Club Paradise Ch. 08

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AUTHOR’S NOTE: This chapter is the second of a series of three short chapters, all playing out on the next day, after chapter 6. As a non-native English writer I’m still looking for someone who’s willing to be my volunteer editor, mainly for spelling and grammar! Any help with plot detail is also happily accepted. Have fun! Comments and votes are welcome as always!


The next room of the day was the Pegasus room. First we refreshed ourselves, especially Karen and Nicole. After their workout they took a shower to be presentable again. Once they joined us again in the bar we entered our next playroom.

Cynthia made us all sit in chairs which were arranged in a wide circle around a Pegasus. The vaulting table was mounted on a two feet high slow rotating circular platform in the middle. All spectators had a perfect view on the table, which top was more or less at eye level.

The Pegasus apparatus has a flat cushioned surface almost parallel to the floor, sloping slightly downward. In this case it sloped down to the back, where at the unmodified Pegasus that gymnasts use the tilt is to the front, to the side of the springboard. The front end slopes downwards sharply, beginning almost vertical and about a foot lower than the table top. Three feet in width the table is adjustable in height.

Another modification from the gymnastic version is the adjustability of its height. For gymnasts there are only two settings, one for men and one for women. In this case the Pegasus was stepless adjustable to accommodate the subject using it, depending on their waist height.

A third alteration are the straps, which effectively changed the Pegasus into a pillory. Two fixtures are at the back side of the table top, and two on the floor at the front of the table, with two feet distance.

“For this show we need a brave girl. I suggest we put Linda to the test. I can add she’s not familiar with this room yet, so it will be a treat for her as well…”

Linda stepped onto the platform holding her arms stretched out.

“All right Cyn, show me, tell me what to do.”

“Lin, first you come and stand against the table here, and put on this blindfold.”

Cynthia handed a blindfold to Linda which she put over her eyes as she stood against the high end of the Pegasus.

“Now bent over the Pegasus and lay down on top of it.”

Cyn walked around the Pegasus and fixed Lin’s wrists in the fixtures on the other side. Walking back she knelt at Lin’s feet and bound her ankles in the fixtures on the floor, forcing her friend to stand in a spread position.

Cyn pushed a button on a remote control and the Pegasus raised a few inches bringing the top of the table up. With stretched legs in a spread posture Lin was now derived from her ability to move. With her arms stretched out pointing to the other side of the table top there was not much she could do.

The table made continuing rotations providing everybody a nice view of Lin, with her pants stretched tightly over her buttocks. Her pussy was nicely encased, forming a nice clear cameltoe. Deprived of her sight I felt no reserve to ogle lewdly at that delectable crotch.

“How nice Lin, I see you’re wearing a handy rip-off play suit. Let’s show your colleagues what happens with those in a place like this.”

With these words Cynthia took hold of the sides of Lin’s tight pants at her hips. With a good tug at both sides she pulled the shining garment off which ripped open easily at the sides along the seams, leaving Lin instantly buck naked from the waist down. And giving prove her friend didn’t wear any undies today, which explained the nice toe we had just admired.

Clearly Lin was already ready for whatever was to come. Her bald snatch glimmered in the spotlight. Girly dribble was already oozing from her sex hikayeleri sex. And whoever was not paying attention was surely aware of the strong musky scent which permeated from that crotch through the room.

With a smile on her face Cynthia opened a door opposite the door we had entered the room. A young guy, probably under twenty, stepped inside, wearing only a sweat short. Stepping on the rotating podium Cyn pushed another button on her remote control. A square footstep raised from the platform, right behind Lin’s feet.

The young lad stepped on the raising footstep and pulled his shorts down. Wearing nothing underneath his prick sprang free. It was a rather thin, long and very straight weapon. Not big in size, only exceptionally straight and long. With his stick in hand Cyn stopped the ascending of the footstep when his tool was lined up with Linda’s entrance.

Sticking his spear inside, the young man went to work inside Lin’s fuck chute. In rapid tempo he banged her pussy, holding on her hips.

“Is that you, Luke?” Lin asked.

“Hmp, hmp,” was all Luke replied in sync with his pounding.

“You better stick your tool inside my backdoor, Luke. We can’t let my friends witness half an hour or more you humping my weathered pussy and not reaching an orgasm. With no friction for you there you better put your fine prick into my arse.”

As soon a Luke had wormed his snake inside Lin’s anal passage he started afresh his fast fucking. This time he rapidly worked himself to an orgasm. His face red, he blew his load as he withdrew his stake out of Lin’s furnace. The first spurt ended inside Lin’s bowel, the next four were fired on her buttocks and her back.

Luke stepped back, and his place was taken by another man who had stepped into the room. The height of the footstep was lowered until he could ram his rod into Lin’s hot pussy. He rooted her in one thrust and went to work. His tool was a bit shorter, but had a decent circumference. His thrusts increased in tempo until he fired his seed inside Lin’s womb. He too withdrew during his ejaculation, leaving a first spurt inside and the remainders coating Lin’s buttocks.

The action went on. An endless line of men ravished our Linda, many inches of cock reamed her pussy. Her vagina was filled over and over again with fresh fuck meat. They all left their contribution, partly inside, partly sprayed on her buttocks.

The continuing rotation of the Pegasus ensured our optimal viewing pleasure. It was striking that the men’s tools were increasingly bigger. From Luke’s thin long prick the cocks became gradually bigger in size, longer as well as thicker. The first few were just appetizers, ranging from futile to average. But then the dicks became serious and more challenging every time. Even the veteran vagina of Linda got really challenged.

The table-pillory turned out to be especially suited for long sessions, where the subject of the action can stay in position practically never-ceasing. This feature of the Pegasus enabled Lin to endure the on-going assault for a pretty long time. She found herself in a gangbang train-fuck she had never experienced before.

Thick veined cocks squeezed into the hot box of Linda. The thicker they were, the more fierce looking, the more effort it took to get them inside her pussy. All of them took their time to get the cocks coated with Lin’s juice, and savour their time in her tight mitten. With the increasing girth the boners made her pussy work for it. First to accommodate the intruder, then to endure the fast and furious pounding. Ever faster they ploughed inside her cunt. One after the other they reamed her pussy wider and wider, and fired their load inside her ever more sore twat. And ending with a last charge on her arse.

With every man ejaculating another porno hikayeleri dose of sperm deep inside the same amount oozed out of the full fuck chute. The last guy was a big black man with a member of some 12 inch. Eventually even this mean machine bottomed out completely and made Lin sweat thoroughly. He emptied his gonads deep deep inside Lin’s womb.

Her cunt coated with seed and her butt smeared with sperm Cynthia freed Lin’s limbs and helped her up from the Pegasus. The last two guys who had fucked her took her between them and escorted her out of the room.

We were all pretty agitated from the show. My member was on the way up and I realised I was stroking myself through my pants unconsciously. Looking around I saw I was not the only one. Even most of the girls had their hands inside their clothes. Bibi sitting next to me took her hand out of her pants, freed my cock and took me in her hand. Her hand was warm and wet with her own pussy juice. Smearing my pre-cum all over my hard-on she slowly stroked me to full hardness and her fingertips started to play with my crown.

“Lin is now going to shower and will re-join us again later. She has been filled up by 12 men, with increasing dick size as you’ve noticed. Now I’m sure we won’t be able to provide a similar line up, but is there another girl who wants to live out a dream? What we can do is bind you on the Pegasus and bereave you off your sight. Blindfolded the experience will be quite awesome.”

Caroline raised her hand hesitantly. “I… I think I might like to be tied up there…” Caro is our big titted platinum blonde bombshell from our reception desk.

“Sure Caro, and you will. I tell you what we’ll do. After you’re blindfolded I get two guys from Linda’s show and we’ll mix them up with your own male colleagues. That way you’ll keep guessing who’s dick is splitting your nice full pussy lips. How does that sound?”

Without hesitation Caroline got out of her chair and out of her clothes. Beaming a big smile she hurried up the podium. Before long Cyn had her bound on top of the Pegasus, her beautiful blue eyes hidden behind the blindfold. The table was adjusted to Caro’s height, forcing her in the spread open position. The rotating podium ensured we could admire her from all sides.

Cyn pointed to Pete and made a come hither sign. Pete, our guy from administration, had come a long way this week. Not a week ago he was too timid to indulge himself into the carnal pleasures of sexual bliss with anyone other than his own missus. Now he was as fun loving as we all were. He got up showing a fine boner in his slacks. Stepping to the table Cynthia unbuckled his belt and helped him out of his trousers. She pushed him towards Caroline. Without much ado Pete got his pecker to work inside Caro’s steaming pussy, sheered on by all of us.

Cyn left the room to return with three hot boys ten minutes later. Two of them we’d seen before at work with Linda. One sported a good average 6 inch boner, the other had a nice thick 9 incher. The third man was Fred. We all knew him as the good-natured barkeeper at our regular hangout. He had already participated as an extra in our antics in the Mirrored Room and the Carousel Room earlier this week (see chapters 4 and 5).

We all got out of our clothes, the girls as well. The ladies scrambled to get hold of one of the freed swinging cocks. Together with Cynthia they helped getting every prick into full working order. Bibi worked on Fred’s magic tool, making anew acquaintance with his mighty black brother. Sweet Nicole took care of my boner, covering it with many wet kisses and keeping me hot to perform.

After Pete had spilled his juice we all took turns at the smooth bare pussy of Caroline. We presented ourselves in random order, with the nine-incher going last. Before seks hikayeleri I plunged into that fine piece of sexual desire Nicole, the raven black flat-chested colleague I have the hots for since the day I walked into the office, had blown my pisser to full mast. She nearly finished me in the process. I almost came in that hot sucking mouth of my smiling co-worker. Cyn came to my rescue by pulling Nic away and turning her over to the last man. He pushed her to her knees and fed her his nine inch fuck stick between the gobbling lips.

My little boy loved the hot furnace between Caro’s thighs. Before I plunged into her dripping honey box I kneeled behind her divine behind and licked those velvety folds. My tongue split open her engorged labia and dipped into her glistening pink hole. Tasting the mixture of her tangy pussy and the salty seed seeping from her sanctum the brains of my little boy took over. I got up and shoved my hard-on deep inside her minge, banging my groin into those delicious white thighs.

I pounded her tight gripping fuck vice, losing myself inside that scorching furnace. With long slow hauls I explored the depths of that fine piece of ass. How I love Caro’s pussy hanging on to my dick every time I retract, and how it welcomes my member again and again with every penetration, engulfing it in a tight hot embrace. Caro’s legs trembled from the intense manipulations she received, resonating in my own groin.

After I finally lost my composure and left a good wad deep inside Caro’s womb I stumbled back to my chair. Bibi took care of my tool and cleaned it with some delicious oral attention. My pride soon began to regain its strength. When my boy was able to perform again, Bibi straddled my lap facing away to the Pegasus, and stuffed my dick inside her pussy. She just sat down, enjoying the view and the feeling of her well filled pussy. I wrapped my arms around my lovely desk mate and pulled her in tight against my belly. My cock twitched inside her glove to acknowledge his consent.

We didn’t fuck. We just enjoyed each other’s company, revelling in the hot show before our eyes. My cock was nicely nestled inside the warm folds of my friend and desk-mate. Sure her cunt muscles kneaded my cock. And my hard-on twitched and touched every inch of that hot vagina, all the way from the top to the bottom. But we didn’t fuck. It was more like an intense intimate togetherness.

Meanwhile Caro got thoroughly fucked. By Harold, my friend and the desk-mate of Nicole, by Mark, Linda’s desk-mate at marketing, and by Corey, the CEO of our company. So we all saw each other fuck the shit out of our lovely doll Caro. And two dudes from the house of pleasure acting as extra’s. Half way through the session our pub buddy Fred lived his heart out inside sweet Caro, pumping her bald white pussy with his 8 inch black meat. That was when my twitching shaft disappeared inside Bibi’s heaven.

When mister nine inch had finished Caro, after burying his thick shaft to the root helped by all the sperm left inside, after pumping her quim for a considerable time, and finally leaving her fucked up full with his black seed, a silence fell over the room. Like something great was done. The air was thick with a strong scent of pussy and sperm. The only sound left was a soft moaning from Caro, still shackled down to the Pegasus.

With Caro and Linda being train ganged on the stretch horse, and Karen and Nicole having ridden the bull, this left Bibi our only girl we had not seen fucked today. Except for her gloving my member while cuddling on my lap. Everyone had noticed that, but nobody saw her fuck.

Cynthia got Caroline out of her bonds and up from the vaulting table. Donning her a bath robe she asked Fred to take her to a shower and clean her up.

“I promised you’d all see each other fuck today, so this leaves Bibi the candidate for the last room. Bibi, we know you just had your cunny stuffed with Paul’s rod. But now’s the time for you to get a real good fucking. I ask you to follow me to the Spider Room.”

To be continued…

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