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Hand Job

Sheri looked around the department store nervously. She waited to make sure no one was watching, and nervously stepped up to the display, trying not to blush.

She hated shopping for underwear. It was so embarrassing! It made her hands shake every time.

She wished she could do it online, but when she’d tried it before, all the pairs fell apart. She had picked up a few cotton of bikini style panties when another display caught her eye. Her favorite color…

She cautiously picked up the scrap of cloth. It was lavender satin, with a slightly darker ruffle on the waistband. It was very tiny, a thong. She blushed harder, an unbidden image of herself in it coming to mind.

“That’s a nice little number you’ve got there.” Sheri jumped, and let out a small squeak. She clutched the underwear to her chest, making a too-late attempt to hide it. She turned to see the person who had “caught” her, a woman in the department store’s uniform. She was slightly taller than Sheri, standing confidently with her hip cocked to one side in heavy boots. She was smirking. “Whoa Nelly, didn’t mean to startle you.”

“My name is Sheri.” She blushed harder. She hadn’t meant to say that.

“Okay. You look unsure, Sheri. If you’re new to lingerie, I can help you pick out some pieces that will flatter you.” The store clerk very obviously looked her up and down. “Not that it’ll be hard. You have a lovely figure.” She ignored Sheri’s shocked spluttering, and continued.

“Would you like to look at matching bra’s too? Do you know what your partner might like?”

“I—I—I don’t have one. A partner. I don’t even know why I’m looking at these.” She put down the thong, backing away from it, shaking her head.

“That’s alright, many women wear them just for themselves. Nothing wrong making yourself feel beautiful, and sexy.”

“It wouldn’t look right on me.” Sheri drew in on herself. She always looked silly in Ankara escort “sexy” clothes.

“Oh honey, no. There are all kinds of styles. Come on, let’s make a bet. I bet I can find some thing that makes you feel really good. If I win, you buy it. If not, I buy you lunch when I get off my shift in half an hour. I’m Christine, come with me…”

Sheri didn’t know what had come over her, but she agreed to the bet. The taller girl led her through the under wear section, past the practical cotton panties that Sheri usually bought, deeper into the displays covered in lace and satin. Christine cheerfully talked about different kinds of lace and satin and silk, and various styles that would flatter. She asked Sheri a few questions, about her favorite colors and such, which she gave nervous answers to. She didn’t even really have time to think as Christine bustled her into a fitting room, stripped her down to her underwear, and took her measurements with a bright green tailor’s tape.

“Wait right here. I’ll be back in a minute.” Sheri shifted from foot to foot, waiting. What was she thinking?

Christine came back in, all smiles. “Let’s try these!” She eagerly handed Sheri a set, and stepped outside.

Thus began the usual routine of trying stuff on, and taking it off again when it just didn’t look right. Finally, they got to a set which Sheri liked, much to her surprise. She ran her hand over the thin material, smoothing it over her breasts. She looked good, she had to admit. She looked at herself in the mirror, and admired what she saw.

“I think you like this one!” Christine said gleefully. “Can I see?” Without waiting for a reply, she came into the dressing room. Sheri didn’t have time to cover herself before Christine was admiring her. “Oh my…” she said, eyes going wide. “You do look gorgeous…” She reached out in a daze to touch the ruffle on the waistband on the panties. She caught herself, and Ankara escort bayan jerked her hand back. “Sorry! I just…You are…” Sheri was shocked that the seemingly-always-confident girl was now stuttering and blushing. She waited. Christine blew out a puff of air, her voice surer now. “Can I try something?” Sheri nodded cautiously, and watched with big eyes as Christine stepped close. She gently curved one hand around the side of her neck. Sheri closed her eyes instinctively as Christine leaned in to gently kiss her.


Was the only word in Sheri’s mind as Christine’s lips moved over hers, and when she heard a low moan, she was only half surprised it was hers. Christine moved back to end the kiss, but Sheri didn’t want to stop. She flung her arms around Christine, and pulled her close again. Christine made a shocked little noise, and Sheri decided that she was going to get more noises out of this girl, dammit. Christine opened her mouth to the kiss, and they used their tongues to explore each others mouths, nervously at first, and then ravenously. Christine’s hands were the first to wander, gently groping and squeezing and stroking, setting Sheri’s nerves alight. Sheri copied her, and was proud that it seemed to be appreciated. Christine stepped back, unbuttoning her work shirt as fast as fingers would allow.

“Off, take that off. I need to taste you.” Sheri swallowed, her fingers moving before her brain caught up. What was she doing? The rational part of her brain tried to panic, but was silenced by the sight of Christine jerking her panties down and off.

Christine was on her as soon as they were both naked. She pulled Sheri to her, and twirled one of her nipples as the kiss began again. Sheri moaned. None of her previous partners had ever made her nipples spark with pleasure like this.

“That feels so good!”

“My mouth is even better.” Christine said huskily, bending to suck Escort Ankara the other nipple into her mouth. Sheri stuffed one hand into her mouth to try to keep quiet, the other resting on the back of Christine’s head. After a few minute of pulling delicious noises out of Sheri, Christine stood to start kissing Sheri’s neck, reaching down with one hand to feel between her legs. “Oh damn, you’re dripping just from that. You need more…” Sheri didn’t have time to reply as Christine dropped to her knees. She said, “Don’t worry, I’ll give you more.” before burying her face in Sheri’s pussy and beginning to suck and lick. Sheri cried out, trying not to be too loud or fall over with the force of the pleasure coursing through her. She looked down to see Christine’s dark eyes staring up at her, and then she saw that she was fingering herself furiously. Sheri moaned again, and closed her eyes against the building pleasure. Christine’s tongue was relentless and gentle at the same time, making circles around her clit. And the sucking, oh the sucking. It was all so good. Before she knew it, she found herself at the peak.

“Oh, oh, I’m gonna cum, oh my gosh…” Christine moaned against her pussy, the vibration driving her into orgasm. She felt the tension between her hips tighten and burst, and a massive wave of pleasure came over her. She stumbled back against the wall, sliding down it to sit on the floor.

Christine watched her with hooded eyes, moving so that she was sitting now instead of kneeling. She spread her legs and watched Sheri, watching her.

She was alternating between thrusting her fingers in and out of her vagina and rubbing her clit.

She was moaning softly, leaning back on the other hand. Sheri was mesmerized, and felt her arousal slowly rise again. Christina picked up the pace and eventually came with a low moan, her hand going still. Slowly, she slumped against the wall opposite to Sheri. They both took a few deep breaths.

“Well.” Christine began. “I believe I won the bet. Can I buy you lunch anyway?”

Sheri couldn’t help but laugh, and Christine joined in after a second. Sheri said “Sure. Chinese?”

“Sounds great.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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