A Debt is a Debt

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Rain pattered on the roof of the bus shelter as Eleanor waited for the evening bus. The bad weather had convinced her to not take her bike but she still sported her leather biker jacket as it had become nearly an all purpose jacket for her. The woman’s hand moved her hair back into place as she observed the still messages on her phone’s screen. It had been 2 week since a friend was supposedly going to pay her back from the loan she had been given, “2000 and you don’t even fucking reply,” Eleanor sighed, “Well, you asked for this,” Her finger swiped to different apps and found her phone’s map app. She typed in an address and was quickly given the answer she wanted and the directions she needed to get to the place she was looking for.

Eleanor got into the bus, showed her bus ticket and sat down. Late nights were when she usually finished but tonight was especially long after the two glasses of whiskey she had at the bar next to her workplace. Headphones quickly drowned out the noise of the bus and the few people in the bus as metal music began playing. With the money she was making from the nearly monthly visits to Cassandra’s house or to one of the four rich girl’s houses, 2000 wasn’t a huge dent, however it sucked that a friend, at least someone that had been considered by Eleanor as a friend, was simply refusing to pay the debt they owed and that made her mad. Her music choice reflected it as the loud music made the passenger next to her stand up and change seats.

She couldn’t remember the last time she had been this mad but she was very angry, “I am going to get that money,” She mumbled to herself as she looked at her phone and noticed no change in the messages that she had shared with her friend, “Jessica.”

She stepped out of her apartment the next day as the sun had already begun rising. Today was Saturday and, luckily enough for Eleanor, working during the weekends she didn’t need to work. Nothing was holding her back and she could then exact her plan to get her money back, “Jessica, you better reply to this with something other than wait or give me more time,” Eleanor began speaking and recording a voice message, “Well, anyways, I am off to your mom’s place, let me know if you want to pay up before I get there,” The rain had ceased as the black haired woman climbed onto her bike and put her helmet on. She rode off down the street as her phone gave her the directions of where to go.

She pulled into a nice driveway of a small house in a suburban area outside of the city she lived and worked in, “Well, last chance, Jessica,” She said as she stopped her bike and looked at her phone once more. No messages despite her voice message having been listened to, “I guess you don’t care,” The tall woman looked up at the slightly opened window and saw a woman looking at her as she sat on her bike on the driveway. Removing her helmet, Eleanor smiled as she got off her bike and headed to the front door. Before she could knock, the door opened, “Good morning, Mrs. Baker, sorry to bother you, have you seen Jessica anywhere?”

“Hello Eleanor,” The older woman replied, “No I haven’t, why is that?”

“Do you mind if we talk about this inside?” Eleanor looked back at the street as people were walking around, “Don’t want your daughter’s acts to affect your reputation.”

“Oh no, has she done something bad?” The two women entered the house and Eleanor sat down in the small house’s living room. Mrs. Gina Baker was a woman who lived alone after her husband had passed away and was the mother of two, one being Jessica and the other being the debt dodging woman’s big sister. She was in her mid-forties but still had a body that Eleanor could help but want to compliment, “Tea? Coffee?”

“No thank you, Mrs. Baker,” Eleanor replied as the older woman sat down, “So, since you asked, your daughter, Jessica, has borrowed money from me.”

“Okay, how much?”

“2k, to get out of a pinch, something about a boiler busting and having to replace things,” Eleanor replied, “I had the money and thought she would repay me once she had the money but that was two months ago, and she has had 2 paychecks to save up and pay me back.”

“And she hasn’t.”

“Nope, you guessed right,” She replied as she leaned back, “I was wondering if you could help me motivate her to pay me back, you being her mother and all.”

“I will give her a call,” She went to get up before her hand was grabbed by the woman sitting across from her, “What is wrong?”

“She knows I asked you too, so it won’t get anywhere.”

“What do you propose then, Eleanor?” Mrs. Baker sat back down, looking slightly confused. Eleanor made eye contact with her and smiled.

“If you want me to rough up your daughter once I get my hands on her, you don’t help me,” She began, “If you don’t want me to, you help me.”

“Are you blackmailing me?”

“No, absolutely not, your daughter owes me money, I am trying to get at her.”

“Okay, what do you want me to do?” The older woman asked, sighing Haramidere escort as she agreed to help her daughter and give Eleanor what she wanted. Gina was now ready to listen and had submitted to Eleanor’s will.

The futa’s cock rubbed against the older woman’s face, “Are you sure this is going to do anything other than pleasure you?”

“Would you have wanted the person you have a debt with to facefuck your mom?” Gina shook her head as Eleanor began filming, “Hey Jessica, since you aren’t going to grow a spine and pay up or even answer, well, I had a bit of a chat with your mom,” Eleanor’s hand made her dick rub against the milf’s face, “She is willing to be facefucked to pay up the interest that you are going to be owing me if you don’t pay up soon, I hope you enjoy the video.”

“I didn’t expect you to really go through with this,” Gina said as the futa’s cock was placed in front of her lips.

“I don’t mind, I can enjoy a sexy woman like you and get Jessica to either grow a spine and get some guts or just watch her mom get fucked,” The futa, holding her phone with one hand and shoved herself into the milf’s mouth with the other taking hold of her head. She tried to keep the phone slightly balanced before finishing the video, the message would be passed as she shoved her dick into the older woman’s mouth. She gagged as the futa held her head down and moaned before letting the woman breathe once more. Her eyes were already teary as she coughed, “Open your mouth, dear, I am going to fuck your face then maybe I’ll fuck you as well, maybe I’ll even give you a third child.”

Gina couldn’t do anything to answer but gag on the futa’s cock that was shoved into her mouth and pushed into her throat. She was doing it for her spineless daughter, not even really debating the option Eleanor had given her, “Fuck, I can’t believe I didn’t try this earlier,” Eleanor moaned as her hands and hips worked in tandem to fuck the older lady’s mouth, “This mouth is going to get me coming back for more,” Her hips continued to piston the milf’s throat as her cock moved in and out of the warm and wet hole. The sound of the gagging milf only helped to excite Eleanor more and more. The futa’s hips moved at a steady pace with her cock going deep into Gina’s throat and then nearly leaving her mouth with the head left in the milf’s mouth before driving her cock back into her mouth, “You are going to make me cum, you lucky girl,” Eleanor moaned as she reached for her phone. Gina hadn’t fought back whatsoever to her vigorous thrusting and her gagging didn’t lead to her trying to pull off, she was a good and submissive woman.

With a powerful thrust and a push from both of the futa’s hands, the large cock was held deep in the woman’s throat. A few throbs proceeded a multitude of spurts of cum going down Gina’s throat, “Take it, bitch,” Eleanor moaned before pulling out and jerking off as the final spurts landed on the milf’s face, “There you go, let me mark that pretty face as my own,” The futa chuckled as she let the milf clean her cock and took pictures, “These would motivate, Jessica, don’t you think?” Gina nodded as she licked the large dick clean, “Good girl.”

“I hope you don’t hurt my baby, Eleanor, afterall, I did what you asked of me,” Eleanor nodded before pointing at the bed, “What now?”

“I want to just take a few pictures with my dick inside you to send to Jessica,” She replied as the older woman moved onto her bed and got onto her hands and knees. Eleanor moved towards her and pulled down her yoga pants and her panties before rubbing her dick against the entrance of the older woman’s body, “Here I go,” She made Gina moan as her cock pushed into her pussy, “Fuck me, your pussy feels amazing,” She snapped a few pictures and grinned as she felt the older woman moving back and forth on her own, “You want to fuck?” Mrs. Baker nodded before Eleanor pulled her dick out of her.

“I thought you were going to.”

“Well, I don’t need that to motivate your daughter but,” Eleanor put her clothes back on, tucking her cock into her pants, “Do you have a pen and paper? I’ll give you my address and my number, if you feel like you want to have a good time, give me a ring and I’ll let you know if I come here or you come to me,” Gina nodded, pulling up her pants and cleaning her face of the futa’s cum, “Good girl, you are one fucking sexy bitch, you know that?”

“I am glad you find me attractive, I am 48, just trying to keep my decent body in shape,” She replied as she gave the buff woman what she had asked for, “Please let me know when Jessica gives you the money back.”

“Don’t worry, I will,” She spanked Mrs. Baker and wrote down her number and address, “If that bitch you call a daughter comes around, let me know.”

“Please don’t call her that.”

“Alright, baby, see you later,” Mrs. Baker smiled as the taller woman left the house and realized how horny she now felt after being facefucked and teased. Eleanor was clearly İkitelli escort bayan a person that could satisfy those carnal impulses.

“I will give her a call later, I want that dick,” The milf spoke to herself as she watched the bike drive down the driveway then down the street and away from her house. She hadn’t had any sort of action since her husband died and remarrying or looking for another partner wasn’t something she had actively looked for. Eleanor was a sexual partner that had simply appeared in her life and was now seeping into her every thoughts.

Eleanor sat on her bike outside of the main highschool of the city, waiting for an answer before the video and the pictures were finally read. Jessica began typing and her messages quickly appeared with insults and angry messages, “You are fucking hilarious, Jessica,” Eleanor replied that she would do the same to her little sister if she didn’t act up now. Jessica replied saying that she didn’t dare do that. The debt dodger’s little sister was an 18 year old girl who had recently turned 18 and according to her social media, never had a boyfriend or a girlfriend but was most certainly the type to attract them.

Eleanor could tell how much Jessica cared about her little sister but it was nearly too late. Jessica’s little sister was sometimes a troublemaker and detention was where she currently was. The time for Saturday detention was nearly ending and Eleanor was waiting by the gates of her school with an additional helmet. Soon, Jessica’s little sister, Hannah would walk out and Eleanor would call her over and simply bait her into coming with her. Eleanor sent her ultimatum, Jessica would meet up with Eleanor and pay or organize something or she would pick up her little sister and take her on a date before taking her virginity, “Now or never, Jessica,” She mumbled as she looked at Hannah walking out of school, “No answer? Pathetic,” A message appeared on her phone with Jessica telling her to go to hell and Eleanor stood up from her bike and stood in the gate, watching the skirt-wearing schoolgirl approaching, saying goodbye to her friends, “Hey Hannah,” The younger woman looked confused.

“Um, you are, El, El something.”

“Eleanor, your mom asked me to come and get you,” She replied, a warm smile relaxing the confused woman, “I felt like after your detention you could do with some food or a drink and a bit of fun, no?”

“My mom asked you?”

“Yeah, she did,” Eleanor replied with confidence that completely cancelled the doubt the young woman had, “Also, I heard you turned 18 recently, congrats.”

“Thank you, I mean, I am finally an adult and I can get drunk when I want to,” Eleanor smiled and handed her a helmet, “You drive a motorcycle? That is so cool.”

“Put that on and hop on, we are going to get something to eat, some booze and we can crash at mine for a bit and you can get hammered if you want.”

“Holy shit, this is the best thing that could’ve happened to me after detention,” She eagerly put on the helmet and got onto the bike with Eleanor. Jessica had ran out of time to prevent her little sister from falling under Eleanor’s wrath, even if she paid now, Eleanor was going to have her way with her little sister.

They walked together in a supermarket as Eleanor let the younger woman pick booze she wanted to drink and laughed with her, becoming more and more friendly with her as they spent time together, “Pick whatever you want, I like my whiskey and have some at home,” Hannah nodded as she grabbed a 6 pack of beer and a bottle of vodka, “Soda for that?” Hannah thought for a second then shook her head, “Wanna order pizza?”

“That sounds fucking awesome, you are really the best, Eleanor,” Hannah replied, “What do I owe you?”

“Nothing,” She replied with an ever present smile on her face that hid the fact that the younger, smaller woman would be her toy for the night to motivate her older sister to pay up her debt. Eleanor paid for the drinks and walked out with Hannah.

They arrived in Eleanor’s apartment and Hannah tossed off her uniform’s jacket and it landed on the couch before she landed in a heap on it. Her large, lazy movements gave Eleanor a view up her skirt and saw the thong she was wearing, “You know how to make yourself at home.”

“Well, duh, I do this in my room as well,” She giggled, “Can I have a beer?” Eleanor tossed her a beer and the schoolgirl nearly dropped it and giggled nervously as the two laughed at her clumsiness. The taller woman joined her with a can of beer and her arm moved over the smaller woman’s shoulders, “Very close.”

“Does it bother you?”

“Not really,” The blonde haired woman replied. Her hair was clearly dyed as her roots were a different color and she had a strange mix of ginger and blonde from roots to tips, “You are kinda hot if you don’t mind me saying that.”

“I get that a lot,” Hannah nodded and drank some of the beer. The tv turned on and the two sat next to Escort Çapa each other drinking before Hannah asked for the futa to order the pizza because she was getting hungry, “Sure, I’ll go do that on my computer,” Eleanor left the room and headed into her small bedroom. Her phone began buzzing and she picked up, “Hello? Oh hi, Gina, what’s up?” Hannah’s mother was wondering where her daughter was, “She is with me, yeah, I thought I would be nice and get her some pizza and such, I’ll take care of her,” She began ordering pizza for Hannah and her, “Yeah, don’t worry, baby, I’ll take care of her and be careful, mhm, yeah, I guess you are coming over tomorrow or something? Good, see ya, Gina,” The tall woman left her bedroom after finishing the order and entered her living room once more and saw Hannah sitting, lazily with another can of beer in her hand.

They took a selfie and she sent it to Jessica as Hannah reached for another beer. Her phone quickly buzzed with the debt dodger swearing she would kill Eleanor. Eleanor pulled Hannah close to her and grinned, “You ever have sex before?”

“What fucking question is that? I mean of course I have, I am not a loser,” She didn’t sound very confident and the booze wasn’t helping her case.

“Are you sure? Is this a lie you have practiced so that your friends won’t call you a prude or something?” Hannah looked down and nodded, “Want to change that?”

“I don’t know if I am into girls, I don’t know if we should,” Her hand was placed on Eleanor’s crotch and the young woman’s eyes lit up, “That is a dick.”

“Yes, yes it is, and I can put it inside of you if you want to stay over tonight,” Hannah looked at her phone, “Your mom is fine with you staying over.”

“Really?” Eleanor nodded, “Can you take my virginity?” Another nod made her grin, “Can we start right now?”

“Take your time, we have all night after all, and pizza on the way.”

“Oh yeah, true,” She sighed before she was easily lifted onto Eleanor’s lap, “Oh.”

“I am surprised you don’t have a boyfriend, looking like this,” She took a selfie of them and Eleanor pointed at her phone for them to take one together with hers, “I would love to keep this image of you and I.”

“Sure, I don’t mind, I take a bunch of selfies anyways.”

“Also,” She moved her mouth near Hannah’s ear, “I’ll guide you for the sex, there is a bit you need to do for me and I need to do for you for us to really enjoy it,” Hannah bit her lower lip softly and nodded, “Enjoy your booze until then.”

“I already am,” She said as she leaned over and grabbed the half full can of beer from the table and downed the rest of it as Eleanor took another picture. Even drinking she posed for the selfie, “This is going to be a great night.”

Her moans filled the room as she lay one the bed on her stomach with Eleanor above her with her cock pushing into her pussy from behind. Just because she was trying to get her money back didn’t mean she couldn’t have a bit of fun. The futa continued to pound the virgin girl as she held her phone and recorded it, “Hope you like this too, Jessica,” She mumbled before tossing it aside and getting abc to what she was doing. Hannah had been completely entranced by the prospect of hanging out with a woman older than her, drinking with someone who could hold their booze and then the idea of having sex without any judgement had brought her out of her bubble and into Eleanor’s bed. She had her last logical thought a few hours ago when the futa had eaten her out and she had moaned and squealed so much she would have woken up the entire building if it had continued, “Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck,” The tipsy petite woman moaned as a large rod moved in and out of her pussy, “So good! Ah!” She was most likely the loudest person Eleanor had ever slept with and the least active, she just took everything the taller woman was giving her.

After not having sex for nearly a year before the rich girl incident, the prospect of going back to that seemed to have disappeared in the futa’s mind. Now, even when collecting a debt, fucking was something she couldn’t quite turn away from. She had facefucked Mrs. Baker and now the youngest daughter of the Baker family, now all that was left was the debt dodging Jessica. The thought of her so-called friend made her get angry and her hips began absolutely pounding the smaller woman below her, rocking the bed and making her bite the sheets and muffle her own moans, “You like that? Huh? You like that?”

“Yes! MORE! YES!” She replied before her teeth sank back into the bedsheets. Eleanor was taking her newly deflowered body for the full ride. She would remember every last detail of the futa’s cock after the night they had together, so much so that she wouldn’t be able to hide it from any future partner or from her big sister if she asked what had happened. Gina was already Eleanor’s pet and now Hannah would join her mother in begging for the fit woman’s dick. Eleanor jammed her cock deep into Hannah’s pussy as throbs once more preceded her unloading her cum, however, not into Hannah as she had promised Mrs. Baker that she would be safe. The futa pulled out and the smaller woman lay on the bed, panting and spasming, “Oh fuck…” She groaned as she turned onto her back and looked up at Eleanor, “What did you do to me?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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