Coming to Terms with It

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Bouncing Tits

Note: This writing contains scat, piss, and (because this is relevant and about my personal experience) is related to being transgender. If this isn’t your cup of tea, no problem! It won’t hurt to skip over this one. I briefly cover something that may trigger dysphoria in trans men. Also, this is my first post here (and first sex themed piece of writing in general), so I ask that you be gentle in the comments. 🙂


I never really expected to get into scat. Not that I would’ve kinkshamed, that’s shitty (ha). But it did take me by surprise and I did try to fight it at first.

For context, I’m a pre-op trans man. This means I’m a guy who, unfortunately, got stamped with a big “F” on my birth certificate because of what’s between my legs.

There are plenty of trans guys are okay with vaginal sex. There are also plenty who aren’t. This is fine, not all of us are bothered by the same things and my experience is not universal. I just happen to usually be the latter. Hardly do I ever want to use the front hole. I can’t even call my own by its most common names, I’m stuck with “front hole.”

Luckily, by the time I figured this boundary out, I was already obsessed with anal. Plugs, gaping, extreme/odd insertion, double anal penetration, you name it. I just hadn’t really ataşehir escort tried it yet.

So, being the anal noob I was, I popped the head of one of my toys into my butt with no lube. Lesson learned, unless you’re willing to work through the pain (which I did because I’m a stubborn bastard), don’t.

After the pain subsided, I took another four inches, left it inside, and took a bullet vibe to my bottom growth. 10/10 would recommend. I figured I should try to work my way up the next time and bought a 3/4″ wide butt plug. And then a 1 1/4″ jeweled plug (my favorite). And now I can rapidly pop a 2″ plug in and out of my backside until I’m trembling if I take five minutes to stretch. Can’t tell you how proud I am of that!

Usually I’ll just put one of the toys from my growing dragon’s horde in my ass, grab my strongest vibrator, and search for whatever I’m in the mood for and see where it leads. At some point I got into watersports, and I thought, “Well, it’s not the most uncommon kink.” That combined with my anal fixation and led me to piss enemas, and that led to a farting fetish. I thought, “Well, at least it’s not scat.”

And then I found a favorite porn artist’s scat collection. Minutes later I came so hard avcılar escort I shouted, which just isn’t a thing I do. “Well, fuck.”

I kept trying to avoid it, kept telling myself I only liked the way the artist drew butt holes, kept derailing myself every time I thought I was heading towards scat in my casual browsing. I was having one of those “everyone is valid but me” problems. What really made me admit that I loved scat was an accident I had about three months ago.

I was in the shower, veiny 6″ dildo in hand, favorite plug in my ass, as one does. I had already finished bathing and decided to have some fun while the hot water was still there.

I crouched down (the most comfortable position for me in that setting), and tugged on my plug gently. I always love the way the tugging feels. I pushed it back in and tugged again, steadily getting faster until I was fucking myself with my plug.

When I felt like I was loose enough, I set the plug aside and rubbed the head of my dildo against my puffy asshole. After pushing the head past my ring, I gripped the base of the toy and slowly slid it all the way in. By this point in my transition, my bottom growth was big enough for the silicone balls of the toy to touch it from avrupa yakası escort this angle, which is fairly convenient.

I started off by thrusting the toy slowly, but quickly got impatient. In a matter of seconds, one could hear that telltale plaplaplaplaplap from the bathroom door if they leaned against it. The filling feeling, the tugging, and the balls hitting my hard cocklet could’ve driven me mad!

A few minutes in, I could feel my body start to tense and heat up. Me, cumming without a vibrator? More difficult than getting myself to moan out loud. There was no way I was going to stop.

Just as I was about to cum, I felt something familiar in my abdomen, but was too close to make myself stop. My body clenched, and in the same moment I instinctively pushed, I lost my grip on the toy.

Out flew the dildo, out flew a short trail of soft shit, and out flew a loud “Oohh fuuuck yes!”

I kneeled there for a minute, struggling to keep my breath while my body kept aggressively bearing down. Nothing came out after the second push, but I was still squirming.

When the aftershocks finally stopped, I was embarrassed and confused. I had used an enema before the shower specifically to avoid this. But overall, I was satisfied.

It’s taken the past three months for me to not be embarrassed about this fetish. Now scat is one of my go-to genres, and contributing to it has managed to clear up some confusion I had about my preferred role in BDSM and role-play in general. I thought it would make me regress in confidence entirely, but exploring it on my own has made me more sexually confident in general.

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