A Reawakening Ch. 1

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I jumped when I heard the telephone receiver slam down. Looking up, I saw Allana running from her desk down the hallway. This, had become an all too familiar sight to me in recent weeks. Allana had joined the company where I worked a year ago and been assigned to the same department. We had been friends ever since. She was a high spirited girl and we took to each other instantly. She was 22 and I three years older than she. Our friendship had grown over the months since we had met and we were now closer than I had ever been with any one but a partner before. We shared almost everything about our lives including friends, work, family problems and everything connected with every day living. We also had similar interests; we both enjoyed the outdoors, photography, clubs and our need to always have fun. One area of difference though was our personal relationships. Allana was going through a very messy relationship, while I was having a great one.

I have been with a wonderful guy for the last year and a half and we are very happy. We had our little squabbles like every couple but we have grown beyond them. My boy friend, Daniel, is a great lover and when we’re together, the sex is great – a key element in most relationships – I might add). Sadly, Daniel was forced by his employer to take a temporary assignment in another island four months ago. Since then we have managed to see each other only one weekend about a month after he had to leave. Needless to say, we spent every moment devouring each other and making up for time lost. Three months have now gone by since I saw him last. We have remained in contact by telephone calls every now and again, but mainly we have corresponded through lengthy emails. I love him and it was killing me to be away from him, but always one to see the bright side of things, I now got to have the best of both worlds, a partner whom I loved and had a great relationship with, and the freedom to go out as much as I liked without worrying about getting home early to a worried partner.

Allana, however, was having some terrible problems. In the last month she had grown to be a different person, one filled with sadness. She cried in my arms almost every other day when we shared lunch or after receiving one of his dumb calls while we were working. The thing was, she was in love, or so she thought. Her boyfriend, David, has been cheating on her. When she found out about it, not only did he turn it around on her by blaming her for it, but he also made his fling more public. He actually brought the girl to his house, and called Allana while she was there. He played a nasty mind games with her. He totally broke down every ounce of her self-esteem and demoralized her, and I can’t for the life of me figure out why she didn’t just dump him.

Even prior to that there were problems. He hated her going anywhere without him, yet he seldom bothered to take her out. He would blame her for things that didn’t even relate to her. He would start a fight with her about little things, then disappear for days at a time without leaving her a means to contact him. He would string her along with meaningless ‘sweet-talk’, especially when he wanted something from her. The sex had almost ceased and it was only when he demanded it. I’ve tried speaking to her on many occasions. She always blamed herself for his abuse and stupidity. She admits that he didn’t treat her well. She admitted her hurt, but it all boiled down to one thing. She loved him. I have always said ‘there’s a thin line between love and stupidity’.. she wasn’t even balancing on that line, she had completely fallen over the edge toward stupidity. But I loved her and was here for her no matter what.

I left my desk, following her down the hallway, finding her crying her eyes out in the small lunch room at work.

I sat next to her embracing her.

“Only last night..last night.. he had her in his house.. the same house we have memories in. The same bed….gawd Tara, why is he calling me now.. why is he telling me that he loves me.. why Tara…why?” She sobbed uncontrollably on my shoulder while she gasped for breath.

I sat silently rocking with her, letting her vent out. I had grown used to this over the past few weeks, and there wasn’t much I could say to comfort her, nor could I dissuade her from keeping contact with him. The times when he called and I answered the phone, I refused to give her the calls. I couldn’t always catch the phone and he still got her at times. I loved her so much, yet I felt somewhat powerless. We sat in the small lunchroom for about twenty more minutes while she rambled on and on, sobbing wildly.

It hurt me every time I saw her like this and still, as always believed that I must have some chance to help her, to get her away from him.

When her sobbing ceased I lifted her head a forced her to look at me.

“You are coming home with me this evening Allana, you are spending the weekend at my place. Okay.. Do you hear me? I want you to have absolutely no contact with David and I am serious. No more accepting bursa yabancı escort his calls, no more calling him. Nothing. You need to stop allowing him to do this to you. He is only hurting you because he can. Because you allow him too. And I want you away from him.”

She began shaking her head muttering something at which point I cut her off.. “No..’ifs’.. No ‘ands’… No ‘buts’. You are coming!!”

I was tired of being gentle and being mild, none of it sank in. While she is by no means my child nor my sister, I love her dearly and I needed to get her away from this.. and it was now or never.

She nodded yes and I held her to me for a few more minutes comforting her.

The rest of the day dragged on. She barely did her work and her face was somber. I didn’t expect anything different. This was her ‘David-just-called’ mourning period.

When work was through, we packed up our bags and left. We stopped off at our usual Friday evening hangout after work. It was a quiet bar where we would just sit and relax and have a few drinks; even play a little pool. Allana didn’t seem up to it but I would have it no other way. She needed to relax and not let the afternoon go as badly as her day.

We usually dressed a bit casual for work on Fridays. Today I had on black close fitting pants with a beige bustier-style top. It hugged my breasts nicely, showing of every curve so, of course I wore a jacket over it while at work. Allana was in a similar outfit, pants with a red halter. She is about 5′ 6″, a couple of inches shorter than I am. She has a lovely caramel complexion skin which slightly contrasted with my darker, rich-chocolate toned skin. Her hair is long and flowing. She has nice athletic legs with a great tight ass, that many men went crazy over., and small perky breasts.

I parked in the bar’s lot, we touched up our make up, removed our jackets and headed inside. By this time Allana had brightened a bit.

The bar was quiet, but we saw a couple of the regulars and went over to them making the usual ‘how-was-your-week chat. The bartender poured our usual first drink without even asking, we were that regular 🙂 A Screwdriver for myself with a very mild Pina Colada for Allana whose tolerance for alcohol was lower than mine.

“Anyone up for pool” came a call behind us. It was Paul, another regular. Never turning down an opportunity to play, I jumped up. “Rack em”

“Anyone but you Tara”

“What?Why? You’re too chicken?”

“Call me what you wish, but last week you beat me 4 games in a row. I’m not up for that kind of embarrassment again”

“Ha!!.As I said… Chicken!!” I mocked. I was a good player and proud of it. “Okay lets make it fair,. Get yourself a partner and Allana and I will play the two of you…Right Ally?” I turned to Allana for her consent. She was also a good player and it was a great way to get her off the bar and focused on having fun. Paul dragged another guy, Randy, to the table and we began.

“Lets make it interesting, okay. Losers take out the winners tonight. Deal”? I asked grinning.

“Deal” echoed the other three. We all had a very casual friendship. We enjoyed a few drinks and some fun going out every now and again.

Allana and I won the first game of the best of seven set. The guys won the next three… and we came back, stealing the next two making it even. With three apiece, the last game was tense.

“Aren’t you guys tired of losing to us? It’s a shame for all men!” I screamed as Allana pocketed the eight ball winning the game. I ran to her high-fiving her then tapped each guy on the butt.

“Ahh.. we let y’all win.. and the pool stick I had was no good anyways”

“Excuses, excuses” Allana chimed. “A bad workman always blames his tools” she said grinning. It felt good to see a smile on her face.

“So fellas, what’s happening later?”

“Black and White is gonna be good tonight” came Paul. Black and White was a really good disco with great music. It was fairly new and as its name indicated, the only two colours of dress were black and white. “Yep.. Ladies night Special tonight”

“You cheapskate!” I joked, poking him with a pool stick playfully. ” On Ladies nights, ladies are free.”

“Hey, I’m not dumb” he came back laughing. “I already lost the game, I’m not going to lose money too!!”

“You call taking out a lady, losing money? Poor Carla”

“That’s a bit different, she’s my girlfriend, so I don’t have a choice, and in that case its not a loss. It’s an expense!!” We all burst out laughing as we settled back at the bar.

We agreed to meet at the disco later and after a few more drinks, left and headed off to Allana’s home. She lived with her Family, with whom I had a good relationship. I said my hi’s and hellos and went with Allana to her room to help pack for the weekend. We took about fifteen minutes sorting through her clothes, and then left for my house.

I live in a three bedroom house,one of which I had converted to bursa sınırsız escort a home gym. My place was small and comfortable, my kitchen nice and neat and my living room, very homey. Allana had been to my place before and went to put her stuff in the guest room while I headed off to my room. It was abit after nine and we would be leaving for Black and White at around eleven, so we went straight in to showering to get ready.

“Coming over to your room to dress” Allana shouted from the other room. “Your mirror is bigger”

“Okay. What are you gonna wear?” I asked as she entered. I was sitting in front of my mirror applying my make up.

“I don’t know”

“Check out my closet, see what you like”

“Your clothes wont fit me and you know it. Especially your tops. These pancakes wont look good in any of them”

“Aww com’n Ally, what IS it with you and your breasts. You always complain”

Oh you mean my ‘lack of breasts” she said pushing them together looking at her reflection in the mirror.

“You have plenty Besides, what do guys say… more than a mouthful is wasted?”

“Can you honestly say that ANY man has EVER said that to you?!!”

“Well..umm…no” I grinned. “But so I’ve heard”

“Not a chance, you haven’t heard it. With those lovely breasts, a mouthful is the last thing on any guys mind.” She said giggling.

“Okay okay.. you’ve made your point. But I still say you have nice, breasts, small and firm and perfectly formed. Anyway variety is the spice of life. That’s why we are all different. That’s why I have these and no need for a push up or padded bra” I said cupping my breasts “and that’s why you have those” pointing towards her padded bra in her hand.

“You suck miserably at consoling me” she said playfully swinging her towel at me.

“Okay so much for my clothes, Use the leather pants you brought with you and the black and white top.” It was a racy zebra print top in which all of her back was bare but for a few strings..she would ok great in it.

I settled for a black leather skirt, which reached around mid thigh with a matching long sleeved jacket. Under that I wore a white turtleneck top that hugged my breast. I swept my hair up and fastened it with a few pins, letting some loose curls fall framing my face. I completed my outfit with some silver earrings and 4″ strapped sandals.

“How on earth do you drive in those?” Allana cried. She had settled on 2″ pumps.

“Practice, practice, practice” I grinned at her.

After checking in the mirrors one last time. We were off.

We got to the club around 11:30 and it was already packed. Music was blasting and we got right into the action. Mingling in the crowd abit. then heading off to the bar to order a couple beers.

It took us about twenty minutes to find Paul who was there with his girlfriend, Carla, whom we knew well and two guys, Randy from earlier at the bar and another. We all sauntered unto the floor getting into the music. We danced, changing partners every now and again and making trips to the bar and we were having fun. Allana was enjoying herself. She’d had quite a few drinks and though I knew she wasn’t drunk, I knew she was tipsy. The rest of us were fine and I knew she was safe, as long as she didn’t have more for a while. She was gyrating to the techno music belting out from the speakers. And like the rest of us was having fun. Then the worst possible thing happened.

There was David standing over by the bar. I tried to get her attention directed at me so she wouldn’t see the bar area. But that only worked for a while. Eventually Allana saw him and I knew her all too well, she was going to walk over to talk to him. Seeing her pull away from Paul, I stopped her. “You aren’t going near him. Leave him alone Allana. We’re having fun. Lets continue”

“I’m only saying hello” she shouted over the music.

“Yeah right Allana!!..Yeah bloody right…you know what??Do whatever”

“Its just a quick hello, Tara”

With that she turned and headed in the direction of the bar, swaying abit with every step. “Always just *something*” I muttered to myself.

When she reached him and they started talking, he seemed agitated and angry. I had no idea what they were saying, but he wasn’t looking happy about her being there at all. And then I saw exactly why. His ‘other girlfriend’ was there as well and she was making her way over to them coming up to Allana from behind, with contempt written on her face. She passed by Allana, purposely bumping into her. She stopped dead between them, embraced David, kissing him squarely on the lips and David didn’t do a thing to stop her. That jerk!!..How could he, I thought.

Then the scene got even worse. Allana grabbed the girls arm hauling her off David. The catfight started while David just stood there. I was running across the room. Paul and the others on my heels. The music had stopped and everyone had cleared around, some hooting at the girls. The group of görükle escort us together managed to yank Allana away from her ‘opponent’. It was terrible. Before getting her away from it all, she grabbed a drink from the bar, throwing it at David, drenching him. He deserved it and even worse, but its not like this was anything surprising. He was scum. The bastard just walked out. He didn’t even bother to wait for the other girl.

Allana ran outside, she was in a mess, emotionally. She was wailing and hyperventilating, and fearing that she was gonna run after David, we kept a close eye on her. Why she let that son of a bitch hurt her like this..I could never say.

As Allana ran towards my car, I followed and the others came along as well. I unlocked the door and guided her to the back seat. She sat and her tears flowed. I followed her in and held her to me. Her body shook violently as the tears racked through her. I rocked with her body holding her head on my breasts, running my fingers through her hair, trying to soothe her. We remained this way for a long while. She wrapped her arms around me and held me tight.

Randy motioned for me to give him my keys. He got in the divers seat and started the car. I nodded good night to the rest. As Randy drove out of the parking lot, his friend followed in another car. Following my directions, Randy drove to my house. When we got there, Allana’s sobbing had turned into whimpers. I thanked Randy as he helped Allana inside then after asking if she would be okay, left in the vehicle that had followed us.

I sat with her in the living room in silence while she shook. She stood up suddenly. I jumped at her quickness “You know what Tara? No more..no more..no more!!.. I’ve said it before but this is it. David doesn’t give two shits about me or my feelings and he has made that clear. I aint his fucking puppy. I want nothing to do with him ever again”

She has gone this route before, but this time I believed her. It was the first time she said it with conviction. I knew it was going to take a while. But tonight, as bad as it was, was like an awakening to a bright future, one without the likes of David.

“Come here”..Go take a shower.”

I helped her off with her heels and led her to her room.

“Change and go shower Okay Baby” She nodded yes and I left for my room to change as well. I wrapped a robe around me then went to the kitchen. I poured us two shots of brandy and carried them to her room. Though she had a little over her limit of drinks for the night, I knew this would relax her.

I set the drinks and hearing Allana coming out of the shower, I went to take mine. When I got back to her room she was dressed in a soft cotton chemise laying on the bed.

“Here take this.” I said offering her the drink. “It will help you relax.”

She sat up. She was still a nervous wreck. We drank the brandy while she lamented over her ‘relationship’ with David, over the things she has done for him and the shit she put up with. She had finished her drink pretty fast and I went to pour another.

Taking it from me, taking a large gulp she went into tears again. This time it as more of a silent sob.

“Ally sugar, how about a massage?” I suggested “.Hmm?Let me go get my oils”

She limply nodded yes. My heart went out to her, I hated that she was in so much pain and my love for her swelled in my chest.

Coming back with the oils I directed her to lie on her stomach and worked from her legs up to her shoulder and neck. I nudged her to ease up while I took her chemise off leaving her totally bare. I poured some oil into my palm, letting it heat a little, I spread it to the other hand and began rubbing it into her back. Her skin was so silky and smooth. Her back, slender. I enjoyed the feel of her under my hands. Her crying had subsided and I felt her muscles relax. I moved up to her shoulders as I pushed, pinched, squeezed and rubbed, succeeding finally in easing the tension out of her.

I caught my breath as I heard her moan, a very sultry moan. A moan that stirred feelings deep within me. Feelings that I haven’t felt for a long time and certainly feelings that I didn’t know existed towards Allana. You see I am bisexual I have been with a few women in my life, my last was a few months before my relationship with Daniel. I now felt flustered. In my year of having Allana as a friend, never before had I looked at her sexually, but sitting here rubbing her back, massaging her beautiful caramel skin and listening to her purring was evoking pangs of lust from the center of my womanhood. I felt myself getting moist and I began smelling the aroma of my excited sex. This was frightening me, for Allana and I shared a great closeness, but a closeness not on a sexual level. The smell of sex was becoming more and more apparent and I was afraid that she would be getting a whiff of my arousal.

I pulled back from her with a suddenness that I guess startled her. I sat on the edge of the bed.

“What is it Tara?” came her worried tone from behind me. I couldn’t bring myself to answer her.

“What Tara??” she asked again bringing herself up to a sitting position behind me and wrapping her legs around me. I felt her sex against my ass, and though there was the material of my robe separating us, I got goose bumps at the mere thought.

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