A Tennessee Education Pt. 01

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This is a story about female dominance and male submission. It’s a long story – almost 300 pages in full. It is also completely fictional. If you are one that doesn’t’ enjoy reading about women oppressing and suppressing men, then this story isn’t for you. If you enjoy a femdom lifestyle I hope you will give the story a read. In Part 1 the main character, Bobby Lewis enters a new undertaking and in the process finds himself in a bit of a pickle due to a combination of his choices and a woman’s mission. The story is not so much filled with sex as it is a focus on the psychological mindsets of the dominant and submissive alike.


A Tennessee Education

Part 1: Introductions

Bobby, Sharon, Jasmine and Mariko introduced

Bobby Lewis smiled one of his classic smirks while standing at the urinal and reading the red and white sign that stared back at him, “Really, Is It That Small?” The humor of bar restroom signs never ceased to surprise him and even though he had read this one a thousand times he still chuckled most every time he came in.

Zipping up his fly he looked at the sink but decided not to wash. “Why bother,” he thought, “I didn’t piss on them.” Heading out the door he scanned the room. Nearest him were two guys shooting pool and a bit further away two couples took turns trying to play pool but seemed to be having a hard time keeping the white ball from ending up in one of the pockets. On the far side of the smoke filled room sat familiar faces, either at the bar, standing along the wall watching one of the large screen TVs or hanging out at one of the battered tables.

Bobby knew them all. This was his hangout and tonight he was enjoying the evening more than usual. As he tried to locate his girl, he saw an older couple he didn’t recognize. They were off by themselves. Two half-empty beers and a plate of partially eaten potato skins occupied the space between them. They obviously knew one another by the way they conversed but he wondered who they were. Having strangers in the bar at this hour on a Friday night was definitely the exception to the norm.

“Hey,” came the voice from behind as two arms wrapped around his waist, “I’ve missed you.”

Bob smiled. “Missed you too. I couldn’t find you and wondered if you had left.

“Left? And go where? It’s way too far for me to walk home and besides, it’s you who I want spend my time with.

“Do you need another beer?” The handsome man asked his date.


He handed her his credit card and she went to the bar to get her fourth drink of the evening. As she did, an older man slapped her ass affectionately and called out, “Come on over and have a drink with me when you are done with him.” He laughed.

She turned his way, smiled and then ordered two beers.

The young bar-hand took her order barely making eye contact with the beautiful blonde. Rather his gaze seemed transfixed on her full breasts that filled the space between the plunging V-neck top she wore.

She returned to the booth where they had been sitting earlier. Giggling, she cozied up to her man.

“So what were you telling me about your job?” She said.

Bobby continued blabbing on about something she really cared little about. What she wanted was his cock which she had been gently fondling. It had passed her initial test. It felt long and thick as her limber fingers subtlety moved along its length. He had been telling her about his most recent and hopefully more permanent job he had just started Monday.

“So is everyone in the school black?” She asked a bit surprised at hearing where he worked.

Bobby Laughed, “No, not everyone; but most are. I mean it is in the city and there are mostly blacks living in that part of town.”

“Aren’t you scared?” the country girl said seriously. “I mean, I know I wouldn’t want to go shopping there. I’d be afraid I’d get raped.” She looked down at her breasts that begged to be free of the half-cup bra that barely held them, a tattoo of a dolphin permanently marking the left one.

“I don’t think you’d be safe either Jasmine. But that would have nothing to do with where you walked and everything to do with those.” He pointed to her bosom, “and to all of you,” he said motioning to her body in general. “You are beautiful.”

That was the comment she hoped to coax out of him. She never tired of hearing guys making remarks about her body. She loved it when a man told her how appealing her body was. She needed the approval, the affirmation and the attention. She needed to be noticed. She needed to be reminded that her breasts still captured a guy’s imagination, that her nipples still drew stares from afar, that a guy walking behind couldn’t help but gawk at her tight ass and that she was irresistible to most all everyone. But she never seemed to get enough from men and that was a good part of the reason she was here with Bobby tonight. She needed a fix. She needed to be with a guy that wanted her. Something inside was simply unable to fully accept she was attractive and worthy of being loved. Another adıyaman escort part, or maybe the same part, also couldn’t see the physical assets she possessed as being nearly perfect. She often thought of getting implants if only to gain the adoration of men. Maybe that was why the bar scene had become her best friend. She could count on getting a guy. She had her man for the night and now needed to hear what Bobby had to say about her. It made her feel good all over.

“Thank you. That was nice of you.”

Bobby laughed. “Jasmine, I don’t think you’d be safe walking these country roads any more than a city street. Some guy would see you and throw you in his trunk. Men are like that. They love what you have. They can never get enough.”

“Is that how you feel? Is that what you want to do? Take me for your own?” She snuggled in closer and kissed him.

He didn’t answer. He wasn’t sure what he wanted. She was probably fifteen years his contemporary and he had no idea why she even wanted to hang out with him. He knew he was an attractive guy with a good build but he was almost 40. He was old!

Bobby rolled his eyes and smiled. “Maybe I do. Maybe I don’t. I do want to make sure you get home ok. I owe you that much.”

“Can I finish my drinks” She said obviously feeling the effects of the alcohol. “You in a hurry to get me in bed?” She wrapped a slender arm around his neck and kissed him, leaving a red lipstick mark. Seeing it, she giggled.

Bob looked out across the bar feeling like he was being watched. He was. He thought he was. It was that couple. He kept thinking they were staring at him.

Covering his mouth with his hand he asked, “Do you know those people sitting at that far table in the corner?”

Jasmine casually glanced over and then shook her head. “Nope, but then again, I don’t know everyone in this place.”

Bobby didn’t expect her know them. She lived some twenty minutes away and rarely had reason to visit Randolf. In fact this was her first time here.

“I didn’t think you did; just thought I’d ask.”

“They really aren’t staring,” she observed. “Looks like they are just enjoying a night out like everyone else in this place.”

“Maybe I’m just paranoid. I’m not use to seeing strangers in here. Anyway,” he looked at her beer and said, “No, I’m not in any hurry. You drink to your heart’s content. I’ll hang out with you as long as you want.”

“And then you’re going to take me home and fuck me?”

“Jasmine!” he said getting a little tired of hearing her pleas for sex. “I barely know you.”

“Aren’t two dates enough? I even dressed for the occasion.”

“I can see that.”

“You don’t like?” She stood and spun around so he could get a 360 view of her body which he already knew as a perfect ten. Her top was mostly unbuttoned and her bra appeared to be two sizes too small for the jugs they held. The cut-off shorts revealed every inch of her long legs and were so short that part of her ass hung out when she walked.

“You look beautiful. Too beautiful,” he added. “Now come, sit down,” grabbing her by the arm and pulling her back into the booth, “you’re drawing attention from everybody.”

He had never been out with a woman like her ever and he had no idea what his parents would think should they ever get the chance to meet. He knew they’d peg her as a slut from the instant they laid eyes on her. He knew he couldn’t help that. It was just how his folks were: square and judgmental!

So much had happened in the last week that his mind had a hard time keeping up with everything. The new job, getting to know new people, working with Sharon, Ms. K, Mr. Williams, Jasmine, having to drive over an hour one way and negotiate city traffic, and now this – here – now – with her – he had so much newness in his usually boring life that it sometimes felt overwhelming. He liked routine. He was a creature of habit but for the past week, life had been anything but habitual.

She interrupted his thoughts. “Aren’t you glad you had that $5 when we were at Wal-Mart?”

“I am!” He said genuinely amused.

“If I had brought enough cash, we probably wouldn’t even be here,” she said giggling once more.

How true her words were. Bobby had waited in the usual long line at Wal-Mart where only three of the 28 registers had someone working them while the other 25 sat vacant. He could never understand why department stores did this when there were plenty of employees wandering around within view looking bored out of their mind. It was like some form of punishment the average shopper had to endure whenever they came here to shop. Waiting in absurdly long lines was Wal-Mart’s way of making their customers pay penance for coming. Ahead of him stood at least ten bored people and immediately in before him was a young blonde with short hair and quite the curvy body. He didn’t pay her much attention since she appeared to be barely out of college but when she went to pay and came up some $4 short things changed. The woman dug into her purse spilling adıyaman escort bayan most of it onto the counter. She pulled out a quarter here and a dime there while everyone behind groaned as the wait became even longer. Bobby finally pulled out some cash and gave it to her telling her to keep the change. She thanked him profusely and apologized for being so stupid. After he paid for his items he found her waiting just outside the door and the rest was history.

Last week she called to see if he would go out with her. They spent the evening together drinking and shooting pool and getting to know one another. Earlier today she texted him and asked if he was free tonight. He called her on his way home from work and they went to the other bar in town and enjoyed some brews and laughs.

Two hours and seven bears later she stood on wobbly legs, “OK, are you ready to take me home? My world is spinning,” she said laughing and turning around.

He grabbed her arm. “Yes, c’mon. I got you. Just don’t throw up in my car.”

“Why not?” she said teasingly.

“Cause I don’t want to clean it up.”

As soon as they left the blackness of the country enveloped them. Jasmine touched his arm. “So are you going to fuck me tonight or aren’t you? I could use something nice deep inside.”

“Not tonight Jasmine. Not tonight. You need to sleep the alcohol off. You can’t even walk without me holding you up.”

A pouty expression came over her. Reaching down to his crotch she grabbed his cock through the thin linen trousers. Leaning over she bit it playfully. Bobby jumped.

“Jasmine, please!”

Sitting up abruptly and feeling completely rejected she folded her arms and looked out the window feeling depressed. The night had started off with such potential and now it was ending in the worse possible way. She hated being alone. She needed a man. She wanted him. She really wanted him. Jasmine didn’t understand rejection. Guys just didn’t do this to her. “Maybe she really wasn’t worthy of his cock,” she thought. “Maybe she wasn’t as beautiful as he said she was. Talk was indeed cheap and tonight was proof of that.”

Neither spoke the rest of the way. When Bobby pulled up to her trailer he helped her inside. She walked on unsteady legs to her bedroom and collapsed. Bob helped her out of her top and shorts and was about to cover her with a sheet when she headed into the bathroom to pee. While she was gone he turned on the bedroom light and looked around. The place was cheaply decorated. Panel walls, walnut-stained pine furniture and old throw rugs covered the tiled floor. What caught his eye was the open closet. It was filled with guy clothes! The girl was living with a guy! When Jasmine came back to bed Bobby was standing ready to go.

“You didn’t tell me you weren’t alone!” He pointed to the closet.

Jasmine never even hesitated. “Oh don’t worry about him. He’s out of town for the next few weeks.”

“Are you married?” he said dumbfounded that she might be.

“Yep, but he don’t treat me good at all.”


“Don’t worry.” She said interrupting him. “If I thought he’d find out I wouldn’t have gone out. He’s a mason and working in the western part of the state on some big construction project. Dam idiot probably won’t come home any richer than when he left. Spends it all on booze, whores, and gambles the rest away playing poker. He hates me anyway. Tells me every time he’s home he wants a divorce.”

“I can’t date you,” Bobby insisted.

“She stood and pushed him down on the bed. Let’s just make out. Can we? Don’t worry about him; just me. C’mon, I won’t take your clothes off” She kissed him. He resisted but she persisted and soon he relaxed and wrapped his arms around her and enjoyed her soft lips and exploring tongue.

As captivating as Jasmine was, the fact that she was married didn’t sit well. This wasn’t right and the last thing he needed was to have him find the two of them together. He needed to go. He needed to end things but she felt so dam good! There was something about her neediness that didn’t match her appearance. “How could a woman so physically gifted be so insecure? Did her husband abuse her?”

He didn’t know and wasn’t certain he wanted to know. He left leaving part of his heart in that trailer; the part that wanted her body. He wanted to spend the night but knew it wasn’t right. He left feeling bad; feeling bad for her. Why was it that all she seemed to want was his cock? He felt cheep and ironically used. Why did he always over think things when it came to women? He just didn’t get it.

Turning away he blew her a kiss and gently shut the door. For now he stayed strong. He had to stay strong. It was the right thing to do.


“Mr. Lewis. Come into my office.”

“Yes Mariko. I’ll be there in a minute,” he said pleasantly without looking up from his reading. He sat in the main office area, his briefcase on the floor and several papers in hand that he studied intently.

Several seconds escort adıyaman later he noticed slim shapely legs appear in front of him. Looking up he saw it was her.

“Follow me now.” She said with an edge in her voice. She didn’t wait for a response. Turning she stalked down the hallway and into her office.

Bobby sighed, put his papers away and sauntered in down after her, plopping his butt on the seat just inside her door. Her office was smallish but not tiny. Her desk L-shaped and immaculately ordered. On one of the two sections sat her computer monitor, keyboard and a few pictures. On the other were several stacks of papers neatly piled and a jar containing several pens and markers. The latter section separated her from the door as well as Bobby who sat in the lone chair opposite the single window that looked out into the courtyard.

“Let’s get something straight Mr. Lewis,” she said directing her gaze intently at him. Her inky black hair and large dark eyes burned into his.

Her remark caught him off-guard. He looked up suddenly puzzled by her remark.

“What’s wrong? What did I do?”

Ignoring his questions she continued, “When I give you an instruction I expect you to follow it. I have things to do and now I have to deal with you for the next several months. My plate is full and I don’t have time for you to see me when you are good and ready. Whenever I tell you something I expect you to do what I tell you immediately. Do we understand one another?”

Still trying to understand why she suddenly got so serious he stammered, “Well yea, I guess so.”

She raised her eye-brows. “I don’t know where you come from or how you’ve been raised but ‘yes ma’am’ will do just fine. Do we understand one another?” she repeated again.

“Ye-Yes ma’am.”

“Now stand.” She motioned with one long slender finger. He did.

“I will offer you a seat when I want you to stay and talk. Otherwise standing here will do just fine.” An almost imperceptible smile formed on her face as she looked at him with those dark penetrating eyes. She held out a sheet of paper. “Now, I need you to fill out this form.”

“What is it?” He asked.

“It’s a standard form we have every employee complete. It’s in case something happens to you and we need to contact family on your behalf. You do have family I take it?”

“Parents, yes.”

“Parents, but no wife? no children?”

“No,” he said all too quickly. He was about to correct himself but decided not to bother. It didn’t matter anyway. He hadn’t seen baby Jessica since she was an infant. It was one of his biggest life regrets. “She’d be in her twenties now,” he mused.

Ms. K looked at him wondering if there was more to his terse response.

“Ma’am, may I sit down? It’s hard to write without leaning on something.”

Ms. Komatzu motioned with her head. He sat. Taking a deep breath he looked up admiring the water color paintings on one wall. Her office was simple, tastefully decorated with muted colors and lit by only a table lamp. The overhead fluorescent installed in every office was off and he remembered when he was here last week that it had been off then as well. The single incandescent gave the room a more peaceful ambiance although right now, her attitude was making him feel anything but.

As he filled out the paperwork he wondered why she had gotten so worked up over nothing. Last week she seemed pleasant enough. She was one of the first people he met after speaking with the principal, Mr. Williams. Rodney Williams, a black man of about 45 ran this place. A tall man of about Bobby’s height, with a bit of grey peppering his black hair, he spoke highly of the school and welcomed him as yet another asset to the already excellent staff employed under his watch. What struck Bobby was the unspoken relationship between him and Ms. K. Although Williams did most of the talking it was Ms. K that seemed to be the one he looked to for approval. He noticed how Williams sidled up to her while they talked, how he looked to her, almost for authorization when he made certain statements and she seemed to be the one exuding the persona of leadership more so than he. Williams had told him that she would serve as his contact when he needed administrative approval or advice. That comment took him by surprise since he was the one whose head would most likely role if positive changes didn’t happen here soon. Ms. K only nodded in agreement when Williams acknowledged her as his school contact. Williams seemed to qualify his comment stating he was often tied up with meetings or out of town – or so he said.

Throughout the fifteen minute ‘get to know you’ conversation outside William’s office Ms. K remained cordial and quiet. It was then that he admired her beauty. She was tall and graceful and had the most beautiful long black hair characteristic of Asian women. Straight bangs across her forehead capped her lovely face with high cheekbones, large almond-shaped eyes and full lips. Her body, although thin was well proportioned. He guessed she was a bit older than he but then again, Asian women were hard to figure when it came to putting an age on them. What he now questioned was how his opinion of her had done a complete 180 between then and now. The quiet mysterious, almost docile secretary he met last week seemed far different now as he sat on eggshells and nervously wrote.

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