Human Resources Ch. 01

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When the email popped up, I though it was just another meeting.

“HR Review, 4-5pm Tuesday, Room 1038”

Great, more meetings, I thought. At least I could head out right after this one, and maybe even leave early.

When 3:45 rolled around, I wandered over to building 1. I knew by the naming convention that this room (38) would be in the basement (floor 0) of building 1. It took me a couple minutes to find the windowless corner office in the basement, so I entered right at 4. Already seated on one side of a long conference table was a blond in a dark suit, someone I didn’t recognize. She smiled up at me and motioned for me to close the door.

“Hi, I’m Erin Peters, I’m the new HR representative for your department,” she said, half standing and reaching out to shake my hand. I smiled back and took my seat. So far she was already quite an improvement over the last HR representative, an ancient chain-smoking relic from the old days of the company. Erin looked straight out of school.

“I’ve been scheduling meetings with everyone just to get better acquainted, answer questions, and make sure all of the HR files are up to date,” she was saying. My eyes were locked on hers, but my peripheral vision attempted to scan the rest of her. The suit she was wearing was very business like, but it was hard to tell if she even wore a shirt beneath it. The cut of the blazer dipped down toward the table and drew my eyes toward her chest.

“Ahem, let’s see…” Erin started, shuffling papers and subtly drawing my attention back to her face. She looked up and smiled again. Perfect teeth, platinum blond hair, blue eyes behind dark framed glasses, and creamy white skin…her soft pink lips and bright eyes were the perfect splash of color to offset her otherwise light colored face.

“I see here you’ve been promoted twice in the last four years – congratulations!” Erin was saying. More paper shuffling – “No reprimands, nothing in your record to indicate any problems.”

“So you never found the bodies in my last desk drawer – whew!” I smiled at my joke, but Erin looked up, worried. There was a brief moment before she realized I was joking, and we both started to laugh. “I’m sorry, I’m new to this, I just graduated last month! Guess I shouldn’t take everything so seriously!”

“Yeah, you’ll learn that when everyone goes with the flow, things work out well around here!” I told her.

Erin was still smiling as she picked up her pen and leafed through some other papers. Then she started to frown, biting her lip and furrowing her brow.

“There’s something else, though, that we should discuss…”

She bit the pen, drawing the tip into her mouth…damn, do women do these things consciously?

“Can you explain this?” she slid some papers over to me. I had to mentally shake my head to focus on the papers instead of her mouth. I started to read from the top, then froze. I put the papers down and looked up at Erin.

“Have you seen these before?” she asked, not smiling anymore but not looking mad either – maybe kind of disappointed or, if I didn’t know better, looking conflicted.

“What are my options if I say I don’t know what they are?”

“Well,” she said, taking the papers back, “we could go through the motions of assuming you were telling the truth. We can scan the backups of your files to find out when these appeared on your device and cross check with the key logs to see who Escort bayan was logged on when the file was saved.”

At this point we were both staring at each other, and I couldn’t hear much over the sound of my heartbeat in my ears. “But we both know that when that happens, we’ll find out that you were logged on when this was written, won’t we?” I swallowed hard. I was screwed and we both knew it.

“Yeah, I wrote them.”

Erin frowned and looked at the papers again. She picked them up and pushed away from the table, pacing back and forth in the small room. I couldn’t help but admire her legs, scanning them from where her skirt ended at mid-thigh all the way down to her red-painted toenails. She must have slipped off her shoes while she was at the table. As she walked away from me, I scanned back up – the curve of her calves, her heart shaped ass, the inward curve from her hips to her waist, just a perfect resting place for my hands if I — dammit, I thought to myself, this is why I got busted…I refocused on Erin’s face as she turned around, still looking intently at the papers in her hands and once again biting her lip.

“So what I’m holding here – these stories, this porn for lack of a better word – you wrote these?”

“Yes” I said, my face turning red. No use hiding it now. I don’t know if I was more embarrassed at having been caught or being in the same room as someone reading my work.

Still looking at the papers, Erin walked over to my side of the table and sat on the edge, her toes barely touching the ground. She let out a long sigh and looked down at me.

“We have, at the very least, two problems here that I can see. The first is, you’re an excellent employee. We can’t afford to lose you as we start on the next round of projects. The second problem is that you’ve clearly violated the employment terms by having this material on company property, and there is no leniency with this kind of violation. The punishment is immediate termination.”

I slumped down in my seat. “Can I at least clean out my desk and save my personal files?” As I said this I realized the irony – some of the files I wanted to save were printed out and actually causing me to be fired.

“Well, like I said, there were at least two problems in this situation,” said Erin, again with that concerned look on her face and biting her lip. Despite the tension, I couldn’t help but notice how sexy she looked. “Another problem I see is that I have read your work…and really like it.”

This took a moment to sink in as the words settled over the room.

“I’m sorry, I don’t understand,” I managed to stammer. “What does that have to do with anything?”

“Well, it wouldn’t matter usually, but an additional problem is that I found these papers on my own time and searches of this kind, while allowed with executive approval, are not allowed without authorization…which I never received.”

I think my heart rate was actually higher at this point. “And all this means….”

“This means,” said Erin, the corners of her mouth starting to curve up into a smile, “is that we’re in a position to help each other.”

I started to breath again as I smiled back. “Sure, whatever, just so we can keep this between ourselves.”

Still locked onto my eyes, smiling, Erin ran her foot up the inside of my leg and pushed my chair away from the table. “First I need to do some fact checking,” Bayan Escort she said with a smile, scooting over till she was sitting on the table directly in front of me. “You talk a big game in your stories – but how can I know if you actually wrote this if it isn’t the truth?” And with that she slid down to the floor onto her knees. Despite my nervousness, my body knew what was going on. Erin ran her right hand along my thigh and cupped my balls through my pants, giving them a tug before running her hands up the length of my straining cock. She wore her now-patented worried expression, biting her lower lip and furrowing her brow.

“Only one way to verify…” she trailed off. Her tiny hands reached up and unfastened my belt. Now my heart beating through my chest was a decidedly more pleasant experience. I picked myself up slightly so she could slide off my pants and boxer briefs. If she was surprised, she didn’t show it, just looking at my cock as it sprung free and pointed up at me. She wrapped her hands softly around it, her fingers overlapping slightly as she encircled my throbbing dick I was getting more excited but she was analytical as always, biting that pink lower lip and concentrating behind her glasses. Erin then reached down and ran her fingers lightly along my balls, her fingers coming to rest at the base of my cock, her palm running along the engorged length. She held her hand there for a moment, cocking her head to the side and squinting a little, but apparently still not seeing what she was looking for. She then started to softly and absent mindedly stroke me lightly, seemingly lost in thought. The drop of pre-cum that slid into her hand seemed to shake her out of her haze.

“Well, one last way…” she said to herself. Then she looked up – “You don’t have a ruler do you?”

“Ha – no – why?” But I knew why – she had to verify my stories, right? And as it dawned on me I smiled down at her, and she gave me a wink. Then, without breaking eye contact, Erin leaned forward at the waist and slid my cock past her pink lips and into her moist mouth. I knew it was coming but it still didn’t prepare me. She worked the head in first, her lips settling along the ridge as her tongue swirled around a few times. Her worried look came back as she furrowed her brow and turned her gaze down to her mouthful. After a couple more swirls, she started to work her head down farther. With each head bob, she was able to get another half inch or so, till her nose was finally nestled in my pubic hair. I could feel the head of my cock plugging the back of her throat, and I felt and saw her smile around my dick. She looked up at me, those blue eyes bright behind her dark frames, and while she held my eye contact, she snaked her tongue out and somehow reach the top of my balls with her tongue. I shuddered – I had never felt a sensation quite like that, and I couldn’t just sit there anymore. I started to pull my hips back and this only made her smile bigger. Erin didn’t need any more prompting. Looking at me and smiling the whole time, Erin started bobbing forward on my cock, her tongue snaking out and flicking at my balls every time I hit the bottom of her throat. After a minute or two I couldn’t take any more, and she knew it. As my dick started its first spasm, she slid her pink lips the length of my cock till she only the head was left in her mouth. The first stream of cum shot straight into her throat – or at least Escort I assume it did, I didn’t even notice her swallowing. Erin then pulled her head back farther, smiling wide as the second stream laced across her face, splattering her dark frames and blending into her platinum hair. I shuddered as my dick twitched a couple more times, and I finally slid back in my chair.

Erin, her smile as wide as ever, licked her lips and cleaned up as much cum as her tongue would reach. She reached up and scraped up as much as she could feel and licked off her fingers. Damn, this girl was something else! She laughed at me, as if she read my mind.

“I think everything is in order here,” she said, standing up and smoothing down her skirt. She walked around to the other side of the table and shuffled through some more papers. “As you could probably guess, I needed to verify that the stories you have been writing were indeed autobiographical in nature. Since we didn’t have a measuring device, my throat had to do. Luckily I know I can lick the balls connected to a seven inch penis, which, with some effort, I was able to accomplish with you – barely. Also, based on my hand size, I’d say you underestimated your six inch circumference. Your cock is at least 7.5 inches long and backs up your stories, so I know they are about you.” She looked up at me and smiled.

I smiled back, but only out of reflex and confusion. “So, what exactly does that mean?”

Erin sighed – clearly I was missing something. “It means that the problem is not who you are writing about – it is what.” I still must have looked lost because she sighed again before continuing. “Your stories – they are hot but they lack an element of realism. I think what you need is to write about what you know – for instance, getting blown in a conference room at work.” A wink and a smile.

“What does what I write have to do with…anything?”

Erin sighed again, this time looking angry in a real sense, not her playful lip-biting self any longer. “I like what I read from you, but it doesn’t resonate with me. I need to see more, or else…we’ll have to really sit down and have an HR interview.”

“What do you mean – then what was this?”

“I wasn’t lying when I said that I couldn’t reveal my findings of your stories since I wasn’t authorized to search your device,” Erin explained. “But I can request that authorization for any grounds – even a random search – and I will find your files, even if you deleted them today.” Again, she must have seen only a blank stare from me, because this time she slammed her hands down on the table. “LOOK! I won’t turn you in, but you’re fucked if you cross me!” Then the playful look came back. “And not just fucked by my mouth…”

My head was reeling again. “So what do you want from me?”

“Like I said write about what you know. And make it interesting. I have a creative imagination, and so should you. I’ll set up this meeting room every two weeks and I expect to see some new work that we can…discuss.”

I was working it all out in my mind – this new girl was blackmailing me…so she could read my stories and get off? What the hell?

“Oh, I almost forgot – this was actually supposed to be a real interview. Just basic background though – you’re in line for another promotion. Congratulations!” And that smile again. Then the bit lip, her furrowed brow. “At this rate, you’ll be running your own branch office soon. I hope you don’t forget the little guys…and girls?” Her look was hopeful, innocent. Well, except for the glob of cum sliding down her glasses.

This was all kinds of fucked up, but I smiled back. “Thanks Erin – see you in two week!”

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