Letters: Something’s A Bit Queer

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While it has been some time since I actually wrote anything for this site, there has been no shortage of emails to me from readers expressing their thoughts on my past stories. Some who shared their fantasies or who felt my stories mirrored their real life adventures. Over emails, they discussed aspects of their personal sex life, as hot as any story I had written.

So, I have decided to write a series of these stories called “Letters.” The basis of the stories come from you – the reader. I’ll also try to get back to some stories which were never finished and may have left folks hanging and wanting more!

So here goes – the first in the “Letter” series dedicated to Scott and Marc:

Chapter 1

Scott Carroll had known his share of disappointments. A competitive swimmer, Scott had set state records for the 100 meter men’s freestyle, earning him a scholarship to the University of Georgia. In his sophomore year, a freak off road biking incident with close friends, left him with a broken collar bone and wrist.

Scott’s back wheel slipped on loose gravel, spilling him to the ground in pain. He knew instantly the injuries were severe and though he was able to rehab through much of it, he never regained the form that gave him his competitive edge.

Swimming had been his focus for much of his adult life. Though he lost his scholarship and with it a passion he had since his teenage years, Scott managed to regroup. It was good fortune when he met with corporate recruiters who were attending a career fair at School, offering him a job which took him out of state. He was leaving family and friends behind but it was a great opportunity to launch an engineering career with a Fortune 500 Company.

An athlete, his slim 5’11” frame served him well attracting girls. He wasn’t serious about any in particular in high school but Beth was different. They met at Georgia and there was a point he thought she might be the one. But the mental strain dealing with the injury, created a schism which tore their relationship apart. Still, he hated things ended the way they did.

Not long after he moved into an apartment complex he met Anna. Like Scott, she too had her share of disappointments. Recently divorced, Anna was a stewardess who spent time away with her job. She switched fights with a friend to get back home a day earlier only to find her husband in bed with another woman. It wasn’t the first time but it was the last as she moved out and set up a new home in the same apartment complex as Scott.

They met at a New Year’s Eve party and found a mutual attraction. Perhaps it was the steady amount of booze, the New Year’s euphoria, or just that they were both horny as hell, they ended back up at Scott’s. While they both agreed there was a strong interest, neither were looking at starting a serious relationship.

Anna was six years older than Scott with ash blonde hair and blue eyes. But it was her smile that really captivated his attention. That and her really gorgeous breasts and her insatiable sexual appetite.

His new position and her travel schedule kept them apart much of the week. Still their mutual commitment to keep their relationship physical worked to their advantage.

Now Scott found himself basking in the warm sun out by the pool. He glanced over to see the beads of sweat puddling on Anna’s oiled up back as she reclined in the lounge chair beside him.

Scott rose slowly from his chair and slipped into the cool water of the pool. He let his arms slice through the water as he swam a few laps before easing out, and pulling himself up over the side. Scott noted a few women at the end of the pool, a couple in the corner, and another man who smiled at him when their eyes made contact.

“Feel good?” he asked as Scott acknowledged, “Great!” istanbul travesti Scott adjusted his suit which stretched tight over his crotch. While he had more modest suits, he still preferred the Speedo briefs that showed off his chiseled abdomen. It wasn’t lost on him some of the women at the end of the pool had watched him closely as he rose from the pool and he took a little delight that he could still turn those heads.

He also took a little glee as he shook off some of the cool water on Anna as he approached her still relaxing on the lounge chair. “Must you!” she chided him as the cool droplets hit her warm back.

“I thought you’d want to cool off,” he smirked. Anna, twisted, sat up and drew a sip from the cold beer she had in a cooler she had brought. She looked around noting the folks at the pool, glancing to look over at the guy who spoke to Scott earlier.

“So who’s your buddy?” she inquired as Scott looked across the pool to the guy he had spoken to earlier. Scott didn’t know him. He appeared to be in his fifties, salt and pepper hair as he sat in a chair, his dark glasses shielding his eyes.

“Beats me,” he replied. “Well he’s taken an interest in you that’s for sure,” Anna shot back.

Anna finished her beer and slipped the empty into the cooler before informing Scott she needed to leave. She had a flight leaving out later in the afternoon and she’d be gone most of the week.

Anna gathered her things and slipped on a t-shirt over her suit as Scott slid back down on the chaise lounge. “I’ll let you know when I might get back into town. In the meantime, be careful with your queer buddy over there. He’s really got the hots for you.”

“Oh bullshit,” Scott countered. How do you know he’s not looking you over?”

Anna laughed. “I think I know when a guy’s checking me out. Besides, I work with enough gay men to spot one. That guy is focused on you.”

Scott looked back over at the guy who seemed to be quite disinterested in them both.

“Don’t worry,” Scott retorted. “I’m not into guys. Besides, I can’t keep up with you.”

Anna smiled, “Well, I’ll call you when I’m back in town.

“Take care,” Scott countered as Anna headed toward the gate, and then off to her apartment leaving Scott to settle back into the chair, the sun baring down on his lean frame.

Scott briefly fell asleep but was awakened by a shadow standing over him. “Your wife leave,” the guy asked. It was the fellow they had been speaking about earlier as he stood over Scott.

“Yea… well she’s not my wife, just a friend,” Scott answered as his eyes adjusted.

“I’m Marc,” the guy explained, “Care for company?”

Scott thought for a second. Was this guy making his play? Was Anna right about him? “Scott,” he answered back with his name as he sat up in the chair.

Marc pulled up a chair and began a conversation. Just casual chatter that put Scott at ease.

Even as they talked Scott thought about what Anna had said. A gay man interested in me? His mind was racing. Scott had never thought much about other guys even though he spent so much time at the pool, preparing for meets, in the locker rooms with guys both totally nude and in their skimpy suits. Just never really occurred to him.

Now according to Anna, here was a man nearly twice his age perhaps interested in him. So what was it he wanted? To go down on him? Scott loved a good blowjob. Marc was talking but all Scott heard was background chatter as his mind raced at the thought of this guy sucking him off.

What did it matter if it was a girl or guy who went down on him anyway?

“I’m about famished and really need a drink. You staying out here or want to join me?” Marc asked. Without waiting for a reply, Marc added, “I made a chicken pasta earlier… interested?”

Scott istanbul travestileri felt a rush. Is this something he really wanted to do?

Marc sensed Scott’s hesitation. “You think about it. I think I’m going to cool off.”

Marc pulled off his shirt walked over to the edge of the pool before diving in. Scott noticed that the women from earlier had left leaving only the couple lounging lazily in the sun.

Scott rose from the chair and jumped into the pool as well. The two of them wading into the deeper end before Scott, feeling relaxed and maybe a bit excited, said “sure.”

Both men rose from the cool water grabbing towels as Marc picked up his shirt and slipped on some loafers he had parked beside the chair. Scott grabbed a t-shirt but had walked over barefoot.

The two men walked over to Marc’s apartment, Scott following just a step behind. Marc took the time to keep Scott at ease chatting about how well the grounds crew kept up the place and how nice the complex was.

Marc guided Scott into the back entrance of his apartment. His heart beating heavier in his chest with the thoughts that in mere minutes this guy might be kneeling in front of him, taking his member in his mouth. Something he had never thought about before but now it consumed him.

Marc opened the back door and allowed Scott to enter first. The apartment was chilled but not too uncomfortable as Marc shut the door behind them. “Beer, wine…?” Marc offered.

“I’m not a big drinker really,” Scott replied. “An occasional chilled vodka, but whatever you’re having I guess.”

“Vodka’s great,” Marc replied back. “I have some Belvedere and some chilled glasses in the freezer.” Marc pulled two tubular shot glasses from his freezer and went into the den retrieving a bottle of Belvedere, pouring them both a shot.

“I’m glad to meet you,” Marc smiled. I haven’t really made many friends here. Stay sort of to myself I guess, but I’ve noticed you from time to time at the pool and …. I don’t know, thought you looked like an interesting guy.” At that Marc held out his glass in a toast. Scott smiled back, not quite knowing what to think about that statement, but he acknowledged the toast as their glasses met and the two men drank down the chilled liquid.

Marc didn’t ask before he poured another shot. “That really hits the spot,” he smiled.

Scott didn’t refuse the second shot and sipped that one as well. How would this guy make his move? Is this really something he wanted to do?

Marc shot down the beverage and then turned to Scott. “Come on in and have a seat… but first, if you don’t mind. I’m sort of funny about the furniture…expensive leather. Can I ask you to wear a towel and maybe I throw these wets suits in the dryer?” With that Marc looked down at his suit, still damp from the earlier dive into the pool.

So he wants me nude thought Scott. That’s what he’s up to. “Sure, I mean whatever,” Scott countered.

Marc disappeared for a few seconds as he stepped into a pantry area retrieving two fluffy towels. Scott was taken back as Marc slid the wet trunks off exposing his nude frame. His eyes widened as Marc, with no hesitation eased the suit down, leaving his cock and balls in Scott’s deliberate gaze. He was completely shaven with a six inch cock.

Marc wasn’t the first guy he had seen nude. Scott was accustomed to seeing nude men, some of whom shaved completely. But they were typically fellow athletes in the locker rooms not someone in the kitchen who might have designs on him.

Marc wrapped the towel around his waist before handing a towel to Scott.

Scott took it and looked at Marc who gave no ground, waiting with anticipation, as Scott dug his thumbs into his waistband and pulled the speedos free. He felt his travesti istanbul own cock harden a bit knowing the person watching wanted to have him, suck him off.

Once Scott had the towel wrapped around his waist, Marc took the two suits and placed them in a dryer letting the machine do its work.

Marc opened a bottle of wine and then moved to the fridge pulling out the pasta he spoke about earlier.

Scott wasn’t really a wine guy but enjoyed the cool crisp Chardonnay as well as the pasta. Marc kept the conversation light and he sensed Scott was feeling relaxed. After lunch the two refilled their glasses and made their way into the den.

“You know, deep down I guess I’m a bit of a nudist really. I mean, were you not here, I would have stripped off coming through the door and not thought a thing about it. But can’t do that with company,” Marc smiled.

“I don’t care — it’s your place,” Scott smiled back. Scott wasn’t even sure why he said that. Was he really encouraging Marc?

Marc didn’t waste time though. He wanted to act before Scott had a chance to reflect. “Well in that case…” he shot back, pulling the towel free. Scott wondered if he had just sealed the deal. Was it now just a matter of time before this gay man made his play?

But Marc made no such move. He merely moved into the kitchen retrieving the wine and refilling their respective glasses. There was more small talk before Marc asked was Scott a bit modest? Scott instantly knew what he meant and allowed his towel to come off as well.

He felt warm all over being nude in front of a man he’d met just an hour or so ago. A man Anna said was queer.

Yet, Marc didn’t seem to be making any advances. Content to chat in the nude. When was he going to make his move?

Just as suddenly Marc, went into the pantry and retrieved the now completely dry swim trunks.

“This has been a delightful occasion Scott but I need to get ready. I have an event I’m attending tonight. I hope we can get together again soon.”

Scott was more than perplexed but he slid the briefs on and in a few minutes was headed back to his own apartment. Once there, he realized how horny he was. He went back to his bedroom, pulled down the speedo and lay on the bed replaying the events of the afternoon in his head.

He was certain the guy was gay. Why hadn’t he tried anything? Did he not find Scott enticing? Attractive? Something he said maybe?

Scott took matters into his own hand, slipping his hand around his member, growing larger in his hand. He reached over, into the nightstand, and grabbed some lube he kept in there when he and Anna often got together. It felt cool on his cock as he slid it down his shaft.

Anna — her warm, round succulent breasts. He loved sucking them, her large nipples which hardened under his touch. But as much as he thought about her, he also couldn’t get the image of Marc’s cock out of his head. His shaved crotch, the shaft which hung down swaying back and forth as he made his way thru the apartment.

Damn — stop it. He needed to think about Anna. He stroked his cock thinking about how good it would feel to bury his shaft deep into her pussy. He loved fucking her. She loved fucking him.

Still, he had hoped Marc would suck him off. The drinks really relaxed him and he could feel the excitement, his cock rock hard as he thought about Marc’s lips moving up and down on his dick. Marc would likely swallow his load, continuing to suck him to completion. Yes, he had wanted that.

Scott felt the first blast of cum as it landed on his shoulder, then on the bedsheet, and then another on his taut belly. He kept moving his hand up and down, up and down until he slowed and stopped with a tight grasp.

He lay there for a minute before he got out of bed and cleaned up. Scott slipped into the shower trying to clear his mind. Later he watched some TV before he headed off to bed, still thinking about his afternoon encounter. Would he get another chance? He hoped so. Maybe Marc would be out there again tomorrow. Yea, tomorrow…

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