Girls’ Night Out

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My girlfriends and I had planned a fancy night out, dressing up and going to a trendy new 5-star hotel. The cocktail bar was humming and busy. This was definitely the place to be seen. We took a table on the balcony and sipped our colourful cocktails, enjoying the night air, watching the flashy cars come and go at the front entrance below.

Three single girls in a venue like this were not alone for long. Soon two attractive guys asked us to share their bottle of champagne (Krug — what else!?). We were soon chatting and flirting. Paul was charming and funny, impeccable in a tailored suit and Italian shoes. His blue eyes held mine in conversation and lingered a little longer than normal. His friend, Dmitri was less conversational and a bigger more muscular guy. His Mediterranean olive skin, black hair, black loose collared shirt and pinched waist looked athletic.

Soon Paul suggested that the five of us might be more comfortable in his room where we could “enjoy something a little stronger”, hinting at some good-time drugs and a continued party. Claire and Katie smiled excitedly as Paul offered me his hand and lead us from the cocktail lounge.

Paul’s room was no such thing. It was a suite of rooms on the top floor of the hotel. The view was as impressive as the full bar and king sized four-poster. With music playing and more champagne flowing the evening was going well. We were all laughing together and dancing. Katie had taken quite a shine to Dmitri and was dancing around the living room, her sleek yoga-honed form and white halter-neck summer dress were commanding Dmitri’s full attention. Paul called me over to the bar away from the throng. There were several neatly cut lines of cocaine.

“Ladies first” he said offering me a tube of hotel notepaper and gently ushering me towards the lines with his hand in the bare small of my back exposed by my backless, full-length, silk dress. I pulled my long blonde hair to one side and leaned over the bar.

The immediate rush was amazing. As I straightened Paul turned me to him and kissed me softly on my full lips. Gently once, then again, making sure of my body language approval, before making our lip contact longer and moister. My hand ran across his cheek and smoothed the golden hair on the back of his head. We kissed for several minutes with Paul’s tongue gently and deftly exploring my lips and mouth, before rolling and intertwining with mine. As softly as he had stated Paul pulled away, gently tugging my bottom lip a little as he did. Wow! He could kiss! I had been lost in the moment and could feel a tingle of excitement between my legs.

“You’re such a beautiful woman.” he said to me flashing that winner’s smile as he leaned in to indulge in a line himself. We laughed and kissed more, our hands exploring further each time. His touch was firm and deliberate but graceful, running along my shoulders, and down my exposed back. His wrist brushing the outer edge of my large breasts, exposed by the cut of the neck line on my tight, black dress. He kissed my cheek and gently tugged on my earlobe, biting my dangling earring. I could feel dampness between my legs and sense the heat from my sex.

Claire’s voice pulled me from the seduction.

“May I?” she whispered in Paul’s ear, leaning over to enjoy a line from the bar. She was an amazing looking girl. Pale with a smattering of freckles, waif thin with long legs and bobbed black hair. She could look good in a plastic bag, let alone the retro mini dress she was wearing. Her tight ass wiggled slightly in front of us as she consumed her line. With his arm around me and his hand caressing my ass through the silk of my dress, Paul took Claire’s hand and pulled her closer to us. His fingers pushed her short hair from her face and behind her ear which flashed with diamond studs, then continued behind her head and he slowly pulled her lips to his. His kiss, a little harder and more urgent, betrayed his excitement. I could see the pleasure as his sublime kissing melted her. He kissed us both alternately for several minutes before gently ushering Claire and I closer together.

We looked each other in the eye and touched lips. I’d never kissed a girl before, let alone one of my closest friends, but the adrenaline and sheer sexuality of the moment overcame us both. Claire’s wide mouth was very soft and smooth and the subtle smell of her perfume pulled me in to the moment. Her tongue ran along the length of my lips, circling my mouth before sliding against mine. Still with one arm around us both Paul kissed my neck and shoulders and pulled the neck-tie of my dress loose, allowing it to fall to the floor, revealing my heavy breasts and leaving merely a tiny black G-string and heels to protect my modesty. Upping the ante I unzipped Claire’s torbalı escort dress which dropped away with the help of a sexy wiggle. Paul unclasped her silky bra and revealed her small, pert tits their nipples standing out firmly almost as far as the flesh of her tiny breasts.

We moved to one of the several couches. I kneeled astride him kissing his neck and unbuttoning his shirt. He was taught and lean with very little hair. I kissed his tummy and chest as he sucked and pulled on Claire’s nipples with his hands kneading the doughy flesh of my full tits, pulling and rolling my nipples between his fingers. As his trousers slid to the floor and he lay back, Claire moved astride him and pulling the damp material of her G-string to one side and crouching over him in her heels, lowered her shaven pussy to his mouth. His hands firmly clasped her tight, boyish bottom and his tongue ran along the edge of her labia, circling her entire sex in narrowing circles and finally penetrating her musky, wet vagina. He pulled on her vulva with his lips, making them swell and burn with longing. He ran his tongue from the edge of her anus along the length of her flowing pussy and allowed her the pleasure of a single, firm pass on her now bulging clitoris.

I could hear her moan of relief, appreciation and sheer delight as I turned my attention to Paul’s manhood. I ran my mouth from the base to the tip with feather light kisses, allowing my hair to run across the head of his shaft, then retraced my path with the tip of my tongue which followed the ridge of his purple head all the way around his cock. A velvety softness passed across my tongue as I licked his bulb, with a drop of salty pre-cum as my prize at the tip. I spread this delicious drop of elixir over his helmet with my red-painted finger tips before slowly and purposefully taking the whole of his shaft in to my mouth until it touched the back of my throat. Controlling my gag, I slid my lips up the length of his rock-hard length, not quite releasing it before repeating the move. After a few long, slow draws on his member my throat opened and I nuzzled my nose in to his pubic hair as his dick extended fully in to my warm, moist, tight oesophagus. I love to give deep throat!

Claire began to stiffen. She leaned back thrusting forward the small peaks of her boobs and stabilised herself against Paul’s firm belly. One hand ran through his hair finding a grip in his mane as her breath quickened and she let out an almost desperate sob of release as she climaxed from Paul’s oral stimulation. She sobbed and moaned several times, pulling the poor guy’s hair hard in the process and forcing me to gag on his dick as he tensed; releasing his cock from my mouth with a long arc of throaty saliva and pre-cum following it from my lips . Paul and I both watched and I stroked her back as her moans subsided and returned to deep breaths, her body occasionally quivering and her thighs giving way and forcing her to kneel forwards over Paul as her strength left her, a drop of her come falling from her glistening pussy as she did.

“Fucking hell!” was all she could say as she managed to roll on to her back, still quivering, next to Paul.

Moving astride him I leaned forward, my nipples and necklace skimming the surface of his chest as we shared another few minutes kissing. I could taste Claire’s cum in his mouth which turned me on even more. Paul’s hands ran through my hair and cupped and squeezed by pendulous boobs as I manoeuvred my streaming pussy on to his warm, smooth shaft. My movements were slow but deliberate, and Paul matched my tempo caressing and kissing my nipples. His dick felt wonderful as my vagina made way for him and embraced each inch of his manhood slowly and tightly. The bulb of his cock gently pressured my G-spot and each tiny movement delicately nuzzled the tip of his shaft against the sensitive nub deep in my pussy. I was in Heaven!

Now recovered slightly, Claire began to kiss my neck and caress my tits as Paul’s hands moved to my hips and increased the tempo of our movement. His perfect-fit cock extended me and made room to circle and thrust gently at different angles, not stretching my sex the same way twice. Claire forcefully pulled my face towards her and kissed me hard. Her tongue reached in to my mouth, searching for my throat, her hand working hard on her own pussy. Her fingers deep, squelching in her slit.

Paul’s hands held my hips like a vice and moved me with the rhythms of his own gyrations, stretching my pussy and forcing my clitoris to rub against the base of his heavenly cock. I was gasping rhythmically now, my breath heavy and my breasts bouncing to the rhythm of the solid fucking I was receiving. Claire’s long, French polished nails ran down urla escort by back, trailing her pussy juice in a line along my hot skin. Paul’s thrusts were harder and faster, my clit ready to burst and the nub in my sex burning. The very tip of Claire’s finger, wet from her masturbation, pushed in to the tight entrance of my anus, setting off a chain reaction of orgasms bursting from my womanhood. I could feel my vagina convulsing around Paul’s member as he slammed in to me the last few times and threw his head back in to the cushion, groaning and relieving the tightness of my grip on his cock with a flood of warm, sticky sperm. Electricity was bursting through my body as another wave of ecstasy hit me, and another and another and another! I could barely breathe as I tumbled forwards on to Paul’s chest, Claire’s finger popping from my butthole as I did. I lay on top of him twitching and moaning, close to tears for several minutes. Claire lay next to us and we breathed deeply as the tension left our bodies.

Several minutes later our perfect moment of Nirvana was broken by a guttural, groaning noise. Suddenly concerned for Katie, Claire and I swiftly made our way to the bedroom. Katie was on all fours on the huge four-poster, wearing only her white heels and pearl choker. She was groaning uncontrollably to the hammering of Dmitri’s manhood in to her pussy. He had her shoulder length, hazel-brown hair pulled back to a pony tail in one hand pulling her head up, while his other spanked her ass occasionally, leaving red hand marks on her tanned cheeks. His physical form was beautiful and frightening, chiselled, tanned and veined. Each muscle was popping out as he expelled the considerable power of his physique in to pumping his dick hard in to Katie.

My heart racing, I ran to Katie causing Dmitri to halt his pounding and release her hair. Without ending his penetration he stood behind her, glistening with sweat.

“Are you ok?” I asked Katie urgently, “Do you want this?” I whispered, fearing she may have been raped.

Between heavy pants she whispered, “I’m…more than… ok!” Adding, “He’s fucking… amazing! He’s….fucking…huge!”

Relieved I laughed and kissed her on the mouth. I turned to Dmitri apologetically. Standing on my tip-toes, I kissed him slowly too. He smiled at me and ran his hand underneath my breast, his pumping in to Katie already gently building up again.

As I went to head over to where Paul and Claire were smooching on the bedroom couch, indulging in another line of coke, I couldn’t help but move to catch a glimpse of Dmitri’s member. Katie wasn’t lying! As her guttural moan and his powerful thrusts built up again, I stared mesmerised by his enormous penis. It was the size of a spray can in length and girth; veined and bulging, straining to break free of the constraints of its skin such was the might of his erection. Katie’s pussy was distended around it and looked red and swollen as he pounded his magnificent tool repeatedly in to her, sometimes withdrawing enough that I caught a glimpse of its meaty, purple head and her pussy yawning and slurping wide, failing to retract back to its normal proportions due to the vacuum left by the enormous meaty pole that had just been removed. As briefly as the amazing spectacle had greeted me it was gone as Dmitri slammed his cock in to the full length of her pussy. Katie moaned loudly with each thrust, which was limited only by the capacity of her sex as at least three inches of Dmitri failed to penetrate her each time, as the tip of his shaft collided with her cervix and squashed her creamy G-spot.

Dmitri liked me watching him fuck my friend, and held my gaze as Katie erupted in a screaming, high pitched wail of an orgasm, her hair sticking to her face with sweat and her breasts wobbling in time with Dmitri’s strokes. He leaned forward over her, scooping her shapely tits in his hands, rolling each nipple between his fingers as he lifted her torso vertically, enabling her to watch in the huge wall sized antique mirror, his final few pumps in to her, culminating in a single long groan and the sinew of his ripped physique tensing as his sperm flooded in to her cunt. Hot and glistening Katie panted and watched as he squeezed her tits hard and withdrew his dick to a quiet gurgling sound. She then collapsed on to her back on the bed, exhausted.

Without realising immediately what I was doing I slid on to the bed and took Dmitri’s member in my hand. It was hot and slimy. His hands seemed magnetically attracted to my bulbous, heavy tits. Looking him in the eye I licked the extreme length of it, enjoying the smells and taste of his cum mixed with my friend’s pussy juice. Not taking my eye from his, I licked his magnificent penis clean, before using buca escort both hands due to the sheer size of the beast, to squeeze every last precious drop of his sperm on to my tongue.

“I’m next for this” I purred at him “I want more of your cum”.

“There’s plenty in there” was his reply, nodding towards Katie who had been watching my unrepentant act of wantonness.

I turned on my knees on the bed and kissed Katie’s lips, sharing the taste of male and female cum with her. She returned my advances and we effortlessly changed position with my pussy over her face and my tongue already slurping and delving the depths of her still throbbing, red hole. I could taste Dmitri’s cum with every stroke and felt Katie’s clitoris firming, occasionally running my tongue over her little hot spot to make her tense slightly which pushed fat drops of his delicious sperm in to the reach of my seeking pink tongue.

Katie’s orgasm came fast. She was clearly still smouldering from her session with Dmitri. I cleaned every spatter of his love juice from her vagina. Having been so over-taken by the moment of her climax, Katie had failed to engage my pussy with her lips, instead pushing her long-nailed index finger deep inside my pussy and scooping out a large blob of Paul’s semen, which dripped on to her lips, partly dribbling in to her mouth with some running down her cheek.

I then felt his hands on my back and knew Dmitri was back to his full strength and was ready to give me my turn on his giant cock. Katie slid off of the bed to enjoy a further line with the guys who now formed an audience to see me receive my slutty rewards. He was no smooth, seductive operator like his friend. His strength amazed me as he turned me on all fours to face the watching crowd, before rubbing the huge head of his cock between my wet pussy lips and allowing it to slide up along the skin between my ass cheeks a couple of times, finally edging the head of his member in to the tight pleasure zone of my pussy.

An involuntary whimper left my lungs as the flesh of my sex felt stretched like elastic to incorporate the penetration. Dmitri’s hands ran up my back and bunched my hair, forming a pony tail and pulling my head back, exposing my collar bones, neck and heaving tits to the audience. He then pushed firmly in to my vagina making me moan deeply, much in the way Katie had been doing. I even heard her giggle somewhere in the distance, but my concentration was firmly on the huge member impaling and stretching my pussy!

I was full. My pussy felt stretched in every dimension. His bulbous head was pushing hard against my cervix. The muscle wall of my sex felt like it was being pulled apart and slightly torn, while the lips of my vagina were so tight around his shaft, that it could not have been comfortable for him. More moans left my throat. I could hear them vaguely but hardly realised they came from me. Dmitri’s free hand squeezed my boob hard as he began to gyrate in to me, the force of each thrust growing. I reached back and felt how much spare capacity his cock still had that I was incapable of satisfying, and felt three or four inches protruding, even when I felt his helmet was going to pierce its way in to my stomach it was so far engulfed in my pussy! I moved my hand back to the bed to stabilise myself.

“Ooooh!” as his hand clapped the white skin of my ass as my spanking began.

Dmitri was now ploughing in to me with all of his considerable strength and size, spanking my cheeks to a raw red glow and telling me to scream “I love cock!” at the watching audience, as my heavy tits. dangling earrings and necklace swung uncontrollably back and forth with the power of each thrust.

“Aaaaah!” I felt like such a tramp, but had never felt more amazing. I came hard and my pussy tightened so much around his iron rod that it hurt and caused me to scream in a mixture of pain and delight.

“Ahhhnnnnnggg!” Dmitri’s hand found my clitoris and rubbed the firm nerve-bud in time with my fucking so that I came almost at his demand several more times, “Aaaaaaooooohhhhggggh!”

With my two best friends watching the action and sipping champagne, Dmitri pulled quickly from my suddenly gaping, empty vagina and turned my head to catch his eruption of sperm in to my face. A spurt hit my nose and dribbled off of the end on to my lips, a second landed on my chin while the third and forth found their targets and ended on my tongue to the sound of Dmitri’s deep single groan.

I cleaned Dmitri’s cock with my tongue and scooped the inaccurate jets in to my mouth enjoying my last taste of his titanic manhood. A round of applause greeted me from the sofa where my friends sat naked, snuggling with Paul, who presented me with a fresh glass of champagne.

The evening wound down eventually with us all sleeping, kissing and touching for a few more hours until dawn. Finally Paul woke me with a gentle kiss on my forehead and whispered goodbye in my ear. The boys left to catch their flight and our girl’s night out drew to a close.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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