A Night with Rachel

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When my friend asked me to go to the club with him, I told him no, saying that clubs aren’t really my kind of place. I don’t like crowds and I’m not likely to pick up some hot girl and go home with her. I’ve never had much confidence so being around beautiful women only serves to remind me of what I can’t have. But he reminded me that there’s alcohol and the band was supposed to be decent so I finally agreed to go. I have a soft spot in my heart for alcohol.

When we got there, it was just as I had anticipated. Lots and lots of people packed into this little place, and over half of them beautiful women; very depressing for a guy like me. My friend and I made our way to the bar and were fortunate enough to find a place to sit. Of course, it wasn’t long before we’d each had a couple beers and my friend leaves me to dance with some girl he’d just met. I always hated how he could do that. So there I am sitting at the bar by myself, feeling pitiful, when this girl takes my friends vacant seat. She was beautiful, of course, so I was immediately intimidated. I’d had a few beers in me and I noticed she didn’t have a guy with her so I said hello.

“Hi,” she said back, and smiled. So far so good.

“Surely you’re not here by yourself,” I say.

“No. My friends are out dancing.”

“What, you don’t dance?”

“No date. I’d look kinda funny dancing by myself.” I thought differently, though I didn’t say anything.

“Well, I’ll dance with you.” I don’t know where this came from because I don’t like to dance. But when you have a pretty girl giving you an open door like this, you don’t pass it up. She looked skeptical, having probably been hit on more than her share.

“Don’t worry, I don’t bite.” Still she was hesitant. “I’m Jason,” I say and offer my hand.

“Rachel,” she replies and shakes my hand.

“Well, Rachel, do you intend to sit at the bar all night?”

Finally, she agreed to dance with me. It was only when she stood up that I saw just how gorgeous she really was. About 5’3″ and 110 lbs, dark hair, hazel eyes, and a super sexy body. She was wearing this tight little shirt that showed off her sexy stomach and these blue pants that were made of this stretchy material and looked like they were painted on. When she turned to head for the dance floor, I saw what might be the nicest ass I’ve ever seen. Normally, I’d be too afraid to dance with such a beautiful girl but I was half drunk and the club was pretty dark so if I made an ass of myself, no one would notice anyway. So we danced and talked and I found out she didn’t really like clubs either and that she’s going to college and, most importantly, that she’s single.

We hit it off so well that we were laughing like we’d known each other for years. After she’d had a few drinks, on me of course, a strange and wonderful thing happened. With a coy look in her eyes, she suggested we get out of there. Stupidly, I asked where she wanted to go. She just laughed and said that we’d figure it out. So I agreed and it wasn’t long before we were driving to her apartment. She shared it with two girls but they almanbahis were the friends from the club so we’d have the place to ourselves.

The alcohol was working wonders on her because she stared to give me these looks of yearning and kept touching me flirtatiously. Even half drunk, I’m no fool. I played along and flirted right back. The closer we got to her house, the more bold she became, touching my knee and then my thigh, and then rubbing on the inner part of my thigh. I found it increasingly difficult to drive. I felt my cock beginning to grow. Even in my baggy pants, I was running out of room. With a shift of position, my cock was now growing down my pant leg. I made sure to put it down the right pant leg so she would reach it easily. When she felt it through my pants, she inhaled sharply and then smiled knowingly at me. Not quite rock hard, I’m still getting pretty big, and she seems to approve, licking her lips and leaning farther over to rub me through my pants. I reach over and start rubbing her ass and pussy through her pants. If we don’t get to her apartment soon, I fear we’ll have an accident.

When we do finally arrive, I can barely stand up strait because my cock is so hard. She sees the obvious bulge and giggles. Her laugh is intoxicating. As soon as we’re inside, she pushes me up against the door and starts kissing me passionately. I can’t believe I’m even in this situation. We begin to undress one another, kissing all the while. When she’s got me down to my boxers, she looks me up and down, sizing me up.

I’m about 6’2″, brown hair and green eyes, broad shoulders and a pretty good body, though not as good as I’d like. No chiseled abs or huge muscled arms, but I’m fit and pretty strong.

I’ve only managed to get her shirt off her so I decide to catch up. I grab her by the upper arms and I turn her around and start kissing her on the neck while I undo her bra and let if fall to the floor. My hands massage her perfect breasts before sliding their way down to her pants. I undo them and then kneel to slide them all the way down her beautiful legs. She’s wearing this tiny little thong and her ass looks better than I had imagined. She looks over her shoulder at me gazing fondly at her backside and begins to remove her thong for me. She does so seductively, like a stripper. She has natural talent, arching her back and peeling it down her luscious ass.

When she’s finished, she asks me if I like it and I nod dumbly, almost in a trance as I take her naked body in.

“Now, let’s see what you’re packing,” she says and then gets on her knees in front of me. Seeing her like that, looking up at me with those big beautiful eyes was almost enough to send me rocketing over the edge. She grabs my boxers and slowly tugs them down, revealing my member inch by inch. When it’s fully revealed and springs out to greet her, she gasps in surprise. My cock, when fully aroused, is about 8½” in length. Big, but not that remarkable. It’s not so much the length that she was gasping at. When fully engorged, its girth is about the same as the average person’s wrist. Though I wasn’t quite almanbahis giriş fully erect, I was pretty close.

“That’s the biggest dick I’ve ever seen,” she whispers to herself. I can’t help but smile to myself. But I was really smiling when she took it in her hand and proceeded to put it in her lovely mouth. She began by putting all of me in her mouth that she could handle. She managed about half my length. I admit I was impressed. With her right hand holding the base of my shaft, she began sucking me furiously, bobbing her head up and down on the tip of my cock while pumping me with her hand. Then she would take it out of her mouth and her saliva would drip down onto her chest, and she would lick around the head and up the length of my cock. All the while, her left hand is between her legs, rubbing her beautifully shaved pussy. Now rock hard and throbbing, I’m forced to intervene to keep from cumming in her mouth. It’s not that I wouldn’t enjoy cumming in her mouth; it’s just that I have other plans first.

I help her to her feet and lead her over to the dining room table. Moving close behind her so she can feel my dripping cock between her legs, I kiss her again on the neck and tell her to bend over the table. She gives me a sexy glance and then complies, bending over and putting her right leg up on the table, opening up her wet pussy to me. I have never seen a more beautiful site.

“Be gentle at first, I’ve never had one so big,” she says. But I’m not quite ready to fuck her yet. I kneel behind her and put my hands on her firm ass and begin kissing and licking around her pussy and inner thighs. The aroma of her wetness is intoxicating. After a while of teasing her, I lick along the length of her slit and then start attacking her shaved pussy with my tongue. Her breath quickens and her body spasms as waves of pleasure course through her perfect body. Her gasps grow to soft moans and then to screaming as her pussy is worked over by my darting tongue. With my thumb, I rub her swollen clit and fuck her with my tongue.

“Oh! I’m gonna cum!” she yells.

I quicken my licking and my face is covered with her wetness as she pushes into me.

When her orgasm subsides and she recovers, she stands and turns to face me.

“That was amazing.”

“Glad you liked it,” I reply, forgetting that my face must be covered by her juices. She leads me to a bedroom and tells me to lie down on the bed. Quickly, I do so and she begins to suck me again. Not having any attention, my cock has lost some of its hardness. However, it doesn’t take long for her to bring it back to its full glory. Laying there with my huge cock sticking strait up in the air, I watch her climb onto me and she starts kissing me on the lips and then on the neck. Needing to feel her hot pussy, I tell her to fuck me.

She grabs my cock and positions the head at her entrance. Her saliva still running down my shaft makes my rock hard cock glisten. Her pussy is still very wet so she doesn’t have much of a problem taking me in. Just the head at first and then slowly, inch by marvelous inch, she lowers herself almanbahis yeni giriş down onto me. With my cock buried to the hilt inside her, all she can do is grunt as her eyes glaze over for a moment. After a few seconds, she starts to move her ass up and down, very slow at first, still getting used to me. Her pussy is so hot and I fear I won’t be able to take much of this. She gradually picks up speed and fucks me faster and faster, our bodies making the wonderful music of sex. She bounces wildly on my cock, and I enjoy the site of her perfect breasts bouncing up and down with each stroke. She raises her arms over her head and leans back, bringing out the definition in her sexy stomach. The work of fucking my brains out has caused her to build up a sheen of sweat on her breasts and belly. Her moaning is getting much louder now and I grow concerned that a neighbor might hear. The thought disappears as she leans forward and puts her tits right in my face. Taking the hint, I begin to suck and lick her pink little nipples. Her moaning so near my ear proves to be too much and I have to stop her before I cum. She rolls off of me and spreads her legs for me.

Once I’ve regained enough control, I grab her legs and pull her to the edge of the bed. I rub the tip of my cock up and down her slip, making her writhe with pleasure and frustration at my teasing. Without warning, I thrust into her all the way. She gasps and then smiles at me. I start fucking her with long slow deep strokes. I position her feet on my shoulder and wrap my arms around her legs. As I pick up speed, she screams louder and grabs at her comforter to keep from sliding away from me. She starts to rub her clit as I pound into her and she starts cumming again. Arching her back and throwing her head back, she cums hard, her tight pussy contracting around my big cock. When she’s done, I tell her to roll over and bend over the bed. When she’s into position, I again plunge into her wetness. I grab her by her shoulders and pound her little pussy hard and fast. She moans loudly.

“Fuck me! Oh yeah, harder! Give me that big dick!”

The sight of her bent over, her back arched and sweat forming on her, and my huge cock thrusting in and out of her beautiful pussy is almost too much. Her pussy is so wet that each time I thrust into her, it makes a smacking sound. I fuck her like this for a long time, until I can feel an orgasm coming for both of us. I slide my hands down her arms to her wrists and pull her arms behind her back. Holding her that way, her back arched, I start fucking her even harder. My control over her is total. Knowing this turns us both on even more. With long deliberate strokes, I bring her to her third orgasm.

“Oh, god, I’m cumming again. Oh!”

This time I couldn’t stop myself. I too was going to cum and each stroke brought me nearer. I began to pump frantically into her as my cock started throbbing. We came hard together, my cock filling her little pussy with cum.

When it was all over, we fell onto the bed in a heap, me on my back and her on her side, cuddled up to me. While our breathing begins to come back to normal, we just lay there, her in my arms, our naked bodies wrapped together.

Only when I was about to fall asleep did I remember my friend, stranded at the club with no way home. Oh well. I think he’d understand.

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