A Shy Kid Ch. 10

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My mom woke me up as she was headed out the door to pick up grandma at the airport, she said, “Your dinner is waiting for you, just heat it up in the microwave. Have a good time with Gloria and don’t forget, do not stay out too long, grandma will be here when you get home.”

I jumped up and showered, ate dinner and dashed off to Gloria’s. We went to the movies and then hung out at the mall with some of our friends before I took Gloria home. Her mother was home when we got there, we chatted awhile with her before heading to Gloria’s bedroom for our routine goodnight fuck. Gloria was hot to trout and so there was not a lot of foreplay before I was pumping a good size load into Gloria’s hot pussy. She was rather noisy when she climaxed making it obvious to her mother that we were “practicing” as her mother calls it. I rolled off Gloria and was lying on my back fully exposed when Victoria stuck her head in the doorway saying, “Sounds like you two are really into some hot sex tonight.”

Gloria looked over at her mom and said, “Oh mom, you know how much I love being screwed by Peter, with his big dick, his hot tongue and his soft hands, he always gets me so hot and makes me cum so hard.”

“I know honey, I know how hot he can make a woman feel and give her a great climax. You are so lucky to have Peter in your life with his big dick and great technique. I am jealous sometimes as to how good you have it.”

“Oh mom I love you so much for letting me enjoy sex so openly in our home, you are the best. And I told you, I am willing to share, so if Peter is up to it, why don’t you take a turn with my boyfriend.”

Victoria looked at me and raised her eyebrow, I smiled and nodded okay. She, without any hesitation, began to immediately unbutton her blouse to my delight as I always enjoy watching her undress and look forward to playing with Gloria’s mom’s gloriously huge tits; they are so fucking big and sexy. While Victoria was taking off her blouse and bra, I just laid there watching her every move while I stroked my hard cock. Once she had her bra off, Victoria wiggled her big melons at me with a smirk on her face, she knows how much I like seeing and playing with her big tits. She kicked off her shoes and then slowly unzipped her skirt while looking me straight in the eye. She then slowly, very slowly using both hands slid her skirt and panties down over her hips letting them fall to the floor. While still maintaining eye contact, she placed her hands on her thighs, spread her legs a bit and slid her hands toward her pussy using her arms to squeeze her tits together making them really bulge out. She then using her index fingers parted her pussy lips saying, “Are you ready to fuck me? Would you like for me to slide my hot pussy down over that big hard cock of yours?” Wow, here I am lying next to my naked girlfriend on her bed while her mom, standing just a few feet away, totally naked offering me some hot sex. I must have died and gone to heaven.

Without any further response from me, Victoria reached over and replaced my hand on my dick with hers and began to stroke the full length of my now rock hard cock. She immediately leaned over and first kissed the head of my dick, then she licked my dick like it was a pop cycle and then put her mouth over my dick and sucked it. With her standing next to me, her big tits were hanging like fruit on a tree right in front of me; I reached up and fondled them with one hand while using the other hand to pull her closer as I scooted to the edge of the bed so that her pussy was now only inches from my mouth. She was very cooperative and actually while still standing next to the bed, raised her knee and placed it on the edge of the bed spreading her legs to give me easy access to her cunt. I began eating her shaved pussy while she was masturbating me, it felt so good and she always tastes so good.

“Oh Peter I love having you eat my pussy like you are doing, your mouth and tongue gets me so hot. And Gloria, thank you so much for sharing Peter with me tonight, he is absolutely the best FUCKER!” I could not see Gloria’s response with my face buried in her mother’s cunt, but I knew she enjoyed sharing me with her mother. Victoria then said, “Are you ready Peter? You have my pussy on fire and I want this beautiful cock of yours buried deep inside me, I want to feel your dick slowly slid up inside my love tunnel and then I want you to shoot another load of your cum into my cunt. I want you to fuck me really hard and deep and make me cum.” I nodded as Victoria let go of my cock and crawled up on the bed, she straddled my lap while I felt Gloria’s hand on my dick as she guided my cock into her mother’s cunt. Can you imagine this; my girlfriend has my cock in her hand as her mother slides her pussy down my dick. When my cock was a couple inches inside of Victoria’s cunt, Gloria let go of my dick and began rubbing her hand up and down her mother’s ass crack. Victoria then began pumping her pussy up and down my shaft about three or four times before she shoved her pussy down really hard taking the entire length of my kadıköy escort shaft up into her cunt. I felt her pussy slide down the full length of my cock and heard her let out a guttural sound when she bottomed out. I knew she had become totally engrossed in our fucking as she always seems to be, she is one hot fuck. I laid there totally enjoying Victoria’s hip action of sliding her cunt rapidly up and down my hard shaft, it felt so good, she always squeezes my cock with her cunt muscles when we fuck. She looked over at Gloria who was now laying on the edge of the bed watching us fuck, she seems to really enjoy the seeing me fuck her mother. Victoria said, “Gloria baby, why don’t you scoot up so I can feast on your sweet pussy that must be full of Peter’s spunk. You know how much I love the taste of his cum, especially when it is mixed with yours or mine.”

I looked over to see Gloria slide herself up to get her pussy to where her mother could reach it with her mouth. I watched as Victoria stuck out her tongue and began licking her daughter’s pussy several times only inches from my face. She then opened her mouth and totally sucked in Gloria’s cunt lips. Gloria let out a loud moan as her mother began ravishing her cunt. I now know that they do this a lot.

I was in hog heaven, here I am just lying on my back with Gloria’s mother fucking me like a mad women, her tight pussy franticly sliding up and down my hard shaft with her taking every inch of my dick. I can feel my dick head penetrating her cervix. While at the same time only inches away from my face, I get to watch my girlfriend get her pussy eaten by her mother. I knew I wasn’t going to last long and so when I felt my balls begin to boil, I immediately told Victoria I was very near cumming and she seemed to intensify her fucking action. And boom, I shot a load up inside her cunt and as soon as I did, she froze while experiencing a big climax. She then collapsed on top of me pressing those big tits onto my chest which I so much enjoy, her tits are fantastic. Gloria was still crouched above my head and when I looked up at her, I looked straight at her exposed pussy that was all shiny from having been eaten by her mother. I stuck out my tongue and Gloria squatted a little more letting me lick her pussy and was able to get the tip of my tongue in her, she just giggled and then scooted down beside her mother and I.

Victoria raised her head and leaned over to kiss her daughter, “Oh thank you again Gloria, your boyfriend gave me yet another great orgasm. I love fucking him so much and I love you.”

“You’re welcome mom and I think Peter is also thankful for the opportunity to fuck you again. Aren’t you Peter?”

“Oh yea, I’m extremely lucky to have two really hot pussies to fuck!”

“Well thank you Peter, it has always been a pleasure as we say, serving you. You two kids are the best, so glad we are able to enjoy each other like we do, this is way abnormal and I feel so lucky to have you two in my life.” Victoria closed her eyes as she began rocking her hips back and forth, she then said, “Oh Peter, my pussy always feels good after you fuck me, your big cock always feels so fucking good deep inside me, you stretch me to the limit. God I love it, don’t you Gloria?”

“Yes mom, Peter is the best. His cock is to die for and he tastes so fucking good too.”

“Yea baby, and let me remind you, I have a pussy full of his cum, his juicy, white, tasty cum.” She then rolled off me onto her back and spread her legs revealing her cum oozing pussy saying, “See!”

“Oh mom, that looks delicious.”

“You know it is baby! And it’s all yours to enjoy if you want.” Gloria looked over at me, not sure why but maybe asking me for permission for her to eat her mother. I said, “Go for it baby, I know you love to eat your mom’s pussy when it is full of my cum, so eat her up!” Gloria immediately scooted down between her mother’s legs and began licking her pussy.

I got up off the bed and began to get dressed. When Gloria saw me she asked if I was going home and I told her I needed to get home because my mom had picked up my grandmother who was going stay with us for a week or so and not to be too late. Her mother looked over at me and said, “Before you go, get up here and let me give your dick a quick lick, I want another taste of you.” I obliged and crawled up on the bed placing my cock in Victoria’s open and readily available mouth. She tried to devour my cock by pulling me down so she could deep throat me, which she did. God I wanted to stay there and fuck her mouth and also watch Gloria finish eating her mother’s pussy. I took advantage of the situation and molested Victoria’s tits while she sucked my cock. I knew I had to save some juice for my mom so I reluctantly got off the bed, put on my pants and headed out of the room. As I passed the foot of the bed, I rubbed Gloria’s ass a couple times and slid my hand down her crack feeling her wet pussy. She raised her head from her mother’s cunt üsküdar escort and blew me a kiss, then returned to eating her mother.

When I got home, all the lights were off except for my mother’s bedroom light and the light from the guest bedroom where grandma was staying. I slipped into my mom’s room and found her sitting up in bed reading. “Oh hi honey! Have a fun evening with Gloria?”

“Yea mom, really lots of fun.”

“Does that mean you got in her pants again?”

“Yea. Don’t I get in her pants most times, it has become a regular thing we do now.”

“Yea, I do realize you are now regularly getting a piece of ass from your girlfriend.”

“Well tonight I also get a piece of ass from her mom.” I hadn’t told my mom that Gloria’s mom and I fuck almost as much as Gloria and I fuck.

“Well that’s great baby, you must be tuckered out with all that fucking. Think you have any energy and juice left for mother?” She subconsciously reached down between her legs and rubbed her pussy when she said that.

“Oh mom, I always have energy and the desire to have sex with you.”

“Oh by the way, I told grandma about us so she knows we sleep together.”

“Wow, what did she say about that?”

“She said that she was not too surprised. She knows my history and so expected me to get back to answering my high sexual drive sooner or later. She didn’t expect it would be with my son but again she said that she wasn’t too surprised.”

“That’s all she said.”

“No, she asked me whether or not I thought that you would be receptive to fucking her.”

“WOW, really! What did you tell her?”

“I said I thought you would enjoy fucking your grandmother, after all she still is an attractive woman and has a pretty hot body with those big tits of hers that all you guys like so much.”

“Thanks mom, I definitely would like to fuck my grandmother. I definitely want to see and feel those big tits of hers, god are they ever so big! Here I was thinking with grandma around, we would have to restrain our sexual activities, sounds like maybe there will more sex.”

“I will guarantee that as long as you are willing to fuck your grandmother, there is going to be a lot more sex happening in this house. Now you have two pussies in this house and two pussies in Gloria’s house to keep happy. Can you handle it or should we call in the reserves?”

“Who would that be? You want Randy to join us.”

“Yea, I think that would be good but also I’d like to get Mattie involved in the mix and maybe we could have some real orgies.”

“That could be a blast, three big young studs and four hungry cunts. So grandma is hot to trout and really wants me to fuck her?”

“Yeah, she has always been hot to trout. She and I have been though a lot of sexual endeavors together along with your grandfather and so she knows my sexual appetite that you are now getting to know.”

“What are you telling me?”

“Well honey, as I have previously described to you about my history with men, especially with your grandfather, and so I what I’m trying to tell you is that your mother and your grandmother, we are both hard core nymphomaniacs, especially around men with big cocks. I have seen your grandmother take on a dozen guys all with exceptional big cocks and fuck then all day long. She would have three cocks in her simultaneously many times and numerous times would have two cocks in her pussy. And when they finished fucking her, she would beg for more.”

“WOW! Are you that way too?”

“Unfortunately, depending how you look at it, I’m the same way. That is why when I discovered that you had such a big cock, I went bananas. The evening when you showed me for the first time your big cock and later that night when we fucked, I had no control; I had to have and feel your cock inside me. It’s an addiction I have for big cocks.”

“So how many men have you fucked at one time?”

“I don’t think this is a good time to be discussing all this, maybe sometime later. What you need to know right now is that your grandmother is waiting for you to say goodnight. Now don’t be surprised if she tries to seduce you. Grandpa has been gone a long time and I don’t believe she has had a regular boyfriend for some time, and now that she knows that we fuck, I’m sure she feels that you and her could hook up for some daily fucking.”

“Really! Tonight?”

“Yes, only if you are willing of course. She is very self conscious of her looks and knows that you are use to much younger women with tight bodies.”

“Well I think that for an older lady, grandma is hot. She has nice legs and a tight butt for someone in their late fifties. And of course you can’t miss her nice big tits, I’ve always noticed them especially how she tries to show them off so often.”

“Well, if you go in there to say goodnight with that attitude, you will be getting laid, plain and simple.”

“Think so?”

“I know so. I’ll bet you when you come back in here, I will smell or taste grandma on your tuzla escort dick.”

“Well that would not be a fair bet. If grandma is interested in having me fuck her, it’s a done deal.”

“Okay sweetie, go in there and say good night. But please don’t spend the night with her, I need some cock too.”

“Okay mom, I’ll be back for some hot sex with you.” I got up and walked down the hall to the spare bedroom. I tapped on the door and heard my grandma say come in. I opened the door to find my grandmother sitting up in bed reading a magazine. She was wearing a very revealing negligee with a plunging neckline. I walked up to her side of the bed trying to keep my eyes off her nearly completely exposed tits. I bent down and gave her a kiss on the lips, it was more than a light peck, and I felt a very brief touch of her tongue with the kiss. She patted the bed alongside her saying, “Sit up here next to me Peter and fill me in on your life. It has been a long time since I last saw you.” I kicked off my shoes and sat down next to her. I am much taller than she is and when sitting next to her like this, I can see straight down her cleavage and with her plunging neckline, there was not much left for the imagination. Her nipples were only a fraction away from being revealed, and they looked like really nice big nipples. She was asking me questions about school, my girlfriend and stuff like that. After about ten minutes she said, “I’m going to help you Peter, I don’t want you to strain your neck and eyeballs anymore.” After saying that, she reached up and pulled the front of her negligee down totally exposing her big tits. She looked up at me saying, “I can tell that you have wanted to see these babies ever since you walked in here. Well actually ever since you became a teenager.” She laughed as she put a hand underneath each tit and bounced them around a little bit. “What do you think Peter, has your grandma got some great tits or what?”

“Wow grandma, those are spectacular.”

“You really think that? They are not as great as they use to be, mine were like your mother’s only a little bigger. Want to touch them?”

I hesitated a little but responded, “Ahhh sure grandma.”

“Okay, just reach over here and squeeze them, don’t be shy.” Using one hand I reached over and as I squeezed one of my grandmother’s tits, she said, “Like um? Like my big tits? Your grandpa really liked them and always wanted me to show them off to his buddies.” She then instructed me to put my arm around her shoulder and use that hand to squeeze her other tit. I did and so here I was sitting next to my grandmother on the bed with a tit in each hand; I squeezed them and rolled her nipples between my thumb and index finger. She looked over at me saying, “You have done this before right? You are doing such a great job, your hands are so soft and you are fondling my tits just the right way, look how erect my nipples have become. Don’t they look so suckable?”

Sure enough her nipples had grown what looked like a half inch in length and very erect; they felt great when I lightly pinched them and continued to roll them between my thumb and index finger. I leaned over and placed my mouth on each tit and sucked on her nipples a couple times. I was getting a bit mesmerized with the fondling of my grandmother’s tits when she said, “Now what were we talking about? Oh yea, your girlfriend. Have you fondled and sucked on your girlfriend’s tits like what you are doing to mine?”

“Oh yea, I’ve fondled and sucked her tits many times. I do that every time we have a date.”

“Oh I bet she likes that. Has she got nice tits?”

“Yea, she got some very nice big tits, some real hooters but not as big as yours.”

“Well, there are not many girls or women with tits as big as mine.”

“How big are your tits, grandma?”

“Well before they started to sag, I typically wore a 48DD bra which created some really great cleavage that got me lots of attention. If I wanted comfort, I’d wear a 52GG bra.”

“Oh my god grandma, that is huge.”

“I know. I had a lot of guys that all they wanted to do was fuck my tits.”

“Really, I wouldn’t think that would be too satisfying.”

“For who? Me or the guy?”


“Well it wasn’t so great for me except that when I could get the guy to shoot his load, they would normally shoot it all over my chin and face. I liked that.” She looked at me and must have seen the perplexed look on my face. “Say, you don’t mind us talking about stuff like this do you? Are you uncomfortable sitting here fondling your grandma’s big tits? I hope I’m not freaking you out?”

“No, it’s strange but I like talking about this stuff while feeling you up.”

“Well that’s good because I enjoy chatting like this and I especially like having you play with my tits like what you are doing. What do you think is the sexiest part of a women’s body?”

At this point grandma dropped her hand down to my lap and gently rubbed her hand back and forth along my now hardened dick saying, “It’s good to know that I can still get a reaction like this from a teenager.” She then looked me in the eye and winked as she wrapped her hand around my cock and squeezed it saying, “Ohhhh sweetie, you are big all over, this feels like a monster!” She released her grip on my dick and began to stroke it through my shorts and repeated her question about what part of a women’s body did I think was the sexiest.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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