Black Daddy at the Y

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Jamie was in the locker room when he saw something that would change his life. It was a well-built black man with a half-hard cock wearing nothing but a ragged white jock strap. The cock was dangling a foot from Jamie’s face.

One moment Jamie was sitting on the bench, relaxing from his workout, taking off his t-shirt. The hefty cock appeared as he lifted the shirt over his head, so close Jamie could smell its sweat and musk.

The cock belonged to Robert, a muscular stud who had been giving Jamie lessons in weightlifting. Jamie’s mouth opened in surprise, his eyes fixated on the jock and the cock inside. He was shocked, hypnotized, then inadvertently licked his lips, and quickly turned away, afraid he had revealed himself.

In fact, the just-turned-21 Jamie was hit with a thought like a thunder bolt — he had never seen anything sexier, hotter, or more desirable than that ebony cock pressing against the seams of the jockstrap.

Robert was a friendly but firm dark-skinned 32-year-old who had already figured out Jamie’s desires during the hour he had spent directing the attractive young white lad in the finer points of bench-pressing and curls. Robert took command of the session, telling Jamie what to do and pushing him harder.

Jamie obeyed Robert’s orders and followed by asking, “Am I doing this right sir?” He flattered the hunk with statements like, “Tell me how you do it, you’re clearly doing something right.”

They were already playing their roles by the time the two were chatting in the locker room and Robert had put his cock near Jamie’s mouth.

Robert knew he had over done his dick display, but he caught that look of surprise and lust in Jamie’s eyes. He recognized a white boy who needed–wanted–to be led down the path of serving an older, bigger, soul brother.

This first meeting of Robert and Jamie took place in 1978 in Washington, D.C. at the 7th St. YMCA. Soul brother was a term often used in those days to describe good-looking strong black men like Robert, guys with confidence who went after what they wanted, and usually got it.

Robert was a 10-year Navy veteran who had moved up to be a lieutenant commander on a destroyer. Those lonely days at sea meant he had had his share of surreptitious gay experiences. But he knew that he would have to cut all man-to-man sex if he had any hopes of becoming a captain and leading his own ship.

Robert’s D.C. trip came about after he told his commanding officer that he was considering returning to the civilian world. The CO didn’t want to lose Robert, so he sent him to the nation’s capital to take advanced computer courses. Robert was pissed, at first, that the Navy put him up at the low-budget Y.

But the opportunity to hook up with a babe like Jamie, along with other hot men, had convinced Robert the Y was a blessing in disguise.

Robert had first seen Jamie a few days earlier across the gym. He checked out the fresh-faced boy/man and was hit with his own lightning bolt. I have always been turned on by certain young white guys, Robert admitted to himself.

I like them in top shape with an open and friendly personality, he thought, and he especially preferred a guy he could lead, or even better, a guy that was a little submissive.

A few days later Robert saw Jamie trying to do some free weights. The Navy man casually moved to the weight station and did some lifting, all the while watching the smooth-skinned boy out of the corner of his eye.

He began a conversation with some advice on lifting. Their talk flowed naturally with Robert deliberately touching the boy here and there, showing the lifts that would build biceps, triceps, and other muscle groups.

Jamie acted shy but he clearly liked the attention from the older man. The subject of race never came up between them though an observer could not help but notice the contrast between the dark, muscled black man and the slim white youth.

Some might view the pair as an experienced mentor guiding a young student. Others would see two beautiful men in their prime turned on to each other as they conducted a timeless mating dance.

Robert’s thoughts were less lofty than that as he talked with the kid in the locker room after their workout. He sat down splay-legged on the bench and gripped Jamie’s shoulder. With his legs spread Robert’s jock stood out, forced up and filled out by his hefty dark dick. Jamie couldn’t avoid glancing at it.

“Weights build strength, muscle mass,” said Robert, using his deep voice to entice the youth. “To grow big like me you need to stick with it.”

Jamie turned his long-lashed hazel eyes to Robert, shook his feathered brown hair and leaned into Robert’s hand on his shoulder. “I need a coach, someone to teach me, show me the way,” said Jamie, who wasn’t being any more subtle about his feelings than Robert with his stuffed jockstrap.

Still, the two had to be careful not to be too obvious about their desire for each other.

Jamie’s line gave Robert a great opening. He invited kütahya escort the youth to his room at the Y to discuss a work-out plan and schedule. “I’m staying here while I’m in town taking some classes. Come up to my place and we’ll go through it,” Robert said.

There was a slight glitch, explained Robert. The Y had been embarrassed recently with newspaper reports of homosexual activity in the gym showers and locker room. There were calls to shut the entire complex, but management promised to monitor and end the sex play.

Jamie didn’t live at the Y so he couldn’t just go up with Robert to his hotel room even though the gym was just a few floors below it. Instead, he had to leave the gym, go out on the street, enter the Y’s lobby, go to the check-in desk, and ask the clerk to call Robert for his approval to let up a guest.

“Look, it’s not that big a deal,” said Jamie. “What I don’t understand is why anyone cares about what two men do when their alone. They’re not hurting anyone.”

That statement eliminated any doubt Robert had that Jamie was gay.

“I know what you mean about the sex,” said Robert, returning the signal. “Why not just let people do what they want to do?”

This back-and-forth was part of a careful game that gay men had to play in the 1970s when hooking up with a stranger. The fact is many people did care what two men did in bed, especially in Washington, home of the federal government.

In the 1950s the feds had purged many gay employees from its ranks after their homosexuality was revealed. Many lives were ruined, some committed suicide.

Twenty years after that tragedy the gay movement was on the upswing and Washington had become home to a large gay community. But some members of Congress and leaders of the government bureaucracy were still trying to hold back the rising tide of homosexuality.

Jamie was like a lot of the young guys flocking to DC in those days. He joined the Y because it was cheap and offered weights, a pool, sauna, lockers, and showers.

Jamie liked keeping in shape.

When he looked in the mirror he saw a guy about five foot, ten inches tall, 150 pounds, with a flat stomach and strong legs supporting a taut butt, and he wanted to stay that way.

Jamie was gay and horny, and he wanted to be attractive to other horny men.

Jamie had a little bit of a secret that he kept from most of his humpy, white gay friends. He also joined the Y because it attracted well-built black guys; some were gay, some curious about the life, some just looking to get their rocks off.

After Robert’s display of his package Jamie got butterflies in his stomach at the thought of going to bed with the husky black man.

Jamie had carefully looked him over during their workout. He saw a guy six foot two inches tall and carrying about two hundred pounds, most of it muscle, and all wrapped in flawless ebony skin.

It didn’t hurt that Robert had a great smile and a sexy, deep voice. Robert too liked to keep in shape and the Navy encouraged its men to work out.

The two men made plans to meet in Robert’s room in about an hour. That gave Robert time to get upstairs, put on some fresh clothes, and straighten his place a bit.

He decided to go shirtless to show off his torso and stepped back into the jock, remembering how Jamie’s eyes had locked on his penis in the flimsy covering. He put on a pair of tight shorts that were like those favored by the basketball players of the day.

Truth be told, Robert knew about Jamie’s little secret. He heard about it from Ty, another black Navy man who was staying at the Y and taking computer classes. One day the two brothers were working out and Ty pointed out Jamie across the room.

“Don’t look now but check out that hottie over by the bikes, the white kid,” said Ty who made no secret of his gay hook-ups.

That’s when Robert had that self-realization that he truly was gay and dug white guys. Robert hid the thought from Ty and nodded. He pretended to be indifferent to Ty’s gay stories, but they often got him hard.

“He’s got a thing for black dudes. And he loves to give blowjobs,” said Ty. “I met him a couple days ago in the sauna. We were alone. He was sitting there naked on his towel, his cock getting hard and his body shiny with sweat. Damn, he’s fine. I had my towel on and sat down near him but on the higher bench.

“I sat there for a few minutes enjoying the heat. I accidently on purpose brushed my leg against him. He didn’t move away. I rubbed my leg against him. He looked at me. I looked at him. He reached up and put his hand under my towel,” recounted Ty.

Long story short, Jamie’s head was soon buried in Ty’s crotch and the towel was on the floor. Jamie sucked him like a house afire and Ty spurt a load over Jamie’s chest, hair, and face.

“That guy may look innocent but he’s hot as Alabama asphalt in August,” said Ty, a son of the South.

Robert recalled the story and fondled his cock as he waited kütahya escort bayan for Jamie.

The good-looking boy was soon knocking at his door. Robert welcomed him and Jamie took a long look at the man’s nude torso and short shorts. The two men sat at the one-man desk and got down to the business of creating a work-out schedule, all the while enjoying the tight quarters that forced their legs to rub together.

Robert recommended Jamie start a three day a week work-out with an hour for each session. He emphasized that Jamie had to push himself to do plenty of repetitions, a technique that wore out the muscles, then built them back up. Jamie asked a question or two, making a point of touching Robert’s leg or arm.

“Will you be available to train me, sir?” asked Jamie. “I know you’re busy, but I’d like to continue today’s session. Maybe I can pay you back in some way. I don’t have much money but there must be something.”

“How’s this idea — I’m dying for a massage,” said Robert. “I’m feeling kind of tight. There’s some oil on the bureau.”

That’s exactly what Jamie wanted to hear. He grabbed the baby oil and took off his t-shirt, saying he didn’t want to get it dirty. He worked the oil into his hands and poured some on Robert’s brawny naked shoulders.

As Robert sat at his desk, Jamie stood behind him and pressed hard on the big man, rubbing in the oil, feeling the warmth of his skin.

Jamie’s hands moved to Robert’s arms then up to the nape of his neck. He stood closer, touching his naked white chest against the black man’s powerful back, his soft hair brushing Robert’s face and his breath tickling the hunk’s ears and neck.

Robert got goose bumps and his cock grew harder.

Robert’s dark skin shone with the oil, turning Jamie on, and sending a tingle through his cock.

“Your muscles feel terrific sir. I hope this doesn’t offend you, but I like to see the color contrast between my body and yours. Something about it is very sexy,” he said quietly.

“I’m not offended at all,” Robert responded. “How can you not notice my dark skin against your white body. I don’t usually share this, but the contrast gets me going too.”

Robert took some oil and reached up and massaged it into the boy’s chest and arms.

“Look at my hands against your creamy skin,” Robert said, gently feeling the boy’s torso and gliding over his nipples. “You put it well, it’s sexy as hell.”

These words and the horny massage made Jamie a little light-headed and he leaned against Robert’s shoulder.

“You OK boy? Kneel down here and massage my thighs,” said Robert. “My legs tense up when I go jogging after sitting in class all day.”

Robert turned his chair away from the desk, folded a towel and put it down in front of his legs.

Jamie got on his knees on the towel before Robert and looked up into his eyes. The boy licked his lips and started to massage oil into Robert’s thick, hairless thighs, moving his fingers towards the bulging crotch. His breath grew ragged as he worked the oil into the skin.

“Sir let’s get you more comfortable. Let me help you take off those shorts,” Jamie said huskily.

Robert stood, his crotch at the boy’s face. Jamie thought this was just what had turned him on in the locker room.

“You do it son,” Robert commanded.

Jamie grabbed the waist band and pulled down the shorts.

Jamie stared at Robert’s black cock bunched against the jockstrap, straining to be freed, throbbing with each heartbeat. One of Robert’s balls had squeezed its way out of the jock. The smell of sweat and cock filled the small room.

Jamie fell into a kind of trance as he looked at Robert’s glorious package. He reached out and touched the jockstrap with both hands, fondling the massive penis through the fabric.

Robert looked down at Jamie. “Go on, boy. Take it out. You know you want to.”

Jamie slowly lowered the jock. Robert’s massive coal black cock sprang out, eight long, thick inches with pumping veins running on its sides, the head a plum purple atop the steel-hard tool.

Jamie was mesmerized. His mouth was open, his heart racing. He gripped the heavy engorged cock around the shaft and slowly jacked it. He stared at the huge phallus, speechless as he turned it sideways, feeling its weight, then moved it higher and softly took Robert’s heavy ball sack in his left hand.

“Wow,” he whispered, his voice thick with lust. “Sir, your cock is incredible. May I kiss it?”

“Yes, you may,” Robert murmured.

Jamie leaned down and butterfly kissed the gorgeous erection. Then he kissed it again, pressing his soft lips against the shiny stretched skin of the cockhead. He backed off and saw some precum. He licked it. Robert moaned in pleasure.

“Boy, you’re doing good. Now I want you to suck my fat, black cock,” Robert ordered the boy. “Get your mouth wet and take it deep.”

Thrilled at being told what to do, Jamie smacked his lips to generate saliva for his horny task. escort kütahya He bent down and took the entire head in this mouth. The spongy purple mass barely fit. Jamie moaned, turned his head left and right, and savored the feel of a fat cock filling his drooling mouth.

He sucked it hard. Fuck it was good. He had fantasized about blowing a black cock as he walked from work to the Y. Now he had one in his mouth. Sometimes being gay was great.

More precum oozed from the cock and Jamie tasted it, swirling it in his mouth. ‘Damn,’ he thought, ‘I can’t wait until he shoots his load.’

“Do you like that cock boy?” Robert teased, taking his bloated phallus out of Jamie’s mouth, and holding it in front of his face. “You’re doing good son. Now my balls need some loving. Think you can do that?”

Jamie was entranced as he moved closer to the cream-filled balls. “Yes sir. I want to love your balls sir.”

Robert loved teasing the boy. He jacked his cock a few times in Jamie’s face. He smiled as the turned-on boy swallowed some of the thick saliva in his mouth and his shining hazel eyes grew wide in wonder at Robert’s stroking.

“Show me how good you can be. Get that pretty mouth on my nuts,” directed Robert. “Gently boy. Don’t you dare bite ’em. If I feel a nip, I’m going to take this cock away.”

Jaime moved his mouth steadily to the black balls, closed his eyes and took one carefully in his warm mouth. He backed off, stuck out his tongue and licked the sweaty sac. Robert continued to jack off as Jamie laved his testicles and took the second meaty orb into his mouth, pushing his nose into the base of the throbbing ebony penis.

Robert powerful hands pulled Jamie’s face into his crotch, so the boy’s face was covered with cock and balls.

“Show me how you love that black cock. Show me baby,” moaned Robert as he continued to hold Jamie in his tight grip. The beautiful boy held his breath as he mouthed the cock and balls, tasting the mix of sweat, soap, piss, and cock.

He let out a continuous moan, his eyes rolling back in his head as he basked in worshipping the black man who had taken control of his white body.

Robert let go and Jamie caught his breath, looking up into the stud’s melting brown eyes. Robert stared into Jamie’s bright hazels. There was a connection there, as if their minds were communicating directly without words. The feeling lingered for a few seconds.

Jamie stood and took off his pants and underwear. His erection stood out from his crotch, a healthy six inches long with some solid weight and a nicely rounded head. Robert took it in his hand and pumped it, complimenting the boy on its beauty.

Jamie bent towards Robert and gently kissed him on the lips. Robert was pleasantly surprised and returned the affection, holding Jamie’s head with both hands and kissing him softly.

Jamie got back down on his knees between Robert’s thighs. “I want to taste your cum sir. Please give it to me,” he said.

He took the stiff black rod in his mouth and began sucking, his left-hand holding Robert’s heavy balls.

Robert watched his dark, veiny cock go into Jamie’s pink lips and red mouth. The black and white contrast was exciting, adding an extra umph to the joy he felt from Jamie’s oral skills.

“Damn, baby, that’s good. Keep working it,” groaned Robert.

Jamie took a breath. He spread his legs, so his balls hung free, his dick getting harder. He stopped and stared at Robert’s glorious cock for a few seconds. Then he began licking the head, the sides, along the thick veins.

He lifted Robert’s cock and moved his mouth back to the pendulous balls. He swallowed the right one and gently held it in his mouth,

Jamie’s dick was rock hard and dribbled a bit. A thought flashed through his mind, ‘I might cum without even touching myself.’ He willed his cock to cool down, holding his load to better enjoy the warm glow that centered around his cock and his mouth as he worshipped Robert’s pulsating meat.

Jamie was using both hands, his mouth and tongue on the dick. He stopped for another breath and gently rubbed the black beauty against his face and lips.

He turned and rested his head against Robert’s muscle-thick thighs, staring at the incredible erection, thinking, ‘I’ve never seen anything so beautiful in my life.’

Robert was in heaven. He closed his eyes and concentrated on the feelings generated in his crotch as the youth worked his entire package.

“That’s good boy. Keep going,” Robert groaned as he stood up and presented his cock and balls to the youth’s mouth and hands. He started to fuck Jamie’s face.

“Take it, take that cock,” Robert commanded. He grabbed Jamie’s head with both hands and moved his cock in and out of the saliva-filled mouth.

Jamie gagged, moaned, he loved it. Sweat covered his body as worked to please the big stud. He moaned again when Robert took hold of him and forced his cock deeper down his throat.

It was scary but good scary. He knew Robert wouldn’t deliberately hurt him but would take command of his body. Jamie wanted it, needed it.

Robert took his pulsating cock from Jamie’s mouth and rubbed it against his face.

“Do it boy. I love fucking your pretty face,’ he grunted in a lusty, nearly incoherent voice. “I’m going to give you my load, baby.”

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