Chloe and Allen Ch. 01

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This is entirely fiction. All characters are 18 or older.

There are daddy/daughter themes throughout this story. If that’s not your thing, you may want to move on.

Note this is also a slow build. No couple paragraphs of exposition followed by pages of sex scene here. Go elsewhere on this site for that. In the end, this is probably more of a love story. One I hope you enjoy. Since this is my first-ever story, constructive feedback is most welcome! Emphasis on “constructive,” of course. Here we go…

The tension was building, separately, for both of them. Chloe and Allen both had erotic feelings for each other but hadn’t acknowledged them. Well, out loud, at least. Certainly not to each other. Certainly not in words. But they continued to play the games they played, flashing and peeking, and they continued to never break the spell by admitting that either one was doing so. One of the problems for Chloe, of course, was that Allen was her father. One of the problems for Allen was that Chloe was his only, precious daughter.

How it all began for Allen the voyeur

It all started in late April on Chloe’s 18th birthday. Actually the day after.

Well, that’s not true. It started the day Chloe was born.

Chloe loved her Daddy so much! She was his “precious baby girl.” She had him wrapped around her little finger, but she never took advantage of it (much). She was always Daddy’s Little Girl. She loved her Mommy and her brother, of course, at least when he wasn’t being an annoying brother. Which was often. But whatever. But Chloe loved her Daddy with her purest heart. All her years growing up, she adored him. The smell of him. His enveloping hugs. Her Daddy and she spent all kinds of time together doing everything. They were inseparable. And they developed all kinds of inside jokes and loved to be silly together. That was true when she was young, and it was still just as true as she grew into a young woman.

For his part, Allen couldn’t possibly love his baby girl any more than he did. It was love at first sight the day she was born. His heart ached with how precious, sweet, and kind she was growing up. She wasn’t a pushover or anything, she was just…nice. He loved how their bond was strong from the beginning and never wavered. He tried not to play favorites between Chloe and her brother Sam. He and his wife Kathy and their two kids had a great family life. Oh sure, they had the usual growing pains and trials and tribulations that came with being in any family, but they all loved each other, and generally things went well for them all. But everyone knew Chloe and he had a special bond. Kathy thought it was kind of cute. Sam didn’t really think about it much at all, except that it was just another aspect to having an annoying kid sister.

And all their silly traditions and rituals seemed to stay strong over the years, even as she grew up and matured into a lovely 18-year-old girl. The pokes, the shoulder rubs while studying, the bedtime chats and ankle/leg massages, Tuesday Movie Night cuddles, shopping trips, silly sayings. Everything always loving and affectionate and innocent, even at 17 going on 18 (and now, today, 18). It was just part of their bond.

“Poke!” Chloe cried as she aimed her index finger in a stab at her Daddy’s belly button. “Poke!” her Daddy stabbed back. Mommy just rolled her eyes. Neither Chloe nor Allen could remember when that one started. Years ago, when she was younger. But pretty much whenever they walked past each other, they’d poke at each other’s bellies.

This time, Allen was on the way upstairs to get Chloe’s presents, and Chloe was headed to the family room for the grand present-opening ceremony. Of course, it wasn’t really that grand. They lived a comfortable life. Allen had a good job as did Kathy, so they never really wanted for anything. So they didn’t really save up for big splurges on birthdays. She got some things she needed and thing she wanted, and more importantly she got the usual gift card for clothes shopping.

Shopping was one of the things Chloe and her Daddy did together. He liked shopping more than her Mommy did, and they loved doing it with each other. Daddy actually had pretty good taste. He wasn’t just the chauffer and bank; he actually helped select outfits, and sometimes (let’s face it, not every time) he’d pick things Chloe liked and ended up getting. He also had a good eye and gave useful advice on what looked good on her. One of the rules was she always tried things on for him, not just trying everything on in the dressing room herself. She liked coming out in each outfit and modeling for him. They made it one of their many games. But in the end, he always left it up to her what to get, to reinforce good decision making skills and confidence. She loved that he trusted her that way.

They went out shopping Saturday, the day after Chloe’s birthday, gift card in hand. Since they were heading into summer, this time the pile of try-ons included Cami Halısı shorts, t-shirts, rompers, short dresses, and a couple bathing suits.

Throughout trying everything on, Allen was realizing something he knew all along but hit him harder today. He guessed it was because of Chloe’s birthday. His precious baby girl was growing up. And she was beautiful! When she came out in a cute summer dress with frills around the shorts sleeves, bottom hem, and collar, he noticed how long and youthful her legs were, how toned and graceful her arms were, and how the v-neck collar didn’t just lie flat against her chest anymore. It was his daughter, so he didn’t think too long about measurements and such, but his formerly flat-chested little girl had developed what were somewhere around B or C cups. Perfect, especially on her petite frame, just like her mother. Allen never understood some men’s fascination with huge DD breasts that could knock you out cold. “When did you grow up to be such a beautiful girl?” he asked Chloe. “You always say that, Daddy!” she giggled. Which was true. But this time, he meant it more. He was inwardly proud, however, that he could notice and be happy for the world and Chloe and not feel like he was perving on his little girl.

Then she came out in a new bikini. It covered everything respectably but just so. It was a deep green, which brought out the green in Chloe’s sparkling and lively eyes. And it fit her form perfectly. Her breasts (Allen made sure he thought of them as “daughter breasts” and remained analytical about them…mostly) were round and hugged by the triangles held by strings. It provided coverage but not much support, and it was easily noted Chloe’s daughter breasts didn’t need support, as they were perky and defied gravity all on their own. Ah, youth. The bottoms tied on each side and perfectly framed her cute bubble butt. She got too close while modeling the bikini, and he yelled “incoming!” while taking a swat at her behind. She giggled and managed to dodge out of the way just in time, his fingers only grazing her left cheek as she dove back into the changing room.

In the end, she bought a couple pairs of shorts, the frilled summer dress plus one other, the green bikini and a one-piece suit that oddly almost seemed to show off more of her than a bikini did, the way it was cut. She also got some comfy-looking sleep pants and shorts, loose and cottony. She didn’t need sleep shirts, since she always wore Allen’s t-shirts as sleepwear. It wasn’t like she just took a couple and kept them. She was always raiding his t-shirt drawer for a new one and giving the others back.

The trouble started later that evening, after they returned home. Well, trouble might be too strong a word. Let’s just call it changes in perception and intent. And it all started innocently enough, at least Allen thought so.

Allen was in the family room watching TV, in his usual spot on the left end of the sofa, remote under his control in his left hand. Sam was of course still at college, in his sophomore year. Kathy had already gone to bed. She was an early to bed, early to rise type, while Allen was more a late to bed, early to rise type. He didn’t need as much sleep. Chloe was similar, so she bounded into the room (that kid’s energy is infectious, Allen noted with a smile for the umpteenth time), grabbed a pillow, and plopped down lengthwise on the rest of the couch, head on a pillow on the other end, for them to watch one of the several shows they watched together. On Tuesday Movie Night, her spot was always sitting on the sofa to Allen’s right, cuddling him, since time began. But other nights she chose a variety of spots, and this was one favorite. Her feet were in good position to kick Allen if he teased her too much, or sometimes she’d get a foot rub out of the deal.

They chatted away amiably as they picked a show. Once that was settled, she fluffed the pillow, turned on her side to face the TV, and settled down to watch. It was early into the show that Allen looked over at Chloe, and his heart stopped.

She was wearing one of her new pairs of sleep shorts they had just bought together, and apparently they were not only short but also quite loose. The whole left leg of the shorts kind of billowed out, and the material hung a little forward and down. The result was that Allen could see straight up her shorts to her pink panties, and most of the left side of them was on clear display. Chloe seemed completely unaware. She had to be, right? There was no reason to think the surprising view was intentional, even though she had just bought that pair specifically.

Allen stared a little too long and found himself getting unexpectedly excited. Now, Allen had always been a bit of a voyeur and, like most boys and many men, loved trying to steal peeks when blouses billowed, shorts gapped, or skirts parted. But this was the first time it had ever happened with Chloe, at least this noticeably. He was stunned. But he couldn’t Cami Halıları pull his eyes away. The panties were simple cotton, but they were a vivid and pretty pink, with cute lime green, lacy borders. He could see almost all the way up to the top green border at her thin and toned waist. But more excitingly, he could see much of the left side of the lower green border, as it cupped her left butt cheek, curved up over her hip, and traced down across her thigh, disappearing between her legs. Right above, as if framed and supported by the green, lacy edge, the pink cotton hugged her, with much of the left side visible. He could see pink-covered butt cheek. And in the front, he could see her pink-clad mons and some of where the fabric must be covering her outer labia. (Allen tried to enforce thinking of them analytically as “daughter labia,” but that was ridiculous and didn’t help at all.) He could imagine her pussy hair just underneath, wispy and curly (or coarse? straight?), enclosed beneath the soft cotton fabric. And then he wondered…did she even have pussy hair? He never even considered whether she shaved before. Now he wondered fervently. Not that he ever expected to find out. So, he looked more intently, trying to determine if the pink layer was lying closely against bare skin or was raised a bit and therefore lying atop a curly mound of pussy hair. He hoped it was the latter. While he enjoyed a nicely trimmed pussy, he preferred one that still had hair and wasn’t completely bald. As he stared, making his study, and thinking his exciting thoughts, his cock stirred. And then it dawned on him, finally, what he was doing. He was creeping on his own daughter!

In shock at his own behavior, Allen snapped his head back to the show. He had completely lost track of what was going on, of course, but it was a simple comedy, so it’s not like he missed much. Then Chloe laughed at a particularly funny bit and moved her legs slightly, drawing Allen’s attention right back to the danger zone. Lovely. Pretty. Tender. His daughter! Ugh. Back to the show. Then occasional, furtive glances…just to check if things got covered up somehow, of course. He adjusted himself, as things were getting a little crowded in his own pajama shorts.

When the show ended, Chloe rolled onto her back on the sofa. But in doing so, she lifted her left knee up toward the back of the couch first. Allen watched this happen as if in slow motion, staring as her entire panty-clad crotch was briefly and enticingly exposed to him, only and arm’s length away. He could literally reach out and caress it, maybe tickle it and make her giggle, maybe something more. (Stop it! He cried to himself.) Chloe then followed with her right knee, so her knees were together, and then she stretched her legs out straight. In doing so, she yelled “incoming!” and gave him a little kick and chuckled playfully.

That jarred Allen back to reality. Chloe’s shorts had now fallen back into place, and she was covered, but he realized he was still staring at his daughter’s crotch. Upon being kicked, he looked up to Chloe’s face and into her eyes, in momentary panic. Did she see where he was looking? How long had he been looking? Could she tell how flustered he was? Could she see he was hard inside his shorts? Surely not that. She didn’t react at all, from what he could tell. She just chatted about the show, and he tried to keep up with the chatter, since he had little idea what had happened in it.

Thankfully, Chloe announced she was heading off to her room to do whatever teen girls do, chatting with friends and such before going to sleep. Allen didn’t think he could take another show together that night.

Chloe had had another simple but enjoyable time with her Daddy. She loved whenever they just got to spend time together, even if they were just quietly watching a show. She was all comfy in her new sleep shorts and of course one of her Daddy’s t-shirts. Her cotton bra and panties underneath were soft against her skin, and her new shorts were soft as well. Her Daddy’s t-shirt smelled of him, which is why she loved wearing them so much. It was like wearing a Daddy hug all night. When the show was over, she stretched out and gave her Daddy a playful, two-legged kick. He looked into her eyes a little wide-eyed, and she wondered why. Maybe she kicked him a little too hard or something, though she didn’t think so. And she had to chuckle to herself how little Daddy seemed to have paid attention to the show they watched. Maybe he had work things on his mind.

Chloe announced she was heading to her room and yelled “incoming!” as she launched from her side of the couch onto her Daddy’s lap in a good night hug. He wrapped his arms around her and gave what seemed like an extra-long squeeze, and she giggled. She loved Daddy’s hugs. She pulled away a bit and then leaned in to grab his head in both hands, and she kissed his left cheek, right cheek, and forehead with a loud “mwah!” each time, followed by a light good night peck on the lips. Some traditions never change, and she was glad for that.

Oh god, thought Allen. When Chloe grabbed his head and did her “Daddy kisses” good night, he realized his oversized t-shirt had a neck much wider than her petite body needed. And so, especially on the forehead kiss, he had a view straight down inside the neck to her belly button. It’s cute. It’s an innie. But that wasn’t the point! Her bra-covered breasts (“daughter brea…” ah forget it) were also fully visible. Thankfully, her bra was a pretty conservative cotton number. There was some lovely cleavage, and it was snug, so the beautiful shape of them was clear. But that’s about it. But wow! How had he not noticed that before? She had worn his t-shirts to bed for as long as he could remember. Surely that was also unintentional on Chloe’s part.

This was too much for one night. He didn’t know what to do. He was still hard because of the long exposure to her panties and crotch…and now her bra-clad breasts. And the naughtiness of it. It was always a thrill when that happened by chance with any female, but he didn’t expect (or want) the same thrill when it was his precious baby girl. But there it was.

At least it was over, and she was going to bed now.

“You’ll come in to say good night later, right Daddy?”

Uh oh.

How it all began for Chloe the exhibitionist

Chloe was in her room after just kissing her Daddy good night. She was replaying the pleasant evening in her head, and she recalled in hindsight things she hadn’t noticed at the time.

The first thing she wondered about was something that happened when she was giving her “Daddy kisses.” She always did an “incoming!” pounce onto his lap for these hugs and kisses, ever since she was little. That way, she was sitting and facing him, with her knees on either side of him, so her hug could consist of both her arms around him and her legs giving him side squeezes. His big, warm arms would always envelop her, each arm able to reach all the way around her back, and she loved being inside the best hug in the universe. And like most of their traditions, this one was still a common thing.

But this time, it was different. When she was sitting on his lap, she felt more than just his two legs under her. Now, she might be fairly inexperienced where boys were concerned, but she knew what she was feeling. In the past, she was sure that she sometimes felt something else in his lap and knew what boys had there, and she just chalked it up to being practical about the fact that boys had such things, and so of course her Daddy did, too. No biggie. But this time there was…more of it. Much more. And it was hard.

Chloe couldn’t imagine what had caused her Daddy to get turned on. The show they watched wasn’t sexy at all, and he didn’t even seem to have paid any attention to it, anyway.

Then she remembered other things. Like the look on his face when she play-kicked him. It wasn’t a look of pain, now that she thought about it more. He was…flustered. It was more like he was caught stealing cookies from the cookie jar. And he was blushing a little. What was that all about?

She thought back further to during the show when her Daddy’s head snapped to the screen, which she saw in her peripheral vision, and she had idly wondered why but didn’t chalk it up to anything. She also saw from the corner of her eye him looking over at her every once in a while, but she had decided he was just paying attention to his little girl, like he usually does. Now she wondered if there was more to it.

And he got flustered again after she gave him her usual “Daddy kisses.”

Was she the reason he was turned on? Could that even be possible? And if so…how did she feel about that? They’d barely missed a day together her whole life, and she didn’t think this had ever happened before. What changed? Sure, she was 18 now, but she didn’t look any different than she did two days ago.

The only thing different was her new, comfy sleep shorts, and they weren’t sexy at all. So, that couldn’t be it, could it? What about the shorts could be sexy? They were just gray, cotton shorts with an elastic waist and wide legs for ease of movement and comfort.

Wait. No way. The wide legs? She had to do some research. Step one was to move her standing mirror close to the bed, so she could be on the bed and see herself in it. Then she jumped onto the bed and lay down on her back, head on her pillow. She adjusted the mirror again, so she could perfectly see her crotch area. Nothing special going on. Then she pantomimed settling on a show to watch with her Daddy and turning on her right side to get ready to watch it.

Holy crap! The left leg of her shorts flopped forward and open, and she could see most of her panties on that side. She moved her legs around a bit, up, down, backward, forward, and while the shorts responded a bit to her movements, she could still see a lot of panty, including some of her crotch and her panty-covered pussy. Is that what her Daddy saw? And even more importantly, is that what turned him on? Had she been like that during the whole show?

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