crime scene rooms. He conferred with Lead CSI Laura Bern. He liked working with her. They seemed to think alot alike. And when they didn’t they always had an interesting discussion of their differences that led to real progress. Together they began their investigation. With her gloved hand; she opened the curtain for the door leading to the patio. That’s when they saw the round hole beside the lock. No doubt about how the killer got in and maybe out. Walking to the bathroom; they looked at the tub of soapy water; then picked up the clothes bag and noted that was a bra inside but no panties. Examining the clothes in the other room didn’t produce them. Where were the panties?

Down in the conference room; LD watched intently as Tom Parker returned to the room and announced that he would attempt to cover the material himself since a good portion of the presentation was sequential tapes of the material. Class members still didn’t know what to think about the situation. LD tried his best to appear normal but surprised also.

Meanwhile up in Room 321; the victim had been photographed and the preliminary examination of the body had been completed. The corpse was placed in a body bag and transported to the morgue for an autopsy. Charlie and Laura pressed the Medical Examiner for at least preliminary autopsy results as soon as possible to aid in their investigation and then resumed their investigation.

Later that morning; Local Police in Paula Birmingham’s home city notified her husband of her murder. He fainted on hearing the news and had to have medical attention before he could tell the children. At 2pm that afternoon an autopsy was conducted on the body of Paula Birmingham.

As the class in the conference room wrapped up late in the afternoon; Tom Parker and Charlie Hall jointly addressed it’s participants. It was then that the students were told that their instructor Paula Birmingham was dead. She had been murdered. Rumors had been circulating all day about what had happened to her. Class Members expressed their shock and concern. Anyone with any information was urged to step forward and talk with the police and several specific students were asked to remain to be interviewed by the police. LD Mintz was not one of them and he was allowed to leave with the others. With his training concluded; he left for home having checked out at lunch time and placed his luggage in his car trunk.

Friday and Saturday in the Birmingham household was spent mourning the death of their beloved Paula and planning her funeral. On Saturday morning; David and Rachel looked through Paula’s clothes and picked out her burial outfit. Because of the condition of her neck; Mr. McKenna had recommended a blouse where the collar covered the whole neck. Paula had a white lace one; it wasn’t a favorite but it would have to do. They picked out a just above the knee length black pleated wool-blend skirt. They picked out 2 almost new lace bras; one black and one white. Paula normally wore black ones but if the color showed through then a white one could be used. A new pair of black lace french cut panties was ***********ed as well as a new pair of sheer black of thigh high stockings with lace tops for her legs and a pair of black sandaled high heels for her feet. Paula’s parents arrived in town and stayed with the children while David went to the funeral home to take the clothes and discuss funeral arrangements.

Arriving at the funeral home, Mr McKenna looked at the clothes and indicated that the blouse would cover the neck to allow a viewing. At this point David asked to view Paula’s body. While offering some initial resistance to it and explaining the condition of it; Mr McKenna reluctantly agreed and led David into the embalming room. He couldn’t really refuse the next of kin. Paula’s autopsied embalmed body was lying on a steel table covered by a sheet. Mr McKenna intially pulled the sheet down to the top of Paula’s shoulders. David winced as he saw the bloated, discolored face and furrowed neck but told McKenna that he wanted to see all of her. MCKenna removed the covering completely at that time and David could see the sutured y-incision across the chest and then down the center of the abdomen thru the belly button, the pubic hair and ending at the back of the vaginal lip. The bite marks on both breasts were clearly visible. Her long, tanned legs were clearly without blemish. David couldn’t imagine what, pain, horror, and agony Paula must have gone through before she died. What kind of animal would do this to her and why? David nodded and McKenna replaced the covering over the body and was led back to the office. With David’s assistance Mr. McKenna composed Paula’s Obituary that was to appear the next morning in the local newspaper and online. David picked out a silver casket with a creme interior and left for home.




Mrs. Birmingham, 36, of Charlotte NC died tragically on January 28, 2009.

She was born on December 27, 1972 the daughter of Tom and Margaret Carson.

Viewing and receiving of friends will be held on Sunday February 1, 2009 from 6pm until 9pm in the Rose Room at McKenna Funeral Home. Funeral services will be held on Monday February 2, 2009 at 3pm at the Bethel Baptist Church. Body will lie in state 1 hr prior to service. Graveside service and burial to follow Funeral Services at Greenlawn Memorial Park.

Paula is survived by loving husband David Birmingham, children Zack and Rachel of the home, Parents Tom and Margaret Carson of Raleigh NC, Brothers Jeff Carson of Denver Colorado and Ronald Carson of New Orleans Louisiana. Grandparents Maternal Grandmother Ada Arens of St Louis Missouri and Paternal Grandfather Theodore (Teddy) Carson of Raleigh NC She leaves behind to grieve her early passing many other relatives, friends and co-workers especially long-time best friend Jenna Seacort.

Paula graduated Summa Cum Laude from Central High School in 1989 where she was All-State in Girl’s Basketball in 1988 and 1989. Paula married high school sweetheart David Birmingham in 1992. She graduated from UNCX in 1993 with a BS in Business Administration and a BA in Communications. Her son Zack was born in 1993 and daughter Rachel in 1995. She joined USFD Energy in the Human Resources Department in 1997 as a Human Resource Coordinator. Paula received her MBA from UNCX in 2001. She subsequently was promoted to Supervisor, Location Manager and at the time of her death was the Corporate Human Resources Manager for the Company. She was an active member of Bethel baptist Church; had a beautiful alto voice and sang in the church choir. She served as a volunteer and mentor at East Middle School and was an active member of the PTO having served as its president in the past. She was a well known jogger in the Middleton Place subdivision area where she lived.

Paula was a very thoughtful, outgoing and loving person to all who she met. She loved both of her children very much and encouraged them in all of their endeavors. Her relationship with her husband David was very special. She considered him her soul-mate. When their schedules permitted they jogged and played tennis together. She especially enjoyed going to their vacation home at the beach where they spent many enjoyable mornings and evenings walking on the beach holding hands.

In lieu of flowers, memorials may be made to East Middle School Stadium Building Fund.


On Saturday after lunch; Mr McKenna’s new funeral director apprentice Jimmy Mason was assigned the task of dressing Paula Birmingham’s corpse while Mr. McKenna went to a home to discuss the arrangements for another body that had just been brought in. He had been given the clothes and instructed on what to do. This wasn’t the first female body he had dressed but it was the first one that he was to dress on his own. He removed the sheet from the body and and was struck by how tall the woman was. The body had an autopsy y-incision scar and marks on both breasts and the neck was scraped and scarred. What a waste of a beautiful woman. Mr. McKenna already had placed one of the thin adult diapers, that he normally used, on the body. Jimmy removed the clothes and took a look. Taking the lace black panties; he placed the feet and long legs through the holes and with some effort stretched them up and over the diaper. Jimmy maneuvered the black pleated skirt up the legs and over the shapely hips before buttoning and zipping it leaving it hiked up to the waist in front. He cut the straps and the fastening catch area from the black bra and draped it across the breasts. He placed each black lace stocking over the foot and rolled first the right and then the left up the long sexy leg until the lace band was in place on the sexy thighs. He placed the black sandaled high heels on each foot and fastened the straps. But Jimmy couldn’t stand it any longer. His cock was rock hard. He had to touch those magnificent legs. His hands shuddered with pleasure as he rubbed each leg from the ankle to the thigh. He took his hard cock out of his pants and began to stroke it while looking at those legs. It didn’t take many strokes before it exploded with streams of hot sticky cum shooting across the floor beside the corpse. He stopped and grabbed the table because his legs were feeling weak. He quickly pulled up his pants and took the hose and washed the evidence down the floor drain. Didn’t want to get caught by Mr. McKenna. Jimmy returned to the table and pulled the pleated skirt down into place. Mr. Mckenna had instructed him to wait about the blouse until the makeup was done. On Sunday morning; Charlie Hall was at his desk when he got the call. Paula Birmingham’s autopsy summary report was being faxed izmit escort to him as he spoke. He thanked the Assistant ME and immediately went to the FAX machine. Grasping each page as it came out; he began to read aloud the information


Office of the Chief Medical Examiner


DECEDENT Document Identifier A200900077 Autopsy

Type: ME

Autopsy Name: Paula Ann Birmingham

Age: 36 yrs

Race: White

Sex: Female

AUTHORIZATION Authorized By Steven D. Cramer MD


Date of Exam 01/29/2009

Time of Exam 14:00

Autopsy Facility Office of the Chief Medical Examiner

Persons Present Mr. Kenneth Cope , Dr. Stan Bruner, Dr. Catherine Morris, Dr. Sanjai Kumar

CERTIFICATION Cause of Death Strangulation

IDENTIFICATION Body Identified By Visual

1. EXTERNAL DE***********ION

The body is that of a well developed, well nourished adult white female appearing compatible with the stated age of 36 years.

The body is clad in Black Sheer Lacetop ThighHigh Nylon Stockings and Black Pump High Heel Shoes Size 9 with 3 inch Heels .

About the neck is tightly tied a Suntan Sheer Lacetop ThighHigh Nylon Stocking that had to be cut away for removal. These items of clothing were placed into evidence.

Body Length: 71.3 inches (5ft 11.3 In) Body Weight 139 pounds

Body Condition: Intact Rigor Full Livor Posterior, purple, unfixed

Eyes: Brown, corneas are cloudy, sclerae and conjunctivae are discolored, significant petechiae are present

Teeth: Natural, No 12 and 23 have dental fillings.

A single pubic hair was extracted from between No 7 and No 8.

Scalp Hair: Dark brown, 13″ in length at the crown, Wave/Curl approx 11″ from crown.

Pubic Hair: Dark brown, thick and extends 3.2 inches above the top of the vaginal opening to a width of approx 3 inches at the top.

Arms are unremarkable with sparse, thin light brown hair on the forearms.

Underarms are free of hair.

Fingernails are natural polished pale red, approx .6 to .8 inches in length.

Epidurals present under the fingernails.

Legs are 34 inches in length from origin (crotch) to bottom of heel and no hair is present.

Bruising present on the heels of both feet.

Toenails are polished pale red and are neatly pedicured.


HEAD AND NECK: Severe discoloration ,scratching and bruising of the neck. Face swollen and discolored and Lips puffy.


Bruising of heels of both feet

(Note) There is a small raised dark brown mole on the inside of the upper left thigh. There is no evidence of medical intervention.


BREASTS: Teeth Marks made post-mortem were present on both breasts on the nipples, aureolas, and the breasts themselves. Breasts had not been surgically modified.

GENITILIA: A mixture of dried semen, blood and vaginal excretions is present in the pubic hair. Four loose pubic hairs were sent for analysis.

(Note) episiotemy scar from vaginal childbirth is present


Body Cavities. The left pleural and right cavity, peritoneal cavity and pericardium contain no significant fluid. There are no adhesions.

All body organs are present and in their usual anatomic position.

Cardiovascular SystemHeart Weight270 gramsThe pericardial sac is free of significant fluid and adhesions. The coronary arteries arise normally, follow the usualdistribution and are widely patent without evidence of significant atherosclerosis or thrombosis. The chambers andvalves bear the usual size-position relationships and are unremarkable. The myocardium shows no evidence of infarction, scarring or focal lesions. The aorta and its major branches are intact without significant atherosclerosis.

Respiratory System Right Lung Weight 230 gramsLeft Lung Weight250 grams

The upper and lower airways are free of debris and foreign material but there was severe trauma/swelling due to the lack of oxygen.

The GI tract is intact throughout its length. The appendix is present.

The stomach contains approximately 100 ml of partially digested food including measureable amounts of Lettuce, Tomato and Cucumber.

Liver: Liver Weight 1060 gramsThe capsule is intact and the parenchyma is unremarkable.

The gallbladder contains approximately 12 ml of yellow,slightly mucoid bile and the extrahepatic biliary tree is patent.

Spleen:Spleen Weight 90 gramsThe spleen is normally formed. No focal lesions are present.

Pancreas:Normal size, shape and consistency without focal lesions.

Urinary:Right Kidney Weight 100 grams Left Kidney Weight 100 grams

The kidneys are of normal size and shape. The capsules strip with ease from the underlying smooth pale tan firmcortical surfaces. The renal architecture is intact without focal lesions. The ureters are intact.

The urinary bladder is empty.

Reproductive: The uterus, cervix, fallopian tubes and ovaries are unremarkable.

Endocrine:The thyroid gland and adrenal glands are grossly unremarkable.

Neurologic: Brain Weight 1370 grams There is evidence of oxygen deprivation to the brain. Aside from these injuries the brain is grossly unremarkable.

Skin:Grossly unremarkable.

Immunologic System:Grossly unremarkable.

Musculoskeletal System: Grossly unremarkable.

Mouth: Semen from one donor mixed with Vaginal Excretions and fecal material and Blood present on the lips and inside the mouth deposited post mortem.

Throat: Stretching of the throat done postmortem with Semen from one donor mixed with Vaginal Excretions and fecal matter and Blood present.

Vagina: Semen from one donor mixed with Vaginal Excretions and fecal material and Blood present thoughout the vaginal canal and the entrance to the cervix.

Lesions and tearing of the vaginal walls present.

Anus and Rectum: Sphincter muscle relaxed/torn. Semen from one donor mixed with Vaginal Excretions and fecal matter and Blood present thoughout the rectal canal for a distance of approx 9 inches. Lesions and tearing of the rectum present with a fissure created at the anal opening extending inward 2.5 inches.


Cardiovascular: The epicardium and endocardium, where seen, are architectually unremarkable. The myocytes are robust and uniformin size and nuclear staining quality. There is no inflammation. There is no increased fibrosis.

Respiratory: Sections of right and left lung are similar and display patchy areas of intra-alveolar hemorrhage.

Liver:The hepatic architecture is unremarkable. The portal triads contain the usual complement of bile duct, artery and veinand a mild mixed inflammatory infiltrate that focally extends beyond the limiting plate and is not associated withhepatocyte necrosis.

The subcapsular area and cortex are unremarkable. The glomeruli are intact overall.

The proximal tubules are patent.The vasculature is unremarkable.

Neurologic A section of cortex displays contusions and subarachnoid hemorrhage.


The following items are preserved as evidence Left and Right Black ThighHigh Stockings, Left and Right Black High Heel Pumps, Sun Tan Sheer Nylon Stocking and a sexual assault kit containing oral smears and swabs, pubic hair combings, vaginal smears and swabs, rectal smears and swabs, pulled pubic hair, pulled head hair, known blood sample and known cheek and neck scrapings. clothing and Personal Effects submitted to City Police Dept.

PROCEDURES: Radiographs, Obtained Chemistry Aortic blood, inferior vena cava blood, liver and gastric contents are retained for toxicologic analysis.

Special Evidence: Collection Sexual assault kit and fingerprints are collected.

Identification: The body is identified by comparison of antemortem photographs.


The decedent was a 36-year-old woman who was Strangled with a ligature (nylon stocking). Significant findings at autopsy include: The victim was repeatedly raped vaginally and anally both pre and post mortem and was orally raped post mortem. There was semen from one donor. A single pubic hair removed from between the teeth and two of the loose pubic hair removed from the pubic patch belong to a single male caucasian donor. So far, there has been no match found for the DNA. Epidurals present under the fingernails were found to be from decedent/victim and not from any other donor.

The woman’s body was found supine in a hotel room on the bed in a spread eagle position, the nylon stocking knotted tightly around her neck. The nylon was deeply embedded in the flesh and had to be cut away. There was also some vaginal excretion as though the victim was sexually aroused before her death. Postmortem toxicology studies revealed no alcohol or drugs in aortic blood.


Cause of Death: Given the investigative and autopsy findings it is my opinion that the cause of death for Paula Ann Birmingham was due to Strangulation: Strangulation with a ligature, a nylon stocking.

Estimated time that Death occured: Between 7 and 9 PM 01/28/2009 based on internal body temperature reading when body was discovered and examination of body tissue during autopsy.

The facts stated herein are correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Digitally signed by John Gooden MD 31 January 2009 10:04


Early Sunday afternoon; the Birmingham family was notified that Paula’s body was ready for the family to view before the formal viewing that evening. Arriving at the funeral home; Mr. Mckenna warned them that he had done his best. With the trauma to the face and neck; he could only do so much. As they approached the casket; they could see Paula’s body lying in repose. While her face was slightly swelled and discolored; most of it had been hidden by the suntan makeup on her face and by the extremely high neckline white lace long sleeved blouse that Mr. McKenna had recommended be used to hide the deep furrowed scratches and discolorations on the neck. Her great grandmother’s cameo broach pin was inserted into the collar of the blouse. Otherwise her hair, eye makeup and lipstick matched what she normally wore. Her hands lay crossed on her abdomen. David, Zack and Rachel all were teary eyed and were about to break down. But David knew he had to touch her. He leaned over and kissed her lips and then squeezed her hand. Both her lips and hand felt like cool plastic. Zack and Rachel each squeezed their mother’s hand before turning around with David to leave. David thanked Mr. McKenna for his work as they left to return later in the evening for the formal viewing.

On Sunday Evening; it was an emotional overflow crowd from just before six until well after nine for the viewing and receiving of friends of Paula Birmingham in the Rose Room with many of them returning on Monday afternoon for the funeral at the church followed by the burial in the cemetary.

As Paula Birmingham’s casket was being lowered into the ground; Charlie Hall was studying the Autopsy results and the other information related to the case. He found it very interesting that the killer had left no fingerprints on the door or anywhere in the hotel room but had left lots of DNA inside and on the victim and also on the bed. That led Charlie to the conclusion that the killer knew that his fingerprints were on file but his DNA wasn’t. All of the company employees in the class had their fingerprints on file but DNA testing wasn’t required. It was also interesting that the stolen credit cards had not been used and none of the jewelry had yet been pawned or sold as far as they knew so far. And then there were the missing panties! This was sexual deviant that he was looking for. Since there were no recent cases that matched this one; Paula Birmingham was probably his first victim. But he most likely would do this again and again if not stopped. The pubic hair from a male caucasion donor found during the autopsy had narrowed the list to eleven and LD Mintz was now on the list as a person of interest. Charlie Hall always got his man.

Back at his home, LD had destroyed the stolen credit cards in the shredder and thrown the jewelry in a package weighted with a rock into the river. But he still had the panties and had taken them out and smelled of their aroma and masturbated until he erupted into them while thinking about raping and murdering Paula Birmingham. But he already had his eyes on another prize though. Erin Burdette was the new station HR Coordinator and she was a looker. She was slightly shorter and younger than Paula Birmingham but she was built just as solid. She was his kind of woman. He didn’t miss a chance to find a reason to be down in the admin building and walk past her office. Soon she would be his. It was only a matter of time! What a doll she was!

But will the police catch him in time to save Erin? That’s another story!


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