A Day to Remember

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It was a warm July afternoon and Stephen had enjoyed the weekend at his sister’s celebrating his thirty third birthday. Now he was looking forward to a couple of days off work so he could finish off his book and hopefully get it to the proof reader by the following weekend. He had been working on his novella for over a year now. A story of sex, political intrigue and betrayal. He had suffered a bit of writers’ block a few months ago, but had got back into it and had just to put the finishing touches to it and it would be done. As he turned a corner onto a minor road, which was a short cut he knew, a car was partially in a ditch at the side of the road. He pulled up to check what was going on. He didn’t think it had been abandoned as the car’s lights were on. As he got nearer, he could see a figure in the driver’s seat.

He was worried. What would he find? Were they hurt? He was able to open the passenger door and speak to the driver, who was a young woman. She seemed uninjured but was distressed.

‘Hello, are you OK?’

‘Oh thank God, I was so scared!’

‘Are you OK, does anything hurt?’

‘I think so, but I can’t get out.’

Stephen reached down and took the girl’s hand.

‘It’s alright, get old of my arm and I’ll pull you out gently.’

The girl unfastened her seatbelt and held onto Stephen’s arm and he managed to extricate her from her position. A minute later she was standing on the road with him, none the worse for her accident.

‘What happened?’ Asked Stephen.

‘Oh, this fox ran out and I tried to swerve and lost control. Stupid fox!’

‘Yes indeed.’

‘I know, it got away though, so…’

‘But you’re OK though?’

‘Yeah, just shook up really, but I was so scared of being trapped here and starving to death or something.’

‘I think someone would have come before that, but it is a bit lonely here yes. Where are you going, can I give you a lift?’

‘I’m on the way home from Uni for the summer.’

‘Oh, where is home?’


‘Oh flip, that’s a long way. I think your car might be bust, the chassis has punctured your nearside tyre look. Are you in the RAC or anything?’


‘Oh, well you’re a long way from home. I can give you a lift to mine if you like and maybe we can organise something to get you to Oxfordshire.’

‘Oh that would be nice, thanks. Not sure what to do with my car though.’

‘I know, we’ll think of something.’

Stephen chauffeured her into his car and transferred her suit case from her boot to his and set off for the remaining nine miles to his house. It was nice to be a Good Samaritan. He liked helping people. He looked at the girl as he drove. She was charming and quite sweet-looking. Now that the panic was over he could relax and just be a man. Even in her slightly flustered state, he thought she was quite cute.

‘My name is Stephen by the way.’ He said, breaking the brief silence after he had driven away.

‘Oh yes, I’m Emma.’

‘Pleased to meet you Emma.’

She smiled at him. Stephen thought she had a lovely smile. It made her light green eyes light up.

‘What are you studying at Uni then?’

‘Psychology, second year.’

‘Oh, you’re 19 then?’

‘Yes that’s right. You guessed me.’

‘Ha ha yes, well…

They chatted about various things for the remainder of the journey. Emma seemed comfortable enough with him, so his ego was on a high.

‘What do you do for a living?’ Asked Emma.

‘I work for a landscape architect.’

‘Oh, that sounds interesting.’

‘It’s OK yes. I specialise in surface and drainage.’

‘Erm…maybe not quite so interesting!’

They both laughed.

After 20 minutes they arrived at Stephen’s house and he took her luggage in and showed her through to the kitchen, where he had a nice breakfast bar and comfortable stools with the high backs.

‘I’ll put some coffee on then, unless you want a cold drink?’

‘No, coffee is fine. You’ve got a nice place, do you live on your own?’

‘Yes at the mo, I do. Enjoying a spell of bachelorship!’

‘Oh OK, that’s cool – free and single eh?’

‘Yes indeed. Work hard and play hard – that’s me.’

‘Ha ha I bet.’

As they chatted Stephen was quietly looking at her. She had lovely long sandy blonde hair, which fell into little natural ringlets over the front of her shoulders. She couldn’t have been more than five feet five. She was wearing a summery cotton frock and grey leggings. Stephen liked leggings. All the students were wearing them in town before the holidays. She was altogether quite petite. Emma clearly didn’t have a big bust, but they looked to Stephen like a nice shape. He tried to keep things in perspective though. Stephen had a naughty side, but he was doing the girl a favour, there was no place for his lechery.

‘I need to ring my parents, they would have been expecting me later.’

‘OK, well the phone is through there, be my guest.’

Emma went into the dining room and made a call to her parents. She explained about the accident and that she was OK. The issue of getting to Oxfordshire from York was discussed and Emma assured them she would be back on track bursa escort shortly. At least that was the intention. When she had finished the brief conversation she returned to the kitchen. Her big doleful eyes cut through Stephen’s soul like a knife through putty.



‘I know this is a cheek after you’ve been so kind already, but do you think I could stay here tonight?’

‘Of course you can. My niece stayed here last week, so the bed is aired. Do you want a bath or a shower, I can put the hot water on.’

‘A bath would be great. You’re lovely.’

Emma got up off the stool and gave Stephen a kiss on the cheek.

‘Oh. I wasn’t expecting that.’

‘I know. Well thanks, I appreciate it.’

‘OK. More coffee? Ooh, I’ve got some chocolate cookies too.’

They sat drinking their coffee and munching cookies, exchanging thoughts about psychology and life in general. Thus far Stephen had managed to suppress any feelings of impropriety he might have, especially with her staying the night etc. It must have been the country air at his sisters, which had cleansed his mind and body, he thought. Emma finished her coffee and Stephen fetched her a clean bath towel. She had her own robe and soap, although he pointed out that she was free to avail herself of any of the smellies that he had, which his sister left from time to time. Stephen’s plans had now been turned upside down rather. It was a little inconvenient having to put up his new, young friend, but she presumably would be only there for the one night, which he could cope with. He really wanted to lose himself in his novel. That would be impossible as it was.

Stephen sat quietly for a while and his thoughts turned to what he might make for tea. He wanted to be a good host. He wondered what might have happened if he had not come along when he did. When would she have been found? If she was, who would have found her. The various alternatives concerned him, but he shook off such silly thoughts and stared out of the window at a Thrush, which was fighting with a worm in the lawn. He was about to get his camera, when he heard a sound on his stair case and then Emma appeared in a pink dressing gown. He did a double take when he saw her. Her hair was still damp and she had a lovely glow about her. As she walked, with her little steps into his dining room, he could smell the shower gel. It seemed to be vaporising out of her gorgeous, young, hot body.

‘Ah, I feel so much better now. All lovely and fluffy!’

‘Awww, you look fluffy. I like the robe.’

‘Yes, this is my fave one. I always take it with me on trips.’

‘I was just going to make something for tea. Do you like smoked mackerel?’

‘Yes, I like fish.’

‘Good, it’s caught locally. Well, if you can call 30 miles local.’

‘Bet it will be lovely.’

‘OK, do you want to sit on the patio, it’s quite warm out. I’ve just opened a Lambrusco.’

‘Trying to get me tipsy eh?’


‘Ha ha, I was joking.’

‘OK. If you don’t mind me saying, you look lovely though.’

‘Thanks. In what way?’

‘Just lovely and I don’t know. Radiant.’


Emma smiled and took her drink onto the patio. Stephen watched her bottom wiggle as she walked. Emma stopped and turned. Stephen adjusted his gaze. She smiled again. Suddenly he felt an air of sexual tension developing. He really would have to try and be extra good. No shenanigans. After he had washed some salad he joined Emma on the patio. A Blackbird sang from his little orchard.

‘You have a lovely garden Stephen. It’s quite big.’

‘Yes, I’ve done a lot of work on it.’

‘You can tell. I love gardens.’

‘What did you tell your Mum and Dad?’

‘I said I was OK. My car was written off and was being put up by a nice man.’

‘Thanks. We will have to get your car fixed in the morning. I don’t go back to work till Wednesday, so we can organise something tomorrow, if that’s OK?’

‘Yes, it’s fine. My poor little car though, all scrunged.’

‘I know, I’m sure it will be OK.’ Stephen smiled sardonically.

‘Is the wine OK?’ He asked.

‘Yes, nice and refreshing just, the job.’

Emma put her glass down and wriggled her shoulders.

‘Are you OK?’ Asked Stephen.

‘Yes, just a bit tense in my shoulder from the crash.’

‘Oh. Erm…’

Emma ran her index finger around the edge of the glass and looked at Stephen with her big green eyes.

‘Would you mind just giving my shoulder a little massage?’

Stephen gulped and flushed slightly. Emma looked at him quizzically.

‘If that’s OK.’ She continued.


He got up and stood behind her. Placing both hands on her shoulders he massaged them with gentle pressure. He rubbed them through her dressing gown. As he did so, the garment became a little looser and he found that his hands were now occasionally stroking the bare skin on the base of her neck. She felt soft and warm. He started to feel aroused and stopped abruptly.

‘Oh, I was enjoying that.’

‘OK, sorry.’

He continued to massage her and found almost involuntarily that his hands were straying down her front a little, just past bursa escort bayan her collar bone. Her dressing gown was now quite open at the front and he found he could see her breasts and a lovely pair of erect, dark pink nipples. She had small but wonderfully pert boobs. He stopped again.

‘Oh shit.’

‘What’s the matter Stephen?’

He turned round to hide his erection and paced up his garden a little way.

‘Nothing it’s OK. I’m just..’


He turned as it had subsided quite a bit, but Emma could still tell.

‘You’re just so lovely Emma. Massaging you like that, it made me… no, please forget it, I’ll get the tea ready.

As he walked inside, she called him back.


‘It’s OK. Don’t worry.’

‘I feel embarrassed.’

‘Don’t be.’

Stephen gave her an uncertain glance and went to prepare the food. A minute later Emma appeared.

‘I’m just going up to get dressed.’

‘Oh, yes, your room – sorry! I’m clueless sometimes.’

Stephen rubbed his hands on a towel and took Emma upstairs. He showed her into a single-bedded room. It was tastefully decorated with pastel shades and light pink curtains.

‘Ooh this is nice.’

‘Yes, the sun gets in here in the afternoon.’

‘I like that picture of the dolphin.’

‘Yes, I love dolphins. They bring positive energy apparently.’

‘They’re sweet!’

‘Yes, well I’ll carry on and let you get sorted. Just yell if you need anything!’

‘OK thanks Stephen..’

He went to go, but she caught his sleeve. He looked at her, wondering what she meant. She held his arm and kissed him on the cheek again.

‘What was that for?’

‘Just everything.’

‘I’m sorry bout before. It was unnecessary. You just wanted a massage. I get a bit hot under the collar sometimes.’

‘You’re just a red-blooded male, nothing wrong with that.’

‘Ha, I know, but I should have more self control.’

‘It’s OK Stephen. You don’t need to apologise.’

‘OK thanks. I’ll see you in a bit.’

Stephen left her to dress and he finished preparing his salad. He set everything out on the dining table, leaving the French doors ajar. There was just a warm, summer breeze and there was the faint aroma of lavender and the buzz of the bees.

He opened a half bottle of Chardonnay as she appeared again. She was now wearing quite a tight pink top and a faded denim skirt. It was quite short. Her grey leggings had been replaced by black tights.

‘Gosh you look nice!’

‘Really, this is just my normal stuff.’

‘Well I like it.’

Emma smiled rather coyly.

‘Anyway, dinner is served.’

‘I’m starving!’

‘OK, well tuck in.’

They sat down and Stephen passed her some bread .

‘Hmmm.. This is nice, you can tell it’s fresh.’

‘Good, just a little something I rustled up. I wasn’t sure if you wanted to gout for something, but I’d got enough so…’

‘No, this is just great.’

Stephen was happy to be caring for her, but felt a flash of excitement, by having her there too. She was young and vibrant and intriguing. She had an air of maturity about her, which interested him. She was a girly girl, without being shallow or immature. He studied her as they spoke, without making it obvious. When she had finished the meal, she sat back in her chair and ruffled her golden locks. Stephen gazed at her, How he wanted to run his fingers through her hair. His time with her seemed to be moving through phases. There was the girl in distress – him coming to her aid. Then she was just a girl. Then there was the initial wow! Factor. Then he began to feel randy, which he tried to suppress and now he was feeling comfortable with her. Not just comfortable, but relaxed. It was like he had gone through the wall. He could admire her. He wanted to love her.

‘Do you feel like a little walk?’ He asked, when he had cleared the tea things away.


‘There’s a little willow holt and a pond with dragonflies.’

‘Dragonflies! Cool. Do they bite?’

‘Dragonflies?! Noooo.’


‘Ha ha. I think a few people think that but no, they’re pretty. If you’re not bothered.’

‘No, deffo, yes, I’ll come.’

She beamed a big smile, which Stephen returned.

It was still quite mild. They were enjoying what bit of summer they had. Gone it seemed were the long hot summers he remembered as a child. They cast long shadows as they walked along the tinder path around the pond. Then Stephen stopped and pointed eagerly.

‘Look a Kingfisher!’

‘Oh wow!’

‘Have you seen one before?’

‘No, never. It’s so beautiful.’

‘Like you.’


‘Like you. Beautiful.’

‘I thought that’s what you said.’


‘Oh, where did that come from?’

‘You don’t mind?’

‘No. Just didn’t expect it.’

‘Flip, I’m embarrassing myself again.’

‘Not at all.’


Then Emma turned towards him and held his hand.

‘No.’ She smiled the sweetest smile. His heart missed a beat as he looked into her eyes.

‘Are you OK?’ She asked.


‘It’s nice, look at that butterfly.’

‘It’s a Red escort bursa Admiral.’

‘You know all the names.’

‘Yes, I like wildlife, I always have.’

‘I don’t know, you know everything.’

‘Boring you mean.’

‘Nooo!? Stop being so negative about yourself.’

‘Do you think I’m negative?’

‘Not completely, but you need to relax a bit. Chill.’

‘I guess I’m serious. I’ll miss you.’

‘See. You didn’t say it’s nice to have me here, but you’ll miss me. Negative.’

‘Yes, I suppose.’

Emma prodded him in the side quite hard and ran down the path.’

Stephen flinched and chased after her. He caught her up and grabbed her by the waist and picked her up briefly, sweeping her off her feet and placing her down gently.

‘Wow! You’re strong.’

‘I work out!’

‘I’m only little though.’

‘You’re lovely and petite.’

‘Am I petite?’

‘It sounds better than little. How tall are you?’

‘Five feet, two and a quarter.’

‘And a quarter?’

Stephen laughed.

‘What’s funny?’

‘Why not five feet two?’

‘Because I’m not five feet two, I’m five two and a quarter!’

‘OK. then.’

It was nearly five and the heat of the day had gone. They walked back gradually, pausing to play Pooh sticks at the little bridge, which span the brook at the end of Stephen’s road. He didn’t want the day to end. He wanted the moment her little stick appeared before his to rest eternally with him. He wanted to capture that second and place it in a little locket, which he kept in his heart.

‘Coffee?’ He said, after he had let her in his front door.


‘I’ll just put it on, then I’ll take a quick shower.’

‘It’s been a lovely day. After such a horrid start. I was so frightened.’

‘Don’t think about it, you’re OK now.

Stephen made the coffee and went for his shower. He came back down and retired to his sitting room and put on an Evanescence CD. Emma had apparently gone upstairs because she was nowhere to be seen. He was about to put his feet up, when she appeared. She was wearing her pyjamas and by the look of her hair had showered too. Stephen looked at her and felt a shiver down his back. To his surprise she sat down right beside him, lay back and put her legs up, crossing them on his thighs. Her pyjamas were a close fit and her little triangle was obvious. A tantalising reminder of her loveliness. Stephen had changed into a loose T shirt and a pair of baggy shorts. Suddenly Emma changed her position and sat up. She had a perfectly pert bottom. The scent of her shower gel wafted across to him, sending a signal to his brain and his libido was suddenly cranked into action. Then, she moved closer to him and began to unbutton her pyjama top. Stephen blinked several times. He was about to speak, but she put a finger to his lips. She popped open the next button and another, until her top fell open. She moved closer. Her breasts were now level with his face. Stephen’s pulse began to race and he began to grow in his shorts as she brushed his mouth with her boobs. She stroked his hair as he closed his lips over the deliciously erect nipple, sucking gently; rolling his tongue over it. Her areola were puffy and slightly goose-bumpy. He rolled his tongue around them and Emma let out an appreciative ‘Ooh.’

Emma reached down and carefully unfastened his shorts. His cock was pressing against the inside of the zipper now. She unzipped them and Stephen gasped as she placed her hand round his erection. He could feel it throbbing as she gently stroked the underside, each time exposing the tip of the glans. She sat down again next to him and with her hand still on his penis, she blew in his ear. Stephen put his hand on her leg, sliding it up towards the top of her thigh and their lips met. It was a clumsy, experimental kiss to begin with. Soon though, it became a smooch and then a deep, passionate kiss. Emma was the first to break the clinch. She stood up and Stephen watched in awe as she turned round and unbuttoned her pyjama bottoms. She eased them down, revealing the most petite round, sexy bottom. She stepped out of the garment and turned round. She was neatly shaven, with a landing strip of light brown hair.

‘Oh Emma!’ Stephen’s dick was throbbing with excitement. He could hardly believe how gorgeous she was.

Emma smiled and then turned round and shimmied her bottom.

‘Do you like?’

‘Oh flip Emma. Like!. I want to kiss your bottom.’

‘Ha ha, well come and kiss it then!’

Stephen knelt behind her and gave her a big, sloppy kiss on each cheek.

She looked down at him.

‘Happy now?’

‘Yes, very. You have a great ass.’

‘I know, I like my bum.

He stood up and stroked her hair, as he took his boxers off, fully releasing his rock hard erection.

‘Sit on the edge of the sofa Emma.’

She perched herself as he had asked and he knelt in front of her, pushing her back on to the cushion. He spread her legs a little and she closed her eyes. Stephen rolled his tongue from top to bottom. Her sex was hot. He lapped at her pussy, lingering on her clitoris, nibbling and sucking it. Emma, wriggled and squirmed from the electrical sensations he was giving her. She mewed and moaned as he brought her to orgasm. It was a warm, yummy orgasm. Not a big one, but satisfying. She lay there for a while, savouring the moment. Then she opened her eyes, s Stephen stood up.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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