Halloween Pool Party Pt. 06

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I was exhausted and slept until 5pm when I was awakened by a gentle kiss from Miss Annie. She took off my headphones and rocked my shoulder a bit. “Come on my sweet sleepy sissy, it’s time to get you up and about. We have a fun evening planned for you baby girl”. I rubbed the sleep from my eyes and saw Miss Annie’s beautiful face looking down at me. “lets get you showered and dressed now”.

“Oh but Miss Annie, I had such a strange dream. It was almost a nightmare. All sorts of things were being done to my body, and then I was sucking men’s cocks, and they fucked my ass and came all over me. And I was begging for more. And you and Miss Maddy just smiled and watched me and the Drs. kept calling me a bimbo. I was even smiling as they squirted their cum on me. Then some voice said I was a man and shouldn’t do those things and I was frightened Miss Annie.” I babbled on as she helped me out of bed and walked me to the bathroom.

“Brenda you look in the mirror ant tell me what you see. Do you see a man’s cock anywhere in the mirror?”

“No Miss Annie.”

“Do men have pretty Barbie blonde hair like you?”

“No Miss Annie.”

“And what about those pretty pink cock sucker lips? Do real men have pretty pink lips like that?’

“Oh no Miss Annie, men don’t have painted lips.”

“And look at your finger nails and toe nails Brenda. What does it say on your toes?”

“It says Sissy Bimbo, Miss Annie. You could have read that,” I giggled.

“So are you going to believe a silly voice that says you are a man, or are you going to believe what you see Brenda?”

“Oh you are so smart Miss Annie. I must be a sissy girl cause men don’t look like me at all,” I exclaimed as if I just figured it out. Miss Annie then reached around me and cupped my slight breasts in her hands and whispered to me “Yes you are a sweet sissy Brenda, and you soon be a perfect ditzy bimbo with the prettiest titties very soon.”

” Now lets remove your plug so you can shower. “She turned the water on nice and warm for me and I soaked a bit before lathering up with my pretty lilac soap. I used the hand-held to clean out my cage after squirting some soap in it. I shampooed and conditioned my hair, and then as I was washing my face off I opened my eyes and Miss Annie stepped in with me. She was totally naked and my heart melted as I gazed upon her beauty. I wasn’t sure if its because I loved her and Miss Maddy so much, or because I wanted to be as pretty and smooth as she was. She attached a long tube with a nozzle she had brought in with her, to the shower. After pulling out the drain stopper she told me to bend over and started working the nozzle into my bottom. She would take it out and let me release and then did it a couple more times. As if I wasn’t feeling the spikes just from seeing her luscious body, now it really started to hurt. She finally stopped and told me, that was to teach me how women clean up after a good fucking.

We got out and she brushed out and blow dried my pretty blonde hair and helped me touch up my semi permanent make up. “You need to look pretty because Miss Maddy has a visitor coming over this evening. We want you to make a good impression Brenda. And remember too, that tomorrow you get your pretty new breasts sissy.”

“Oh Yes Miss Annie, I cant wait to see how pretty I will look,” Can I wear a sexy dress too?”

“Certainly Brenda. Now let’s go pick something nice for you.” and we headed to my room. “Lets start with a pair of those pretty crotchless panties again, you look so pretty with them. Maybe the pink one’s today for my little girl, and matching pink thigh high stocking with the little bows at the tops. Oh you do look delicious like this baby girl. And these pink ballet flats I got you will look adorable too. I am really liking this little girl look on you, so no bra tonight. Lets try this little ruffled blouse and this pink satin dress with the black petticoat under it. Oh that gives my little one such a naughty look”

“Oh Miss Annie I do look so pretty like this, thank you so much for dressing me up. “I’m hungry can we eat soon Miss Annie?”

“Yes my darling little girl. Let’s go and see if our guest has arrived and then we will eat.” Miss Annie said treating me more and more like a child.”

Miss Maddy had of course been watching all of this on a large screen TV in the main house while Dr. Dane massaged her feet. Dr. Atkins was seated next to her and she was rubbing his crotch as she enjoyed her husbands efforts. As Miss Annie brought me into the room and I saw the 2 doctors with Mistress Maddy, I hesitated and pulled her hand to stop her.

“Is something wrong sissy” prodded Miss Annie.

“Miss Annie, those are the men from my dream that were fucking me and cumming on me Miss Annie.”

Everyone giresun escort in the room laughed and Miss Annie told me everything was ok. “You are right Brenda, but it wasn’t a dream, sweetie. It was very real. You can even watch the video if you like. You really did beg to suck them and fuck them and drink all their cummies. And that voice you heard saying that real men don’t do those things is because that was a tiny piece of your old brain trying to reach out to you. But Miss Maddy and I won’t let that happen anymore so you will be safe from those voices. But you know sissy, once you were a man and wouldn’t have done those things. But now that you are a pretty little sissy bimbo its perfectly alright to suck them ok?

“I guess so Miss Annie.”

“That’s a good little girl, now go do a twirl for them and show them how pretty you look.”

“Oh yes Mistress.” and I danced in front of them so my dress flipped up to show my pretty panties.

They all clapped and said what a good little girl I was. We all went to the dining room and there were only 4 chairs at the table. “Where is my seat Miss Maddy?, I asked with a pout.

“I want you under the table right between my legs baby girl. I will let you lick me while we eat and then you may have dinner after we are done if you are a good girl. When you are done with me you can lick the doctors and then Miss Annie to, but only if you promise to be good or no dinner for you after.”

I crawled under the table as instructed and started to lick my owners beautiful pussy. It tasted so wonderful. I immediately felt my spikes doing their job. It made me lick and suck her heavenly juices until she came all over my face. It smelled and tasted so sweet. I so wish I had a pussy too.

She pushed me over to Dr Atkins and his man cock was pointing at my lips. I knew I had to obey Miss Maddy so I took him in my mouth and ran my tongue around the large head of his cock. I felt him harden and and started to take him deeper. As I got it all in my mouth he held a bottle of poppers by the base of his cock. Every time I went all the way down on it I got a strong sniff of that sissy sauce. I was soon reliving the previous nights training and getting more and more excited about sucking on his cock.

Even after he removed the bottle I continued sucking and licking and teasing his balls. “That’s right little girl, just pretend its a sweet lollipop and lick it up and down. Yes Brenda, just like that. Oh yes. Baby girl is gonna get a nice mouthful of cummies for dinner.” Dr. Atkins cried out as I spurted over and over into my mouth.

I moved next to Dr. Dane and treated him much the same. As he was about to cum Miss Maddy told me to stop, as her hubby hadn’t earned it yet. “I said I wanted more cummies but she wouldn’t let me. At least I would get to make Miss Annie cum and I really loved to taste her. She was so wet when I got to her she only took a few minutes to flood my mouth and face with her lady juice. I was told I could now sit at the table and eat my dinner then clean up the dishes as the “adults” retired to the living room.

I finally finished cleaning everything and went to the living room. They were all talking when I got there and all of a sudden the doorbell rang. I was told to answer it and I opened It to see a rather handsome young man with a large briefcase. He said “Hi, I’m Mike Pierce, and I am here to see Maddy. I invited him in and for some reason found myself staring at his crotch as I pointed to Miss Maddy and said “she right over there.”

Maddy stood to greet him then turned to me and asked what I was staring at. “I was just letting him in, I wasn’t staring at anything.”

Now Brenda, don’t try to lie to Mistress. Tell me what you were looking at.”

I was, I , I was looking at his crotch Mistress”, I said feeling embarrassed from being caught.

“Well there may be a punishment in order later for a lying little girl, Brenda.

“Yes Mistress Maddy, I’m sorry Mistress. It’s just that sometimes I forget things lately, I don’t know why.”

“I am sure you do Brenda, I’m sure you do,” she smiled knowing how well her programming was working. Turning to her husband and Dr. Atkins she said, “Any doubts about my programming methods now boys” with a smug smile.

The men just laughed a bit and Mistress went on to introduce Mike as I fetched drinks for everyone. Mike was highly recommended professional piercer, hence his name. They talked briefly of what they were going to do that evening and Dr. Atkins was quite interested in hearing it. He even described an additional treatment that he would be able to do after doing my implants. I really couldn’t follow much of what they said.

Miss Maddy arose and said she needed me to do something.

“Do you gölbaşı escort want me to suck his cock too Mistress?” I asked with a little curtsey.

“That’s not what I had in mind Brenda but I bet Mike would enjoy that,” she said

“Yes I surely would,” Mike said, “but after my work is done.”

Miss Maddy excused herself and led me down the hall to a room I had not been in before. It looked like a medical exam room. She explained that Dr. Dane used to see patients at the house. She told me to take off my dress and blouse and sit up on the exam table. I complied without hesitation and soon found my self bound to the table with my feet up in stirrups raised higher than my head. “Mistress are you going to fuck me like this” I asked.

Mistress jokingly told me “don’t go anywhere sissy” With that she left the room and returned shortly with the other 4. “Now missy, its time to unlock that sissy clit of yours”. She pulled her key from her pocket and removed the spiked chastity from my sore clitty. Miss Annie stepped up with a warm wet cloth and cleaned me thoroughly as Mistress Maddy said that Mike needed to check some things with my clit before we proceeded.

Mike opened his brief case but I couldn’t see what he had in it. He was holding my clitty down between my legs, stretching it towards my ass and popped my sissy eggs up in side me. He made some marks on my taint with a sharpie and then a couple more con the end of my clitty. He then looked closely at them and said they would be no problem.

Mistress stepped up and stroked my sissy clit until it rose to its full 6 inches. The tiny spike marks were visible all around. “Sissy you did something that earned you a punishment didn’t you?”

“Yes Miss Maddy, I told a little fib before.”

“What was it about sissy?”

“About my looking at Sir Mikes’ crotch Mistress”

“Do you like looking at mens cocks and crotches sissy?”

They all watched as a slight bit of resistance left in me tried to form the word no, but all that ended coming out was” yes Mistress I like looking at pretty cocks.”

Still stroking me slowly Mistress asked Miss Annie to bring her a riding crop. “Is this a cock I am holding Brenda?”

“No Mistress, that’s a sissy clittie.”

“And this sissy clitty is going to be punished for lying about cock little girl. I expect it wont happen again after I am done.” She took the crop from Annie and I felt the first strike on the tip of my clitty. Then holding it by the tip added 5 more hard strikes up the tender bottom of my clit. I was howling in pain and Annie warned me to be quiet or I would get double the amount. I immediately stopped making noise but the tears were falling from my eyes as Mistress continued with my punishment. 5 on the top, 4 on each side and the hardest of all on my balls causing me to cry out. I tried to reach for them to try and ease the pain bough was securely bound.

“Well you just earned another 20 by crying out sissy, I will let Miss Annie administer them in a minute. First I will stroke you up nice and big again so she has a better target.” Her hand felt so soft and loving now that I couldn’t help but to get a little stiffy.

Mistress Annie stepped up and said. “You know I am really going to miss doing this in the future so I am going to make it worth while this time” She would follow the same pattern as Mistress Maddy. The first on the head was twice as powerful as Maddy’s 1st blow. The rest were as well and though crying inside I knew I had to remain silent as I felt the last blow on my sissy eggs that almost caused me to pass out.

A cool cloth on my forehead helped revive me as Miss Annie caressed my sore eggs and licked my clitty, restoring it to its previous stiffness. “Do you remember when you got to lose your virginity in Annie’s beautiful pussy last week sissy. I know you do. Wasn’t that the most wonderful feeling you ever had?” teased Mistress Maddy, as Annie continued to stroke and lick me. Would you like to feel that good again?”

“Oh yes, please Miss Maddy, that would be wonderful!”

“Yes it would Brenda, but sissy’s don’t get to enter vaginas and I promise you that you never will again. But I know you used to love stroking it so maybe will make it squirt that way one last time, because it may not do that anymore either.”

Mistress Annie was keeping me on edge as Maddy spoke. This one last time to squirt like a man. To feel that wonderful orgasm one more time. That excites you doesn’t it sissy, knowing I won’t ever let you do this again?”

“Oh yes, I think, but maybe I shouldn’t, I mean I don’t know Mistress. I’m so confused. I wanna squirt but sissies aren’t supposed to squirt. And cumming is for real Ladies and men Mistress. I don’t know what to do. It feels göztepe escort so nice, I wanna squirt again but I want you happy mistress. Please decide for me Mistress, It’s so hard to think about. Mistress nodded at Annie and she shoved a finger in my bottom, hitting on my prostate and my cum started leaking out with out an orgasm. With an evil laugh Mistress said “now we can continue the party.”

Miss Annie poured the cum into my mouth and wiped me clean. Mike stepped up asked Mistress if she wanted a PA piercing, or an ampalang, explaining how it would go sideways through the clit head and would offer more security. Miss Maddy though a bit and decided on the PA because che liked the look and that it could be a smaller ring. Mike showed her his new design of permanent piercing ring. “For the breasts I recommend a 10 guage but for this an 8 will be heavier and better.

He continued by showing how the ends are reverse threaded so when twisted into place it would pull both ends together inside it. They were gold plated titanium, and could not be cut. He cautioned that if he put the sealer on the threads it would be a lifetime sentence. I could see in Mistresses eyes that this excited her no end. I swear I cold smell her woman scent coming from between her amazing legs. I cas her toy and she wanted to play.

Mike said he was ready and Dr. Dane stepped forward and I shrieked a bit as he poked me with a syringe and I slowly felt my cock head and perineum go numb. Mike placed a pair of forceps in position and Miss Maddy held them for him with a huge smile on her face. My view was blocked by my petticoat, and all I felt was some yanking and pushing as Mike shoved his large needle through my taint. The ring was put in and the forceps released. Miss Annie then held a mirror and demanded I watch as my sissy clit head was then pierced in the same manner. I watched as the single ring was then slid through my clit head attaching it between my legs and Mike srewed the ball in place.

“How does that look to you Maddy?” asked Mike.

“I love the look . Its perfect. Look how flat she is when I tuck her sissy eggs away.”

She was right. It did look smooth and pretty. I couldn’t believe this was happening to me. But it really was.

“Mike, that is so right like that. Please unscrew the ball and put the permanent sealer on the threads.”

“Would be happy to do that for you Maddy.” I watched as he sealed me shut forever. A tear rolling down my face as I knew I would never act as a man again. Mike moved to my chest and less than ten minutes and a couple of yelps later I had matching rings in my tits as well.

Dr. Atkins examined my crotch and spoke to Miss Maddy. “With her eggs tucked up I could fold this excess skin from her scrotum over the top and stitch it to look like outer labia lips. It would give her a bit of a camel toe and insure that her eggs wont appear again either. I can do that when I finish her breasts tomorrow.”

“Oh that would be an awesome look for her doctor. She will forever be nice and flat, almost like a real girl. And, we no one will even notice there is a sissy clit left under it. It may make it difficult for her to rub it and squirt but I think that will be ok.”

Mike the jewelery is just plain beautiful. Her new breasts will look so much better with the gold rings too. And knowing she is locked permanently will be so humiliating for her. I really cant thank you enough. But I know someone who can thank you. Lets untie our girl so she can give you that blow job she promised.”

Everyone got a laugh at that and Miss Annie untied me and had me on my knees. With a little prodding from her boot I sat up and said “please Sir Mike may I suck your cock to thank you for piercing me sir. I want to make you feel as good as you made Mistress feel by taking my clitty away. Please sir?”

He smiled down at me and dropped his pants. I leaned forward and took him deep in my mouth and sucked him into my throat. I bobbed up and down as I felt the Novocaine wearing off. My clitty tried to get hard as I sucked and moaned savoring the taste of his cock and soon had a mouth full of cummies.

Mistress told Mike he was welcome to come by anytime for a repeat performance by me. As he packed his tools up Dr. Atkins came over and filled my mouth with his cock and Dr. Dane, with Miss Maddy’s permission took be from behind. I was spit-roasted and worked both ends as best I could bringing them both to a quick orgasm. Annie stuffed a tampon in my bottom so I wouldn’t leak. Mike was on his way out. Miss Maddy told Annie to put me to bed before joining her in her bed. The Doctors went to their rooms as well. It had been a long day.

Annie made sure I was ok and tucked me in saying, “you were such a good little girl sissy. Mistress and I both love you so much for becoming our baby girl. Life is gonna be so much more fun know.” With that she put my headphones on me , turned off the light and left for Miss Maddy’s bed. I fell asleep listening to music and wishing I could be there licking them both to climaxes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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