Harsh Domination

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As a side note, I’ve been looking for a Master for a long time. But I find that most of them are uncreative, players, or they just aren’t ‘harsh’ enough. Below is a fantasy of mine, of how I would like a Master to treat me.



Chapter 1:

The plane tickets had been purchased and I held onto them as the check through line inched closer and closer to the scanning machines. You had told me I wouldn’t need much so all I carried was my purse. I was simply bubbling with excitement. No Master had ever challenged me like you had, no Master had ever made me desire to cum as much as you did. Meeting you for the first time was going to be huge. I blushed at the thought but was happy that no one could possibly know why I was smiling so much.

The line moved through and the plane eventually boarded. It was all one blur of time for me because all I wanted was to land and to see you. You had prepared me in that I knew as soon as you saw me I’d have to start following your orders. We both weren’t huge on public play but a little was always fun. So I was prepared. I wandered around the Huston airport for a little bit, looking for you, wondering where you were.

Your hand suddenly rested on my butt. I turned and smiled, throwing my arms around you in a hug. You hugged me back. You might be harsh but you weren’t an asshole. “Hi darling.” You said in that caramel voice that nearly made my pussy drip. “Hi.” I said back and kissed you.

“Nu uh uh. No kissing. Not yet. Take this bag to the bathroom. Do what the note says. It should take you about fifteen minutes. I’ll be waiting over there.” You point to a set of chairs. Nodding I take it and hurry off into the bathroom. Not knowing what is inside I slip into a stall and sit down on the toilet. The bag is just a paper bag with nothing decorating it.

Opening it up I find a huge anal plug, a bottle with a little hose attached to the tip, a note, connecting nipple clamps to a clit clamp and a large vibrating egg.

Opening the note I start to read your masculine penmanship.


First, you’re going to fill the bottle with warm water. Put the tube in your ass and turn the bottle upside down and squeeze for the water to fill you. Make sure the bottle is full. Then, hold the liquid in and put the ankara grup escort plug inside you.

It’s large enough so you won’t have any ‘accidents’ in my car. Then clip your nipples to your clit, put in the egg, turn it on and re-dress yourself. Put the controller in your jean skirt pocket. Then return to me.

-Master J

I had no idea that this is what was waiting for me. The bag of stuff now made me nervious, but I had to do as I was told. Leaving my stuff inside the stall I took only the bottle without it’s weird nozzle to the sink. Several women looked at me oddly but didn’t say anything. It made my face flush. I almost ran back to the stall. When I got back to it I screwed the cap back on and pulled my skirt and panties down. Bending over the toilet, using the back for a hand hold I popped the tube into my ass and squeezed on the bottle. The bottle about the size of a normal soda bottle but a bit smaller. A good amount of water flooded into me and I felt the pressure in my guts. Already I thought of having to walk back out there with a belly full of water, an ass full of plug and a pussy full of vibrator, and somehow manage to look normal.

It made me cringe but I continued. Eventually I pulled the tube out. Picking up the black plug with three ribs on it I stared at it for a while before leaning over more fully and using my hand to twist it into my ass. I couldn’t help but make small little ‘ah’ and ‘oh’ noises as I forced the thick monster into me. When it was finally seated in my ass I moaned at the pressure and listened to one lady snort in disgust. She could only be guessing at what I was doing but it still made me blush. I heard her mutter ‘Disgusting.’ As she left.

Sitting down with another moan of discomfort I pulled up my shirt and pulled down my bra. The clamps were metal and had small dull teeth. I flicked my nipples to make them stand before clamping one on and then the other. Spreading my legs I clamped my clit and gasped from the instant pleasure tinged with pain. I felt so dirty at the moment. And I wasn’t even done. Pulling the vibrating egg from the bag I slipped it into my wet pussy. Then I pulled my panties up, then my jean skirt and I fixed my top.

Trying to be discreet I pulled the wire connecting the egg to the controller up through the waist gümüşhane escort and then put it in my pocket. Then I turned it on. It couldn’t be heard too much but if you knew it was there, like I did, it sounded noisy.

Looking at my cell phone I realized it had been 13 minutes. Not too much time left. And I still had to make it out while walking normal and already my belly was protesting. Shame crept into my face and I opened the door and walked out. It was m best attempt at being normal but there was something defiantly off about it.

Master Jason was waiting for me. Sitting in the chair. “Almost was late. That would have been bad.” He smiled in a Masterly fashion before standing up and then out of the blue he pulled the controller out of my pocket and slid the bar up to half max. The buzzing went crazy inside my pussy. Then he put it back in my pocket.

“Let’s get to the car.”

I was so happy to get out of there, but the walk was awkward and embarrassing. It took a good 15 minutes to get from the chairs to his SUV, and the whole time he was silent except to laugh when I moaned from the stimulation.

When we got to his car he let go of my arm and hit the button on his fob to have the trunk door open. The car was an SUV so the trunk wasn’t the kind where it’s sectioned off. “Get in the trunk.” For a moment I hesitated until he grabbed my arm and forced me into the back.

“Now, face me.” I did and he grabbed my shirt pulling it up so it covered my face, and then he grabbed my bra and only pulled it down enough so that my tits popped out and the chain jangled. I almost panicked at the exposure. We were in a fully parking lot for God’s sake! But his hand beat me to it and he pulled my skirt and panties down. In a quick practiced move he had me on my belly, ass in the air, nipples pressed against the car. “Stay.” He said and smacked my pussy once for good measure before closing the trunk and getting into the driver’s seat.

I was humiliated, being driven through Huston (with admittedly tinted windows) with my clothes up around my face and knees. I don’t know how long we drove but we eventually ended up at his house. He reversed and parked in his driveway but he didn’t go into the garage. When the trunk opened I was still the way he left me, with my shiny wet pussy facing him.

“Can’t halkalı escort be too upset. You’re dripping.” Then he played with my pussy for a while, tickling it with his long fingers. When he pulled me up he stripped my clothes off completely and chucked them back into his car. Then he turned up the egg on high. From his back pocket he brought out handcuffs and cuffed my hands in front of me. With a garage door opener he opened it and stepped away.

“Walk into the house, down the first hallway and into the third room on the right. A closet will be open. There is going to be a hook where put your cuffs on to hold your arms up. It will lock once you slide them in. Face forward in the closet and make sure you’re kneeling in the wide tub I’ve placed under the hook. Sluts don’t get to use the bathroom, and the closet is where you’ll stay and sleep while you’re here. Keep in mind the tub is the only place you get to relieve yourself when you’re locked away for hours on end. But whatever mess you make you have to clean up. It will be interesting to see how long you fight it. Now go.”

I slid out of the car, face burning in humiliation and he slapped my ass. He didn’t exactly live in a secluded area, he had many houses around him and I wondered who was watching. I nakedly stumbled into his house and followed his directions which lead me to a small closet. The door was open and I saw the set up. A silver ring type hook was screwed into the shelf above. Directly below it was a shallow plastic tub that was as wide as the closet was. Stepping into it I had to duck to get my head under the shelf which was at a height where, while kneeling, my arms would be hung above me tightly.

I clicked my cuffs into it and when I tried to click them out I found the hook only went one way. I wouldn’t be able to open it on my own.

What seemed like hours later, which was probably only minutes, Master Jason came in. “Good slut. I was afraid you’d be too stupid to figure it out.” I burned at the insult but lowered my head. He walked over and checked the cuffs making sure I couldn’t get away. He jerked on the clamp chain to get my attention. Then he bent and savagely pulled the plug out of my ass. I cried out from the sudden loss of the rubber filling me. I desperately clenched my ass to keep the water in.

“Now that I have your attention, look at me.” I forced my head up and found my Master waiting with an O ring gag. “Open.” I did and he slid it into my mouth, forcing it open, before he buckled it behind my head.

Then he flicked my nipples a few times and closed the door on me, leaving me in pitch blackness.

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