Joey Finds a New App Ch. 20

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On the way Joey checked his phone and saw he just missed a text from his mom. ‘Joey. Meet me in the circle for lunch. I already spoke to Mrs. Tyler to excuse you. I need your help during lunch today.’ Joey told Adam to tell his friends he had to go run errands with Mom for lunch and he’s catch up with them after lunch, then he went to the circle to meet his mother.

When he walked outside, his mother was just pulling in. He popped in the passenger seat and greeted her with a kiss, which she returned passionately. They pulled away and she began driving away from the school.

“So, what’s up Mom? What do you need help with?” Joey asked in genuine innocence.

“Well, I know you’re staying after school to help one of your teacher’s today and frankly, I’m being selfish,” she began. “I mentioned yesterday that I’m pretty sure I will need your attention daily, if not more and I just don’t want to miss you if you’re out late tonight. “

She then reached over and took his hand and placed it under her dress directly on her bare, sopping wet pussy. “So, in short, I need your help with this.”

“Wow, Mom. You are really wet and hot,” Joey observed getting immediately excited.

“That’s your fault, Son,” she said, pretending to chastise him. “You have become particularly good at making me ache when I’m not with you. So today we’ll take a ride up to the lookout, which I’m pretty sure is empty during the week. Then you will fuck me properly.”

Joey raised his eyebrows in disbelief of the conversation he was having with his mother, but embraced it enraptured. He leaned closer to her and put his left arm over her shoulder as she drove and positioned his right hand under her dress so that he could use his newly learned finger skills to explore his mother’s heated sex. He immediately started massaging the lips of her pussy and then experimented opening her up while caressing her inner lips and the hood of her clit. His mother was taking short quick breaths and moans in response to Joey’s manipulations. He continued to do things Jane had taught him while his mother tried to focus on driving. He particularly liked the one where he held open her lips with his pointer and pinky fingers, the pushed his middle and ring fingers inside followed up shortly with his thumb rubbing the side of her clit. He waited until they were at a red light before using his thumb and sure enough, she grabbed his wrist and held it in place while squeezing his hand with her thighs, entering the throws of orgasm. She turned and looked Joey in the eyes while she orgasmed, and he smiled back at her with a clear craving for more.

She resumed driving again after catching her breath and avoiding the further ire of fellow drivers waiting to get past her at the light. She pulled her dress up and bunched it around her waist, then lifted her left foot up and wedged it under her thigh. When she held her knees wide open, Joey knew what she wanted then. He pulled the shoulder strap from his seatbelt and bent over into his mother’s lap. She welcomed Joey between her legs by resting her arm across shoulders and pressing him gently down between her legs. The sight before Joey’s eyes was mesmerizing and stunningly beautiful; her perfectly pruned and brushed pubic hairs flared buca escort up and out from her pubic bone as if displaying flowers. Her skin slight darker than Joey’s with perfect complexion extending down her spread thighs left him dumbstruck, although not for long. She encouraged him by pressing his head into her lap further, and Joey happily complied.

Time now to test his new tongue and as his position was slightly restricted due to the steering wheel and seat belt. Although his tongue felt normal to him when he was talking to his mother earlier, he felt it leave his mouth like a snake tongue the instant he extended it from his mouth. His mouth wide open against her pubis, he extended his tongue down and left to scoop and lick along the length of pussy lips. His mother’s flavor was glorious to him as he savored her on his tongue only slightly before continuing. He explored the left and right sides of her pussy, now wide open with need; he pushed his tongue out even further and was about to reach the sensitive space below her pussy now dripping with her fluids. She was moaning loudly in the car and squeezing Joey’s head hard as she ground her hips up into his tongue as much possible, while keeping control of the car.

“Oh, thank goodness we’re here,” she breathed frantically as she reached down to put the car in park. She reached under Joey, undid her seatbelt as well as his, then moved her seat back as she spun around and opened her legs fully for Joey. He took a moment to savor the flavor in his mouth and savor the beauty before him. Her bright yellow spring dress now pulled up with her widespread legs opening to her beautifully perfect pussy was a pure vision of ecstasy. Joey went back to work on his mom’s sex, placing both palms against her inner thigh and pulling her open, then pressing his mouth securely against her. He snaked his tongue into her pussy deep, feeling the muscles squeeze and massage his tongue as he tasted her insides. He pressed harder into her and could feel the top curve up slightly with pressure from his tongue. With his tongue fully extended he was able to press against all sides of her pussy, experimenting with what pleased her most. When he pressed up into the softer region, she shook her pelvis and squeezed her thighs against his head in short spasmodic movements. He did this again and again realizing he would make her cum again shortly as her excitement continued to rise. “Oh, Joey. I didn’t think it possible, but your tongue is even better than your brother’s. Don’t stop. Don’t, don’t. OH, JOEY!” she yelled out as she came against Joey’s face. Immediately, he felt fluids fill his mouth and at first, he thought it was pee, but it didn’t smell or taste like pee so he swallowed what he could but kept licking and probing the same spot in her pussy. She shook repeatedly as her orgasm rocked Joey’s head up and down as if he riding a bull. The fluids had stopped, but her shaking continued for well over a minute becoming less fitful as they continued.

She moved her hands to the side of Joey’s head and pulled it away from her pussy slowly, watching as he extracted his tongue and licked the fluids from his lips. She brought him up and kissed him deeply as he settled in over top buca escort bayan of her. They kissed for several minutes; the passion growing between them with increasing intensity. As the need grew between them, she feverishly tugged and pushed at Joey’s pants while holding his lips to hers. Joey’s focus had been on feeling her tongue inside his mouth and extending his to her mouth as they battled within the kiss. The moaning from them both had grown to loud guttural sounds and desperate pleas for pleasure. Joey, broke the attention slightly from his mother’s tongue as he reached down to undo his pants, allowing them to be pushed down. He reached under her back and slid her further across so that she was lying flat now with one leg in the passenger floor and the other draped across the back of his seat. He pushed his shoes off along with his pants and briefs then set to lining up his now completely rigid cock with her pussy. He pressed in just slightly, then positioned his hands tight against his mother’s sides and pushed in. With her hands on his ass now and pulling, his cock sank to the hilt immediately. Her well lubricated pussy made short work of gobbling up Joey’s long fat dick. She opened her eyes and looked at her son who was now starting to fuck her and begged him, “Joey, I’ve needed this since yesterday when you left my room. I’m going to need more of you, Joey. My body aches for you,” she said to him with a throaty and nearly whispering voice. “I love you, Joey. Now FUCK ME!”

Joey needed no further encouragement. She had taken him to an animalistic passion, and he began fucking his mother harder and deeper with each stroke. They stared at each other in exigency, wanting nothing but to please each other. Joey rocked in and out of her pussy, watching her eyes open with each filling stroke. He sawed the entire length in and out of her driving her to buck her hips, grinding her pubis against the base of his cock. Her grinds grew more distinct in each movement as if deriving a specific need from each stroke of Joey’s fat dick. She pulled on his hips and ground harder and harder into her son, her eyes growing wider and wider with each stroke until rolling back in her head as she released another orgasm. Joey felt the fluids he had drank earlier soak the base of cock, balls and pelvic area as he stroked her through her orgasm. Her hips were frozen in place as Joey massaged her entire vaginal cavity with dick. He could feel the walls of her pussy squeeze him as she consummated their connection. He could feel the bump of her cervix as it rubbed against the ridge of his cock which passed beyond to her stretched and excited vaginal walls. As he stroked her like this, she continued to orgasm well beyond a minute with a slowly decreasing intensity.

When her orgasm subsided, she opened her eyes looking at Joey in pure love and desire, then kissed him again. They embraced, kissing softly and eagerly for several minutes exploring each other body with their hands. Joey felt the silky smooth and defined curve of her hip as he stroked up and down her side. She slid her hands under his shirt and up his strong broad back caressing and gripping him with desire and need. She pulled back briefly and moaned to escort buca Joey, “Sit up. “Joey pulled himself up, allowing her to untangle her body from his and he sat in his seat. She followed him directly, placing her knees on either side of Joey’s hips, then reached down and lined his cock up with her very needy pussy. She pressed into him as she put her hands over his shoulders and kissed him again. She slid easily onto him now as her pussy was almost gaping open with physical need. Once his cock was completely inside her, she started riding Joey purposefully, knowing he must be close to orgasm. “Joey. I love you, not just as your mother, but as your lover,” she said to him impassioned with their coupling.

“Mom, I love you the same. I am ALL yours,” Joey said to her equally impassioned. “I’ll be here for you for the rest of my life, as much as you need me, you can have me because I want you just the same way. “They kissed again as she lifted and lowered her hips against him.

“Joey, I want you to know that you have replaced your father as the man and lover in my life,” she continued. “He is my husband and your father, but sexually he only my cuck. Is this OK for YOU, Joey?” she asked while continuing to ride her son. Joey nodded in affirmation. “Do you know what it means to be a bull?”

“I’m not really sure, but I think so,” Joey replied between breaths.

“Don’t worry, Son. I will guide you,” she said. “Just know that you are in charge of me, not him. You get to make the rules when it comes to our desires. I want you to be our bull, Son. I love your father as a husband and as humiliating as it seems, he wants it too. So, don’t be afraid of the changes happening in our family. It was meant to be, I’m sure,” she said before kissing him again.

She moaned deeply as she moved with greater motivation, now only wanting to please her son, her bull. Their hips met again and again as she used her pussy to stroke his dick as if giving him a hand job. She tried different directions and movements attempting to bring her son even more pleasure as she watched him. He looked at her intensely, “Mom, I’m going to cum.”

“Fill me, Joey! Fill your mother’s womb with your seed,” she begged with yearning.

Joey listened to her words and imagined his mother pregnant with his child, then imagined his sister and Miss Roxanne with his child and lost it completely. He yelled out, “MOOOOMMMMM!” before releasing his load into her. He felt the thick seminal fluid flow through his cock in pulses as he pumped the considerable load into what he hoped would be his mother’s fertile womb. As before, there was so much fluid and so little space, what couldn’t be forced into the cervix spilled out alongside his shaft. She rode him softly throughout his orgasm to keep him pumping into her as she watched his satisfied expression. He continued to pulse shorter and shorter bursts of semen into his mother as he came down from his orgasm. Opening his eyes, he gazed with satisfied gratitude at his mother. “I love you, Mom,” then kissed her.

She dismounted him, bent and took him into her mouth. She expertly licked his cock and balls of their combined fluids, moaning all the while. Joey caressed her hair softly, as she looked up at him. They maintained eye contact while she lovingly performed her task. Joey was confident his dick would fall off if he kept up at this pace. He wondered if the alterations from the app were affecting his abilities and made a note to research this when he had a chance. They both composed themselves and she drove Joey back to school.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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