Librarian Finds Long Overdue Love Ch. 12

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November 30, 1987

Single, middle-aged and bespectacled Angelina Lione may look the part of the prim, proper and sexually repressed, buttoned-up librarian, but she’s most definitely NOT your father’s librarian – at least not in private. Blessed with a ravenous and unquenchable sexual appetite, Angelina’s orgasms are so intense that she oftentimes faints during the throes of passion.

While never mistaken for a perfect 10 with her large brown eyes, tucked behind oversized eyeglass lenses, Angelina is nevertheless a very attractive woman, with her pretty face always perfectly and tastefully made up, and a trim, feminine figure. Her black hair, speckled with gray, was shaped in a chic, wedge/pixie-style, puffed and piled on the top and curled forward around the ears. Angelina’s physical traits, however, were always secondary to her overwhelming sex appeal. Using her vast store of feminine wiles, Angelina negotiates about her lovers’ hearts, minds and bodies as deftly as she navigates the Dewey Decimal System, manipulating the infatuated men for her monetary and personal gain.

High fashion and high maintenance, Angelina always models the latest designer threads – oftentimes accentuated by any one of her dozen pairs of high-heeled dress boots. Her sophisticated look even extends to smoking accessories. The haughty diva wouldn’t dream of smoking a cigarette if it wasn’t filtered through her long, black holder. More of a cigarette holder sucker and stroker than a smoker, however, Angelina seductively works the black shaft with her mouth, tongue and fingers as if it was a penis proxy; the effect that playing with the long, stiff holder has on would-be lovers is like snake charming. Under the sexy siren’s magic spell, they’re entirely at her mercy; powerless to resist the temptation to pleasure her – as if they really would.

Young romantic suitor Tom Bailey has been in love with Angelina since he was a 13-year-old student of hers, drawn to the librarian’s sexy boots, seductive smoking and even her pretentious and snobish personality. Over the past nine years his feelings – like his fetishes – for the femme fatale have only grown stronger. But in order to win Angelina’s hand, he’ll have to fight off Harry Seymour, his former principal, and the man who she once carried on a torrid affair with. Following an extended absence, Harry’s emerged from Angelina’s past to right his wrongs and convince her to spend the rest of his life with him.

After a long romantic dryspell that saw her doubt that she’d ever be with a man again, Angelina suddenly has two men competing for her affections. The amorous woman is in sex heaven – reliving her youth, when men lined up around the block to date her. Preying on Tom and Harry’s intense physical attraction for her, Angelina gleefullly bounces between the two men’s beds.

It’s youth, vitality and inexperience vs. age, (relative) wealth and history. At stake is the love and lust of the feral Angelina, a woman whose libido knows no bounds.

“Good morning, darling,” Angelina Lione said pretentiously, as she swept into the Riverdale Middle School library on the Monday morning after Thanksgiving break.

“Good morning, Angelina. Oh, and good morning, Principal Seymour, nice to see you,” responded the surprised assistant librarian Nancy Allums, looking up from the reference desk to see her boss unexpectedly accompanied by the school’s former head educator.

“Ah…hello, Mrs. Allums,” Harry answered, somewhat sheepishly, knowing full well that the cat was now most definitely out of the bag as to his romantic relationship with Angelina, if it wasn’t already. “Well…ahh…good to see you again. Now, if you ladies will excuse me, I’m going to walk around and visit some of the old teachers before school starts.”

“Of course, darling,” Angelina said. “You will drop back in the library before you leave, though, right?”

“Oh, sure,” he answered, anxious to be on his way.

“Grand,” she purred, turning her face to the left. Harry picked up on the cue and planted a quick kiss on his lover’s cheek before exiting the library.

“Safe to assume you had a pleasant and restful break?” Mrs. Allums asked Angelina, with a raised eyebrow, seconds later when Harry was out of earshot.

“Well…” Angelina said, pondering the question, while she shed her fur coat and peeled the brown leather gloves off her hands. “…it was most certainly pleasant, but I wouldn’t exactly call it restful. I think the most sleep I got this four-day weekend were the times when I fainted from orgasming. Let’s see…I saw Thomas on Wednesday night. Harry came over Thanksgiving night after the relatives left. Thomas took me out on Friday night. Saturday, I saw both Thomas and Harry; Thomas and I had a nooner and for dinner Harry took me out to an exquisite French restaurant in Manhattan. Then he stayed the night and we spent all of Sunday together in the house, talking, reading and making love. He spent the night again and this morning we made love in the shower. Ahh…it was bliss. That should tide me over til muğla escort my dinner date with Thomas tonight.”

“Wow, you had quite the busy weekend!” Things seem to really be heating up between you two…three…ummm…you know what I mean.”

“Yes, I’m a very lucky woman, to have two eligible men fighting for me. I don’t know how this could be any better for me.”

“Well, maybe you could see if they’re interested in a threesome.”

Angelina leaned back and extended her left leg until the spiked heel of her brown leather boot forced the toe off the ground, gazed thoughtfully at the ceiling and casually slapped her gloves from her right hand into the left.

“Hmmm…a menage a trois,” she considered, softly biting the long red nail of her index finger, with a mischievous gleam in her eye. “I hadn’t thought of that.”

“I was kidding, Angelina. But seriously it’s been a few weeks now. Don’t you think it’s time to put one of them out of their misery and decide who you want to be with? How much longer can you string them along?

“Maybe you’re right, darling. “This is tiring me out.”

Mrs. Allum looked at her boss incredulously.

“Oh, you poor dear,” she said sarcastically to her narcissistic and clueless boss. “Heaven forbid you consider anyone else’s needs. Okay, so if you had to choose today, who would it be?”

“Well, Thomas got off to a rough start, but has made a nice comeback in the past couple weeks,” Angelina said, offering her sex scouting report. “Our love life is just as good now as it was that first weekend we got together. And I do adore him so. He’s young, handsome and virile. But Harry has remained consistently romantic and never fails to pleasure me. And I can’t dismiss or forget our extensive history together. I loved him for the six years we were together and now he’s charmed his way back into my heart. Plus, he has the financial means to spoil me more so than Thomas does.”

“Okay then. So, who’s it going to be?”

“Do I have to decide right now?”

“YES! I think the time has come.”

“Very well then. Harry. It has to be Harry.”

“Good. Now, when will you break it off with Tom?”

“How about in two more weeks?”


“Oh, but he’s such a good love maker. Can’t I keep him around for another fortnight?”


“Oh, okay. I’ll break it off with Thomas after our date tonight.”

“How soon after ‘that’ are you talking about?'”

“Why, after I let him make love to me one last time, of course.”

“What?! No. The right thing to do is break up with him during dinner. You don’t see how wrong it would be to have sex with him and THEN end your relationship?”

“Of course, darling, but his dick is just sooo big and it feels sooo good in my vagi…”

“ANGELINA, please! I don’t need to hear how well-endowed your lover is or how he pleasures you.”

“Okay, okay. I’ll end it at dinner. Satisfied?”

“Yes, it’s the right thing to do.”

“Well, that makes one of us then. I know I’ll be a little less sexually satisfied from now on. But Harry will just have to fill the void, literally and figuratively.”


“What’s cooking in the lab today, Dr. Jeykll?” Harry asked sarcastically, by way of a greeting, moments later, as he stood in the doorway of the 7th and 8th grade chemistry classroom on the north end of the school.

“Hey, Harry!” replied a surprised Al Manetti, removing his safety goggles and turning off the flame on his Bunsen burner. “To what do I owe this pleasure? Miss my coffee?”

“Like I miss the flu that circulated around the school every winter,” said a grinning Harry, entering the classroom. “I retired just to avoid drinking that swill every morning.”

The two men exchanged hearty handshakes.

“So, then what are you doing here?” the chemistry teacher asked his friend and old boss.

“Dropping Angelina off?” Harry casually responded.

“Seriously? You too are dating again?”

“For the last few weeks.”

“Terrific! Now you get to finally experience being her boyfriend out in the open.”

“Yeah, it’s been pretty good. We can go to restaurants and I don’t have to worry about running into someone who could report me to Marian.”

“You’re a lucky man, getting a second shot at Angelina, after the way it ended with her the first go around. Lucky also in that she wasn’t gobbled up by another man in the interim. How on earth Angelina has remained single all these years is beyond me. Man, if I wasn’t in love with Janice I’d have asked her out. I’ve been here for 20 years and she’s hardly aged. She still has a killer body, attractive face and is sexy as hell. She has that innately flirty way about her, ya know? She flirts with literally every male teacher and administrator in the school. And when she smokes from her cigarette holder…man, that’s seductive. Then there’s been the times when she’s passed out from something or other, like when she fainted at the blood drive or got drunk at a school Christmas party. I muş escort remember a few times having to carry her off so she could lie down. She looked so vulnerable. So hot. Geez, I’m rambling. I’d better stop. I’m getting aroused. Anyway, now, you got her all to yourself, you lucky bastard.”

“Well, not entirely.”

“Whatta ya mean?”

“Remember a student named Bailey from about 10 years ago?”

“Tom Bailey? Yeah, nice and quiet kid. What about him?”

“He and Angelina started dating a couple weeks before I came back into the picture.”

“Really?” What’s he like 22? How’d that happen?”

“He came into the library one day to visit, gave her some line about always having a crush on her and she bought it.”

“He likes the older ladies, I guess. Although, Angelina is sexy enough to attract any age demographic.”


“Well, I wouldn’t worry about it. That can’t last. You and Angelina have a May-December relationship. They have a December-December relationship. If he wants kids, that’s not happening with Angelina. There are too many complications involved for that to be a lasting relationship. It has to be just a fling – from both of their perspectives. He just got lucky with timing, that’s all. Had you re-entered her life a few weeks earlier, he wouldn’t have had a chance with her. So, what’s going on then?”

“Angelina said she needed time to sort out who she wants to be with, so at the moment, we’re both dating her.”

“Wow. Crazy. Well, of course she’ll choose you. You have more in common and had a history together. Till then, if you can be patient and not be too jealous that he’s fucking the woman you love, it’ll fizzle out soon enough. It has to. They have no future.”

“I hope so, but I tell ya, I never thought I’d have to work this hard for her. We’re out like nearly every night; at restaurants, plays. And she’s still got an enormous sexual appetite. This long Thanksgiving weekend practically killed me.”

“I feel really sorry for you, Harry.”

“Yeah, I know, it’s a good problem to have. But, I’m serious. She’s wearing me out. Say, you wouldn’t happen to be working now on that invention you had cooking several years ago, would you?”

“What invention?”

“You know, that pill that gives men an erection.”

“Oh, that. No, like all of my other sexual-enhancement drugs, I’m still working out the kinks. Why?”

“Ever since I got back together with Angelina, I’ve really begun to feel my age. I’m fine if we have sex once a day, but the older she’s gotten, the hornier she’s gotten – if that’s possible. If we’re together for eight hours, she’ll want to have sex three times. I need a lot more recovery time than that. I’d be glad to be your guinea pig, because I can’t keep up with her; not at her pace. At least with him in the picture, it takes a little of the sex pressure off me. I can’t imagine how many times she’ll want to make love if I’m the only man in her life.”

“No, I can’t have you test it yet, that’d be too irresponsible. The side-effects could be too severe – like having an erection that lasts for several hours.”

“If I had an erection that lasts for several hours, Angelina would take full advantage. She’d want to make love until my penis fell off. I tell you, right now, the goal when we’re engaged in foreplay, is to turn her on so much that she faints.”

“She still does that? I always thought that affect you had on her was so cool and so sexy. And to top it off, she allows you to finish making love to her?! How great is that?”

“Yeah, well now it’s self-preservation. Otherwise, she’s such an animal in bed that I practically need an oxygen tank to get me through sex with her. When she passes out, then I can take my time fucking her. Sometimes, I’m so exhausted, I never even do that, if you can believe it. I just roll over and go to sleep myself. Did you ever imagine the day when I would decline to fuck Angelina?”

“So, you’re like out of breath? You didn’t start smoking again, did you?”

“Oh, no. I’m off the cigars for good. Although, Angelina wishes I still smoked, because it really turned her on.”

“Geez, what doesn’t turn her on?”

“That’s why I need that pill, Al. Can’t you help me?”

“No, Harry. Sorry. You’ll just have to cope with having a woman who still finds you incredibly sexy.”

“Well, I hope I live through it.”


Later that night at Rotini’s…

“Is your dinner okay? You’ve barely touched it,” asked a concerned Tom.

“It’s fine, darling, I’m just not that hungry,” Angelina responded.

“Okay. Well, is something else wrong? You’ve seemed preoccupied from the moment I picked you up.”

“Ummmm…yes, there is something wrong.”

“What is it? Maybe I can help.”

“I…I think you know what it is.”

“Oh…so it’s ‘us’ that’s wrong. Stupid me. I should have known.”

Angelina reached her right hand across the table and tenderly placed it on her date’s forearm.

“I’m nevşehir escort sorry, darling, but I’ve made my decision,” she said compassionately, with a gentle squeeze of his his arm. “I’ve chosen to be with Harry.”

Tom dropped his eyes to the table, as the color began to drain from his face.

“But, why?” the young man protested. “I know I haven’t been perfect; there was that time at my apartment where I…”

“It’s not that, Thomas darling.”

“Then what? Since then I know I’ve done better in bed. Last weekend I made you faint that one time while we were just making out.”

Angelina lifted her hand off Thomas’ arm and tenderly touched his left cheek.

“I know, my sweet. That was wonderful. You’re a terrific love maker. But I based my decision on more than just that. I looked at the whole picture of what I need in a man. It’s a compatibility issue. It’s almost not fair to you, because Harry and I have a six-year history.”

“But he already broke your heart once. Aren’t you afraid he’ll do so again?”

“Tom, please don’t make this breakup any harder than it already is. We had a great time together, but the age difference between he and I isn’t as pronounced as it is between you and I. From that perspective, I think we have a little more in the way of shared experiences.”

Tom took a deep breath and tried to regain his composure.

“Well, that’s it, then. I guess the better man won.”

“I’m afraid so, darling.”

“Can I make one request, though, before I drive you home?”

“Of course, darling. What is it?”

“Can I light your cigarette in a holder just one more time? I’d like to carry the image of you seductively smoking from that holder with me.”

Angelina smiled understandingly at her now-former lover. Without a word she reached into her thin, rectangular brown leather purse on the table by her left elbow and withdrew her 10-inch black holder. Placing the mouthpiece between her lips, she let the empty holder dangle while she went back into her purse for a cigarette. Almost immediately, she removed her silver cigarette case and rested it on the table. Putting the purse aside, Angelina pried open the case with her fingers and extracted a Virginia Slim. Removing the holder from her mouth, Angelina held it parallel to the ground with her left hand and effortlessly fit the filter end of the cigarette into the circular part of the holder with the thumb and index fingers of her right. Her holder now ready for action, Angelina rested her left elbow on the table to accept a light from her dinner companion. As Thomas fired up his lighter and placed it before her, Angelina opened her mouth and inserted the black end of the holder. Closing her Lancome-covered lips around it, she directed the cigarette end toward the light. Leaning back when she was satisfied that the cigarette had been properly lit, Angelina took a deep inhale and withdrew the holder from her mouth. For an instant, the only smoke present came from the tiny tail oozing out of her mouthpiece. Then, staring directly at her ex, Angelina turned her mouth to the side and blew out a long and lovely stream of smoke. Moments later, when she closed her mouth in a smile, the rest of her exhale came flowing creamily from her nostrils.

“Thank you, Angelina. So lovely. I’m going to miss you.”

“I’m going to miss you, too, darling,” she answered. “But, oh the memories we made.”

“I wish you and Harry all the happiness in the world.”

Angelina looked down at the table and with her red nail polish-adorned fingers of her left hand slowly twirled her smoldering cigarette holder over the ashtray.

“That’s so sweet of you, darling,” she said. Yes, I think it’s very serendipitous that Harry came back into my life. Of course, the timing was unfortunate for you, but you can’t control destiny. It’s apparent Harry and I were destined to be…”

As she spoke, Angelina looked up from the table in time to see Tom reach into the breast pocket of his blue blazer, remove a Panatella, place the cap end into his mouth and lite the foot. The scene triggered an immediate reaction on his dinner companion.

“Ohhh…ohhh…ohhh…” moaned Angelina, as she uncontrollably began to orgasm in her chair.

The intensity was like nothing she’d ever experienced before with Tom and nothing she’d experienced since she was with Harry six years ago when he last smoked a cigar in her presence. Below the waist, Angelina went into tremors and her pussy flooded with secretions, saturating her red thong. Unable to take the pleasure any more, Angelina’s eyes crossed, then snapped shut. A second later she pitched forward in a dead faint, her forehead hitting the table with a loud bang that vibrated the silverware and plates and startled the rest of the dining area.

“Check, please!” Tom said nonplussed, raising an index finger to attract his waiter’s attention, before settling back into his chair and gazing at the passed out Angelina with a self-satisfied smile.

“Where am I?” Angelina groggily asked a half hour later, upon awakening from her faint nap.

“You’re at home,” Tom answered from the love seat mere feet away from where his ex-lover was sleeping off the effects of the shock over seeing him smoke a cigar. “I brought you here after you passed out.”

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