A Discovery Ch. 10

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My words hung in the air like an ominous thundercloud, and the darkening of Debbie’s eyes held the promise of my perfect storm. And yet… I needed to know.

“Please, Debbie… what are we going to do when the holiday finishes?”

For the longest of moments I expected vitriol; would not have been at all surprised to be struck by a thunderbolt of my new girlfriend’s anger. I regretted the question and yet knew I just had to ask it. In just a few short days my life had been changed, and now I needed to understand just how much. I stood up from her bed and squared my shoulders, braced myself for the onslaught.

But then Debbie’s own shoulders slumped and she flopped back awkwardly, “I’m glad you grew a pair big enough to ask that.


She sat up and reached for my hand, “That’s a scary question, Dallas, but it’s started to play on my mind as well.”

“You mean, you don’t mind me asking?”

“Don’t mind?” She gave a quiet laugh, “This particular Terror has been too terrified to put it into words. I wasn’t joking when I said I’d fallen for you big time.”

“But what does that mean for the future?”

I was dragged down into an awkward embrace, “Dallas, I don’t want to be apart from you.”

I looked into her wide eyes and saw nothing but a painful truth, “Your course, though… I mean geology is so-”

“If you say important I might have to kick you into the nearest volcano. Let’s face it, more people take part in sports than those who study rocks. It bores me anyway – I just want to be with you.”

“But Debbie, I don’t even enjoy my course and yet you’re set for a fantastic future. You can’t give that up!”

She pulled me closer, “I don’t enjoy my course either, and just because there are more books than aching bollocks doesn’t mean to say it would all lead to a good job in the future anyway. You are now, and I have the strongest feeling, always will be far more fun and far more rewarding. I need you. Or is that too much, too soon?”

I don’t cry often but the tensions inside me exploded in saltiness, “That’s… that’s the single nicest thing I ever heard, and no way is that too much. Or if it is then I’m as guilty as you.” I kissed her deeply then sat back and slapped her thigh, “I thought at first that this was maybe just some Summer fun, but… well, every second that passes just makes me want to be with you more and more.”

“Did that really deserve a slap?”

I snorted a laugh though my tears, “Yes! You changed my life totally and never even asked me if you could!”

“You seem just the same to me,” she gave one of her soft laughs, “just ever more lovely. And loveable.”

We stopped talking then and stared at each other, the truth behind our statements slipping neatly into place, our understanding of what we were going to be facing – together – starting to hit home. Debbie finally broke the silence.

“How about, Monday morning, we call our respective colleges and tell them we’re not coming back? Maybe look for something else we can do at the same place, or…”

“Or take a gap?”

Debbie’s eyebrows rose, “I never bothered when I left school – couldn’t see the point in delaying the uni thing. But now? It sounds like the best idea since sliced gerbil.”

“Gerbil? Is that supposed to mean ‘good’?”

“It’s supposed to mean the best ever. I was trying to get everyone to say it a couple of years back but it never caught on.”

I kissed her again, “You’re seriously weird at times.”

“And you have some seriously wonderful ideas. I can already see you sunning yourself topless on some golden Mediterranean beach.”

This time she got a gentle slap, “I have a feeling that the ‘gap’ will refer to my clothes allocation.”

She pulled me closer, “Doesn’t feel like you object too much.”

I shrugged as best I was able in her arms, “Oh, I don’t – just as long as it applies to you as well.” I kissed her neck and eased my lips down to her seemingly constantly erect nipples, “I don’t want,” I said, moving my mouth from one to the other, “to ever… see these beautiful… breasts… covered up… when we’re… alone.”

“Deal,” she sighed, “Now reach over and pass me the Friendly Dominator, would you? The idea of a gap year promises so many new experiences and I want to start right now by fucking my girlfriend with that thing.”

I snorted a laugh, my insides turning to a delicious jelly as both the crude words and the experience to come sent sex-starved neurones spinning through my belly. Without even a micro-second of hesitation I span out of Debbie’s arms and grabbed the package, shedding the box as I followed her instructions.

“Just one thing,” I said, faux-demure.

Debbie was already kneeling, adjusting the waist strap, “What’s that, my angel?”

“Be gentle with me, won’t you?”

She was almost crying with laughter as she tightened the new toy, “Just for that, no! Now lay back and think of gerbils!”

I did as I was told, my eyes lingering for a moment or two on the bursa escort seemingly massive dildo as Debbie awkwardly manoeuvred herself between my already gaping thighs. “Mind if I lay back and think of our future instead?”

She lowered herself gently, he hand guiding the head of the phallus towards my already very moist slit, “Maybe ‘our future’ is better than ‘gerbil’, after all. But Dallas, know this” she positioned the enormous device at my oh-so hot entrance, “I want to take you to such dizzying heights, you won’t remember my name let alone a gerbil’s.”

I was about to make some sort of glib reply when she eased forward with a smoothness that shocked and delighted me. Despite its size, the Dominator parted my eager lips like butter and a second, firmer, push drove it between the muscles and deep inside me. “Debbie!”

She hesitated, “Too much?”

I reached forward and grabbed her butt, lifting my hips to meet hers as the Dominator slipped deeper and deeper into my wetness, “No way is that too much,” I gave a little cry of pleasure, “Come on then my Terror, fuck me!”

I felt her hard nipples crush against my own and she started to buck her hips, thrusting and withdrawing, pinning me, biting my shoulder. I slid one hand between us and found a nipple, pinching her hard, my own hips matching Debbie’s movements. She lifted her head then and stared down at me, her wide blue eyes looking as shocked as they did full of lust.

“You are so fucking beautiful,” she told me, “And I want to make you climax so hard!”

“You will, so don’t stop!”

I was no virgin and I’d seen more than one guy in just that position, but the combination of Debbie and the Dominator was already taking me to heights I’d never visited before. Gradually, we found a rhythm and before many minutes had passed the look of joy that must have been plastered to my face was being matched by Debbie and she was starting to whimper as often as she was grunting and panting.

My voice was unnaturally high, I could tell, but even that fact only served to excite me even more, “Oh my god, Debbie! It’s going to happen – you’ve gotta cum with me!”

She nodded frantically, her eyes almost rolling, “To… to… together… for… fucking… forever!”


Then it hit me.

My scream of pleasure made Debbie at first flinch and then her eyes widened and she let out a howl that was just as loud. One final thrust buried the Dominator deep inside my wet folds and my hands tightened on her breasts, pinching her nipples in their dark circles, as my hips rose from the bed and my muscles spasmed.

Outwardly we were motionless, locked together so tightly, as only our inner muscles flickered and bucked with orgasmic delight. It went on and on… and on. I felt one of Debbie’s fingertips pressing against my clit as hard as I pinched her nipples, and howl and moan followed each other in a staccato rhythm as wave of climax followed the tsunami of release.

It was my hands that fell away to the sides first before I grasped Debbie’s shoulders and pulled her down, my lips raining kisses on her nose and cheeks.

“Fucking hell, girl!” I laughed.

“Good climax?” she puffed, and gave the slightest of wiggles, the Dominator somehow able to move a little inside me.

“Not bad,” I began before my eyes shot wide open, “Oh shit Debs I’m going to-”

I didn’t get any further before yet another orgasmic wave rolled through me.

“Come again, do you mean?” Debbie gave another wiggle.

“Stop, stop, stop! I am seriously worried you might really fuck my brains out now!”

“I’d probably fall apart first,” she admitted, relaxing against me, “but you have to admit, this was a great purchase.”

I managed to nod, “Better than any cock I’ve ever had. But maybe that’s because I love you so much!”

We kissed then, a tenderness instilling itself in the air despite our positions and the Dominator’s presence. Somehow I think we even managed to doze, still coupled.

I came fully awake as Debbie eased herself to her hands and began to slip the Dominator out of me, a fraction at a time. I watched the care in her eyes and it felt even more thrilling than the sensation of that large dildo sliding so gently out of my heat. I cupped her small breasts, gently this time, and sighed happily as she paused and flexed against me, her own pleasure writ large on her face.

“I wonder,” she whispered “whether a day will ever go past for us when something new doesn’t happen?”

I squeaked a “yes” as my most pleasant invasion came to an end and Debbie sat back, shaky fingers unbuckling the waistband of our new toy. “I mean,” I added, clearing my throat, “that I’m not sure I can take too many more new things!” I was seriously starting to wonder.

I was rewarded by her trademark chuckle, “I think I’m beginning to agree with you. But remember, tomorrow we’re going to be doing something new as well.”

“My turn with the Dominator?”

“Well, yes, but I was bursa escort bayan more thinking of uploading some video footage onto the internet.”

I gave a dark laugh, “Oh yes, time for someone to pay. I do hope there are some nice clear images.”

Dropping the toy to the floor, Debbie snuggled up beside me, “Sure it won’t give you any yearning for something that I can’t give you?”

“No chance. You’ve just given me far more pleasure than any guy ever has done. And besides, I adore you.”

“Good answer. If I enjoy any cock again in future it will be firmly attached to you, I swear.”

“I wasn’t actually thinking about growing one.”

It was Debbie’s turn to smack me, “You know what I mean. And let me tell you, there’s a lovely little head at the opposite end of the Dominator’s dildo and boy does that tickle nicely.”

“My turn to find out next then.”

She nodded, “That’s a deal as well – but not until tomorrow, methinks. I’m feeling a little bit tender.”

“You are? I’m still trying to get my head round the fact that I’ve just had the best pounding of my life and it was at the hands of a gorgeous female!”

Debbie sighed with undisguised contentment, “I’m happier to hear that than you could possibly imagine. Seems they were right after all, I’m a lovely little fucker.”

“I’ll agree just so long as you promise to be my lovely little fucker from now on.”

“Agreed,” she said, cuddling tighter. “Anytime.”




Debbie snorted a giggle, “Now you’re being silly.”

“Says gerbil-girl.”

“The best girl since sliced gerbil?”

“I’ll give you that,” I told her.

“Among other things, I hope?”

“Lots and lots of other things,” I managed, my eyes flickering closed, my body relaxing to a degree I never thought possible.

It was still a dusky dark when I woke, hungry and thirsty. Beside me Debbie was not quite snoring but snuffling softly, one thumb almost but not quite pressing between her lips. I put my desire for sustenance on hold and simply lay there watching her. I knew that beneath her oddly pale eyelids, her bright blue eyes were sparkling through dreams, and I hoped her mind would find room for me – among the gerbils or not. Why gerbils? I wondered, before dismissing the question, happy in the knowledge that I was more than happy to be her gerbil… I stifled a laugh – perhaps her quirkiness was catching.

Quirkiness or not, I knew that her love – our love -was contagious and I marvelled at how much had changed so quickly for me. Sure there had been a couple of others, guys, in my late teens who I’d fallen for truly, madly and stupidly. One of them had even proposed to me and had it not been for another girlfriend of his appearing out of the blue I might even have said yes. But with Debbie it was already different.

Of course, I hadn’t known it when I’d been ‘in love’ with Gareth, but true love reaches right down into your soul. It’s not just a pretty idea, a wonderful feeling… somehow it’s more a part of you, an intrinsic component that once found cannot be forgotten. It also stripped away doubts, didn’t let anything stand in its way, made you a part of it just as it became a part of you.

I’d asked the question that had terrified me at a level I hadn’t even been aware of – and I’d been answered in a way that only served to prove the depth of our feelings, the true nature of our love. So what if it was only days, because what we had found in each other didn’t exist in that sort of timeline. What we’d both found was something that was there all along, and hopefully would stay with us for the longest time. I’d thought my future was more or less fixed in its path, that I would finish my course, graduate and probably take up a career in either a sports centre or as a cashier at a supermarket – realism had never been far from my surface. Maybe I would find a man and marry. Maybe I would have kids. Maybe I would live in a semi-detached mock-Tudor junk-heap, with manicured lawns and prickly rose bushes.

That had all changed now. And the loss of those possible futures seemed suddenly almost as good as the joys my new partner was already sharing with me.

We hadn’t even mentioned money or how we would fund our future together and it struck me as I lay there that this was entirely appropriate. I had no idea how much, if anything, Debbie had saved or whether she was due some inheritance or something, and it didn’t matter in the slightest. And that wasn’t because I had thirty thousand pounds in savings, either – which I did – but because we only really needed each other and our fares to wherever we ended up going. Even the term ‘savings’ became irrelevant. What was mine would be hers as well, because what was my life would be shared with her.

I almost floated out of the bed, my heart filled with lighter-than-air love, and I padded through to the kitchen via the bathroom at the foot of the stairs. Relieved and bursa sınırsız escort increasingly hungry, I made my way into the strange kitchen and finally located some bacon and an opened loaf of bread, presumably the same one that Debbie had used the day before.

Bacon was soon sizzling in a rather nice frying pan and the bread was toasting lightly as I busied myself sorting out much-needed coffee. I was sipping the steaming brew when Debbie padded into the kitchen behind me.

“Morning, gorgeous. Did you actually know it’s only five in the morning?”

I set the mug down and welcomed her in a sleepy embrace, “”Hiya, Debbie, and yeah, we fell asleep way too soon last night. I was hoping to bring you breakfast in bed, but you beat me to it.”

She perched on a stool and yawned, “I blame the rather unusual exercise, not to mention one extraordinary decision. Still sure about taking time out?”

“More sure than you can imagine, just so long as it’s with you.”

“I love that sentiment, but isn’t it a bit early for the pass-the-bucket stuff?”

I could only agree, “True, but what about you going back to bed so I can bring you a bacon butty?”

“Finally we find a difference between us – I never eat breakfast in bed. But I’d still show how much I appreciate the thought – if I weren’t so sore. That Dominator must have really been pressing hard on an awkward spot so god knows how you feel this morning.”

Peeing had been rather painful and I winced at the memory, “Not too bad, I guess, but I have a feeling that a certain part of my anatomy needs a break. Not that I am complaining in the slightest.”

“It felt so weird,” Debbie laughed, pouring a coffee, “but kinda ‘right’ somehow. It was such a joy looking into your eyes as you climaxed.”

“I was thinking the same thing about your baby blues, and boy did I cum hard. You’re an expert with it already but it’s still my turn next.”

She sipped at her coffee and then nodded, “I won’t deny you the pleasure. It was fantastic from my end so hell knows what it must have been like for you. Although I think your reaction kinda tells me.”

I turned to the frying pan and rescued the bacon from death by heat exhaustion, “I would say I can’t wait but I think a certain sore part of me might object. Is that okay with you?” I had finished making the sandwiches and handed Debbie a plate.

She set it on the counter and pulled me close, “Tell you what, my gorgeous angel, on the grounds that I’m sore as well and on the grounds that we have an eternity of playing still to come – and cum – I’ll agree to a few hours off. But I want lots of kisses instead.”

I found her lips and paid her the first of the smooches, “That’s a deal – just so long as part of that eternity includes me getting to play with you on a Mediterranean beach soon.”

The kiss was returned, “Deal it is, but we’d better make sure it’s a deserted one – wolf-girl!”

“Was I that loud?” I knew I could be but genuinely couldn’t remember.

“Oh yes. That’s another great thing about our new toy; I’ve never been up at the noisy end with you before when you’ve been climaxing. That was incredibly good.”

I shrugged, not even the slightest bit embarrassed, “You were the one doing it to me. I loved it. And I love you.”

We kissed again, our motions becoming slightly frenzied, our hands roaming, exploring – before an admittedly gentle finger at my groin made me wince.



We’d said it together, and laughed together as well. Somehow that one tiny word and the laugh afterwards cemented our already strong bond even more tightly. Better yet, for me, was that I could see it in Debbie’s eyes.

She laughed softly, “I guess that’s definitely a ‘later’ then?”

I sighed, “I think you’re right. That Dominator thing should come with a health warning.”

“And ear plugs,” Debbie nodded.

I playfully slapped her thigh, “Your fault.”

“Don’t worry, I’m not complaining. But anyway, we have to be busy with video images this morning so perhaps it’s just as well.”

“Very true. I hope they’ve all gone.”

“We’ll take the back route through the woods if you like? We can stake the place before we go in.”

“Sounds good to me. Plus, that way we can walk there naked like this. Looks like another sunny day.”

She pulled me close again, “I’m beginning to hate dressing now that you’re around. And I don’t care about the weather, as long as I can see you.”

We started to kiss again before a thought struck me, “Did you mean what you said about nudism?”

She paused and looked into my eyes, “It was kind of a joke at the time, but thinking about it now, as long as we’re miles away where no one knows us… yeah, maybe I would give it a try. Would you?”

In just a few days I’d got used to the thrill of air on my exposed body, and then there was Debbie… “As long as you stay by my side, yes.”

“Or on top?”

I laughed, “I’m not sure anyone would allow that!”

“Fair enough. How about always by your side unless there’s no one else around?”

“That’s another deal then. Yes.”

“Good. Now let’s finish this delightful breakfast and get to your place.”

I turned and saw that half of my bacon sandwich looked decided ragged, “Have you been nibbling my butty while my back was turned?”

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