Brandy’s First Woman

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It was a hot day and I was on my way driving down the highway the sounds tuned in and the air-conditioning blasting. I love to drive down the road and let myself get lost in the music while I watch the truckers look down at me from the cabs of their trucks. Today I was going to Don’s house I could not wait to get there knowing what he would do to my body. Just the thought of Don’s hands on my skin makes me wet I reach down to stroke my clit as a trucker runs along side of my car watching me stroke my self through my jeans. My hand keeping time to the music as it strokes my pussy thinking of the way his tongue will soon be licking my lips. I can feel the heat of my pussy wetting my pants as I stroke myself to climax. I take the off-ramp leaving the highway and the trucker who has been watching me as I stroked myself. I hear a blast from his air horn as I leave the highway; I smile knowing that I have just made his journey a little more pleasant.

I turn down the street where Don lives knowing that he will be waiting for me to arrive. I can see his van as I pull into the driveway my body tense knowing that he is inside waiting for me to arrive. I unbuckle the seat belt and arrange myself so that I am looking presentable. I get out of my car and head up the walkway and open the gate to the backyard. I walk past the pool the water looks so cool and inviting I think of stripping down to my Thongs and taking a dip, but I decide to hurry into the house to great my Lover. When I get to the door I see a note Brandy I had to go up the street to the neighbor’s house she is having trouble with her car I will be back soon why don’t you go inside and relax. Don

I smile, “Well I guess I can go for that swim now.” I walk in the house and take of my clothes and neatly fold them and sit them on his bed. I need a towel so I take one out of the bathroom. I head back outside feeling the hot sun hit my body as I walk to the pool. I dive in feeling the water slowly circle around my body. Oh the feeling of cool water as it caress my skin making feel alive. I decide to swim a few laps, I love the way my body feels as the water rushes over my skin feeling so free and relaxed. I am so relaxed that I decided that it is time to get out and lay out in the sun and let it dry me off. I lay down on the towel and let the sun bake my tits and stomach feeling the droplets of water as Ankara bayan escort the dry on my skin. My skin is alive from the heat of the sun as I roll over to let it work on my back. I drift off as my body relaxes to the warmth of the sunrays.

I hear the gate open to the yard and I decide to play possum and let my lover come to me. I hear the sounds of his wheels as the come closer to me. I do not move slowing my breathing knowing that he is looking at me. SPLASH I hear the sounds of something hitting the water. Splash Splash I hear the sounds of someone in water. Who is it I know it is not Don I can hear him move in his wheelchair as he gets close to me?

“Hello, Brandy are you awake?” I slowly move my head so I can look up at him not wanting to look in the pool. My minds wondering whom he could have brought with him and why would he leave me so exposed.

“Yes, who is here? I thought we would be alone today?” I replied. It is my neighbor Ginny I thought you would like to meet her. I feel water as it hits my arms knowing that she is near the edge of the pool where I am laying totally exposed.

“Hey Brandy, Don has told me all about you – glad we have the chance to meet.” Turning my head a look into the face of Ginny what a beautiful woman she has long blonde hair and blue eyes.

“You have to excuse my state of undress – I was not expecting anyone else to be here.”

“Oh don’t worry about it I took off my clothes so you won’t feel so out of place,” she says to me with a smile and wink. I can’t help but laugh – this woman has just but me at ease with myself. I have totally forgotten the Don is still there watching the whole interaction between the two of us. “Brandy, why don’t you get back in the pool and talk with Ginny I have to go in and get a drink and take care of business and I will be right back?”

I watch Don as he rolls his chair to the door and enters the house. “Well, Brandy are you coming in?” I stand up exposing my tits to her feeling a little shy again as I watch her eyes wonder the length of my body feeling the heat of passion building in my cunt. I have never felt this before never has a woman awakened such feelings in me. I feel myself as I lower my self into the pool letting the water slide over my skin. “You are beautiful, Brandy. Do you mind me looking at you?” Ginny asks.

“No, not at Escort bayan Ankara all. I don’t mind,” as I look at her for the first time noticing the way her nipples are erect and so dark as they seem to float like flowers on the water.

“Have you ever been with a woman before, Brandy?” she says to me as I feel her fingers pull my hair back out of the way of my nipples. I feel the slight touch of her fingers as they brush my breast.

“No, never I have never had the urge to be with a woman, up till now.” Feeling my skin tingle wanting her to touch me again.

“Would you like to be with me?” Ginny asks as her fingers touch my nipples gently pinching them.

“Yes, show me! Teach me!” I hear myself say as she now takes her hand and cups my breast and lifts it to her mouth. Feeling the sensation as her lips circle my nipple taking it all in flicking her tongue on my nipple. “Oh my that is so nice, please don’t stop!” I feel myself starting to quiver with excitement as she continues to lick and bite my nipples first the right then the left.

“I see you girls are getting to know each other.” Don has returned and I feel my body tingle knowing that he has been watching me with this woman that is making me come alive. “Don’t stop on my account.”

“Trust me, we won’t,” I hear Ginny say as she looks at me. “Touch me Brandy?”

I slowly reach out and touch her skin feeling the water and her nipple as hardens to my touch I slowly bend over and take it in my mouth gently rolling the nipple in my mouth I feel her hand as it slides down and touches my pussy. I am on fire taking her nipples in my mouth pulling and sucking them feeling her hands pulling me in grinding herself against me. “Do you want me to eat you, Brandy?” I hear Ginny ask. I am now so lost to her touch that I just look at her and nod. “We have to get out of the pool, Brandy, if you want me to eat you right.”

I swim to the edge of the pool and slowly get out. Don is there with a towel and he dries me off. I hear Ginny get out of the pool. “Come here, Ginny – I will dry you off, too.”

“OK, Don, on my way,” she walks to him letting him dry her off touching her as he watches me to see what I will do. “Don, Ginny wants to eat me and I going to let her. Will you watch?”


Ginny takes my hand and lays me down on the towel and strokes my Bayan escort Ankara skin as the sun starts to warm and dry of the water left. I feel her as she lowers her head to my pussy feeling her open my legs.

“You have a beautiful pussy, Brandy,” I hear her purr as she starts to lick my lips feeling her tongue setting a fire on my pussy. I feel my hips raise to her mouth wanting to feel her tongue in my pussy licking my clit. “Ginny, if you bite her clit she will really cum,” I hear Don tell her. I just let her continue to lick and suck on my clit feeling myself melt to her touch.

“Oh you mean like this, Don?” she says as I feel her teeth take my clit in her mouth and bite and stretch my clit.

“Yes, like that.” I am now cumming so hard that the juices are spilling out of my lips as her tongue licks me clean taking all of me in. I feel my fingers as the pull and pinch my nipples.

“Gin do you want me to eat you?” I ask her as she continues to eat my pussy. She moves herself into a 69 position I look to see her pussy it is so small and pretty I take my tongue and begin to lick her lips so slowly at first letting myself taste her sweet pussy. I feel my self-starting to relax more as she works on me I begin to mirror her actions. My tongue licks and enters her pussy tasting her juices as my tongue works in little circles on her clit in rapid strokes. I feel her pussy as she starts to grind herself in my face. I take her clit in my teeth and bite it gently as I feel her clit get harder and grow in my mouth. Oh my god I am here in the sun eating this woman as she eats me I feel like fire as my body starts climax again in waves of hot flames shouting from my pussy to my soul. My mouth sucks her lips in as my tongue darts into her pussy as she explodes in an orgasm feeling my mouth with her juices. I gobble it up like a hungry kitten I love the way she tastes.

“Well girls are you having fun?” I hear Don say. I had forgotten that he was watching this whole experience I was having.

“Yes, I had fun, Don,” I hear Ginny say as she stops eating me and starts to move away from me. My body is so relaxed from our session that. I just smile up at the two of them.

“I have to go. Don, thanks for helping with the car – any time I can help you with Brandy again will be my pleasure.” I watch as she walks over to her clothes and puts them on.

“Goodbye Ginny, it was nice meeting you.” I watch as this woman leaves and I turn to look at Don.

“Did you enjoy yourself?” He asks as he rolls close to me.

“Yes.” I thank him with a kiss on the lips.

To Be Continued…

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