By The Waterfall

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Asa Akira

Charlene was alone for the first time in a long time. Having been recently divorced, she had gone through a number of changes, including losing a lot of weight. She knew during the final stages of her marriage that things were falling apart fast, but she just stopped caring, about everything including herself.

The less she cared the more weight she gained then one day she looked in the mirror nursing a black eye that her now ex had given her and she realised it was time. If she didn’t do something soon someone was going to die, and she felt certain one way or another it would be her.

Now two years later her she was, her three months check up with her doctor and all of the reconstruction surgery complete, she was finished at last and no longer a slave to her body, standing naked in front of a full length mirror, Charlene examined her body. Things had be tucked and lifted and removed and now she couldn’t believe how lucky she was with the way things turned out, anyone she met now wouldn’t believe that she had ever been fat.

Yes she admitted she had been fat or as doctor’s called it morbidly obese. Charlene hated those words and now she no longer had to face them. It hadn’t been easy but this moment and the next few hours of moments to come to Charlene would make everything worth it.

Gathering her things she set out on a journey, one that she had been promising her self for a while now. While she was out on one of her daily walks she had come across this beautiful waterfall and open clearing, even though the weather at the time had made it impossible to stop for any length of time Charlene promised her self that one day in the early summer she would be back.

Even though it was a long arduous trek it was one she felt confident about taking. Charlene decided to make this the beginning and the end, the end of the old her and the new beginning of the new her. She was excited and nervous, but more than ready when she set out. The sun was shining and there was a slight breeze, you couldn’t ask for a nicer day.

Though she was alone Charlene enjoyed walking, she would wear a walkman and listen to music as she walked and daydreamed, that was something Charlene was good at, daydreaming, she always figured when your hiding from pain, your own little world is the place you spend the most of your time.

The sun had risen high in the sky and there wasn’t a cloud to be seen so after about two hours worth of steady uphill walking Charlene was beginning to feel the effects of a brisk pace and the sweat was beginning on the back of her neck and knees, she could feel it running across her face and down between her shoulder blades but she continued on, knowing she was almost to her destination. Suddenly Charlene pushed through to a clearing and she was there, she’d known that it would be even more beautiful here at this time of year as it had been when she’d last been here in early spring.

There was a small pond around the waterfall, with incredibly clear water. You could see right to the bottom of it and it also allowed you to see that it wasn’t very deep, about chest deep on her Charlene figured. So at 5’10 then the water might have been just a little over five feet deep.

The day was glorious and Charlene spread her blanket out and removed some of the stuff from her knapsack and sat down to remove her shoes. This place was very isolate and Charlene had a desire to strip off more than just her shoes and socks, looking around quickly making sure no one was around she decided to be brazen and stripped off her clothes.

The wind felt amazing on her skin, never before had she been totally naked outside and she new that she had to take advantage of it. She also realised she didn’t care if she got caught, this feeling of freedom was to much.

Standing and stretching her arms out to her sides she began to spin in slow circles absorbing as much sun and air as she could. The breeze and freedom made her nipples rock hard and the naughtiness almanbahis adres of what she was doing made her wet between her thighs. Once she came back to reality Charlene laughed to her self, feeling more than a little silly she sucked in her breath and ran for the water. It felt wonderful and Charlene worked her way towards the waterfall.

Mike stopped and stared not sure of what to do, he had seen Charlene approach the waterfall from the opposite direction and was about to step out and speak to her when something stopped him. Maybe it was the look on her face or the glint of her hair in the sunshine, he wasn’t sure but he stopped. When she started to remove her clothes Mike began to feel a little guilty about watching her but he could pull him self away, and when she rose and started to lose her self in the sunshine Mike felt rooted to the spot, unable to take his eyes from her, when she ran from the shore into the water, Mike stepped from the shadows and began to make his way to the water, stripping as he went.

Charlene heard movement and looked towards shore when she say Mike enter the water, her first thought was, my God he’s magnificent, but the quickly coming to her senses she realised that he was moving toward her and if he had shown up that quickly then he probably had seen her naked and turning in the sunshine.

For some reason she wasn’t embarrassed, a little exhilarated, totally turned on, and excited but not embarrassed at all. Mike moved closer to her and Charlene automatically moved back against the front of the waterfall, Mike closed the distance between them stopping only when he was arms length away, not wanting to scare her.

“Hi,” he started, “I’m sorry to bother you but I couldn’t help but watch you earlier…”

Charlene stopped him and closed the last of the distance between them, mesmerized with his eyes; they were beautiful, a shade of blue she had never seen before. He was about 6’5 with a crew cut of blonde hair and adorable dimples and the most glorious body she’d even seen. Her hands long to explore him, and get to know every inch of that body. But there was more to it than that, she was being drawn to him and she didn’t stop to think about anything but that.

She slide her self against him and felt her body meld to his, one hand snaked up the side of his neck and she felt her lips press lightly against his. Mike offered no resistance but returned the kiss with an unhurried eagerness, their lips exploring and their tongue delighting in one another.

The first brush of Mike’s tongue against hers sent shivers through Charlene and her body arched against him, aching for his touch. Mike slipped his hands around Charlene’s waist and lifted her up against him, her thighs wrapping around him. Mike’s hand explored the contours of her back before sliding down and running over the curve of her butt.

Charlene could feel Mike’s cock growing hard between her thighs as the head brush up against her slit. She pressed her breasts against his chest and let one hand slide down to caresses his cock.

It was hard and firm, but soft and smooth at the same time and Charlene stroked it gently with her fingers and hand. They moved slowly through the water Charlene still wrapped around Mike neither speaking nor feeling the need to speak as they made their way to the waterfall.

With unspoken agreement the broke apart and climbed the slight ledge and moved behind the waterfall. The sun shone through the wall of water making gorgeous patterns against the floor and back wall of the small isolated cavern, the floor glinted with its smooth water worn surface.

Taking her hand Mike lead Charlene to the middle of the floor and lowered the two of them to the ground. Lying sideways they began to kiss, letting their hands run over each other. Mike’s hands brushed Charlene’s hard nipples before he leaned down and drawing one into his mouth. First sucking gently then a little harder as it grew and puckered under almanbahis adresi his mouth, letting his tongue flick around it.

When Mike moved to suckle her nipples Charlene drew her head back and enjoy the sensation of his mouth on her breast, a soft moan escaping her lips when he tugged it lightly. She needed to touch him and let her hand reach down to seek him out. Wrapping her hand around him, slowly stroking him, allowing him to grow harder. He felt so good in her hand and Charlene stroked him harder and faster.

Charlene moved her free hand along the

length of Mike’s body exploring every inch of him, feeling the taunt muscles of his tummy and chest; she lightly raked her nails across his chest, eliciting a soft groan from his lips. She wanted so badly to take him in her mouth, but could she be that bold? She knew she could and she pushed Mike back against the floor before moving over him.

Mike had thought that Charlene meant to mount him, and he was slightly disappointed that foreplay wouldn’t be longer, but as Charlene turned away from him and proceeded to lower her mouth to his cock and in turn move her wet pussy closer to his lips, Mike smiled, pleased with the fact she wish to exchange oral favours with him.

Charlene knew she was being terribly bold but at this point she couldn’t care less, all she knew at that moment was that she not only wanted to taste Mike, but also she wanted him to taste her. She teased her tongue along the head of Mike’s cock as Mike’s tongue grazed lightly along the length of her moist slit.

Charlene was already very wet, simple from just kissing and touching Mike, however she also knew that once she had him in her mouth the wetness would increase. Charlene loved the feel of hard cock in her mouth and she began to swirl her tongue up and down, and over the head, sucking and nibbling it, letting her hands squeezing the base and tasting the pre-cum that oozed from the tip.

Mike tasted great the way she knew he would, that slightly salty, musky male taste caused her to quickly swallow the entire 8.5 inches of his cock taking him deep into her throat.

Mike tentatively tasted Charlene at this point, slowly running his tongue along her outer lips, using it to part the hair before dipping his tongue inside her. When he brushed past her clit, she deep throated him, the sensation was such that he immediately pressed his tongue deep inside her outer lips pushing hard against her clit.

Taking his thumbs he spread Charlene’s pussy wide open allowing him greater access as his mouth and tongue began to tease and play with her clit, licking and sucking it into his mouth, savouring the taste of her, her juices running unabashedly down his face, even though he was trying hard to catch them.

Every time Mike’s tongue or mouth caught her clit Charlene deep throated Mike’s cock, each stroke harder and more powerful, driving him down her throat. She continued to suck him letting her mouth play along the edge of his cock, before making a strong suction and holding him, then breaking it and drawing him down once again.

As Mike continued his assault on her clit and opening, sliding his tongue in and out of her, flicking the clit with the tip of his tongue Charlene grew wetter and longed to have him inside her. She knew she would orgasm soon and even though she was capable of having multiple orgasms she wanted one hard and powerful one shared with Mike.

She knew from the tightening in Mike’s balls that she could probably suck him off and make him cum right there, but she wanted him inside, she gently removed her mouth from his cock and the final release made a popping noise that echoed in the small cavern, causing her to giggle slightly, just as Mike drove his tongue deep inside her pussy, making her arch up and press her self down on his face.

Reluctantly she pulled her self off knowing if she didn’t right now she would cum. Mike had a slightly dazed expression on his face almanbahis adres as Charlene moved once again over him, this time straddling his hips. Reaching down with her hand she grasped his cock and pressed the head against her extremely slick opening, rubbing her self lightly over it.

Every time it brushed her clit a shiver went through the both of them, looking down, deep into Mike’s eyes Charlene lowered her self slowly down upon his cock. Inch by inch Mike slipped inside her, her pussy muscles closing tight around him, neither was capable of speech at that moment but they communicated with their eyes, both knowing they did not want to stop under any circumstances.

Once Charlene was completely impaled on Mike’s cock, she leaned down and they began to kiss, letting their mouths and tongues tease and titillate each other. They drew one another into long lust filled kisses, their bodies slowly moving in tune with each other. The slight back and forth rocking motion on Mike’s cock was causing Charlene clit to rub against him, sending chills through her. The rhythmic up and down movements driving Mike deeper and deeper into her, while the head of his cock rubbed against her g-spot stimulated her further.

Mike felt the constant tightening and loosening of Charlene pussy muscles pumping his cock, the velvetiness of her almost stroking him and when she rocked back and forth rubbing her clit on his pelvis he found the sensation more than a little distracting. He wanted her to cum badly so he was free to explode inside.

Charlene felt her body moving closer to the edge of orgasm and though it was a wonderful sensation she wanted to experience being able to cum with her partner. Leaning down pressing her breasts against him she whispered in his ears, “I need to cum, will you cum with me?”

Mike was surprised; he had never had anyone ask him to cum with them before, all he could do was nod, as Charlene picked up her pace, grinding and almost bouncing on his cock. Mike tightened his thighs and drove upwards with his hard pulsing cock as Charlene pushed downwards, stroke after stroke they moved together, unable to do anything but breathe and move together. Both felt their muscles tightening and both let out a scream that was heard as a slight whisper.

“I’m cumming” the both said in unison as the sensation overtook their bodies, Mike did indeed explode inside Charlene as her pussy convulsed around his cock, pumping him, trying to drain every drop of cum for his body. Mike gently slipped his hand down between them and began rubbing Charlene’s clit drawing out her orgasm making her tremble at his touch.

She collapsed against him, the only sounds where that of their breathing and their beating hearts, until the finally shuddering through them allowed them to return to normal.

After soft kisses and a resurgence of energy, Mike helped Charlene to her feet and they slipped into the water beneath the waterfall, though the sun was still shining, both knew that the long journey back needed to begin soon. The swam a little in the clear water and stop occasionally to kiss, finally agreeing to leave the water, where they headed towards Charlene’s blanket.

“Mike,” she said, wrapping her arms around him, and placing her cheek against his chest.

“Yes my sweetie?” he replied, not sure if she wanted to break the illusion completely.

“Thank you,” she almost whispered it.

“For what?” he asked.

“For understanding and sharing this with me, I couldn’t have made it this far without you. I love you.”

“Well,” he began, “You could have and would have but thank you for sharing not only your heart with me but everything else, especially today.”

He leaned his head down and kissed the top of her damp head, “I love you too.”

Charlene nuzzled his neck, “Let’s go home OK?”

Mike had to agree. It was a glorious day but it had come to an end. Gathering their things and dressing they clasped hands and began the journey home, both knowing they’d be back again, and soon. After all one didn’t need a special occasion to make love to the person they loved most in the world. When that’s how you felt, every time you made love was a special occasion.

The End.

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