Biker’s Bitch Ch. 02

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Biker’s Bitch 2

You should read Biker’s Bitch to better understand what has transpired up to this point, as this is a continuation of that story.

I couldn’t believe a month had already passed since Sturgis, but it had. I received a call yesterday from Chuck, the biker that had told me to be at their next club meeting so they could officially me into their club. He said the meeting was Friday night and to be at the club house by 7 that night. He also told me that I would be there until sometime Sunday, I wouldn’t be needing anything other than what I wear to ride over there for clothes as I would most likely be naked the entire time I was there.

The ride took me around 90 minutes to make and I got to the club house about a quarter to 7. So far so good I thought I would be on time for this. The street in front of it was lined with about two dozen bikes. I had no idea there were this many members because I had only met a half dozen or so at the Rally.

As I walked into the club house I saw Chuck and two more of the guys from Sturgis at the bar. They called me over and handed me a beer. It was nice and cold and tasted real good, I figured I would need several more of these to help me make it through whatever was going to happen here. Chuck told me to give him the key to my bike and he would have it moved around to the back where it would be safe until I leave on Sunday.

At 9 Chuck asked for everybody’s attention and announced that the meeting was starting. The doors were locked and everybody took their seats. He then announced that this was a special initiation meeting and would last until sometime Sunday, so if anyone couldn’t stay for the duration they should leave now. Nobody left.

He then introduced me to the members and explained how it had come to me being initiated and that I would be a special member if I passed. I would be the club’s Bitch. This is a newly established position and as such I would be put to the test.

He then told me to remove my clothes as I would no longer be needing them until it was time to leave on Sunday, and to then go around and introduce myself to each member, I was to allow them to do with me as they wished for five minutes each then I would move on to the next one. I’m not going to mention names as there are far too many for me to remember.

The first one I went to reached out and pinched and pulled in my nipples, as I moaned the guy beside him was squeezing my ass. Chuck had to remind them that this round was for individual play only and for the others to not touch, they would all get a piece of me now and then later the group action would take place. I was istanbul travesti then pushed to my knees and told to pull the first ones cock out and suck it. He held my head on his cock and fucked my mouth with it until his time was up. On to the next one, the one that had squeezed my ass earlier. He already had his cock out and just pushed my head down onto it and as the first had done fucked my mouth forcing the tip of it into my throat until I was gasping for air around it. This is pretty much how the introductions went with all of them. I was then back at front and center on my knees sucking Chucks cock. While none of these guys really had huge cocks none of them were below average either. Chuck was the first one to give me a mouthful of cum. He gave me another beer and told me we would take a break in the action as we were going to be at it all night and I would need my strength for the next round.

It was after when the next round started and Chuck said that after this round we would all call it a night and get back to it in the morning. I was then sent back out and told that there was no time limit to this round and I was to suck every cock until I got a mouthful of cum from it and to swallow it all. So here I am now on my knees again sucking cock after cock and swallowing all of the cum. Some of these guys were passive and I did all the work, bobbing up and down and slurping on their cocks then swallowing their loads, while others were more aggressive and would either hold my head and move it up and down or just hold it and fuck their cocks into it, filling me up with load after load. Now some of these guys were quick shooters while others took a long time to cum. It was just getting light out when I had finished with the last one.

There was a back room in the club house with mattresses laid out all over it and I found an empty one and it seemed like I was asleep as soon as my head touched it.

Everybody began stirring about noon on Saturday. After we all had something to eat Chuck announced that for the next round we would be going on a short run. He then handed me a pink vest with “Prospect” on the back, a pink jock and pink chaps. You’ll be riding bitch behind me today. Put this on. As we rode out I felt like the whole world was looking at me. After about an hour we pulled up to a bar that had several bikes parked in front of it. We all went inside and got beers. As we were sitting down drinking one of the other bikers came over and asked Chuck about me. He told him they were initiating me into their club as the new club bitch. The guy asked if I was any good at sucking cock. Chuck told him to see for istanbul travestileri himself. He then told me to get on my knees and show this guy just how good I a cocksucker I was. I had a mouthful of his cum in no time and Chuck told him to have his friends try me out too. So now I am in the middle of this bar, on my knees and sucking cock after cock for the next 30 minutes. When I finished we got back on the road to yet another bar and pretty much repeated the same scene. We did this 3 more times before getting back to the clubhouse. Chuck told me I was doing great but tonight would be the final and toughest test for me.

Once back everybody seemed to be busy at what seemed to be cleaning the clubhouse. I asked Chuck about it and he told me they weren’t really cleaning that they were making preparations for the last test and I should go get a beer and relax until they were ready for me.

As I was sitting at the bar, naked as required whenever I was in the club house, I watched them bring in some kind of a bench as well as what looked like a set of stocks. They soon had everything all set up as they wanted and told me to come over to the stocks. I was placed into them and the top put in place and locked. I was now at their mercy, which they would not show any of. I soon had a hard cock in my mouth and could feel my ass being lubed. Chuck told me that this part of the initiation would test my stamina for being spit roasted as that would be a common happening when I was servicing the members. Then he stepped up behind me and said that since he shot the first load into my mouth last night he would do so tonight with my ass. Then he just shoved his cock completely into me. I tried to scream but couldn’t with the cock in my mouth. As both cocks were fucking my holes I felt my nipples being pinched and pulled. I was also used to the cock in my ass and trying to move back onto it each time he pulled out so he could shove it back in but I couldn’t move. The cock in my mouth began shooting its cum into my mouth and pulled out spraying the rest of the cum all over my face. It was immediately replaced by another and Chuck just continued to pound my ass. He asked me how I liked it laughing since he knew I couldn’t answer him.. Finally after the third cock filled my mouth and sprayed my face with its load Chuck pushed in hard and told me he was breeding me. When he pulled out I could feel his cum running down my legs. As with my mouth my ass was immediately filled with another hard cock.

About an hour later the last cocks finished cumming in me and I was released. I was then told to get cleaned up before they resumed.

After travesti istanbul I had cleaned up and returned to the bar I was handed a beer and Chuck told me that the final part would start soon. He also told me that all those that fucked my mouth would be fucking my ass this time and the others would fuck my mouth. But that was not all. I asked where everybody was because it seemed that half were gone. He told me that they had left to go get their women as they would be involved in the finale. I was then strapped onto the bench and the fucking began. As this was going on I could hear the others returning and see the women coming in with them. The guys that had just returned now began fucking the women and I thought, great that will be less I have to service tonight. But that wasn’t the case. As soon as the others had finished using my holes I was released from the bench and told to get on my hands and knees for the rest. Once I was positioned one of the women got under me and I my head was pushed into her cum filled pussy. I was told to clean all of the cum from it. As I was doing this I was also being fucked from behind. I ended up cleaning a dozen women out and fucked a dozen times. I had to keep licking each ones cunt until the cock in my ass filled me with its seed.

Again the sun was coming up when we were all done and sleep again came easy to me.

On Sunday morning Chuck told me that I was now the clubs official Biker Bitch. He also told me that since I hadn’t cum during the entire ignition I would be getting blow jobs from the women before everybody finished and left. I thought this would be great but maybe I was a little too eager. You see what they did next was strap me into a chair and each one of the dozen women took turns sucking my cock. But they wouldn’t let me cum; they just kept edging me but stopping short. They did this to me for an hour. Then Chuck asked me if I wanted to cum. Of course I did and begged him to let me cum. He said ok I will let you jerk yourself off then. He released my straps, had me lie down on my back and told me to jerk off for them. As I began one of the women sat on my face. She had a pussy full of cum and as I was jerking off and eating her out I shot the biggest load of my life all over her back. She got up from my face and I was then told to lick my cum off her.

After everyone had gotten dressed and I had cleaned up I asked Chuck for my clothes. Oh, you won’t be needing those to ride home in. He handed me the pink vest that now said Club Bitch on it, the chaps and jock. He said I was to wear this home and whenever I was riding with them or to the club house this was what I had to wear.

We all got on our bikes and Chuck told me they were all going to follow me to my home so they knew where I lived and I could expect regular visits from them either individually or in groups to be serviced by me whenever they wanted to use me.

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