Camping Trip Ch. 02

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Mary rose up onto the balls of her feed and kissed her husband deeply while leading him away in a passionate haze that was still as fresh after 15 years as it was the first year of their marriage.

As they reached the car Al drew Mary against the trunk, she could feel her husband’s arousal pressed against her as he raised her up onto the trunk of the car and slid his hand up her skirt to draw out her arousal. His fingers, calloused from years of hard work, ran up along his wife’s inner thigh. He reached up expecting to come into contact with the traditional cotton that he had become accustom to over the past 15 years. As his fingers grazed over her hot arousal his eyes grew wide in surprise and excitement. Leaning in he whispered to Mary, “My, my, my… what prompted this?” he could feel the blood rush to his already swollen member as he felt his wife’s freshly shaved pussy, naked against the air beneath her skirt.

“It’s something that Kali suggested I try; she thought the change might excite you…” Mary moaned into his ear, “It seems like we’re not together as often anymore, I thought maybe you ataköy escort were losing interest.” She looked up at her husband, sheen of sadness passing through her eyes which quickly passed when Al filled her with one swift move, forcing 3 fingers knuckle deep into her and cutting her off.


Kali slowly lowered herself down, Josh’s lips following her, as she begrudgingly pulled away she moaned into his lips, “I hope that this isn’t where this is going to end… I’m looking forward to much, much more of that.”

Josh leaned in and pressed his lips into her long auburn hair and whispered softly to her, his voice still ripe with passion, “I’ve wanted to do this for months, now that I have you like this I don’t know if I can let you go. So, now, do we go for a walk? Or do we…” His words cut off as he pressed his lips to Kali’s again and drew her into him leading her back towards their campsite.

As they reached the tent that they had decided to share Josh looked into Kali’s eyes and smiled at her, “Do you want this?” he paused and took a shaky breath, avcılar escort “Do you want me?”

Kali smiled at, “Josh,” she kissed his lips softly, “I have wanted to be with you since the first moment that I met you.” Kali began to kiss along Josh’s jaw line and down to the hollow of his throat. Josh emitted a low groan from his throat as he drug his fingers through her hair and his erection strained against his shorts.

As he led her through the flap of their tent he couldn’t help the nerves that sprang up as he closed up the tent. As the tent flap fell behind them Josh caught Kali’s fingers in his own and drew her down to the freshly inflated air mattress and newly laid out sleeping bags. As he lay back on the bed he laid her supple figure over his so that she was now in direct contact with his throbbing member. Dragging a hand through her hair he pulled her lips back down to his as she pressed herself against him.

Josh allowed his hand to slide up her hip and ran his fingers along the edge of her t-shirt. “Mmmmmmmmm… Kali, you feel so good against me” his beylikdüzü escort hand began to caress her breast through her top. Kali reached down to trail her fingers up his leg and teasingly over his hard penis through his jeans. She reached up to guide his hand down and under her top, helping him slide her bra out of the way.

Kali moaned audibly as he started stroking and caressing her “D” cup breasts, twisting and pulling her nipple between his fingers. Begrudgingly breaking her lips from his Kali smiled at Josh and raised up, straddling him on her knees, to shyly and seductively pull her shirt up and over her head. Self consciousness took over and Kali’s arms wrapped around her wais hiding her “wobbly bits” as Bridget Jones would say. Josh smiled at her and reached out to uncover Kali as he brought her arms down to her sides he reached behind her to unclasp her bra. “You don’t give yourself enough credit,” he rasped softly, “you have a beautiful figure to me.” Kali’s eyes filled with happiness as she reached to pull his shirt off and admire his abs of Budweiser running her hands over his plush physique and pulling him up to press their bare chests together and once again lose themselves in one another’s kiss.


Well, I hope that you’re enjoying this so far, Chapter 3 may take me a little longer to complete but I welcome your feedback and look forward to hearing from you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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