Just a Suggestion Pt. 05

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Sunday morning we slept late and cuddled. We made love gently, and repeated our declarations of love and promises for the future. Then we cuddled some more.

After a late brunch, Elaine decided to check in with Monica. “How is it going with your new guy?” asked Elaine.

Monica answered, “Pretty well.” But there wasn’t much enthusiasm in her voice.

How many times have you seen him?”

“Three, I guess. We had coffee on Friday, and we went out on Saturday night, and he came over and studied for a few hours on Sunday…”

“So, what’s he like?”

“He’s a big guy and he plays sports. He’s regularly on the Dean’s List so he’s pretty smart. He’s a real gentleman with me…”

“He sounds great! But it sounds like you have some reservations?”

“Well, Saturday night we came back here and were making out, kissing and stuff. We were both really turned on, but we didn’t take it any further than that.”

“Well, it was your first real date. It sounds like he IS a real gentleman.”

“Then today we took a break from studying and began to kiss and stuff. I tried to study with my jeans and everything on, but it was just so uncomfortable, so I told him that I liked to study in just a t-shirt and panties and he said, ‘Fine, then I’ll study in my boxers.’ Like I said we studied for a while, then we took a break. We were kissing and he was rubbing my titties and we were both getting pretty worked up. I looked down and his penis was sticking out through his boxer shorts, and it was HUGE! I don’t mean big, like your guy’s, I mean huge. ‘Hung like a horse’ takes on new meaning when you see his thing. Some stallions would be jealous!

“When I saw it, I said, ‘That’s so big, and I’m a virgin!’ That opened up a whole conversation. He told me that he had only had sex on one occasion, and that he did not intend to do so again until he was in a stable, long-term relationship. Then he told me why. First, he was brought up in a conservative, religious family (Baptist, I think) by his mother. She had been adamant that he very selective in his sexual activities, or as she had said, ‘Don’t go sticking that thing in every hole you find!’ Then he had a very unfortunate (for him) experience. He had been a high school basketball star, setting school records, all-conference player of the year, and so forth. After the end of his senior year shortly after he had turned 18 like most of the kids graduating, the head cheerleader, who was also the homecoming queen, asked him out for a date. Well, what guy would not want that, even though he came from a poorer part of town and she was a rich girl? She came and picked him up in her daddy’s Cadillac, and drove straight to the nicest hotel in town. She gave the car to the valet and led him straight to the elevators. When they got off on the sixth floor she walked down the hall and produced a room key. This was not at all what he had expected!

“Then she began pulling off her clothes. When she was naked she began undressing him, and when finished, she pushed him backwards onto the bed. He was amazed and somewhat appalled, but he was in a bedroom with a beautiful, naked girl, and his body responded accordingly. She took the knob of his huge cock into her mouth until he was absolutely rigid, then she said, ‘Yes, this is what I was looking for!” Then she straddled him and mounted him. She rode his penis like a bronc rider until she screamed as her orgasm enveloped her. Then five other naked girls came in from the adjoining room. They took turns riding him, sucking and pumping on him if he started to go soft. He ended up climaxing twice and every girl rode him to an orgasm, some of them coming back for seconds.

“This sounds like every teenage boy’s fantasy, but Derrick knew that he was just being ‘used’. None of the girls cared anything about him as a person, they just wanted bragging rights that they had ‘done it’ with the captain of the basketball team, the star player, the all-conference ‘Player of the Year’. It went against everything he had been taught and it upset him. As he reflected on it more, he saw that he was being ‘used’ all around. His college basketball scholarship was just so the school would get more fans and income. He became suspicious of everyone’s motives.”

Elaine interjected, “So you were considering the possibility of having sex with this very nice young gentlemen, and now that seems out of reach?”

“I really like him. He’s smart and funny and fun to be with. I feel special when we’re together — although it’s only been a short time. I could see the possibility of something positive and long term growing between us. But I fear that this hang-up about being ‘used’ will affect us in more ways than just sex, although that would be a big issue in itself. He has to be able to trust.”

“Why don’t you see how things develop over the next few times you are together? Would it be OK for me to tell Mike about this? Maybe he would have some ideas.”

“That would be great! But don’t tell him Derrick’s name, OK?”

“Sure, grandbetting yeni giriş if that’s what you want.”

“I’ve asked him to come over Tuesday evening for another study session. I’ll see how things go then.”

Tuesday night was nearly a repeat of Sunday afternoon. Elaine was at Mike’s apartment, so Derrick and Monica had privacy. Monica changed into a t-shirt and panties while Derrick stripped down to his boxers. After an hour or so they took a break and then kissed and touched one another. As he caressed her breasts and nipples Monica was so extremely aroused that she thought she might spontaneously combust. She pulled him down onto her on the couch and wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his as she flexed her hips against him. Derrick began to pump his monstrous cock against her panty clad pussy as he kissed her fervently and caressed her breasts. Then it happened! His huge, hard penis had been rubbing against her panty covered pussy, making contact with her clitoris, while he caressed her sensitive breasts, and her orgasm came crashing down onto her. She held his neck as if it were a lifeline as her body spasmed against him. As he continued to move against her, her climax rolled on and on.

When she finally regained her composure she looked at Derrick with bright eyes and said, “Thank you. Thank you for being a good, kind, and caring man. Thank you for being the kind of man that I can feel safe with.”

“How can you say that? You hardly even know me! I weigh at least 100 pounds more than you and that’s all muscle; I could overpower you in a moment. How can you say that you feel safe with me?? How can you trust me??”

“Every day I walk along the street where one ton vehicles whiz past. There is some small chance that something will go wrong and one of them will veer off and run over me. But if I’m reasonably careful, I don’t go running out into the traffic or something like that, the likelihood of that happening is extremely small. I have a sense of who you are, we have spent time together talking, and I believe that you are a good person, and that I have little to fear from you causing me intentional harm. Of course things can happen, I could have misjudged you, or there could be some kind of accident where I could be harmed, but the probability of you causing me harm seems extremely low — and I am willing to accept that small risk, because the benefit of getting to know you better and better is well worth it.

“You are studying engineering, right? Every calculation you make in every design you create includes a cost/benefit evaluation. You can never make anything absolutely 100% safe. But you can make your design realistically safe, maybe 99.9% safe. The same thing applies to the trust I place in you and my other friends. Of course there is some small chance that something could go wrong, but the benefit of your friendship, the benefit of their friendship, is worth the tiny risk!”

“I wish that I could trust people like you do….” He said wistfully.

“My roommate’s boyfriend is a graduate student in clinical psychology. He helped me with a couple of my hang-ups. Would you like to talk to him to see if he could help?” “I guess. How much would he charge me?”

“I’m pretty sure it would not cost a penny. It would be a favor to Elaine and to me.”

“Is he any good? Would he be discrete?”

“I am confident that he would be completely discrete, and all I can say is that he helped me!”

“I guess I could try it…” Derrick said, still more than a little hesitant.

“Do you want to study together on Thursday? I know that his schedule is fairly light on Thursdays so it would be a good time to meet him.”

“Well, I guess…”

“Then I will make the arrangements!” as Monica threw her arms around him and gave him a big kiss, her huge boobs squeezed tightly against his chest.

Derrick and Monica studied for another hour. When they finished she gave him another big hug and kiss, and suggested that he come over as early as possible on Thursday evening so that they could get their studying out of the way and have time to meet with Mike. Derrick agreed that he would make an effort to do so.

Elaine had spent the night, every night, with me since Friday, and it had been wonderful, almost paradise. But she decided that she needed fresh clothes and a little time with Monica, so she headed back to her apartment on Wednesday. While I had my busy day of classes and lab appointments, Elaine had an evening to study and talk with Monica. When I checked in with her after I had closed up the lab, she told me about Monica’s conversation with her hoped-to-be-boyfriend. She wouldn’t tell me his name, but asked if I would be willing, and able, to help him with his trust issues. She had mentioned this before, but now he had agreed to talk to me about it. I said that I would certainly be willing to talk to him, and then we would determine where to go from there.

Thursday evening I went to the girls’ apartment grandbetting giriş around 7:30. There I met Derrick Johnson. He was a highly sought after recruit for the school’s basketball team, but his contribution to the team so far had been somewhat disappointing. Now I understood why Monica didn’t want to share his name. We all sat around and talked about school and such for a while, then I decided that it was time to get serious. “Derrick, would you mind if I asked the ladies to excuse themselves so that we can speak privately?”

He looked at Monica, who nodded, and then he nodded. When we were alone, I asked, “Elaine has relayed some of what Monica has told her about your sense of being ‘used’ and your reluctance to trust others. But I don’t want to rely on ‘second hand’ information. Would you tell me in your own words what has happened to you, and your feelings about it?”

Derrick fidgeted a couple moments then he began. He told me essentially the same story that Elaine had relayed to me about the date with the cheerleader, how he had been tricked, and how he felt used by them. He said that it had changed his perspective on the motives and trustworthiness of everyone and everything around him, from girls to the school to athletics.

I told him that I had seen one of his high school games and he had been a phenomenal player, nearly unstoppable. He simply grunted and said, “Yeah. But then everybody started wanting to use me for their own purposes. Scholarships and stuff all were tied to my basketball. Everybody just wanted to use me.”

I told Derrick that the reason that I had asked the ladies to leave was because our conversations would be completely confidential. I would never tell anyone anything about what we might (or might not) discuss, not now, not ever. If he wanted Monica to know what we talked about, HE would have to tell her because I would not.

He looked at me a little puzzled, “Really?”

“Yes, really. I take confidentiality very seriously. If I am going to help someone, first there needs to be a baseline of trust. I understand that may be hard for you, but if you can’t trust me enough to tell me the truth, then I cannot help you. It’s that simple.” I went on to say, “My methods usually incorporate hypnotism; it is almost impossible to lie to me when you are in a hypnotic state. Would you allow me to hypnotize you? It is completely safe, and private. When I hypnotize you, I cannot ‘make’ you do anything that would go against your moral code or anything like that, I can simply help you achieve what you already would like to do.”

“It’s really safe? You can’t make me do anything I don’t want to do? Really?”

“Yes, really. Do you want to think about it for a while?”

“Let’s talk a little more before I decide…”

“OK. Do you like Monica?” I asked, changing the subject.

“She’s a really sweet gal, and she’s really pretty. I don’t understand what she sees in me!”

“Well, most outside observers would say that you are fairly good looking. She said that you are on the Dean’s List, so you must be fairly intelligent. You are an engineering student, so you seem to have your head on straight about a future career path. Elaine said that Monica thinks you are sweet and can be funny, and that she has a good time when she is with you. On an objective basis, it would seem like a pretty good basis for investigating a relationship.”

“A RELATIONSHIP? We’ve only had one date, and studied together a few times!”

“Note that I said ‘Investigating a relationship’. I have not heard anything that would imply that she thinks you HAVE a relationship. But before any relationship can develop, the two parties need to investigate the possibilities — do you like to be with one another, do you share any hobbies or interests, do you have fun when you are together, are your future aspirations compatible? Before a relationship can form, the investigation must be done, or else it is doomed from the start. Relationships based on physical attraction will never last unless there are other aspects that bind the people together. Would you describe the time you spend with Monica as, at least in part, investigating the possibility that a relationship could develop?”

“I guess maybe you could say that; I just never would have thought about it like that. She’s just nice to be around.”

“Well, it’s my job to intellectually analyze situations, eliminate anything that may be clouding the circumstances, and try to get to the heart of the matter so we can make progress. Make sense?”

“You’re really smart! Do you really think you can help me? I don’t want to be mistrustful of everybody and everything. I feel so alone!”

“Yes, I think that I can help you. A question that may seem like it is coming from left field.” Derrick nodded. “Do you enjoy playing basketball?”

Derrick looked taken aback at my question. Slowly he said, “Well, I used to. It was a lot of fun. But now my scholarships and education and really my whole future is tied grandbetting güvenilirmi to it, and now it just seems like ‘work’.”

“OK. Before we get into hypnosis, I want you to promise me that you will do one thing: Get some guys together and play some pick-up ball. Just go out and play for the fun of it! Just go out and let yourself have a good time on the court.”

“I suppose I could find some guys for a game…. I never seem to have much free time, though.”

“Taking a little time for yourself is important to your wellbeing. It is at least as important as eating the right foods and getting enough rest.”

“OK, I’ll find some guys and just play; maybe we won’t even keep score!”

“Do you want me to hypnotize you and see what we can do to help you with your feeling of being ‘used’ and your trust issues?”


“You need to be more affirmative than that before I will begin to work with you.”

“OK. If you can help me with those things, I want you to help.”

A few minutes later I had Derrick in a deep hypnotic trance. I suggested that when he is playing basketball he will be focused on the game and that he will experience joy simply at playing the game. I asked him whether he felt that all people were like those high school cheerleaders who had tricked him, and he said ‘No.’ I suggested that, unless there were clear ‘red flags’ that someone should not be trusted, that he would give people he would meet a level of conditional trust, and that would build as their trustworthiness became more and more evident.

I asked him whether he thought Monica was physically appealing. He said, “Yes, I especially like her big boobs!” I asked whether he thought of her in a sexual way. He seemed to struggle with himself before finally answering, “Yes, she’s really hot! I’m afraid I might lose control with her.” When I asked what he meant by that, he said, “I’m afraid I want to have sex with her!” I asked why that would be a bad thing and he answered, “Mama always tol’ me not to go sticking my pole in every hole I might find!” I suggested to Derrick that promiscuity is not good for either men or women, but total celibacy was not required. A part of developing a strong relationship bond included investigating sexual attraction and compatibility, and that having sex with a willing partner within a relationship was a healthy thing. I also suggested that when he was with Monica he would experience a sense of peace, tranquility, and trust. I then implanted the instruction that he would immediately return to a deep hypnotic state when he heard my voice say the word, “Appomattox”, and he would be fully aware and feel well rested when I snapped my fingers. Snap.

We called the ladies into the room and Derrick said that he was going to work with me. It was getting late so he gave Monica a hug and kiss, saying that he would call her to set up something for tomorrow night. When he was gone Monica asked how things had gone with Derrick. I reminded her that I really couldn’t say much, but I felt that we had made some progress. She said goodnight and went to her room. Elaine and I retired to her room as well.

It was getting late and we both would have to get up early. We shared the bathroom and shower and were rather aroused when we called into her bed. We kissed and caressed and gently made love. When we drifted off to sleep I was spooned behind her with my arms around her and cradling one breast in my hand.

The alarm went off too early and we were reluctant to get out of bed, so it was a mad dash to get to our 8:00 AM classes. The day went past quickly. Elaine had texted me to suggest that she meet me at my apartment and we could go to a local pizza place for dinner. She also said that she had a surprise for me. Her surprises were usually sexy fun, so I was looking forward to it.

Derrick had also texted me to say that he had been able to get a few guys together for a game, and he was looking forward to it. That was a good sign. When I opened my apartment door, Elaine was dressed and ready to go. She wrapped her arms around my neck and gave me a warm kiss. When I looked at her she was wearing a dark wrap skirt and a thin white blouse through which I could see a bright red bra… no not really a bra because I could clearly see her areolae and nipples. It was a half-bra that supported her large breasts without covering her nipples!

She grabbed my hand and pulled me toward the door as I said, “You look good enough to eat!”

“Save that thought for later!” she replied. I certainly would!

As we walked to the pizza place I watched as the upper part of her breasts jiggled and wiggled with each step, but they did not sway like when they were completely unfettered. And her hard nipples were pressed firmly against the thin fabric of her blouse, apparently trying to cut right through the fabric. She was beautiful, and I had a huge lump in my trousers!

As we sat in the restaurant eating our dinner, Elaine sat with her shoulders pulled back as far as she comfortably could, emphasizing her breasts and erect nipples. My attention was entirely riveted on Elaine and her beautiful breasts; I could have been eating cardboard and I wouldn’t have noticed. By the time we had paid our tab and were ready to leave, my cock was as hard as it had ever been.

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