A Winter Vacation Ch. 02

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I awakened to what was for me, a strange but somehow pleasant, sensation. Liz, warm and naked, had snuggled in close while I slept and drew my right nipple into her mouth and was suckling gently on it. I had never considered my own nipples as being particularly sensitive or erogenous but Liz’ suckling was doing a wonderful job of introducing me to the joys of oral stimulation and convinced me she could put her lips on my nipples any old time she wanted! Without placing a hand anywhere close to my groin, she had me as hard as a rock. Granted, much of the hardness was due to an uncomfortable pressure in my bladder but, even so, Liz’ warm, moist mouth slavering over my nipples would cause my balls to give up my first load of the day if she didn’t cut me some slack.

Another thing I quickly became aware of was that, although still naked, both of us were cloaked in a light layer of perspiration. I knew the condition of my cock and having my nipples sucked, although a wonderful experience, could not have been responsible for the perspiration. There must have been a change in the weather sometime during the night. That, or Dad had already arisen and stoked the fires again.

I glanced toward Mom and Dad’s bed and could easily see they were awake and into some heavy foreplay. They were laying on their sides facing one another and had the top cover of their sleeping bag thrown back. Mom’s breasts, although pressed tightly against Dad’s chest, were exposed to my or my sister’s eyes and she and Dad were into some hot kissing. Too, both were thrusting their hips toward one another making it obvious it wouldn’t be much longer until Dad’s roaring hard cock would locate and penetrate her moist pussy.

I tapped Liz and nodded toward the other bed so that both of us were watching intently as Mom rolled until she was face down. Then, with face pressed tightly into her pillow, she worked herself up onto her knees with her butt thrust high. With her knees separated by several inches, her glistening pussy was an extremely attractive sight Liz and I didn’t have long to enjoy. Dad quickly knelt behind Mom, prodded her opening for a Moment and thrust forward until his cock disappeared from view. Clearly, Dad’s penetrating thrust was more than welcome as Mom uttered a soft, drawn out, “Ahaaaa,” of satisfaction.

Mom had rolled her head so that her eyes were fastened on my sister and I as Dad zeroed in and filled her pussy with his cock. God, she knew Liz and I were watching intently as she bucked back onto Dad’s cock meeting each of his vigorous thrusts and didn’t appear to be at all concerned they were presenting the most erotic show either of us had ever seen. Mom’s long, slow wink gave clear indication that she didn’t mind the attention she and Dad were attracting. I found myself wondering what opportunities Liz and I had missed that might have hastened our introduction to family sexuality. Had I not wasted time lusting after unobtainable chicks while in high school and realized there were a couple of highly sexed women right at home may have helped!

Soon after penetrating Mom to the point his balls contacted her pink gash so he could go no further, Dad began to ease back until I could almost see the gleaming head of his cock. I guess Mom must have really been turned on because Dad’s balls glistened with wetness that flowed freely from her pussy. Then he thrust forward again forcing an “Oh God yes Honey, fuck me, fuck me hard,” from Mom’s lips.

Fuck? Not once in almost twenty years had I heard Mom, or any other woman, use that word. Of course one reason was that Liz’ and my rooms were located far enough away from Mom’s and Dad’s that Mom would have had to shout the word in order for either of to hear. Whatever, given the activity Liz and I were being afforded the opportunity to observe, the word seemed most appropriate. Still though, as enthusiastic as Mom seemed to be in bed, one would think we would have known something was going on and assumed it was sex. If our experiences there at the cabin and even afterward at home were any indication, they must have screwed long and hard most every night. I could only assume Mom must have had to make a real effort, maybe even stuff the corner of a pillow into her mouth, in order to be silent so we wouldn’t know how much fun sex is for she and Dad. Whatever, it was shocking yet a lot of fun to hear my mother urging Dad to fuck her when I couldn’t recall ever hearing her say as much as a muttered, “Damn,” after one of life’s little kitchen accidents!

Dad, too, made sounds – grunts and moans – that, if he had been making them all along whenever he and Mom had sex, couldn’t possibly have failed to alert either me or Liz to the fact that SOMETHING was happening. I looked at Liz and she at me and we shrugged, pantomiming our disbelief that we had always been so much into our own thoughts and activities we hadn’t picked up on the vocal aspects of the parental love making going on right in our own home.

Dad queenbet güvenilirmi must have noticed Mom’s interest in Liz’ and my bed, glanced our way, saw us watching intently and grinned before saying, “Good morning you two. Thought you were still fast asleep. Well, guess you’ve caught us so there’s no point to try to hide what we are doing now. It’s about time too, twenty years of having to keep quiet so you guys wouldn’t know how much fun we have in bed is twenty years too many!”

The fact we were watching him fuck Mom and not merely listening to them didn’t seem to bother Dad much either as he quickly returned his full attention to fucking Mom. If possible, it seemed his thrusts into Mom increased in intensity as he continued giving her a fantastic ride. At least it looked fantastic as Liz and I looked on. Both of us clearly heard him mutter, “Jesus, I never thought we might be entertaining our kids this way sometime.”

Mom giggled and said, “Nor did I but it IS fun, isn’t it?” She glanced our way again and asked, “You kids ARE enjoying all this aren’t you? You’re not disgusted because we can’t seem to control our libido’s or anything are you?”

Dad chuckled and said, “Good as it is this morning, we should invite Liz and Tim to sleep in the same room with us and watch us have sex more often. God you’re HOT, HOT, HOT!”

“You’re not too shabby yourself you know. One would hardly describe that massive piece of iron you’re shoving up my twat as a ‘limp’ dick.”

Right after that, Mom said, “God Hon, I’m most there. I hope you are about ready too? God I can’t wait to be filled with hot cum.” Then she shouted, “YES. Oh God YES,” and her knees buckled, unable to support Dad’s driving, thrusting weight any longer.

Dad never missed a stroke and followed as Mom collapsed. He must have been right with her and ready to peak because a Moment later, a very large amount of foamy cum began to seep from around his cock. Dad stopped thrusting to keep from forcing more of the cum from Mom’s pussy and Mom asked if there were a towel handy. It took a Moment to hand her a towel that wasn’t crusty with my own dried secretions and she giggled, “Guess I should follow my own advice about having a towel at hand BEFORE the games commence,” as she accepted the towel and jammed it between her thighs, against her pussy and Dad’s cock.

A few Moments later, after locating our long underwear, we went downstairs, slipped into our boots and made our way outside to pee. As on the previous morning, Liz and I went along toward the woodshed but, unlike the day before, Mom didn’t use the outhouse but elected to pee outside in the snow with the rest of us. Oh how quickly a brief introduction to communal sex can overcome a lifetime of scurrying around pretending none of us ever have to pee or that there is something terribly wrong with observing hot piss flow (gush?) from someone not of our own gender.

Again, I reached out to my sister with my arm extended so she might squat and pee without wetting her clothing or boots. Dad noted the courtesy I extended to Liz and gallantly extended his arm toward Mom. Mom accepted the proffered arm with a silent smile of thanks, squatted and opened the flood gates. Later, once Mom and Liz were upright again, I couldn’t help but feel a bit strange as both Mom and Liz watched me pee. I suppose Mom waited patiently as I peed numerous times while I was being potty trained but after that, urinating had been a very private affair…‘Til we undertook to stay at the cabin for Liz’ and my winter vacation anyhow.

Liz and I took advantage of the slightly warmer weather after breakfast to strap on our skies and take in the beauty of the landscape covered with the accumulation of new snow. We didn’t try to rush and were able to see some snowshoe rabbits and any number of birds, all scampering for whatever they could find to eat. We saw some tracks that had probably been left when a fox made his rounds looking for a tempting morsel of rabbit. We never saw signs of frantic scurrying so assumed the rabbits were still safe and the fox hungry. We did see one area of disturbed snow and feathers that indicated a hawk had made a successful foray and was breakfasting somewhere on whatever rodent it had managed to snare.

We paused at one point just at the edge of an opening in the trees and, while resting in silence, saw a couple of White Tail deer, also foraging for food. I kept one eye on the cloud cover as we skied and finally decided to return to the cabin as it certainly looked as though it might soon start snowing again.

Liz and I made it back to the cabin without event and discovered that Mom and Dad had also become concerned with the turn the weather might take. They had gathered our gear and were packed, ready to head for the truck so we could leave while we still could. Mom grinned and said, “Probably time to leave anyhow. That sleeping bag of ours needs to be cleaned before I get into queenbet yeni giriş it again.”

With the cabin secured and the fires pretty well burned down, we headed for the truck. Mom was so concerned about the weather, she refused Dad’s offer to pause for rest. As it turned out, we were back at the truck and had everything loaded and were ready to travel when the first flakes of new snow began to drift to the ground.

The trip home was uneventful although the early snow flurries increased in intensity and turned into another heavy snowfall. Dad drove more and more slowly as the snow depth increased but, with the four wheel drive engaged, the truck forged ahead with little difficulty.

Dinner that evening was a pizza we picked up just before arriving home. After eating, we carried all our winter gear into the garage and stacked it for disposition and proper storage the following day. Our family room is quite large, containing two recliners and two couches. As far back as I can recall, Mom and Dad always sat on the recliners while Liz had always sat or stretched out on one of the couches and I made myself comfortable on the other. Not that evening however. Mom snuggled close to Dad on one of the couches while Liz and I sat on the one that was free. Liz and I maintained a discreet separation for a time but moved closer when it became clear that, our presence notwithstanding, the folks intended to engage in some hanky panky. I guess that’s what it’s called when your father unfastens a couple of buttons on your mother’s blouse and inserts his hand, presumably to raise her bra off her breasts and cop feels. Fortunately, our furnace is very efficient and the house warmed quickly. I think Dad may just have turned the thermostat a bit high because it soon became too hot for normal winter clothing. I know Mom must have been quite warm because she didn’t seem to mind at all when Dad exposed more and more of her body.

With Dad burrowing into her clothing enthusiastically, Mom began to reciprocate and let her hand tug his zipper open until she could slip inside. It was clear that Mom and Dad intended to engage in some sort of sexual activity so I cued on them and slipped my arm up under Liz’ sweatshirt. I fully intended to release the clasp to her bra but discovered that wouldn’t be necessary, she wasn’t wearing one. So I was able to go directly to her warm breasts and capture a handful.

I was wearing an old pair of sweats that didn’t have a fly opening. That didn’t deter my sister however, her hand slid easily beneath the waist of my pants. She whistled when her hand contacted my dick and she said, “My aren’t we risqué tonight, no underwear!”

I grinned and replied, “Seems to be a lot of that going round tonight so it must be okay. Anyhow, it looks as though everyone is going to get lucky tonight and without having to work really hard doing it.”

Liz giggled and said, “Looks that way,” and gave my hardening cock a squeeze. “Anyone ever do this to you before?”

“No, not with Mom and Dad right here anyhow.”

“Bullshit! I’ll bet never is closer to the truth.”

I shrugged, “Got me I guess.” I sucked in my breath sharply as Liz administered a powerful squeeze and exclaimed, “WOW, do you ever have me.”

While talking, I had been busy opening the fly of Liz’ jeans so I could slide my hand in under the waistband of her panties. As soon as she felt the jeans loosen, she raised up slightly and eased the jeans and panties off her butt, affording me complete freedom to explore her pussy. I guess the bravado that inspired her to go braless didn’t extend as far as neglecting to wear panties, but not to worry, they were easy enough to deposit on the floor.

Whatever was playing on the TV was soon forgotten as the scenes playing in the room began to heat up. I and, I guess, Liz, heard movement on the couch next to ours as Mom and Dad rearranged themselves. We looked and saw that Mom had Dad’s trousers and underpants down around his ankles and had shifted until her head was close to his groin. Both Liz and I looked quickly enough to catch Mom as she stuck out her tongue and began to lick Dad’s very erect manhood. A Moment later, she opened wide and a good two inches disappeared inside her mouth. Mom clamped her lips tightly around Dad’s shaft, bobbed her head a few times and took in more and more until Dad’s fuzzy balls were all that remained in view.

Mom exercised her throat muscles as she accommodated the final inch or so of cock and, with her nose planted firmly into Dad’s pubes, she rolled her eyes our way and winked.

Almost as though moving without conscious guidance, Dad’s hands moved up to grip Mom’s head but, near as I could tell, he did nothing to force Mom in any way. It is difficult to know whether Mom fucked Dad with her mouth or if he fucked her mouth with his cock. Whatever, they WERE fucking and it makes little difference whether the president thinks a blow job is fucking queenbet giriş or not. Our parents WERE fucking and there was nothing foreign even close to Mom’s pussy!

Liz and I watched the lascivious display in complete fascination and rejoiced when Dad groaned and said, “Oh God Honey, I’m going to cum.” Had he not been smiling broadly, one might have thought he was having some sort of difficulty. God, were it only possible for me to experience such distress.

Mom nodded her acknowledgement, winked and continued drawing on Dad’s cock, her hollowed cheeks giving clear indication as to the degree of suction she was applying. She did pull back slightly when the first spurt of semen jetted into her throat and we could easily see Dad’s hips buck as he pumped spurt after spurt of cum until he was drained. Liz and I marveled that not a single drop of cum ever escaped her mouth, not even when she finally pulled away. There was an audible squishy pop when the glistening pink corona finally appeared but neither Liz nor I saw a drop large enough to drip from Dad’s well used cock.

I had heard and read that men and women often kiss after having oral sex but didn’t really believe a man would willingly kiss a woman who still had a large amount of his cum in her mouth. Dad quickly dispelled the notion that he, anyway, found his own cum distasteful. If anything, their kisses were more ardent than ever. Watching Mom and Dad, I could only wonder if I was man enough to kiss my sister, or anyone else for that matter, while she still had traces of my cum on her lips and in her mouth. As it turned out, it took a while to find out because my turn for a blow job didn’t come until after I went down on Liz and sucked her vagina until she gave up a generous helping of pussy juice.

Somehow and I’ll never know quite how it happened, Liz and I both managed to divest ourselves of all of our clothing as we watched Mom loving Dad’s cock. Anyhow, once Mom and Dad were kissing, signaling an end to the first oral sex I had ever witnessed, Liz leaned close and whispered, “Timmy, have you ever gone down on a girl?”

My eyes opened wide, I mumbled, “Never had the pleasure.”

“Wanta try it? No one ever licked me down there either but I have heard my friends tell about it and I can hardly wait to see if it feels as good as everyone seems to think. Do me then I’ll do you the way Mom did Dad if you would like.”

“Geez Liz, have you sucked a guy’s dick before?”

“No but after watching Mom do Dad, I see no reason why I couldn’t, do you?”

I got onto my knees on the floor and placed myself between my sister’s spread knees. She slouched down until her butt was pretty much off the couch, spread wide and I took my first, tentative swipe at a pussy with my tongue. I paused for a Moment savoring the musky essence of pussy. While different than anything I had ever tasted, the flavor of pussy was something I thought I might come to enjoy.

Being a complete novice and totally unaccustomed to the techniques to employ, my initial licks at Liz’ pussy were tentative and exploratory. The delightful flavor of aroused womanhood grew more and more exciting and I began to devote my energies to doing whatever I thought Liz would enjoy. Emboldened, I extended my tongue and swiped it along her slit from bottom to top, thus eliciting moans of encouragement whenever my tongue flicked the tiny, almost hidden, nubbin I knew had to be her clit. Finally, knowing I was going to do it eventually, I spread Liz’ labia with my thumbs and stuck my tongue into her vagina and pushed until my lips were mashed hard against the pink flesh of her pussy. Among other thoughts rushing through my mind, I determined to make the effort to learn more about female anatomy. I knew that snickering juvenile friends referred to what I was doing as cunt licking. Somehow, I found the term ‘cunt’ offensive and vowed never to use it if there was any possibility of using some other term in place of it.

Somehow, I sensed it might be enjoyable for both Liz and myself to slide the index finger of my right hand into my sister’s vagina while I continued licking and kissing the portions of her slit not blocked with my hand. I guess my finger must have provided the final bit of ecstasy Liz needed in order to come as she came quickly once I began fucking my finger in and out of her pussy while nipping her clit with my teeth. I guess her orgasm may have been responsible for a slight increase in the flow of juices that oozed from my sister’s pussy when she came, but, other than the tensing of muscles that caused her to tremble slightly I saw no other evidence that Liz had had an orgasm. At that, I knew what had happened and was pleased it was my efforts that gave her pleasure.

Curious as to what would happen if I continued, I didn’t pause kissing and sucking Liz’ pussy and continued plunging my finger in and out of her vagina. My efforts were rewarded with another orgasm and yet another just as, worn out, I had to give up and relax. Later on, while exchanging pillow talk before drifting off to sleep, Liz told me that if I hadn’t stopped licking her when I did, she would have had to stop me herself. It seems that three orgasms in close succession were very exhausting!

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