Addictive Sub Stances

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The following story is a fictional account. The characters are entirely unreal and so are their situations. Thus no direct attention was paid to probability or safety for the characters. Such practices should not transfer over to real life situations. Practice safe, sane and consensual sex. For your own damn good. If you have problems or issues with queer pornographic materials, please stop reading now. If you find, on the other hand, that you are quit the purveyor of perversion and that this particular story seems to get your rocks off, please feel free to contact the author, Further more the author would also like to note that this story is loosely based off of the deeply perverted and beautifully depraved tale “Pete’s Story” written by the author AgainstMyWill who’s stories you should immediately go out and read five times over. Thank you.

Addictive Sub Stances.

By: Kenji De Sade

Nathan Keen was exhausted as he arrived home. He’d been working twelve to sixteen hour days for the past fourteen days straight and his mind and body were reminding him of every moment. It was, however, a nice trade off from his old days working regular eight hour shifts at previous jobs, only to be rewarded with a day or two off at the end of the week. At least this way he could put in a lot of hours all at once, back to back, and then he was rewarded with an entire two weeks off before he started it all over again. He didn’t even mind the long extended hours thanks to this wonderful perk; he simply looked forward to his time off with a deeper passion then before. During every working hour he reminded himself that it would soon be followed by a period of rest so long he’d be bouncing off the walls not knowing what to do with himself by the end and then he’d be more than happy to go right back to work.

As it was though, with as much as he had worked, he didn’t even have the energy to think that far ahead. As he pulled his car into the drive way, turned off his headlights and the cars ignition, all he had the mind to think about was putting one foot in front of the other until he could get to his comfy warm bed and sleep for as long as possible. He was so lost on this thought, in fact, that he failed to notice the cardboard box on his doorstep, which was not a small unnoticeable thing, and he found himself suddenly toppling over headlong into his hard wooden door.

Nathan cursed himself for not paying better attention, despite his sleepy state, he still felt he should have been able to watch his step, especially when he actually saw the cardboard box, which was tall enough to have caught him in the middle of his shin and wide enough that even with both his arms stretched wide it was difficult for him to grip it’s full breadth. He eyed it strangely as he did so, knowing he wasn’t expecting a package of any sort and feeling the weight to it, he found his sleepiness being ebbed away by his new found curiosity. He saw his name printed on the billable stamp just under the senders, however the only information about the sender were the initials “S.I.N. Tech.” and a P.O. Box based out of some town he’d never heard of in Connecticut. Otherwise there were no other markings on the package. He unlocked his door, juggling the large box as he did, and felt several heavily weighted objects shift and tumble within. He couldn’t help but wonder what could possibly be inside.

Once within the confines of his apartment, he set the box down next to the door and made his way across his living room floor to the far end of the room where his computer chair sat. This wasn’t truly a long walk as Nathan’s apartment was a modest one. On one side of the entry way was a nice living room, big enough to occupy a couple of book shelves, an entertainment center, couch and computer desk without feeling cramped at all. The kitchen was small and adjoined to the living-room on the opposite side of the entry way. The bathroom was through a hallway at the back of the apartment which also led to his well sized bedroom, where Nathan truly wanted to head. However a need to remove his work shoes, check his email and, currently more pressingly important, use the bathroom kept him from going straight to the soft safe haven of his bed.

So he sat quickly at the computer chair to remove his shoes, this also gave him ample time to mull over his curiosity involving his random package. He rubbed his shin and eyed the box from across the room as he took off his shoes, and continued his mocking stare as he got up to go to the bathroom. When he returned to the living room he turned the computer on in a quick pass and went straight for the box. He’d decided that, with the vagueness of the shipping slip and the otherwise unmarked package, he’d have to look inside to find out how to contact the company and get this miss-hap straightened out.

As Nathan tore into the package he realized he was more then just a little excited to see what was within its cardboard walls. Several ideas had by now come to mind and he was, whilst still maintaining a good bit of surprise over the actuality süpertotobet yeni giriş of it, only slightly surprised by what he found. His eyes slowly, lustfully scanned the numerous black latex dildos and butt plugs, each a different size, each individually shrink wrapped, piled in amongst numerous, rather large, bottles of lubricant and one single white envelope which it self was pressed between combinations of the other contents. He had a daffy lust filled smile on his face as he visually molested the objects while reaching in to grab the envelope. Slight erotic chills ran up his spine when his hand got close to the phallus’s but he didn’t dare touch them. Somehow he thought if he did he wouldn’t be able to stop himself from sampling the merchandise, though he gladly would have from what he’d seen.

However he had not ordered this particular banquet of deviance for delivery himself which meant the items in that box were for some other lucky pervert with enough money to blow on such a variety of indulgence. Beyond that most blunt fact, there were also only about two of the dildos within the box that Nathan had any surety he could actually get into his ass. The dildos all graduated in size, from large to larger. The largest one that Nathan knew he could take was probably just a half inch smaller around then his own wrist, while the largest was as long as his fore arm and about six times as thick around as his very same wrist. While the butt plugs didn’t go quite as high up in size they weren’t much smaller and Nathan was surprised to see the largest, about a wrist smaller then the largest dildo by his own method of measurement, also seemed to be inflatable. He swallowed hard, barely even realizing he was doing so.

Nathan took his eyes away from the objects of his chastised desire, shaking away the spill of conflicting emotions, and turned them to the envelope which he’d been absentmindedly opening during his moral quandary. From it he took a single sheet of folded paper, which he unfolded and began to read. He raised an eyebrow as he read his full first, middle, and last name in the greeting. That seemed rather specific for a package he himself had not ordered. He quickly ran through a list of people who might have ordered him such an intimate and personal gift. His best friend Andy would have never spent this large a sum on sex toys for any man he wasn’t personally going to use them on. He had a few fuck buddies, but none of them were regular or significant enough to warrant this sort of gift. In fact, while he was sure his friends had some inclination of his deep love for stuffing his own ass; most people barely knew just how much he loved playing with dildos. He could not come up with anyone that he currently knew who would know him well enough to spend this sort of money, or send this sort of package. Maybe a boyfriend or two from year’s gone bye, but certainly no one he knew now.

Nathan read the note, hoping in the back of his mind where he was barely aware, to find some confirmation that this was in fact a gift intended for him and not some sort of strangely accurate mistake. He wanted desperately to believe this package had been sent from someone for him but the idea just didn’t make sense. The note, of course, told him nothing he actually wanted to know. It was the usual fanfare about the companies gratitude for the purchase, vague yet compelling explanations of some revolutionary latex they used to make their products, unexplained but dire warnings that you should only use their specific products with any of their other products and of course the up sell of DVDs featuring the use of their products, just like any other company Nathan had ever ordered a sex toy from. The only thing at all about the note that truly caught Nathans attention was the mention that their lubricant was “chemically perfected” to make the use of their products an “experience to be reckoned with.”

Nathan grabbed one of the lubricant bottles out of the box, once again fighting the urge to grab one of the dildos along with it and walked back to his computer chair. As he read the ingredients of the “chemically perfected” product he found the larger portion of chemicals had absolutely no connection to any significant knowledge what so ever in his entire brain. The few that were recognizable were as simple as “water” or “glycerin” and there were even a few vitamins thrown in there, however, the long list was essentially gibberish to his eyes. He scoffed at himself for being so interested in the words of an obviously good spin doctor. He turned to his computer and set the bottle of lube down next to the monitor. While opening his email program, he read the company name off the lubricants label and decided to try a web search.

Around every corner Nathan kept anticipating some form of evidence that would unlock the great mystery of this surprise package he’d found at his door step but either his mind was too feeble and tired to pick up on the clues, or there simply weren’t any to follow as all of his attempts to piece together any süpertotobet giriş idea of the senders identity, or the actual recipients for that matter, kept turning up cold. The website for the company was again like any other sex toy company he’d ever seen. It was a generic web page, easy to brows, minimalistic on design, high on product imagery. The only extravagance offered was a light wordless music that automatically started playing when the web site loaded. They had a large line of items, some made by them, most made by outside manufacturers. The only interesting information he got from the site at all was that the company had an actual physical store room which apparently housed a private collection of toys only available for viewing or purchase in store and by appointment. He found this information along with the company’s email and phone number. Much to his dismay their help line was only open during standard business hours and not twenty-four hours a day making an immediate resolution to the problem unlikely. Instead he found himself writing a short e-mail briefly outlining the issue and requesting that they call him in the morning.

With his mind already on his sexual desires and the numerous items of interest he’d happened to see while perusing the web site, Nathan found his eyes wandering across the room back to the box, which sat there open, inviting him to come and examine it’s insides. It was almost like he could hear it calling to him. While there were not actually words, Nathan could almost hear the box taunting him with it’s contents, begging him to come and see what it had to offer, telling him that it was okay to play, after all, his name was on the box. Despite the exhaustion of his work week and the drive to find sleep which had only minutes before been his only desire, Nathan found his mind had become alert, his body had woken in a way that didn’t fully fight off sleep but wouldn’t allow it either, and his sexual hunger had come alive along with the rest of him. The temptation to indulge himself was eating away at him. He knew the numerous repercussions that could result if he gave in, he was even afraid of any of them coming to full fruition, but the voice in the back of his head, the one that wanted so desperately to throw off the shackles of responsibility and just give in to want and desire was a loud one, and it was saying all the things Nathan wanted to hear.

Before he could even fully process the thought, he was on his knees in front of the cardboard box. Chills were running up and down his spine like electric current on a Jacob’s ladder. His hands were slightly shaky and his breath was growing rapid. As he lifted the smallest dildo, in its shrink wrapped perfection, thick enough that he could just barely touch his fingers together around it up to his eye level, he felt his cock throb and his sphincter twitch. It looked perfect to him. It was a nice and thick cock with a slight curve to it about three quarters of the way from its base to its head. It was smooth and even through the plastic packaging the latex felt soft and natural. Unusually the surface temperature was surprisingly close to that of the room. There wasn’t a thing about the dildo that wasn’t appealing to Nathan. He brought the cock up to his nose and took a big whiff of the thick latex scent, something he’d always loved about brand new toys, only with this particular dildo he noticed there seemed to be a strange musky scent masked just underneath that of the latex, something he was unfamiliar with.

Whatever the scent was it seemed to agree greatly with his mind and body. He could feel the horny hunger eating away a void inside of his gut with a new pace. He took another deep breath of that strange scent and the void called to him to be filled with a fervor that left him light headed. He wondered if all the dildos in the box would have this intoxicating of an effect on him, in fact, as the effect thickened around his mind Nathan came to think this strange aroma was certainly better then any poppers he’d ever had. With his head swimming he absently set the beloved cock down on the floor next to the box, bent himself forward and stuck his face low inside of the container as close to the numerous phallic items as he could and took a strong, deep, long breath of the collective scent. His mind immediately swam as he hungrily took in the smell, that thick latex scent and that strange pleasurable and delicious musk hidden just beneath it. Euphoria of some sort washed over him mixed with a lustful frenzy that practically made the next several actions Nathans body underwent happen without thought.

Nathan stood from his kneeling position and quickly disrobed; removing every stitch of clothing he had on his body, before he did the same to the shrink wrap around the dildo. With both he and the hefty rubber cock fully nude and the scent unhindered, his cock stretching out before him with a growing glistening bulb of pre-cum at its tip, he held the dildo to his nose and breathed once again. His brain was almost entirely filled with süpertotobet güvenilirmi a foggy haze of happiness that washed over him, mingling with the sexual desire building in him to give its hold a stronger grasp. As he looked at the cock so close to his face all he could think was that he needed it in him.

It was no longer a question to Nathan whether or not there were moral, financial or legal ramifications to what he was doing. There was no longer a question about anything at all really. Nathan needed that cock up his ass. There was nothing that could stop that need; it was the strongest need he had ever felt in his life. He truly felt that he could not survive for very much longer unless he had the latex phallus somehow, anyhow, inside of his body. He looked down to the box before him and the several bottles of lube, grabbed one and popped its top open with one hand, while holding the cock up to receive the dripping contents when he poured them down. He kneeled back down, eyeing the coated probe as he did so and he bent himself forward using the hand that still held the open lubricant container to steady his body. He positioned the dildo behind himself, spreading his bent legs apart as best he could to ensure full anal exposure and he began to work the cock into his hole.

Despite his clouded and inebriated mind state, Nathan knew better then to just ram the thick hunk up his sphincter, he knew he would enjoy the experience more if he took his time, warmed his hole up and slowly worked the dildo into himself. It seemed somewhat unusual to him that the horny hunger inside him knew this too. Usually he would feel the eating lust biting at him for not feeding it as quickly as possible, yet, for some reason he didn’t quite care to examine at the moment, he felt his body reeling with pleasure as he led the long black dildo up and down his crack and over his hole, spreading the lubricant around. He quivered in anticipation every time the head would brush past his anus. He did this several times, applying more lube a couple of times, slowly circling the head of the dildo around his hole, pushing at it lightly. Every moment spent tantalizing his hungry asshole seemed to be filling him with absolute pleasure. His cock was by now drooling pre-cum in a steady stream onto the floor beneath him and as he finally pushed the head of the rubber cock into his body, he felt a large glob of pre-cum push out of his cock with the motion, a grunt and moan of absolute pleasure pushing it’s way up out of his throat from the deepest depths of his bowels.

Nathan noticed he seemed far more relaxed then he’d thought he had as the well lubed probe made its way into his ass. He slowly worked its shaft in and out, adding a little more of it’s length each time, and paying special attention to his prostate. He kept peeking down to his own cock in surprise wonderment as the pre-cum dripping from it never seemed to cease. He was used to his anal manipulations causing a bit more seminal flow than usual, but this was far more than a bit more. It seemed every time he rubbed the dildo head against his prostate a load of clear fluid was pushed out, he was entirely enamored by this and kept repeating the process, watching the results with excitement.

The pleasures Nathan was getting from this wondrous massage were burning their way through his skin. Every scrape of the cock in his ass sent a wave of bliss over his body and he felt an urgent push behind his man hood egging him on to cause more of this beautiful feeling. He went from slow, methodical strokes, to fast paced wild thrusts, from kneeling in front of the box with his head over it’s lid breathing in the aroma of the other dildos still within, to lying on his back with his legs in the air. He tried a few different positions and several different thrusting techniques all while watching the river of pre-cum flow from his cock until finally he was on his back, contorted in a way that had his ass in the air almost parallel to his head, his feet planted on the ground somewhat behind and to the sides of his head. His face was looking right up at his cock, which was drooling clear seminal fluids straight down into his mouth, while he pummeled his prostate vigorously with the fake cock. The pleasures he was feeling pushed him over the edge, causing his ejaculate to taint the clear fluid with its milky white substance as it drooled out in copious amounts directly into a puddle at the back of his throat.

This wasn’t anything new to Nathan. He had gotten himself off through anal stimulation several times in the past, it wasn’t always a sure thing, but he knew he could do it and often enjoyed working himself to that point. He was used to the half fulfilled way it left him, his body knowing it had expelled the desired load of ejaculate but his brain clear and free of the releasing bliss that came with it. The knowledge that he could very well jerk his cock to another, more full filling and prolonged orgasm shortly there after, however, this time none of those familiar feelings were quite as familiar. He couldn’t put his finger on what had changed exactly, but this time the hunger wasn’t even slightly sated, the minor release was not releasing at all and he had absolutely no desire to jerk his cock to try and attain something better. All he wanted, all he felt, was the still unyielding need for more.

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