Zelena’s Story Ch. 04

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Female Ejaculation

In just two days Zelena would leave the village and fly to London but tonight she was going to give herself to her father for the last time for what was to be a long time. Dinner was rather quiet because they were all aware that they would not meet again for months.

Her last night she had promised to Karl, but tonight was Daddy’s. After dinner was through and the dishes cleared away Zelena and her father left hand in hand and went to her bedroom.

They kissed and kissed and kissed, then her father undressed her. He unbuttoned her shirt and took off her bra then kissed each of her breasts, paying close attention to the nipples. She took off her shoes and he unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them off. They both wanted to make these last moments last.

Zelena lay on the bed in just her panties as her father undressed, then he leaned over the bed and kissed her again. Kissing her young breasts again he slipped his hand down her panties and slipped his finger along her groove to find her clitoris and rubbed it lightly.

He knelt beside her bed as he fondled her, and pushed his now-hard penis toward her mouth.

“Suck me, Zelly, suck me my beautiful daughter.”

She rolled over and took his penis in her mouth. She sucked and licked it with love, but soon wanted it in her and he was ready. She slipped her panties off and opened her legs to receive her father’s hard penis, dressed in rubber, and as it slipped into her slippery hole she gasped at the exquisite feeling that spread through her body.

Slowly he thrust in and out of her vagina, and as he did they whispered their love. A love that was deeper than just father/daughter because of the intimacy of the sex between them.

“I love you my sweet daughter and am sorry you’re leaving me. If it wasn’t that it usually doesn’t turn out well I’d like to give you a baby.”

“Daddy, I’d love to have your baby, it’s hard to not make it happen because I love the feeling of your sperm deep inside me, still alive, still part of you. Whatever I do, wherever I am, my cunt will always be there for you to use. You were my first lover, you made me a woman, and if I ever marry another man he will know that if you want me he must allow us to fuck.”

And so it went all night, cramped in her small bed her father gave her several orgasms until they both got a few hours of much needed sleep.

They both were still tired next day, and while Dmitri worked in the shop Zelena packed her bags and got ready to leave.

That evening she met Karl for the last time and they walked out in the dark to their sheltered place in the woods. Luckily the weather was fine and warm, and as they settled down in the grass they started to kiss. Zelena undid her shirt and wasn’t wearing a bra so that Karl could have her breasts, and he soon was fondling and kissing them and sucking on a nipple, and she was soon gasping at the fine feeling she was experiencing as the warmth spread through her body.

For this occasion she had worn a skirt and took off her panties so that she could feel the gentle breeze as it touched her, and with her fingers opened her labia to feel it on her vagina. She loved that feeling and loved lying there with her skirt pulled up and her legs open.

After a few minutes Karl was on top of her, his nice big cock sliding in and out with hard deep movements. She loved the way Karl fucked and wondered if she should offer him her anus, but not now, this was too good. She wanted it to go on and on, but he would soon finish, she knew. She thought how nice it would be to just lie there after Karl ejaculated, and wait for another man to lie on top of her and fuck her.

With these thoughts going through her mind she moved rapidly to meet his hard thrusts, and Karl felt her muscles tighten on his hard penis, and it brought him to ejaculate sooner than he wanted. He felt that huge hot feeling spread from his crotch to fill his body as he ejaculated.

The lay together, his softening penis still in her and she wrapped her legs around him to keep him in. They whispered words of love in each others ears, though in Zelena’s case it was more lust. Karl wanted love: Zelena wanted to fuck.

They separated and he took the condom off and threw it into the woods.

“Can we stay here a while?” He asked her.

“Let’s stay her all night.” She answered. She lay again open to the air as it cooled her heated vagina and labia.

They didn’t say anything but just lay there side by side until Zelena said to Karl:

“Would you like to marsbahis güvenilirmi fuck my arse?”

Karl had thought about this a lot, but had been too shy to bring it up. “Oh yes, please.”

He answered fervently.

She took a tube of lubricant out of her purse and handed it to him.

“I thought you’d like to, so I brought this. Use plenty of it because with a big cock it still hurts a little.”

He took it and started to rub it on Zelena’s anus as she now knelt beside him. He had thought about this for some time. Everyone knew her father did this, fucked her ass, but he thought she might never let him do it. This, to him, was the most intimate act a man could perform with a woman, and the beauty of it was that she couldn’t get pregnant, so no condom!

Zelena knelt on the grass in front of him as Karl nudged her asshole with his cock, and as he felt it yield he pushed harder, and they both gasped as it slipped deeper and deeper into her until his testicles slapped again her vulva.

“So good! So nice and tight.” Karl gasped.

“I’m glad you like it.” She smiled into the darkness.

Then he pulled way out and back in again, and again, and again, gathering momentum with each deep thrust. For Zelena this was pure inexcusable lust, she was being used and she loved it. And the fact that Karl was using her anus for his pleasure made it feel depraved yet wonderful.

Her heart was pounding almost in rhythm to the pounding of his testicles against her labia, and within minutes she reached that pinnacle that only happened sometimes. It seemed better than a vaginal orgasm, and her back arched and she seemed to buck and gasp for air as she cried out.

“Aaaaaaah, yes, oh yes………aaaah ..aah..uh..uh.”

She hung for a few moments on his plunging, ramming penis like a spitted lamb. Then as he started to shoot his sperm into her and it seemed to flood her very intestines, she fell on her face on the grass.

Karl held her hips in his hands, fucking her this way, holding her buttocks tight, it felt as if he were masturbating with both hands, and masturbating into a hand that held his penis, his cock, tightly. And when Zelena had reached her orgasm the hand seemed to grip him almost painfully.

Now it was over, and the link between them, his penis, gradually softened. He didn’t want to pull out of that tight warm haven; he wanted to stay like this all night.

“Is everything alright?” A voice called out and a flashlight shone on them. It was the village priest. “I was passing by and heard someone cry out. But I can see you’re fine. Goodnight Karl, Goodnight Zelena.”

They stayed locked together for a few more minutes and then Karl slowly pulled out. Zelena rolled over and started to giggle.

“The priest! How did he know it was us?” and she started to laugh hard.

“All the village knows about us, and when he saw it was me he assumed it was you.” And he too burst into laughter, and they both rolled on the grass laughing together.

Next day Zelena sat in the plane and held on tightly to the arms as it took off and climbed sharply. She was terrified. She’d got home after midnight from being with Karl then had to get up early for her father to drive her to town to catch the train which would take her to the airport to catch the plane.

She couldn’t decide what to wear so that she didn’t look too out of place among the other travelers and then in London, but had decided on a mid-thigh skirt, stockings, not those awful black ones, but a pair of tan thigh-highs and a nice pair of shoes. A nice flowered blouse and a new tan jacket completed the outfit.

Everyone else looked so relaxed that she relaxed too after a few minutes and in no time they were ascending to the airport, and again she felt scared as the ground rushed up to meet them. She followed the crowd to immigrations, and in her broken English said she was going to work for her uncle in London, in Soho and produced her visa.

Again she followed the crowd to find her suitcase and finally she came out and saw everyone waiting for their arrival and there was uncle Vladmir. At last someone she could talk to! They hugged and kissed, then he took her suitcase and took her out to his van.

Soon they were out on the motorway where the number of cars amazed her. Where were they all going or coming from? She sat open mouthed as she gazed at the houses; the people; the cars; then she felt her uncle’s hand on her knee.

She moved her leg away but he reached over and marsbahis yeni giriş pulled it back and his hand slid up under her skirt until it was over her thigh. She tried to avoid his hand.

“Open your legs Zelly, I want to feel your pussy.” He told her.

She hesitated, then did as he asked and felt his fingers working under the edge of her panties.

As he drove with one hand on the wheel and the other between her legs her uncle asked:

“Do you speak English?”

“Yes, a little bit.” She answered.

“Good.” He said. “Take of your knickers.”

“My what?”

“You knickers. These things.” And he pulled at the crotch of panties.

She did as he told her and pulled them off. Did all people in England drive like that she wondered as she sat, skirt pulled up, legs apart and her uncle fingering her. He raised his hand to his nose and sniffed his finger.

“Very nice. I’ll try some of that as soon as we get home.”

Zelena didn’t understand him clearly, but she thought he meant they’d be home soon. Then he reached out and took her hand, pulling it down to his lap, to his hard penis.

“This is for you Zelly. Do you understand? I’m going to fuck you.”

She kept her hand on his penis, but didn’t really understand what he meant. He had something for her. And “fuck” what was “fuck”? She’d find out soon enough, but meanwhile Uncle Vlad was amused by her lack of understanding. He reached his zipper, pulled it down, and told her:

“Take out my cock.”

She didn’t know this word from her school English, but got the idea, and squeezed his penis as she asked him:

“This your cock Uncle Vlad?”

“Yeah, that’s it sweety. Take it out then suck it.”

She pulled his penis out with some difficulty because it was awkward, and it was stiff.

“You want I rub it?”

“No, suck it. In your mouth.” And he reached out and touched her lips with his hand.

Zelena was amazed! Here she had met her uncle for the first time and he wanted her to suck his cock.

“Ah, now I see, you bad man Uncle Vlad. You want I give you blowjob.”

He roared with laughter as she lowered her head into his lap and started to suck on his penis. She understood blowjob alright, now with two hands on the wheel he felt more relaxed. And with his beautiful niece sucking his cock the world was indeed sweet.

He could look forward to some wonderful fucking with her in the house. Not that his wife, Emma wasn’t good, but he liked variety, and he’d just had to let one of the waitresses go, the one he’d been fucking for the last two years.

He felt a huge warmth fill his crotch as he ejaculated into Zelena’s mouth and for a moment he was afraid he’d lose control of the van.

“Oh, lovely, lovely Zelly. Swallow it my love. Suck it dry.”

Zelena didn’t know what he was talking about, but went on sucking his cock and swallowing his sperm until it was all in her mouth or down her throat. Then she got up and after licking her lips wiped her mouth with the back of her hand.

They were getting near home and he told her to put her knickers back on, and not to tell his wife, Emma.

They pulled up in front the restaurant and unloaded her bags and Zelena went in to meet Emma. The restaurant wouldn’t open for another hour, so after Emma welcomed Zelena and gave her a big hug she took her up to their flat and gave her a cup of tea and they sat and talked for a few minutes before Vlad came back.

“How was your trip dear?” Emma asked her.

“Trip very nice, but I frightened in plane.” And Zelena tried to explain how she had felt.

“Of course, dear, your first flight. And this is your first trip away from home?”

“All so much. My village so small, so quiet.”

They finished tea and Vlad took her up to her room in the attic. There was a folding ladder that had to be pulled down, then at the top of the ladder was a hatch that pushed up. She followed Vlad up the ladder and when she got to the top was surprised to find a small and simply but brightly decorated room.

“Thank you Uncle Vlad. So nice room, gooder than home, I see all London from window.” And she gave him a big hug.

Which was a mistake, because he returned a tongue in her mouth and pulled her buttocks toward his hardening penis.

“Tonight, after we close, I’ll come up here and take full payment for all my hard work.” He said smiling.

Zelena didn’t understand much, but gathered she’d have to pay for the nice room.

“How much I pay you Uncle Vlad?”

“You’ll marsbahis giriş pay me with your pussy, Zelly, my love.”

“I sorry, I no understand Uncle.”

Later Zelena met her two cousins, John and Charles, when they came home from school. She spent the afternoon putting her clothes away, then went down to the restaurant and watched how things were done and met the cook and the other waitress. She went out and walked along the street and through Soho then back to the flat.

Emma had prepared a very nice dinner, and they had decided that she would start learning what she should do as a waitress the day after tomorrow. She watched television with John who was 18, two years younger than her, and Charles who was 14 and Emma and didn’t understand a lot of it. Then she went up to bed.

As she climbed the ladder she looked down and realized that John was looking up at her – or at least looking up her skirt. She smiled down at him then closed the hatch behind her and was soon in bed fast asleep.

She woke suddenly to see the hatch rising and Uncle Vlad appeared beside her bed.

“Hi, Uncle, what you want?” She said, half asleep.

“If you don’t know you haven’t been paying attention, my girl.” He laughingly replied.

He took off his pajama bottoms, pulled back the covers of her bed and got in beside her.

He started to feel under her night gown as she resignedly lay back. She should have known, she thought. She was so tired, but lay back and spread her legs as his fingers found her slit and slipped into her vagina.

“You see,” he said “I got you a nice wide bed, just for the two of us.”

His penis was hard and as he fondled Zelena he pushed her night gown up to her shoulders and found her breasts with his mouth. She really didn’t like the fact that he was her uncle and was trying to fuck her, but she was willing to let him do it and she opened her legs for him. After several minutes of this foreplay he rolled over on top of her and started to stick his penis into her open, wet and ready vagina.

As it started to slide into her she realized that he didn’t have a condom on.

She came fully awake with a start. “No, no uncle Vlad!” She cried out in her own language. “You’ll make a baby. No! Stop!”

“What’s the matter, aren’t you on the pill?”

“What pill?” She answered. “You have to use a condom.”

He pulled back out realizing what was the matter. In Zelena’s village the birth control pill was unknown. He didn’t know what to do, she’d already given him a blowjob, and now he wanted to fuck her. He hadn’t used a condom in years, only whores used them, and he didn’t need to go to whores any more.

“I give you blowjob?” She asked him in English.

“No!” he replied sharply.

“You want fuck my arse?” Zelena asked him hesitantly.

He looked at her in surprise. “You let men fuck your arse?”

“Yes, boyfriend, Daddy, grandpa.”

He was amazed. What kind of a girl was this who so casually offered him her arsehole?

“How you say in English, you fuck my arse?”

“No, that’s not polite, you say ‘you give me anal?'”

“Okay Uncle Vlad, you want fuck my anal?”

“No sweety, say ‘you give me anal’ or ‘you fuck me anally'”

She was getting tired of all these words that sounded the same, and Vlad had come here to fuck her and was getting impatient.

Zelena tried once more. “Uncle Vlad, you want give me fuck anally?”

This was too much for Vlad. “For God’s sake Zelly, I’m going to fuck your arsehole. Now give me the fucking lube to rub on your hole, or I’m going to fuck you without it. Hand it over and bend over.”

“You very bad man uncle, but here.” And she turned around exposing her anus to him, as she bent over on her knees.

He rubbed the stuff generously all over her hole and his penis, then plunged it into her arse. She gave a high gasp, and groaned as he drove his hard meat straight into her slippery hole, then started to fuck her deep and hard. His testicles slapped against her labia with every deep thrust and brought her to a rapid orgasm, and as he continued, hard, fast and deep another racked her slender frame. She wasn’t used to someone using her so violently.

He hadn’t experience anything as tight as this, and when she reached a climax her anal sphincter grabbed his penis and held it, so that the second time it happened he rammed her hard and ejaculated into rectum, shooting, shooting, shooting into her. Then he clasped her waist and held on, while they both felt a warm wave of lustful joy flow through their conjoined bodies.

As soon as Vlad pulled out of her Zelena collapsed on her face and almost immediately fell asleep, and as Vladmir lifted the hatch to leave he said softly:

“Thank you sweet Zelena that was a wonderful experience.”

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