A Typical Day: Lunch

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I’d like to apologize for not having posted Part Two a long time ago. A post about series that don’t get finished mentioned this story. So, I searched, found it on my PC. Part Two had already been started. I’m guessing I had encountered a writer’s block or diverted to another project. Either way, here’s Part Two, FINALLY!

For those of you unfamiliar with this series, this is part two of A Typical Day, Not!


I worked some on this and some on that. Answered umpteen phone calls. Salesmen that could save me millions of dollars on something I was spending only a few grand. Headhunters trying to push their latest, greatest whiz kid. Some were from users with problems, a few from my staff asking technical questions for what ever they were working on at the time. I was getting hungry and kept looking at my PC’s clock, waiting for lunchtime.

Finally, it was noon. I could have taken an early lunch. But with meeting Jack for lunch, I needed to eat at the same time he was. I took a few bills out of my purse and put the purse back in a desk drawer. I headed for the cafeteria.

The lunch line was the first thing when entering the cafeteria. Jack was waiting for me at the line. We picked up our trays and silverware and went through this line. I picked out the chicken cordon blue and a salad. The cafeteria actually had pretty good food. It also had refrigerators and microwave ovens for those that brought their lunches. I paid for the meal and got a cup for my Diet Coke. Soda was self-serve.

Leaving the kitchen area, I entered the table area. The middle area had a number of rectangular tables with two chairs on opposite sides. Along two of the walls were booths capable of seating four as well. Jack and I walked past the booths toward the middle of the cafeteria. Walking past the booths, I noticed a pair of men’s pants down around a pair of ankles. They were sticking out and I had to walk around. Looking down at the seat, I saw one of the two young ladies that had said ‘hello’ to Dan earlier looking back up at me.

“Hi, Jenny. Gonna fuck my boss again?” she asked me when she saw Jack.

“I don’t know. Just got a royal fucking earlier from Dan. He’s the guy you saw earlier.”

“He was cute. Who was he, anyway?”

“A new tech that I hired. Good fuck, too.”

“Cool! When do I get to fuck him?”

“Monday. After me.” Just then, the guy that was on top of her started cumming, so Jack and I went for a table. We sat down at one of the round ones.

“So, Jenny. Do you fuck all your hires?” Jack asked me.

“Only if they have the technical skills to get hired in the first place. It’s the last test of the interview. I like to make sure they’ll work well with the rest of the department before I make the actual job offer. Besides, are you really going to tell me that you didn’t jump her bones?”

Before he could answer, Matt and Wendy came to the table. Matt had brought his lunch, Wendy had gotten a cheese burger and fries from the cafeteria. Wendy ate like a pig, no diet anything, the greasiest and tastiest foods. Wendy was also pencil thin and I hated her for it. But it was really mild jealousy. I liked Wendy. They sat down, keeping boy, girl, boy, girl.

“No, she doesn’t fuck all her hires,” Wendy said, answering Jack’s question. “She had me eating her out for half an hour before she would offer me the job. But she did have me sit up on her desk afterwards and she thanked me for accepting.”

Jack gave me a smug smile with raised eyebrows. I just shrugged back, guilty. Besides, I still wasn’t sure if Jack to screw the little bimbo we had past.

We continued to chit chat about hiring and such. But Jack must have realized that I was distracted. “What’s up, Jen?” Jack asked.

“Just looking at Paul. He is such dweeb,” I replied. Jack turned his gaze to see what I was looking at.

“Yeah, he’s certainly a brown dicker,” Jack said. Brown dicker was what we called guys that would offer their ass to their boss, just to get ahead or keep their job. We watched as Paul sucked on Nolan Farnsworth IV’s cock. Paul’s official title was Special Assistant to the President. What it really meant was that Paul fetched Farnsworth’s coffee and sucked him off when ever Farnsworth felt he had the need. Not that Farnsworth was particularly gay. In fact, he had allowed most of the women at Farnsworth suck up to him by sucking him off.

“So, do you think Farnsworth will have Paul finish, or turn his ass around?” Jack asked. Wendy and Matt turned around to see. Farnsworth answered Jack’s question by reaching for the dispenser on the table and took a condom. He handed the condom to Paul. Paul put the condom on Farnsworth and stood up. Paul took some lube that was also supplied on the table and handed it to Farnsworth. Standing, Farnsworth lubed Paul’s ass, and then pointed his cock to it. Slowly, he inserted about half of his cock in. Suddenly, he rammed it all the way. Paul yelped and the other two suits sitting at the table giggled. Farnsworth fucked Paul hard, smacking tuzla escort bayanlar his ass occasionally.

“That’s disgusting,” Wendy said. “Paul is such a suck up. What wouldn’t he do?”

Matt and Wendy both turned back around, facing Jack and I. Changing the subject, Matt asked us, “Did you hear about what some company is doing in New York? They’re banning sex in the work place!”

“Eeww! Now that’s DISGUSTING!” I exclaimed.

“Yeah,” Matt continued. “Said something about it taking away from productivity. People are spending too much time sucking and fucking, not enough time working.”

“But what about lunch? I wouldn’t know what to do if I couldn’t suck a dick at lunch.” I reached over, playing with Jack’s cock through his pants. Then with just the one hand, slowly unbuttoned his pants and unzipped them. A quick tug on the front of his boxers had the one snap open and I soon was stoking Jack to a good hard on.

“No kidding,” Wendy added. “Makes me want to fuck right now, just in case Farnsworth does something stupid like that.” Wendy slipped off her shoes and stood up. It didn’t take long for her slacks and panties to be draped on her chair.

Being the analytical one, Jack commented, “I doubt that will happen. Not after seeing what we just saw.”

Matt pushed his now empty lunch bag and trash to the center of the table. Patting the table in front him, he told Wendy, “Have a sit, Dessert!” Wendy sat on the table in front of Matt. Being careful where she put her hands, she leaned back. Matt lifted her legs and put them on his shoulders just before leaning his face into her twat.

I quickly finished my chicken. Looking at Jack, I told him, “I could use a little something to wash this down.” I bent down and took his cock in my mouth with a soft moan. I sucked on the circumcised head, taking it out only to kiss the tip. Then went down again. I had been sucking Jack off for a few minutes when a pair of ladies legs walked up. I heard a kiss above me.

“Hi, Jenny,” Robyn said to me. Robyn, Jack’s wife, worked in HR.

“Mi, Momyn,” I muttered, my mouth full of Jack’s cock. I wasn’t going to take his cock out of my mouth just to say ‘hi’ to his wife. I saw Jack slip his near hand up his wife’s skirt.

“Now here’s a fresh fucked pussy,” Jack commented. He took the finger that had been in her pussy and licked it. “So who’s cum am I tasting?”

“It’s John’s. He works in Operations. He needed a change in his payroll direct deposit and offered to screw me at lunch for my trouble,” Robyn explained to him. I knew John. He was at least twenty years younger than Robyn. I met John when I had to work on his network connection. I had sucked my way from under his desk where the connection was located.

Jack put his finger back in his wife’s pussy and fingered her as I sucked him. I could hear more kissing above me, and Robyn’s breathing getting quicker. Jack took his other hand and slid it up the back of my blouse. His fingers had a lot of experience undoing my bra and quickly unfastened it. He then slid his hand around and played with my tits. I’m sure Jack was enjoying us two women. His wife’s lips were on his, my lips on his cock. One hand in her cunt, the other hand on my tits.

Having recently been screwed, Robyn quickly orgasmed. She took Jack’s hand from her sensitive clit and licked his finger clean. “Now, Jenny. I don’t want to hear anything about sexual harassment. Be sure he pleasures you when his done,” Robyn said to the back of my bobbing head. I knew she wasn’t serious and giggled.

I took Jack’s dick out of my mouth and looked up at her. “Don’t worry, Robyn. I’ll be sure to have him eat his dessert! Just like Matt’s eating his.”

“Don’t forget, Jenny. I need to have those people moved this evening,” Robyn reminded me. She was moving some of her staff from one set of cubicles to another. Not that she wanted to, but Operations was adding more people and need the row of cubes that were adjacent to theirs.

“Not a problem,” I lied. I had forgotten about it and didn’t have anyone scheduled to work late this evening to do the moves.

Robyn said her goodbye’s, nodding to Wendy and the top of Matt’s head, still between Wendy’s legs. I wondered if Wendy was using her legs to hold Matt in place. I had already heard her enjoy a few orgasms. I also wondered if Robyn’s words might have also been meant for Wendy.

I took to sucking off Jack in earnest. Pleasuring Jack while he pleasured his wife had gotten me horny. My pussy needed attention. Jack must have been turned on by it as well. Only a minute later, he was squeezing my tit hard and trying to hump my face. I lifted my head, swallowing the load he had shot into my mouth and went back down. I sucked hard and squeezed his cock with my hand as I slowly brought my head back off. I milked his cum from his cock a few more times. Sitting back up, I noticed that Matt and Wendy had traded places.

“My turn,” I told Jack and I joined Matt on the table.

“So istanbul tuzla escort this is a fresh fucked pussy as well,” Jack commented as he lifted my skirt.

“Yes, it is a well fucked pussy. But don’t worry, we used a condom.”

“Why’s that?” Jack asked.

“I wanted his cock in me, but I also wanted to taste his cum. Couldn’t very well taste it if his cum was in my pussy,” I explained.

“That’s my Jenny,” he said with half a grin. Then he kissed the inside of my left thigh and started his way up.

Sitting next to Matt, I decided to ask him. “Matt, we need to move a bunch of patch cables tonight. Can you stay late to do it?”

“No, I’m going to my Mom’s for dinner tonight,” Matt replied.

“You can eat dinner at your Mother’s anytime. I need to get these cables moved.”

“Sorry,” was Matt’s only reply.

“Tell you what,” I offered, placing his hand on my tit for emphasis. I caught my breath for a second as Jack reached my pussy. “If you stay and help me move the cables, we can fuck when we’re done.”

Matt continued to play with my tit as he looked at me. I could tell he had visions of fucking me running through his mind. Suddenly, he leaned over and kissed me. “Deal!” he agreed.

“Careful,” I told him. “I said you could fuck me. I didn’t say you could kiss me.” But I was glad that he’d help with the network work. We couldn’t do it during the day. That would bring down the PCs as users were working.

I leaned against Matt, letting him play with my tit, as I enjoyed Jack’s tongue. Without realizing it at the time, I hugged Matt as Jack brought me to orgasm. Jack continued to work over my pussy. Matt hugged me as he came into Wendy’s mouth.

After Wendy finished Matt’s cock, we all stood up to straighten or put on our clothing. Wendy took the longest, putting her panties, slacks, and shoes back on. The four of us walked out of the cafeteria together. Jack rested a hand on my ass as we walked. He gave it a pat, “see you later, Jen.” Then he had to turn down another hallway to his area of the building.

(.)(.) The rest of the day was fairly uneventful. I verified just which patch cables we would need to move. A few of them would have to be replaced with longer cables. I wished we had newer switches for the network. It would have eliminated the need to move anything. On the other hand, I would have a chance to fuck Matt and make him happy for a while. It’s good to keep your staff happy.

The day must have moved quickly. It seemed as if Matt was in my office just an hour after lunch. “So, are we ready to get started?” Matt asked me.

I looked at the time on my PC. “Not yet, it’s only five now. We’ll give them until 5:30. That way anybody that’s finishing anything up can actually finish it.”

“I wasn’t referring to the patch cables,” he told me as he started rubbing his cock through his pants.

“Sorry, Tiger,” I told him. I used both hands to lift and rub my tits. “You’ll have to wait until we’re finished with the project. Besides, it’ll give us more time to play.”

Matt smiled at that and continued to rub his cock, looking at me. His cock was stiffening and I sat watching it grow in his pants. Matt played it to the hilt, teasing me by sensuously rubbing himself, pushing on his pants next to it to define it for me. The tip of his cock slid under his belt. Matt’s cock was what I liked about him.

Matt was my first hire. And, I’ll admit, I hired him for his cock. Luckily, he worked out well technically. For whatever reason, Matt seemed to like me in much the same way. I enjoyed teasing him about having sex. I liked turning him down repeatedly, only to fuck his brains out later. And there was always a later. I made sure of that.

Deciding to go back to the task at hand, I opened the spreadsheet I had created with a list of port numbers to be moved. I printed it and asked Matt, “you wanna get this off the printer and meet me in the wiring closet?”

He answered by leaving, headed for the printer. I closed the file and shut down my PC. I had no intention of going back to it. I picked out a couple of patch cords I had in a desk drawer, grabbed my purse, and turned out the office light as I left.

At the wiring closet, I had to fish out my keys from my purse. Because of some of the expensive equipment we stored in it, the door was kept locked. Opening the door, I blocked it open with an old file server. Setting the cables and my purse on a stack of equipment, I turned the light on in the closet. The wiring closet was larger than any closet in my house. Technically, it was a 12×12 office that was converted to be used as the main distribution point for the entire network. I went over to the patch panels and started removing the covers over the cable management trays.

“Alright, let’s get this over with,” Matt commented as he walked in. “What’s first?”

“Here,” I said as I took the print out from him. “I’ll read off the jack numbers. You can move the patch cables.” I kartal escort took a pen from my purse to mark off the jacks on the spreadsheet as we completed them.

Most of the moves were fairly simple. Take the patch cord out of jack 123 and put it in jack 169. A couple of times, Matt had to tug on one end of a cable while I tried to find the other end. That way, we could pull it through the many cables in the cable tray to redirect it to a different patch panel. This was especially true for the few 7 foot cables that we had to replace with the fourteen foot ones I had brought from my office. Sometimes, it made for close work. Matt never missed a chance to brush up against a tit. As it was, he usually worked with only one hand. The other hand was on my ass. I wanted to tell him to pay attention to the work. Instead, I was turned on by all the attention. After almost an hour, we had everything moved.

I put my pen back in the purse. Matt came up behind, placing a hand on both tits. “Now we get to play,” he said to me.

“Damn, you must be pretty horny,” I complained.

“Been thinking of this ever since lunch. Stacey had a question about Excel that she couldn’t really explain over the phone. So I went to her desk and helped her out. She was so happy, she wanted to blow me. But, I begged off, wanting to be fresh for you.” As Matt explained, he reached behind me and up my blouse to unclasp my bra.

“I feel honored. You saving yourself just for me,” I replied as he pulled my blouse over my head. After he removed my bra, I turned around to let him see my tits. He tossed my blouse and bra behind me. With his arms around me, he unzipped my skirt. I watched in anticipation as he knelt down. Matt pulled down my skirt. He waited for me to step out of them before tossing them behind me again. He left my thigh highs and heels on.

“Although,” I objected mildly, “I thought maybe we could have used one of the conference rooms. It would be a little more comfortable than here.” Matt and I had used the locked wiring closet before for a quickie in the middle of the day. But this wasn’t in the middle of the day.

“Okay,” Matt conceded. He picked up some of the short patch cords we just took out.

“What’s with those?” I asked him.

“Glad you asked.” Matt took both my hands and stepped close. He put his hands around me to hug me, taking my hands with his. Then I felt one of the patch cords being looped around my wrists.

“O-oh,” I cooed. “A little bondage today?” I rubbed my tits side to side, against his chest. Matt just gave me a naughty grin as he finished tying my hands behind my back. Taking another patch cord, he looped it around my neck, tying it into a leash. With a slight tug, I followed him. Reaching the door, he motioned me ahead of him. Pushing the file server with his foot, the closet door swung shut and automatically locked.

Walking down the hallway, looking for the nearest conference room with a sofa, we were stopped by Dorothy, one of the cleaning ladies. She’s a little shorter, a little plumper than I am.

“What do you have here, a dangerous terrorist?” she asked Matt as she looked at how I was tied up. She reached up and pinched my nipple. “Need any help with the interrogation?”

I really wasn’t in the mood for a three-way. I was glad when Matt answered, “No, I think I can handle this one myself.” With a tug of his leash, we continued past her.

We got to the conference room without any further encounters. Matt locked the door as he closed it. He even closed the blinds to the windows facing the hallway. We would have some privacy. “Kneel”, he commanded. I obeyed.

Stepping about two paces away from me, Matt deliberately took his clothes off. He carefully laid them on the conference table. I smiled in anticipation when he finally pulled down his underwear. Matt’s dick wasn’t the biggest I ever had. But it was the biggest I had with any regularity.

Stepping closer to me, Matt commanded, “suck.”

It was a little difficult sucking him with my hands behind my back. I like to stroke the dick, play with his balls. Besides, it gives me a little stability and balance. Still, Matt must have liked seeing his boss tied up, on her knees, and sucking him off. It wasn’t long and he started rocking his hips. I felt like he was going to push me over. When he pushed forward and held it, I was barely able to finish him off without landing on my ass.

“Feel any better now?” I asked when I finished cleaning him up.

“Oh, I’m just getting started,” Matt informed has he stepped behind me. Taking a remaining patch cord, he tied it to my left ankle. Then he untied my wrists, keeping hold of my left one. Pulling it down, he tied it to my ankle. Using the patch cord that was around my wrists, he tied my right wrist to my right ankle.

“I hope you don’t expect me to get up,” I advised him. But Matt was way ahead of me. Placing one arm under my ass, he threaded his other arm behind my back and in front of my back stretched arms. He lifted me with little effort and gently placed me on the sofa. The pleather made clean ups easier, but stuck to me. I rocked back and forth a little to get my arms out from under me. The way he had me tied up had my knees bent, my ankles spread. I could have held my knees together, but it was a little hard. Besides, I sure as hell didn’t want to.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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