Hot Soak

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Slipping the roaster into the waiting oven and taking a quick look at her freshly cleaned home she nodded with satisfaction at her hard work. The table was set with their best dishes; crystal flutes were placed in the freezer to completely chill the champagne that was resting in the ice bucket perched on the counter. It had been worth taking the day off from her job, now she just had herself to take care of.

As the bathtub filled she trimmed her pubic hair with careful snips of her manicure scissors. Her buttocks resting on the bathroom counter and her legs wide apart she could see her pink lips already swelling with the desire to be touched. Spreading shaving foam along the edges of the now short, curly hair she took a fresh razor and trimmed along her bikini line. Wanting this homecoming to be even more special she once again shook the shave foam can and applied the resulting blue gel all along the opening of her womanhood. As it turned from blue gel to white foam she ran the razor as close as possible to her clit and lips. With a wet cloth she gently Escort bayan rubbed of the foam and viewed herself. She hadn’t done this for a few years and forgotten how wonderful it was to see her pussy hairless and so smooth.

The mint scented steam wafted up around her naked body as she stepped into the tub. Her skin quickly turned pink as the hot water engulfed her. She knew he would be home soon and wanted to be fresh and clean for his return. Her husband’s job often took him away from home but this trip had been a long one, he’d been gone four nights instead of the usual overnighter.

The bubbles lingered on her breasts, still perky for her years. The workouts and time on the treadmill were definitely paying off; so many of the girls she went to school with had let themselves go when they got married. It was no surprise so many of the guys were fooling around on their wives. Now after ten years of marriage she was still proud of her body and liked the appraising looks she received from men and women alike. Lifting one long leg Bayan Escort and then the other from the water she admired the firm muscular shape as she shaved them to silken smoothness.

Sinking deep into the hot water she relished the sensation of the water rushing over her naked womanhood. Sliding a finger over and around her lips she noticed that the moisture there was definitely of the vaginal kind, it mixed with the bathwater as she stirred her senses there. She had missed him so, his lovemaking so overwhelming that sometimes she wondered how he knew just how to please her so well.

Dwelling on their last passionate interlude she became even more slippery and gently inserted a finger into her pussy bringing a quivering to her clit and g spot. A soft whimper escaped her mouth as she began to stroke in and out of herself. Rubbing her now rigid nipples till fully erect, her other hand continued to delve deeply into her pussy. Her thumb toyed with her clit causing even more juices to escape clouding the water around her butt. Visions Escort of her husband’s hard penis made her mouth water with longing.

Entirely engrossed in the climax that was threatening to engulf her she didn’t notice him as he entered the bath and sat on the edge of the tub. Reaching out he deftly took a nipple between his forefinger and thumb, gently tweaking the hard bud.

Opening her eyes in surprise, she saw the smile on his lips and one immediately appeared on her face as well. Reaching up for him she pulled him into the tub, clothes and all. Water splashed over the sides of the tub as the two lovers laughed and struggled with his now wet clothes. Eventually giving up on his soaked t-shirt she released his now hard cock from his pants. Straddling his hips she raised herself just high enough to allow him a peak at her newly shaved hole. A moan met her ears as he saw her nakedness; the twitching of his cock seemed to call to her, beckoning her closer and closer. One hand encircled his throbbing cock as she slowly lowered herself onto him inch by inch. After only a few slow strokes she could no longer hold back her orgasm and rode him as if mounted on a bucking horse. With the water rushing up and around their genitals it didn’t take long for them both to erupt in orgasmic completion.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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