Christmas Wish

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What a great Saturday! He sat back in his chair and gazed at his computer monitor. With only two weeks to go before Christmas, he probably should be out shopping, so he could avoid the last minute mall rush, but it was his only day off since moving to Miami, and all he wanted to do was chill out, chat with some friends online, and maybe make some chicken and ribs.

He stood up and stretched, and his gaze rested upon his CD collection — maybe some music to go with the day. What should he listen to? Christmas tunes? Some vintage Stones? Or something harder?

Harder huh? Just thinking that word made him hard. He groaned — not again. It seemed like since moving to Miami he had been in a constant state of horniness. Being a recent transplant from Boston, he really didn’t know anyone with whom he could have a discreet fling, just to get his rocks off. He gingerly touched his cock — and winced. He’d been beating the meat so often, he was worried it might actually fall off. He glanced at his computer, wondering, hoping, that maybe SHE would be online.

SHE was actually Angel, a woman he’d met online. She was feisty, she was sweet, she was strong, and she was very fond of cyber sex. He smiled at the memory of the last time he’d helped her get off online. And groaned once again as his cock twitched. What the hell — The Stones it would have to be. He put the CD’s in the player and hit random. Wandering back over to his computer, he logged into his account, and checked, and was disappointed not to see her there. She was hardly ever on her Yahoo chat. But he could always count on her for an email. He sat down to type one out to her, just to see how she was…and maybe to arrange a little web cam time.

His erection stabbed into his stomach as he leaned forward. He glanced down at it — what the hell was he supposed to do? Jerking off held no more appeal for him anymore — he’d visited that well too often. But what were his other options?

Cold shower. That was the only thing that could possibly help him. Maybe pictures of Betty White naked…..nope, cold shower it would have to be. He stripped down to his birthday suit, and turned on the shower. Just as he was about to step in, the door chimes sounded. He gazed up at the sky — figures.

Wrapping a towel around his waist, he headed downstairs to answer it. He glanced through the window. It was a woman, but her back was to him. His gaze traveled over her, from the top of her flaming red hair, down her ample — but luscious — hips and ass, and then down to a pair of legs that would stop traffic. Encased in retro-style heels with ankle straps, his mouth watered at the sight of her. But who was she?

He cracked open the door. “Hello?” his voice was huskier than usual. The vision in front of him turned around and smiled.

“Hey Jax.”

Like a divine apparition, his Angel, somehow, was in Miami. His jaw almost hit the floor. She gazed at him through heavy lidded eyes, and her bright red lips curved up in a seductive smile. “Aren’t you going to invite a girl in?”

Still dumbfounded, he stepped aside to allow her to pass, and as she did, she ran her palm over his cheek. She took it upon herself to start upstairs, and he followed, locking the door, and locking his gaze on her swinging hips. He wanted to ask her what she was doing there; he wanted to ask her a million things. But all he could do was follow her up the stairs.

At the top of the stairs, she gazed at her surroundings, and nodded. “Nice.” Removing her coat, she tossed it on his computer chair, over top of her bag, and stood there, slowly running her hot gaze all over him. She gestured with a toss of her head to the bathroom. “Did I interrupt something?”

He remembered the shower, and hastily went to turn it off. “No, no. I was just, well; I needed something to cool me off.” He paused a second to take in all of her. She was dressed in a forties inspired dress, black with little capped sleeves and red trim on the V that led down to her delicious cleavage. The dress ended just below her knees, and she was wearing fishnet stockings. Her make up was impeccable — smokey eyes, full red lips that were made for sucking cock, and a come hither stare that made him shiver.

She was slowly moving towards him. “Oh? And why is that?” She reached him in a matter of steps, and lightly ran a nail down the front of his chest. Her sudden appearance still had him poleaxed, and he wasn’t sure what to do. Then, his brain said to hell with it. His arms moved to encircle her. “Cuz Angel, I was thinking of you.” With that, he captured her mouth with his and thrust his hips against her. This was their first actual physical contact and he wanted to make sure she remembered it. His left hand entangled in her hair, and his right held her tight to him around her waist. His tongue darted around in her mouth, and he almost came right there. She tasted like cherry and toothpaste. She smelled of fire and ice, of lust and wanting.

Her arms wound around his neck, pulling his head in closer. She began making little whimpering sounds in the back of her throat that drove him crazy. She had Bycasino to be insane, she thought to herself. She had a husband back home — she hadn’t even told him she was coming to Miami! She’d made up some excuse about going up north for the weekend, and instead had headed down south — out of the country even! But oh boy — was this worth it. She’d waited months to kiss him like this, waited to feel his arms around her. But what she was really waiting for … she put her hand on the front of his towel, feeling his hardness through it. Her fingers traveled from the bottom of his shaft, up, up to the head, and she gasped at the length.

He pulled back long enough to chuckle. “It’s bigger than it looks on camera huh?” She nodded, licking her lips. She backed away from him slowly, reluctantly, and turned to her bag. He watched in appreciation as she bent over to retrieve something. She straightened up, and turned around. What was in her hands almost made him cum right there on the spot. She was carrying a pair of handcuffs, a whip, a blindfold, body oil, and a CD.

“I figured, if I was going to come this far, I might as well make it worth my while.” She held them out. “As much as I love Mick & the boys, this CD would be a hell of a lot better. Where would you like the rest of this? And then, where would you like me?”

He turned towards the CD player and replaced the disc. The sounds of Def Leppard filled the room. He closed his eyes for a second. This was just too much. He silently thanked whatever force had brought her into his life. Oh, this would be worth her while. His voice suddenly went hard and cold.”On your knees. Here.” He pointed to a spot in front of him. She meekly obeyed. As she knelt, she put her hands behind her back, and her head down, just like a good sub should.

“Eyes on the prize honey.” Her head came up and her eyes and mouth were level at his crotch — just perfect. He slowly removed his towel, watching her eyes grow wider with every movement. He chuckled. The one thing he always knew about himself was that his size was impressive, but his use of it was even better. Now, with her on her knees, his cock was at full attention and he couldn’t wait to feel those luscious lips around him.

He gripped the base, and stroked it once or twice, just for show. Placing it at her lips he commanded “Open up, and suck my cock.” She closed her eyes in ecstasy at the sound of that word – she loved it rough and dirty. At full capacity, his dick was almost too big to fit into her mouth. She gobbled as much of him as she could, and began bobbing up and down, slowly at first. It popped out of her mouth, and she dipped her head to lick at the base, and tickle his balls with her lips. Her hands were still behind her back, and he relished in the fact that she understood the game. He placed one hand on the back of her head, forcing her to suck him again, and setting the pace. Her lashes fluttered as she fought between enjoying the experience with her eyes closed and keeping them open to gaze in fascination at the largest prick she’d ever seen.

He was torn — did he want her to swallow his cum, did he want to splash it all over that pretty dress, or did he want to wait until he was inside her? His balls tightened at the thought of those lips swallowing his rather large load, and then figured what the hell? He’d be good for another round soon enough, and in the meantime, there were the toys she’d brought — and the ones he already owned. He pulled her off for a brief minute, forcing her head up so she looked right at him. He almost lost it right there and then. Her hair was mussed up, her eyes glowing with lust, her chest heaving and her lips were sparkling with pre-cum and saliva.

His voice caught in his throat, and he almost choked on the words (and how sexy would that have been). Instead, he managed to keep his voice low “Now, listen you little minx, I’m going to cum, and you are going to swallow every last drop. If you miss even one, I will send you on your way without ANYTHING. You get it? AND,” he stopped her as she was about to speak, “you do not speak unless I tell you to.” Her mouth closed, and she nodded. Guiding her mouth back to his waiting cock, he felt her warm breath, her soft lips, felt every inch of him slide in and out of her hot little mouth. As his balls tightened, signaling to him that he was almost to the point of cumming, he closed his eyes.

As he felt himself explode, he glanced down. He could see that milky white throat working, and could feel her suction on the head. It seemed like an eternity went by before she released his now limp cock, and remained on her knees, hands behind her back, head down.

He shook his head in amazement. He was one lucky bastard. “Stand up.” As she did so, she wobbled a bit on her heels. He caught her in his arms, and just held her for a moment. Lowering his head to hers, he whispered, “Get out of that dress.” She stepped back, and slipped it right up over her head. Despite just having cum a few minutes earlier, his groin stirred again. All she was wearing underneath was a black push up bra, and her thigh high stockings. Bycasino giriş No underwear to be found.

“Get on the bed.” His voice sounded strangled. She crawled onto the bed backwards, and lay there, propped up on her elbows, her legs up and crossed. He leaned over and grabbed her handcuffs. Then he went into his closet and brought out the silk scarves he had in there, for just such an occasion. The song on the CD switched to another Def Leppard song. He listened for a second.

“Wait. This is the song you told me you always think of me when you hear. ‘Animal’.” It wasn’t a question, just a statement. He didn’t need to hear her answer — it was on his play list after she told him that months ago. He changed his mind.”Get up. Dance for me.”She obeyed, as he knew she would. Damn, but she was good at this. He sat on his computer chair, and held her dress around his cock. She started grinding in time to the music, moving her hips in ways that showed him exactly what she’d be like in bed, and he couldn’t wait until the dance was over to get her there. But how much fun would the game be if he gave in so easily? She sashayed over to the chair in time for the chorus.

I’ve got to feel it in my blood… She stood between his legs, back to him and wound down to the floor.

I need your touch, don’t need your love…. She stood up and whipped around, her hair flying behind her

And I want…. She thrust her ample tits in his face

And I need…. She slowly sank down, all the while keeping her eyes on his

And I lust…. Animal

She slid herself backwards, and began touching her freshly shaved pussy. The warm scent of her sex filled the air in the room. Her fingers slid expertly between her lips and she teasingly inserted one finger into her dripping snatch, removed it, and put it to her lips.

“Stop.” His voice was hoarse. She stalled in mid movement. He stood, studying the picture in front of him. He wanted to remember this moment. Her on the floor, legs splayed at her sides, one hand supporting her, the other at her mouth, her lips — both sets — glistening with moisture. “Get up.”

She slowly got to her feet, and kept her gaze at the carpet. Oh yes, he was going to have fun with her. “Back on the bed.” She didn’t hesitate, going back to the position she had been in originally. He once again brought the handcuffs forward, and the silk scarves.”Put your hands behind your head.” She did so, trying not to smile. She knew how to play the game. He cuffed her hands together, and strung the scarf through the middle. Tying the scarf to a carefully concealed hook behind the almost non-existent headboard, he straddled her briefly. His hands came down on her breasts and he roughly squeezed them. She bit her lip to keep from moaning from that brief contact. Her nipples stood out, begging to be touched, begging to be sucked. He could tell that she was hot. He knew she wanted him. Removing himself from her body, he knelt next to her. His lips brushed her ear, causing a shiver to go through her. Harder to Breathe by Maroon Five came on the stereo, and the pulsating beats gave him a good idea as to why this song was on there.

“This is what’s going to happen. YOU are going to lie very, very still and don’t make a sound. IF you move a muscle, if you make one noise, I’ll stop whatever I’m doing, and just take care of myself. Do you understand? You may answer.”

“Yes sir.” Her voice was soft, almost reverent. He nodded his approval, and bent his head once more. This time to suck her nipples, which stood up against the rasping of his tongue as if begging for more. He could feel her muscles straining as she tried to stay completely still. He grinned to himself. This was going to be more fun than he ever imagined. He suckled them roughly, while slowly brushing her thigh. His hand got nearer to her steaming cunt with every stroke. He knew what she was thinking, what she was feeling — somehow he knew her responses like he knew his own. He could feel her tightly coiled muscles, and he knew that as soon as he allowed her to, she would unleash all the power, lust and passion that were concealed there. She loved to be a sub, to a degree. Today, she was playing by his rules, and she was doing it for him.

As lovely as her tits were, and he was enjoying sucking them immensely, he felt he needed to torture her a little more. He reached behind him, to find the blindfold she’d brought. He slipped it over her eyes, and she felt a thrill run through her as she was enveloped in darkness. But suddenly, with the darkness came cool air. There was no heat around her, which means he had moved somewhere else in the room. She felt strangely alone. Her ears perked up at every sound. She wanted to change position, but she dared not move.

“What else is in your little bag of tricks Angel?” It was the first time he had spoken her name, and she loved to hear it. It was one of the things that had attracted to her to him. She got wet whenever she heard his deep baritone saying her name. “You may answer.”

“Thank you sir.” Again, her voice was quiet, and deferring. “I brought a change of Bycasino güncel giriş clothing, complete with corset, underwear, stockings and another dress. I also brought my camera, and a book. I hope that nothing offends sir.”

She could sense the grin on his face. She was being incredibly obedient. “No, nothing offends. But you left something out. Why would you forget about this eleven inch dildo you brought along? Answer!”

“I’m sorry sir. It slipped my mind sir.”

“Well, we can make sure that never happens again. Now, spread your legs.” He growled. She obliged. She felt the feather touch of another of the silk scarves between her thighs, and he brushed it against her pussy. She heard the squelch of her oil bottle, and the sounds of something being lubed up. Suddenly her pussy was being stretched wide by the head of that dildo. Her eyes opened wide under the blindfold, and her mouth turned into a perfect oval.

This was too good an opportunity to pass up. He arranged her on the bed at an angle so that he could still fuck her but she could suck his cock. He placed the head by her mouth and moaned in pleasure as she immediately began sucking. As he continued to pummel her slit with that dildo, she managed to suck him to full hardness again. “Are you enjoying yourself? Is this good for you? You may speak.” He was barely able to speak himself through the waves of pleasure that were coursing through him. He withdrew his cock, and using his other hand, kept himself hard. Not like there were problems with that, not with this spectacle in front of him. He knew she would struggle with the dilemma of being able to express her enjoyment, but having to, no, NEEDING to stay in the game.

“Oh yes sir. This is good sir. I love this sir.” He pounded the dildo into her hard, and she bit her lip to keep from crying out. Drops of blood appeared on those full lips, which were now devoid of that scarlet red lipstick. From the angle above her, he gazed at the woman in front of him. Lying naked, in her full glory, all for him. His gaze lingered on her slit, which was wide open from the fucking she just got with that dildo. He moved to the bottom of the bed. Kneeling in front of her, he spread her wide for him. Her clit was engorged and huge, and just waiting to be tasted.

She gasped as she felt his tongue on her clit. And then nearly groaned aloud when he stopped. “I told you — if you made a sound I would stop and take care of myself.” He sat right by her head, and started stroking his dick. “Oh you should feel how hard I am now honey. I’d put that dildo to shame.” She could hear him jacking it, and imagined his hand sliding all over that monster between his legs that she just had in her mouth. She imagined that it would feel so much better in her pussy. She tried not to squirm, tried not to moan. She didn’t want to incur his wrath again. She wanted to be fucked. She needed to be touched. She was dying for him to eat her pussy, lick her twat and make her cum all over his face.

“Do you want to touch yourself? You may answer.” His voice was low and seductive, not the harsh growl that had penetrated her ears earlier.

“Yes sir.” She gasped.

“Tell me, and use your words.”

“Yes sir. I want to touch my pussy. I want to play with my clit. I want to shove something in my hot cunt and I want to cum all over. I want to finger myself; I want to get myself off….” carried away, she finished with a whispered “sir.”

“Tough.” His voice was cold again. She sensed movement, and tensed up for what was next. “The only person touching that sweet cunt of yours will be me – got it? You may answer, bitch.”Another shiver as she realized that they were going into the next part of the game – degradation. Her heart raced.

“Yes sir.” She heard a series of clicks, and realized that he had her camera out. “Spread your legs farther.” She did so, and felt him move in to take a close up of her dripping snatch. “Look at that pussy. It’s so sweet, so hot. I’m sure back home all the guys you know are getting a piece of this action. I’m actually QUITE sure of it. After all, you’re a little whore aren’t you? Only a whore flies to a different city to fuck a guy she’s only known on the internet. Right? Answer me you slut.”

“Yes sir.” Her voice sounded meek. Perfectly played.

“Yes sir, WHAT?”

“Yes sir I’m a whore. Yes sir, every guy I know has fucked me at least once.” Tears were slipping out of the corners of the blindfold, but he knew that they were from pleasure, not pain. He wouldn’t hurt her for the world.

“Now, I’m going to get a taste of what you have to offer. Same rules, only this time, every sound or movement gets you a spanking. And since I’m not interrupting my pleasure to give them to you, I’ll just be mentally calculating how many you get – that whip you brought will come in very handy.”His hands were on her thighs and his fingers slid down her slit as he pulled her lips apart. His breath was hot on her mound as the tip of his tongue touched her clit. A tiny whimper followed, and he looked up. She knew he was counting. As he lapped at her hole, she longed to squirm or moan, or just give some indication that she was being pleasured. But it was important to the game that she stayed still and silent. She came down here to be with him, to play by his rules. This was how to please him and she wasn’t going to fuck it up.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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