Black Man One Ch. 06

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The young black stud remained by the pool for only an hour this time.

The unintentional tension in the air caused by this black stud was obviously making all 13 of us white husbands feel uncomfortable. Our pretty white wives had so many moments where they were uncharacteristically quiet and somber, yet they tried to keep some form of communication inside the group.

Minutes before the black man departed a few of the wives suggested we ask him to join us for the next meal.

“Why don’t you guys go over there and talk to him again? Maybe he’s hungry now?” Clarissa asked.

But, there were no takers.

None of us from this group of white husbands had a desire to approach him. Speaking for myself, I was intimidated by the presence of such a man and the manner in which he showed his absolute control over his pretty blonde companion. It appeared the others had the same sinking feeling that I did.

As Tra’mon stood, then finally departed with the beautiful white woman following behind, everyone’s eyes opened wide. Our wives’ eyes were glued upon him. He exited the pool area by walking around the far end of the pool. This seemed to be his trend. He was ignoring us completely.

“Well, I guess it’s too late to ask him now.” Karen mentioned.

The group milled in and out and around their condo apartments, and by the pool, for more than a few hours. Nobody really mentioned the “obvious” display of his masculinity during this time. Yet, everyone’s mood was affected.

The wives prepared the shark steaks and lit the tiki-styled torches positioned all the way around the pool. It was around 8 p.m., and they had all changed into shorts or skirts, and tank top tee shirts by now. This was part of their evening wear. The men had changed to summer shirts and shorts.

It was now the Friday night before the fourth of July holiday.

The sun was beginning to set and someone had put on soft music. The young black man was nowhere in sight. It seemed as if he had retired for the evening with his blonde companion.

That is when Julie asked for a couple of volunteers to run out for more ice.

When David volunteered I offered to tag along. Deep down, I just wanted to get away from the tension for awhile. With the black man not around I felt more relieved, almost thankful. I was sure that I wouldn’t want to leave my wife’s sight if he had still been there. The curious way he looked at her earlier in the day sent a chill of fear through my entire body.

David and I had been gone for about 45 minutes.

We milled around a few stores for awhile looking at mindless items, lost in thought. Both of us were quite sullen and withdrawn. Looking back, it was clear that this black stud had taken away our entire self esteem.

As we pulled into the parking lot close to 9 o’clock that night, we both noticed the blonde woman walking out towards her car. She was barefoot and clutching something in her arms as she minced her way across the pavement.

Still, the black man was nowhere to be seen.

She looked just as incoherent as she appeared earlier in the day, perhaps even more so. The way she was cradling all her clothes in her arms seemed a little strange to me.

David pulled into a parking spot a few cars down from her red Mazda, and we sat there and watched her struggle to open the car door. It was fairly obvious the black stud had fucked her again, and then sent her on her way. I couldn’t explain why it was obvious, but it truly was.

“Maybe we should have stopped her?” David said.

“She didn’t look at all capable of driving.” he added.

The red Mazda started off slowly, then accelerated..

“I don’t know. She’s driving alright.” I said, as we watched her car darting away.

“Besides, I really don’t want to get involved.” I stated.

“Yeah, I know what you mean.” David returned.

David and I got out of his car and grabbed the 4 bags of crushed ice we purchased, each of us carrying two. That is when we spotted the young, black man strolling out from the building and into the parking lot.

He was alone, and his partial “thug” look terrifed us.

Both David and I tensed up immediately.

He was wearing a pair of well-pressed, khaki shorts and expensive black leather sandals. His crisp white short-sleeved shirt was hanging out. His muscular, dark biceps stretched the cotton sleeves with relative ease.

Within seconds, a silver metallic Mercedes convertible pulled into the parking lot and right up to him. The driver was a beautiful white woman in her mid 20’s with brown hair. She was dressed in club styled purple minidress, which hugged her body like a second skin.

It was apparent that she was there to pick him up.

Tra’mon casually “hopped” into here convertible and they sped off into the night.

“Geezuz?! Another white woman?” I asked myself.

“The other woman he was with just left a minute before!” I said to myself, shocked.

I stood there wondering if Pendik Escort the first white woman even knew. Did she know that the black man she was seeing was going out with another white woman, seemingly for the night? At the time, I wished that I had not seen this happening. This may have been an “innocent” relationship, or a simple friendship, and I tried thinking along those lines to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Still, I couldn’t be sure.

My answer would come in the “wee” hours of the morning, less than 8 hours later.

Most of the group had milled around the pool until midnight. A few couples had retired for the night an hour earlier.

“We’ll just finish cleaning up in the morning.” Julie said.

The rest of us all agreed.

Everyone of us went back to our condos. I was sure all of us fell asleep rather quickly, just as Julie and I did. That night wasn’t a restless one. I was exhausted and glad to get to sleep. But, I shouldn’t have had that last drink so early before going to bed since I was awakened by Mother Nature only 5 hours later.

It was around 5 in the morning when I woke up needing to relieve myself.

In my half sleep state, I headed for the bathroom and began urinating. My mind wasn’t even remotely clear as I finished my business and flushed the toilet. That is when I heard the faint sound of a car running coming from the parking lot.

That side of the building from our 2nd floor condo overlooked the parking lot. Although we had not been there for more than a couple months, it was strange to hear any cars running, especially at this time on a Saturday morning. I decided to “peek” out from our bathroom window to see who was out there running their car.

It was the same silver Mercedes convertible that David and I had seen earlier in the evening.

yes, it was the same car, and with the same pretty brown-haired white woman who had picked up the brash Tra’mon around 9 the night before. Unbelievably, she was now on her knees before him and quite clearly sucking on his massive cock.

She knelt on the pavement on the driver’s side with the door wide open. The young black stud simply stood above her with the palm of his left hand directly on the top of her head, controlling it. She knelt there subserviently sucking on his black cock with her arms down at her sides.

In amazement, I watched as the black stud roughly fucked this white woman’s throat. I must have been catching the last part of this little scene because it ended 3 minutes later. When he finished using her mouth, it was clear that he shook his cock dry onto her before returning it inside his shorts. With a knowing grin, he zipped the fly shut.

He said something to her that I was unable to hear from that distance, then turned and slowly walked to the condo building entrance. The white continued kneeling as she watched him strut through the door. Finally, she got up and drove away.

I had not seen anything like that since I saw my date from a school dance sucking on a black man’s cock years before. It wasn’t the same, but this shadowed image brought my mind way back to the humiliation I had experienced years before. It was an image that I have always wished to forget.

Intimidated, I returned to bed. I was glad that Julie didn’t have to witness this little scene in the parking lot. It took me an hour to fall asleep as I grew worried about this young black stud’s sudden appearance within our condo.

But, this would be just the beginning of the weekend introduction of the new black resident and neighbor. The next few days of this extended 4 day holiday weekend would become an overwhelming source of visual humiliation for all 13 of us white husbands in the condo association. In turn, it seemed to become more like a source of tremendous curiosity and visual stimulation for the 13 white wives.

That next morning was Saturday the fouth. Again, the couples began arriving to the pool area around 10 o’clock. By 10:45, all of us were present.

The wives began preparing a simple brunch of buttered croissants, fruit and mimosa. The mood was more relaxed for the time being as the young, black man had not made an appearance. I am quite sure all the husbands felt relieved by this.

“Geez. I hope he had plans to get out of town for the day, and the weekend?” I hoped, thinking to myself.

But, when the clock hit 12:30 in the afternoon he suddenly appeared.

The black stud emerged from the glass door with a small, white towel around his neck and in a pair of the skimpiest leopard-print bikini underwear. This time there was no question that they were underwear rather than a speedoes swim bikini. Boldly, he strutted right past us without a single word being said. He was speaking on his cell phone as his thick, insulting cock flopped around in the pouch of those whisper thin biknis.

Our faces turned beet red.

Yet, nobody within the group seemed to show the desire to mention the cold, callous display of Anadolu Yakası Escort his manhood. The black stud merely strolled around to his lounge chair on the other side of the pool, where he lit a marijuana cigarette.

The aroma of the weed was quite noticeable.

The young black man smoked “blunts” and layed around for the next 40 minutes until his cell phone rang. Immediately, he got up and began walking. As he arose, the white wives stared hungrily. Their eyes never drifted from his powerful body as he strode past us with confidence.

“I’ll be right there.” we heard him saying to his caller.

Apparently, he had a guest arriving and departed to let this person in through the parking lot entrance. The white wives all gazed at his muscular ass cheeks in those leopard-print bikinis as he slowed his stride so confidently as he passed.

The mood suddenly changed to an intense curiosity. I am sure all of us wondered about who this “guest” would be. Many of us stared at each other with a look of bewilderment tracing our faces, yet none of us spoke about it.

“So, how is your new job Richard?” Mark asked, nervously, trying to change the subject and break the embarrassing silence.

Everyone in the group stared right at me.

I was caught off guard and placed “on the spot,” so to speak. Nervously, I answered. I began talking about my new position and the differences between living in Arizona compared to our previous residence. I blubbered through my response for the next 5 minutes, feeling on edge as I glanced over to the pool entrance door every 30 seconds. Others were “glancing” in that direction as well.

Suddenly, Tra’mon stepped out. This time there were two white women following behind him. Yes, there were two of them, and none of them were any of the other women that I had seen with him before.

Both white women were absolutely gorgeous.

One woman was in her late 30’s, an auburn-haired beauty in a red bikini with 3 inch tan mules. She was 5’6″ and 122 lbs., and had larger breasts and pale irish skin. The gold jewelry she wore arounf her neck and wrists was exquisitely detailed.

The other woman was younger, barely 30 years of age, blonde and stunning. Her 5’9″ 135 pound frame was curvy with wider 36″ hips and moderate 36 “C” cup breasts. She wore a red and white striped bikini that accentuated her curves. Her blonde hair was secured into a long pony tail and she wore modest flat sandals upon her feet.

All of us watched as the small group of two white women and the younger black man made their way around the pool. They settled into the single chaise lounge chair Tra’mon’s had claimed as his throne. One of the women was carrying a small blue and white cooler, which was only big enough to carry a six pack of beer.

We watched as they settled in.

Curiously, both white women sat on towels that were positioned on the ground at either side of the black stud’s chair. I looked around to see that there were 3 or 4 extra chairs at the other end of the pool. I wondered why he didn’t get the chairs for them. Bob was the first to mention it.

“Damn! Why isn’t he being a gentleman and getting them chairs?” Bob said, whispering louder to the group.

“Yeah, really.” Mark commented.

“How rude.” Tim added, even softer.

“Yes, he should.” I chimed in.

That is when Tammy chimed in as well. It was almost as if she was defending him.

“Well, maybe they don’t want chairs. Maybe they’re comfortable with the way they are. Why blame him?” she asked.

The husbands all blushed while the other women remained quiet. Their constant gazing upon the black stud across the large pool was humbling to us.

The two white women sat at his side, opening bottles of import beer for him every 30 minutes. They were sharing the marijuana cigarettes he lit from time to time, and simply looking up to him as if he was some sort of ebony greek god.

For the next 2 hours they remained in their area away from us and never made any contact with our group.

It was around 2:30 that afternoon when the black stud got up and walked towards the entry door. Again, he walked boldy and confidently with his monstrous bulge waving back and forth with every stride. The two beautiful white women followed behind, disappearing moments later. They were heading back to Tra’mon’s condo apartment.

The relief we felt when he departed was minimal. No longer did our pretty young white wives have to view the masculine black stud flaunting himself in such a rude manner. Yet, his presence seem to linger in their minds.

The hours passed and it was now close to 7:30 p.m.

We had not seen the black man and his two white guests reemerge from the condo. That is when Barbara suggested that we try inviting him down to watch the fireworks show from the city tonight. This had been the plan all along, to watch the 4th of July fireworks and celebrate the holiday with a champagne toast.

“We should İstanbul Escort at least invite him.” she suggested.

“Yes, that would be the neighborly thing to do.” Tammy agreed.

“Yeah. It won’t hurt anyone to try.” Barbara returned.

All the husbands had a look of fear on their faces. None of us were so willing to follow through with such a ghastly request. The suggested invitation felt like torture for us. We certainly had no desire to see the young black man around.

“No, I don’t think that’s a good idea.” one husband said.

“Oh, why not? It’s the holiday.” Megan said.

We seemed to be in near disbelief that our wives were all in agreement to invite our new black neighbor in to watch the fireworks show.

“Richard, just go and invite him and his friends.” my wife, Julie, directed.

“I don’t think we should. Maybe later, honey.” I answered.

“Oh, stop. Don’t be such a big baby. Do it now before it gets dark and he makes other plans.” she returned.

“Uh, why me?” I asked, scared.

“Because you’re the only one who has spoken to him so far.” Julie answered firmly.

“You’ve spoken to him. Not us.” she reaffirmed.

I couldn’t believe my ears. My wife was putting me on the spot again. She was pushing me towards going back to his apartment to extend this completely ridiculous invitation.

Meekly, I stood up and turned to David.

“David, will you come with?” I asked him.

“Well, uh, I-I’d rather not.” he quivered.

“Oh, will you just go already Richard?” Julie snapped, impatiently.

Defeatedly, I turned and began walking towards the entry door by myself. I felt even more uncomfortable than I did yesterday when I returned his “other” blonde woman friend’s shoe.

Everyone in our group now had the impression I had spoken to this black stud, but I really had not. There were barely a few words exchanged and basically a direct order to fetch him a glass of champagne. But, they didn’t know that. They didn’t have to know it.

My little white lies were beginning to get me in trouble.

Timidly, I made my way down the corridor leading to his apartment. This would be the second time in as many days. It was right around 7:30 and the sun was still out, but it had been nearly 5 hours since he and the two women left the pool area.

In the back of my mind, I was hoping they had all left the apartment by now. Hopefully, this won’t be an issue at all. I certainly did not want to face him again, or even see him. None of the husbands did.

My concern grew when I finally tapped on the door to his apartment. I heard the sound of a vacuum cleaner running and tapped a second time, only softer. Sensing a safe exit retreat, and being given a built in excuse to flee, I turned and began to step away from the door. That is when I heard the door open and the sound of the vacuum cleaner turning off.

“Yes? Can I help you?” I heard the feminine voice ask.

I turned to see the tall blonde woman standing in the doorway with a cell phone to her ear. She was covering the mouth piece with her other hand.

“Can I help you?” she repeated.

“Uh, well I just came to invite all of you to the …” I began saying, stuttering and whispering nervously.

But, the pretty blonde could not make out anything that I was saying. Apparently, the caller on the other end of her phone continued speaking without being prompted. This seemed to frustrate the blonde woman and she motioned for me to come inside for a moment.

This blonde woman had a cleaning towel over her shoulder and a maid-like rag on her head. Her face was perspiring. It seemed as if she was in the middle of cleaning the apartment when I knocked. I stepped inside this black man’s apartment for the very first time.

She continued her attempts to end the call as I stood inside the condo and waited, nervously.

I did not see Tra’mon anywhere.

But, I did see the 40-year-old pretty redhead. She was inside the bathroom and cleaning as well. I looked around to see the turned off vacuum cleaner sitting in the middle of the livingroom. On the sofa there were three piles of freshly washed and folded clothes. They were obviously belonged to the black man.

The place looked spotless.

There were many signs of the apparent cleaning these two white women were working on. Still dressed in their little bikinis, they both had “doo rags” around their heads and were noticeably sweated up from what seemed like hours upon hours of cleaning.

More humiliating was the fact that both of these women looked like they had been fucked earlier in the day. The dried “cum” on their legs and faces was terribly obvious.

I swallowed loudly and stood there with my nerves shattered as the tall blonde woman finally ended her call.

“I’m so sorry. What did you need again?” she asked, curiously.

“W-Well, I just w-wanted to um invite Tra’mon and the two of to the uh fireworks show in a coupla’ hours.” I stammered, looking around at the impressive cleaning job they did.

“Oh, that’s very sweet of you.” she started.

“We can’t, though. We’re almost finished in here and we still have the car to do before it gets too dark.” she informed.

“Th-the car?” I asked under my breath.

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