Fate’s Embrace Ch. 13

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Chapter Thirteen

By Wednesday Jenny’s period had ended. She and Joe had spent the time after rehearsal with Carol the evening before and slept with her that night, culminating in a long loving fuck between Carol and Joe, Jenny mostly audience to it, but she felt a bond strengthening between the three of them, especially between Joe and Carol. They worked before the lovemaking on the collaboration between Joe and Carol, their accepting Jenny’s feedback a welcome surprise for Jenny and even for Carol, though for Joe he’d already witnessed her intelligence. Perhaps most surprising was Carol’s accepting Jenny’s feedback on the choreography.

Carol’s period arrived Wednesday morning, Jenny letting her use the few pads she still had. But it meant Carol didn’t stay with them after rehearsal, which meant Jenny would try heroin for the first time.

Taking a shower after rehearsal, bringing a cup of water with her, she borrowed another of Joe’s t shirts as a mini dress and watched Joe set up her shot. He put in a little more than half a bag in the spoon, closer to two-thirds, and enough coke to give her a speedball. She tied up using his red plastic tie, her virgin veins not quite popping out as much as his, his being more obvious than most he’d been told, but he managed to find a vein and pulled blood into the syringe to insure it had been hit.

“Oh fuck,” she reacted to the rush. Just “Mmm” to the second plunge. The third was the last.

She was okay, stoned actually but didn’t feel like hurling while she watched him fix himself with his syringe, but when he finished cleaning the works up and they laid back, she bounced off the bed.

“Use the garbage can,” he advised.

He wiped her mouth with a hand towel and handed her a can of Coke which he’d opened for her.

The heaving ended fairly quickly.

“You’re right,” she told him. “It didn’t bother me. Let’s go out.”

“Smoke a joint first?”


Like a lot of drugs making you spacy, like LSD for instance, or opiates, he found Marijuana accentuated the state. Walking didn’t reveal it so much, she just enjoyed it, but when they stopped at a bar in Tribeca, she started nodding off.

“Wow,” she said after a long nod. “It’s like I’m here but in a dream.”

Joe chuckled and explained, “Johnny the other day was nodding into his stuffed fish. I’d ask him a question and he answered it without being exactly conscious.”

“Yeah, I get that,” she giggled and began another nod.

He mostly resisted his nods, being protective.

They decided on rum and cokes and finished the one before heading out of the bar. They continued heading south, a leisurely, most enjoyable walk until they reached Battery Park and looked out at the Statue of Liberty.

“You been in the statue?” she asked.

“Not for years,” he replied.

“Want to?”

“Hmm, not really,” he decided. “Another time?” Getting stoned can be solipsistic. He could be social, and even felt less like a wallflower at parties, though more going with the flow rather than being demonstrative like he could be in the few times he got drunk. But being a tourist, taking in sights in special places of observation didn’t suit his state of mind.

“Okay,” she smiled.

“We could ride the Staten Island Ferry?” he suggested. Being windblown crossing New York Harbor sounded fun. It would be cool but they were dressed for it in jackets and jeans.

“Let’s,” she grinned.

The water, the sharp, briny wind, the density of sea gull cries, the natural, architectural and historical majesty of the harbor surrounding them awed and thrilled them until the coolness felt cold and they escaped inside.

They strolled Staten Island, eryaman escort bayan the last of the boroughs for Joe to encounter, not going far from the Ferry dock, deciding to eat at a lively pub, fish and chips for Jenny and shepherd’s pie for Joe, shared and enjoyed, with a stein each of stout adding to their fullness, and they hadn’t felt at all hungry, Joe deciding they should probably eat something for dinner.

The sun set behind Manhattan, coloring the background of the insanely and richly dense towered rock, the largest twins the least interesting architecturally but the most impressively looming in the end, the natural, reddened illumination becoming man made in the twilight and darkness, a complex pattern of squares emerging out of it, of windows lit from behind, presuming the presence and activity of innumerable and unknowable people.

They decided to take a cab home, coming to the end of their energy, which Joe remarked on once in the apartment: “I used to feel energized by heroin rather than subdued by it, different from cocaine which mostly feels enervating. It’s a sort of intensity propelling me forward. It’s like sharing it with you brought it back.”

“Glad I could help,” Jenny giggled. “Is there more?”

“Why not?” Joe agreed, thinking as much as it being a continuation as it was a getting rid of the supply, ending future temptation.

He put in the remainder of the dope, a bag and a half, or closer to a third, adding coke to it after a brief internal debate, the intense rush winning over the milder one, and pulled in less than half as far as he could tell of the liquid to inject into Jenny, finishing the rest in his arm.

“Mmm,” Jenny sounded her approval.

They seemed to take hours making love, at first a lengthy sixty-nine, and then Joe taking the missionary position, slowly fucking her, gently kissing her or gazing at her in appreciation. Hours at a pleasurable plateau, where the friction didn’t exactly accentuate the dope high but rather combined with it harmoniously. Neither achieved orgasm until the end, when his thrusts suddenly became quickened and harder and his hands worked her nipples and her hand rubbed at her clit and somehow, after all that time, they actually arrived at the peak of pleasure simultaneously, the rush of it becoming much more intense than the rush of the coke had been when injecting it, somehow getting past the dulled senses of the heroin to a place of profound pleasure.

“Wow,” they both judged the moment as simultaneously as the orgasms had been and chuckled at that simultaneity.

Not long after, Joe moving off Jenny and onto his back beside her, they passed out.

“Hey,” Joe heard. “Wake up.”

“No!” Jenny muttered.

“It’s good I got here early,” Carol chuckled. “You still have time to shower.”

“Fuck you,” said Jenny, but got up, put on Joe’s t shirt she’d worn the day before, and rushed off to shower.

“Hey,” Joe smiled at Carol.

“Long night?” Carol smirked.

“Something like that.”

Carol handed him a glass of cranberry juice, which he drank down, and she kneeled on the bed and gave him a kiss after. “Sleep if you want. I just wanted a kiss without your stinky breath.”

“Selfish bitch,” he chuckled before pulling her into a longer kiss. “I guess I’ll get up.”

“It’s going to be a long day,” Carol reminded him.

“I guess we’ll try to nap after her rehearsal.”

Carol went to the desk. “Nothing new?”

“We decided to have an adventure.”


“Yeah it was.”

They stared at each other for several seconds, Joe sensing mixed emotions from his lover/collaborator. “You like her too,” he finally said.

“You love her?” ankara escort she asked.

Joe nodded. “You’re worming your way into my heart too.”

“Now I’m a worm,” she laughed. “I brought bagels.”

Joe got up, remaining naked, and made coffee using what remained of the filtered water carafe in the mini fridge.

Jenny returned, reminding Joe of the first time he’d seen her naked, the towel held between her breasts soon removed.

Joe poured her a cup of cranberry juice, getting a kiss when he handed it to her. “Thanks,” she said after. “You’re going to have to wait for the hot water.”

He put on athletic shorts and grabbed the empty carafe. “That’s fine. Be right back.”

Jenny set down her cup and put on panties before grabbing a bagel and slathering on cream cheese.

“You guys have fun?” Carol asked while working on something in a workbook.

“We did,” Jenny told her. “You okay?”

“I don’t know,” Carol admitted.

Jenny walked behind the office chair and embraced her, kissing Carol’s ear. “There’s room for both of us,” Jenny whispered.

“It’s probably my period,” Carol said.

Jenny moved her head in front of Carol’s and kissed her before bringing her mouth back to Carol’s ear. “You know he fucked me during my period.”

Carol laughed. “You’re both going to be busy,” she reminded Jenny.

“True,” Jenny sighed. “Just saying.” She stood up. “Want anything?”

“Maybe some coffee.”


Jenny poured three mugs, preparing two the way she and Joe liked it. “How do you take it?” Jenny asked.

“Just a splash of cream and two sugars.”

Once prepared, Jenny handed Carol the mug.


Jenny nodded and gave her a quick kiss before dressing and eating and drinking simultaneously.

Joe put away the carafe of water, fixed up a bagel, grabbed his coffee and sat on the bed watching Jenny dress and glancing occasionally at Carol.

Carol caught his glance and smiled.

Carol got up once Jenny finished dressing and Joe took her place. “What are you going to do?” Carol asked.

“Pull some poems into submission,” Joe smirked.

Carol somehow figured that out. “You’re publishing?”

“Trying to,” Joe shrugged.

“I’d publish you.”

“You’re biased.”

“True,” Carol chuckled.

Joe’s brain felt immersed in a dense fog, like driving through a fog bank where only the closest light of an approaching car could be seen, not the danger of that, but more the invisibility of everything else but that light, or that thought. Oddly, he found the density useful in giving him a fresh perspective, finding words or phrases that needed more clarity to be understood by anyone besides himself.

Midmorning the phone rang, the phone he barely noticed, shoved off to the back corner of the desk. He reached over and brought the receiver to his ear. “Hello?”

“Who’s this?” asked a high feminine voice.

“Uhm, Joe?”

“Sorry. Must be a wrong number.”

“Wait. This isn’t exactly my phone. Who are you calling?”

“Carol? Carol Sullivan?”

“She’s in rehearsal.”

“Of course she is. I’d really like to talk to her.”

“Who’s this?”

“Gabby. Gabriella Lucci? Who are you?”

“Joe. Joe Solomon.”

“Holy shit! Joe?”

“Gabby.” Joe got a little hard remembering the incredibly cute dark haired woman about Jenny’s height or maybe shorter who tended to wear paint stained overalls, but he’d seen her remarkably full busted body on display wearing leotards in a dance performance and in fact she’d been a part of Carol’s clique even though her studies were art and painting.

“She finally tracked you down,” Gabby giggled.

“More sincan escort bayan I happened on her show,” Joe told her. “What have you been up to?”

“Living at home in Yonkers unfortunately.”

“Still painting?”

“Of course. That’s why I’m living at home. I do Carol’s posters and ads and programs actually. Along with painting I’ve been doing screen printing.”


“Yeah. I’ve pretty much taken over my parents’ basement. You?”

“Still writing, though I stopped for a while focusing on surviving the city.”

“Yeah. It can be tough.”

“Distracting, especially getting caught up in the punk rock scene.”

“You a rocker? Singing your poems?”

“Nothing like that. I’m a waiter at Max’s Kansas City.”

“I’m more of a disco queen when I go out.”

“You guys always liked your KC and the Sunshine Band,” Joe said, hoping to keep his opinion out of his voice.

“Yeah. Maybe I should check out the punk scene.”

“Don’t force yourself. A lot of the punk bands are shit.”

“Maybe you could show me ones who aren’t.”

“Sure,” Joe chuckled. “Anyway…”

“I should talk to Carol.”

“Hold on.”

He put the phone down and went into the rehearsal space. It looked like Carol was working on something new. In fact it looked like she was working with Jenny on Jenny’s sort of Butoh choreography! “Sorry,” he said to her.

“What’s up?” she asked, sitting up from her position on the floor.

“Gabby’s on the phone.”

Carol laughed. “You remember her.”

“I do,” Joe grinned.

Carol stood and patted his crotch, still only covered by the athletic shorts, though he did put on a t shirt. The entire troupe seemed to give him a wolf whistle. Blushing, he darted ahead of Carol, his semi-erection retreating in embarrassment.

“Take ten,” Carol announced with a grin.

She shut the door behind her and patted the chair so that Joe sat and she sat on his lap, wiggling against his once more hardening cock.

“Hey Gabby, what’s up?” she asked into the phone. “Yeah I’m sitting in his lap right now enjoying what you brought up. I told you he was checking you out. Remember he saw what you were hiding. I know, and I appreciate that, and I imagine Lindy did too, but obviously not so much in the end. Yes they are,” Carol laughed. “Okay. How about Max’s at seven? Yeah he’s working. He’s getting used to teasing. Cool, see you then.”

Carol hung up and knelt before him, pulling down the shorts having his cock spring out. “Uhm, I haven’t showered,” he told her.

She looked around, found Jenny’s damp towel and some soap, grabbed the water in the fridge and cleaned and dried his cock before bringing her lips around it.

“Wait,” he said. “In bed.”

They lay in the sixty-nine position on their sides, Joe pulling her warm ups and panties down to access her pussy, working around the tampon with a couple fingers.

“Just a second,” she moaned and got up and grabbed her purse and found her vibrator, handing it to him before resuming her blow job. Joe wetted the head of it and turned it on, sliding it just inside her while continuing to finger fuck her. His pleasuring her seemed to make her blow job more intense, the moans causing wonderful vibrations, and even when she took a breath also filled with a moan, her fisting only added to his pleasure.

He warned her of his imminent eruption, and she ended up fisting him when he came, the cum aimed towards him, and his managing to continue his attention to her soon had her cumming as well.

After moments of recovery, she pulled her panties and pants back up, gave Joe a kiss, and giggled, “You should probably shower now.”

“You came prepared,” Joe commented.

“I’ve been horny, missing your cock,” she shrugged.

“You I know I don’t mind…”

“Jenny told me,” Carol winked and slipped out the door.

Joe looked at his reddened fingers and decided to shower, bringing the vibrator along to wash.

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