Chronicles of Chris Ch. 09

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Great thanks to my editor Dr. Bob and for the insights of leftyloo and lancerval.

This is the continuing story of Chris Peters a young man who is beginning his life. If you are joing the story now, you’re gonna be lost. I’d suggest starting a little earlier.

For those who have been following along; thank you and welcome back.


I stood and watched Joni walk into the house, waiting for her to turn back and look over her shoulder. She never did and the door closed softly with a click behind her. I didn’t know how to process the information with which she left me. She would always be available to me? What did that mean?

I slowly walked to the car and got in. I looked one last time at the front of the house, then started the car and drove slowly home. I was still stewing over Joni’s last statement when I got home. I dragged my stuff out of the trunk and into the house. Mom still was not home. Had she moved in with Patti?

I went up to my room and threw myself on the bed. Mom had been worried about how Joni was going to take this; she never said that it would be a problem for me. The part of me that was in love with Joni wanted to run to her, but the rational part of me knew that would only end in disaster. I sat up and took a deep breath, determined to continue on my chosen path, the way I had explained it to Joni. The telephone started ringing and I went into Mom’s room to answer it.

It was Mom. “Chris? Where have you been?”

A thousand things flashed through my mind, before I decided to really fuck with her. “Hi, Mom. Joni and I were in Chicago, we were there on our honeymoon.”

I pulled the phone from my ear as soon as I finished speaking because I knew what her reaction would be. I heard a wordless scream followed by, “CHRISSSS! YOU DID WHAT?!?!?! YOU GOT MARRIED?!?!?! ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND?!?!?!?”

I was laughing so hard I could barely breathe. I got myself under control and cautiously put the phone to my ear. “Mom?”

“Chris!” She shrieked as I jerked the phone away again.

“Mom, calm down.” I said quickly, “I was just messin’ with you.” I pulled the phone away again.

“What!?!?” Mom said not quite as loudly.

“I said; I was messin’ with you.” I explained. “Joni wanted to go away overnight and pretend it was a honeymoon and I thought it would be harmless. So, we went.”

Mom sighed in relief, “I’m glad, but I’m still going to kick your butt when I get home.”

I laughed, “Uh-huh. When’s that going to be? I want to be ready.”

Mom finally started laughing. “You little shit!”

“Impressive vocabulary Mom.” I chuckled. “No, seriously, when are you coming home?”

“Why, do you have another honeymoon lined up?” Mom teased.

“No, actually, Mrs. P. invited me for dinner.” I said. “Danny and his dad have been up north fishing this week and I’ve hardly seen him. She wanted to give us this opportunity to get together.”

“Oh, Ok.” She said quietly. “Are you going to be home tomorrow?”

“Yeah, all day.” I said. “I told everyone that I wanted to spend my last night at home with you, Mom.”

“Oh!” She sounded surprised.

“So are you coming home today or tomorrow?” I still hadn’t gotten an answer.

“I am going to be home in the morning.” She answered.

“Ok, I’ll see you then.” I hung up the phone.

I called Danny’s and Eva answered. “Hi, Mrs. P., is Danny home?”

“Hi, Chris,” she said warmly, “No, Danny and his dad aren’t home yet. I expect them at any time, though. Do you want me to have him call you?”

“Yeah,” I answered, “thanks, Eva.”

“Ok, Chris, see you tonight.” I could hear the smile in her voice.

I flopped down in front of the TV and flipped through the channels. There was nothing on, so I turned it back off. I lay down on the couch and promptly fell asleep.

I was dreaming of calling Joni and listening to the phone ringing through the receiver. Suddenly, I realized the ringing was real and struggled to wake up. I staggered to the phone and picked it up.

“Hello?” I mumbled.

“Chris? Chris, is that you?” Danny asked.

I cleared my throat. “Uhh, yeah Danny, sorry, I was asleep.”

“Man, you sounded terrible.” Danny laughed.

“Fuck you too, asshole!” I muttered.

Danny just laughed. “What, didn’t you get any this week?”

I was silent.

Danny was for a moment, too. Then, he realized what I was doing. “Holy shit! You did! Who? You gotta tell me!”

I was still silent.

“Asshole!” Danny grunted. “You’re not gonna say anything, are you?”

“What time is dinner?” I asked.

“Seven, asshole!” Danny was laughing again. “Do you think you can make space in your love life for us?”

“I’ll see you guys at seven, Danny.” I was trying to put him off.

“Ok, see ya.” Danny was still laughing as I hung up.

After being asleep for most of the afternoon, I felt grungy and decided to take a shower. I stripped, and got in the shower. While I was washing myself off, I started thinking about the last couple of weeks. istanbul escort Eva, Joni, Sara, Teddi and then Joni again danced through my head. All of their tits, pussies and asses danced behind my eyelids. My dick responded and it made me laugh. I had been fucking multiple times a day most days of the last couple of weeks and my dick was conditioned to be hard.

After a couple of minutes standing in the warm cascade of water, I realized that he was not to be denied. I grabbed mom’s hair conditioner and coated my dick with it. The sensation, after being in so many warm, inviting pussies was mildly disappointing. I slowly stroked myself, remembering every encounter, every lingering touch, every kiss, and every lick. My dick jumped when I remembered Eva snuggled in my lap in the rocking chair. I closed my eyes and she was here with me. Slowly rocking, deeply plugged into each other, both physically and emotionally. I thought of Joni revealing her luscious breasts to me the first time on the island.

I remembered Sara, so nervous, but allowing me to touch her and then wanting me to touch her and then joyously participating with Joni and me. I laughed and my dick jumped again thinking of Teddi showing herself at the restaurant. I thought of Joni with her slow striptease out of her cheerleader routine. I could feel my orgasm rising within me with every memory. I slowly stroked my hot, hard dick as my balls boiled, but I resisted the release. Finally, I thought of Joni standing in front of me a few short hours ago, telling me she loved me and she would be there for me whenever, wherever I was ready. That’s when I spilled over, blasting rope after rope of my seed onto the shower walls. My knees got weak and I crumpled to the floor of the shower. I knew I needed to be strong for the two of us, even though I wanted to break down and run to her. I stayed on the floor until the water was running cold. I cleaned up the mess I had made and climbed from the shower.

I went into my room and looked at the clock. It was a few minutes before seven. I dressed and slowly walked to Danny’s house. I knocked on the door and a few seconds later Eva opened it. We looked into each other’s eyes and each of us smiled a little. My eyes traveled down her body and I smiled some more, she had on the little orange sundress from our evening together. She was braless as she had been that night which surprised me. Her cleavage peaked in and out as she moved and I felt the familiar twitch in my pants. She stepped into me and hugged me tightly.

“Chris,” she whispered, “I’ve missed you. Kiss me, quick.”

I didn’t hesitate, kissing her quickly and fully on those wonderful lips. Even though I knew that I loved Joni, my love for Eva hadn’t diminished. Her warm, tiny body was crushed to mine and soon I was breathless. Eva seemed to suddenly remember where we were and she pushed back away from me.

I looked at her and grinned, “Wow!”

She tried not to smile back, but lost the struggle. She grinned and said, “Yeah, wow! You’ve learned a lot in the last couple of weeks.”

I couldn’t stop smiling, “Thanks!”

“Let’s go find Danny, OK?” She said, walking away.

“Uh-huh.” I mumbled, watching her ass sway nicely.

She turned her head and looked over her shoulder. Upon seeing me stare at her butt, she hissed, “Chris, stop that!”

I came back to earth, grinned in embarrassment, and followed her. Danny and his dad were sitting on the back patio drinking beers. (It was Wisconsin in the seventies and the drinking age was eighteen.)

Danny’s dad stood and shook my hand. “Hey, Mr. Navy man. Do you want a beer?”

“No thank you, Mr. Petrovic, I don’t really like beer.” I answered.

He started laughing. “Don’t like beer? You’re gonna have a tough time in the Navy, aren’t you?”

“Maybe,” I said, “but I’ll learn to get by.”

Eva walked out then and handed me a can of Coke. “Thanks, Mrs. P.”

“You guys ready to eat? Mike, get the brats and burgers off the grill, please.” Eva said.

We sat down for dinner and Mr. Petrovic asked many questions about my plans. I tried to explain about the airplane mechanic idea and he said I should consider electronics and computers. Even though I thought he was nuts, (again, the seventies) I told him I would.

Danny and I went back outside and sat on the patio after dinner. He asked about what I had been doing and I was as evasive as I could be. He laughed and said he figured I wouldn’t tell him anything.

“Sooo, Chris,” he said, “you’re really leaving on Saturday?”

“Yeah, I am.” I answered. “I get on the train at five fifteen Saturday morning. I guess that I’ll be with a bunch of guys that have also signed up and we will go to Chicago together. Then we’ll spend a night at a hotel that the Navy has reserved and first thing Sunday morning we’ll be taken by bus to Great Lakes.”

“Are you nervous?” Danny asked.

“Not really,” I said, “that might change later, but right now, no. I’m actually looking forward to it.”

“Wow,” Danny mused, “I’m think I would be scared escort bayan shitless.”

I laughed, “Yeah, but that’s because you’re a chickenshit.”

“Asshole.” Danny muttered.

We talked for a little while and then we said goodbye. We shook hands and then Danny gave me a little hug and went upstairs while I said goodbye to his parents. Mr. Petrovic shook my hand again and told me that he was proud of me. Eva told him she wanted to walk home with me and he shrugged and sat down to watch television.

We walked through the front door and Eva slipped her hand into mine. We walked quietly to my house and I asked her inside.

Eva smiled sadly, “Chris, I don’t think that’s a good idea. It’s still a strain to keep from throwing myself at you. If we’re alone, I don’t think I could continue to restrain myself. I have thought of our evening together over and over and I want to repeat it so very much.”

She nudged me away from the sidewalk. We were on the patio and couldn’t be seen from the street. She stepped into me and slipped her arms around me. Her head with the perfect short black hair lay softly against my chest and we stood quietly holding one another. Eva seemed content to just stand there, so I didn’t interrupt her, I just enjoyed the feeling of her breasts against my stomach. After a few minutes she stirred, but didn’t pull away. Her head rose up to look at me and there were tears glistening in the moonlight.

“I’m sorry, Chris. I know this is wrong, but I don’t want to let go.” Eva murmured. “I know when you walk inside and I walk away, we will likely never see each other again.”

I started to protest and she shook her head.

“No, Chris,” Eva continued, “I’ll go back to Mike and Danny and you will go on with your life. You’ll probably come back to see your Mom, but your schedule and Danny’s will never match up. It would be best for me if I didn’t see you without Danny, so I’m going to ask you not to visit unless you know he’s there. Ok?”

I just nodded my agreement to her request.

Eva stepped back a little and slipped her hands in mine. She surprised me by pulling my hands to her breasts, allowing me to feel them one last time. Her nipples were hard and I brushed them with my thumbs. She watched my hands caress her, shivered as I did and raised her face again. This time she was presenting her lips for a kiss and I leaned back into her, crushing her breasts into my hands and her lips to mine. It was a deep, passionate, loving kiss that I could feel would be our last. Suddenly, Eva broke away, turned and ran towards her house. I stepped out to the parking lot and watched her run. She never looked back. It turned out to be the last time I would speak to her.

(I didn’t come home much from the Navy. When I did, it seemed that Danny and I were never home at the same time. I respected Eva’s request not to come around unless Danny was home. It seemed every time I called, Danny’s dad answered the phone. I never spoke to Eva or Danny. Several years later Mom sold her condo and I lost touch with the Petrovic family completely.)

Sadly, I turned and went into the house. I went around the house and made sure it was clean, because my mom would be home in the morning. I found the list of stuff that the Navy had sent and packed those items so I would be ready. I realized that it had gotten late and I went to bed. It occurred to me as I drifted off to sleep that tomorrow would be the last day I would live in my mother’s home. It felt weird.


I awoke to my nephews bouncing on my bed. “Unca Chris, Unca Chris! Take us swimmin’! Mommy said you take us swimmin’!”

I heard laughter from the door and I peered over there. Patti was there laughing at me. “Patti? What the hell?”

“I brought Mom home and the boys wanted to go swimming.” Patti explained. “Mom and I decided that you could take them.”

“Uh-huh.” I said drily.

One of the boys had scrambled around and was sitting on my head, the other was bouncing on my stomach, and Patti was still laughing. “OK, guys let Uncle Chris up and I’m sure he will take you in a few minutes.”

Patti took them downstairs while I got ready. I took them to the pool and spent the rest of the morning with them. Mom and Patti brought lunch and we had a nice picnic with the boys. After they ate, they started getting sleepy so we took the home and put them to bed in the guest room. I felt somewhat funny putting them in the bed where I had spent time with Joni, Sara and Teddi. They were asleep almost immediately.

Mom, Patti and I spent the rest of the day just talking and hanging around. It was nice and relaxed, though Mom kept tearing up. The boys slept for a long time so the relaxed atmosphere prevailed until late in the afternoon. Patti told me that she and the boys were going to eat with us and then spend the night. I asked her about Jake and she just shook her head. I didn’t press her.

Mom made stroganoff again and I enjoyed it. Mom told me I didn’t need to do the dishes and I went out to the living room and sat down to escort istanbul watch television. I drifted off to sleep. Sometime later, Patti woke me up and told me I had a visitor. I was a little disoriented when I opened my eyes. It was dark and it took a minute to focus. I was half expecting to see Joni and was stunned to see that it was Teddi. She was sitting in a chair, smiling at me. I looked at Mom and Patti, Mom was grinning like an idiot, and Patti was standing behind Mom and Teddi giving me the thumbs up sign and mouthing ‘Wow’.

Teddi had on a similar outfit to the one she wore for our date. It might have been the same shirt, a white scoop neck, though this time she was clearly braless. As then, her skirt was black, but instead of being very tight and short it was pleated and very, very short. I was lying on the couch, could clearly see up the skirt and I was pretty sure she wasn’t wearing panties, either. My dick, having become accustomed to a daily ration of pussy, took notice. When I realized that I was rapidly becoming hard, I sat up, trying to conceal my condition. Unfortunately, Patti noticed right away and started laughing. Mom turned to look at her quizzically and that made Patti laugh harder, so she took off for the kitchen with Mom on her heels. I heard Mom laugh and decided I needed to kill Patti. She peaked around the corner and I glared at her, which sent her into more gales of laughter, Mom once again joining her.

Teddi tilted her head to one side, quizzically, smiling at me. “What’s that about?”

“Let’s go out to the patio.” I said, struggling to my feet.

We got out there and sat down on the swing that up next to the patio door. It was tucked up closely enough to the wall and door that you couldn’t see anyone sitting on it from the door. Teddi sat next to me on the little swing and took my hand in hers. “To be truthful, when I woke up and saw you, I got excited; my sister saw it and she started laughing.” I said, miserably.

Teddi laughed and kissed me on the cheek. “I’m flattered, Chris, I really am.”

I was mortified and said nothing more.

Teddi said quietly, “I was hoping we could go do something, unless you have plans with Joni and Sara.”

“I don’t have plans with Joni and Sara,” I said, “but I promised my Mom that I would stay home and spend the day and evening with her. She’s been on the verge of tears all day and I don’t want to disappoint her.”

“That’s sweet of you, Chris. I understand.” Teddi said.

We sat there quietly for a few minutes, just holding hands. Teddi looked up and me, her expression clearly conveying that she wanted to ask me something else, but was hesitant for some reason.

“What is it, Teddi?” I asked softly.

“I…I… want…I… want,” she stopped.

“Teddi,” I said. “What do you want?”

I saw that there were tears running down her cheeks. Her head was down and I could see that she was flushed with embarrassment. But, she just shook her head.

“Teddi,” I said once again, “please tell me what you want.”

“Chris,” she whispered so softly that I barely heard her. “Please make love to me. I’ve thought of nothing else this week, but how sweet and loving you were to me.” She giggled, “Well, maybe not all that sweet and loving.”

“Teddi,” I whispered, “my sister and my mom are right there.”

“Why worry about it?” Teddi snickered. “You’re leaving tomorrow and I probably won’t ever see them again.”

Teddi lifted up her shirt and her magnificent tits glowed in the moonlight. Any hesitation I felt vanished with her shirt. I bent and kissed her and then knelt in front of her and buried my face between those resplendent orbs. She giggled and put her hand on the back of my head, running her fingers in the short hair there.

She pulled my head up and looked into my eyes before leaning down to kiss me deeply, her tongue seeking mine with an urgency that surprised me. She held me tightly to her lips until we broke, breathless.

“You taste like bratwurst!” She giggled.

“You taste like cotton candy.” I said with wonder.

She giggled. “Daddy found an old cotton candy machine and he put it in the pizza place. I can’t get enough of it!”

I shook my head and leaned in, saying, “Neither can I.”

Our lips met in a gentler kiss this time. I explored her lips, sliding down to suckle her lower lip, chewing a little.

She sighed, and slid her hands down my back and into the waistband of my shorts. I moaned into her mouth as she caressed my butt and slipped her hands around to the front, her fingertips finding the slippery, throbbing head of my manhood. She squeezed and stroked and caressed my aroused flesh until I was worried she might cause an accident. I pulled my lips from hers.

“Teddi,” I gasped. “Unless you want a handful; you’d better slow up.”

She giggled, “Sorry.”

She started unbuttoning my shorts and whispered, “Change places with me.”

As I sat down on the swing, she pulled my shorts to my knees. She pulled her skirt up and I glimpsed her pretty pussy before her knees glided on either side of mine. Suddenly, the pretty pussy was surrounding my cock with her warm wetness. She settled down until we were pelvic bone to pelvic bone. She bowed her head and touched her forehead to mine.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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