Married Guy’s Anal Virginity

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The Married Guy is an old fuck buddy of mine. For those who haven’t read about our previous shenanigans, nearly two years ago, the Married Guy hit on me at the pool. He liked my AussieBum speedos. One thing lead to another and for twelve months we fucked regularly, usually after our swim in the change rooms or back at my place.

We couldn’t go back to the Married Guy’s place because, it wasn’t something he shared with his wife, or family.

This is how I described the Married Guy two years ago: “He is probably mid forties, just a touch of grey around his close cut hair, masculine for sure, hairy chest but not a carpet, speedo tan from him swimming, my height but a little thicker and pretty fit.” He actually turned fifty in January this year and is still swimming and in great shape.

Twelve months ago I moved up to Queensland and while we couldn’t meet up for sex like we used to, we kept in touch and he follows my sexual exploits.

The Married Guy has been trying to arrange a ‘business’ trip up to Brisbane, the whole COVID thing hasn’t helped, and last weekend we finally lined it up.

Let me start from the beginning…

Thursday morning, ten AM and I pull up at the airport. I jump out and the Married Guy and I shook hands like old friends. Anyone watching might think it was a son picking up his father from the airport after a business trip. There is a twenty year age difference between us.

Driving away, and still on airport property, the Married Guy was undoing my jeans and started rubbing my cock.

Between gear shift changes, I was rubbing his cock as kırıkkale escort well. We were both horny. This ‘business’ trip of his had been planned for over a month and we had both discussed in details what we were going to do to each other. The Married Guy hadn’t had any gay sex since I moved over a year ago and he had a craving for cock.

The drive to his city hotel was only twenty minutes or so and half way there we both agreed to calm down a little bit. It would look a little bit dodgy with two guys checking in with raging hard ons.

We parked and checked in. The guy checking us in was discrete and didn’t ask any questions.

In the elevator ride up to the room, we managed to keep our hands off each other but the sexual tension was electric. I know my cock was stirring. My cock went from stirring to hard when the Married Guy told me that he would like me to fuck him.

This was news to me, to date the Married Guy had sucked me off but any anal sex had been with me on the receiving end.

The hotel room door had barely closed when we started making out. Our clothes were haphazardly taken off and strewed from the door to the bed where we ended up making out and grinding our cocks together. We were both down to our socks and speedos, we both have a thing for speedos and that is how we met. I was pretty close to cumming just from the rubbing of our cocks inside our speedos so I broke off our kiss and said we should get in the shower.

Discarding our speedos, we got in the shower. More kissing and we finally touched each others escort kırıkkale cocks in the flesh, outside the nylon and lycra of our speedos. I turned the Married Guy around so he was facing the shower wall. Grabbing a handful of shampoo I starting rubbing his arse, the inside, not the cheeks.

After a rinse, his arse was clean enough to eat off, and that is what I did.

On my knees I starting licking his arse crack and flicking his butt hole with the tip of my tongue. Yeah, we were both pretty horny. With his butt hole squeeky clean it was time to fuck this fifty year old virgin.

We moved from the shower back to the bedroom.

I had brought along condoms and lube in anticipation of my arse being plowed but it was me putting the condom on and I lubed up the Married Guy’s pucker hole, even slipping my index finger inside him just a little bit, up to the first knuckle.

Usually I would go a lot slower with an anal virgin; use some toys, more fingering over a week or more but the Married Guy was keen.

I didn’t want to hurt him, take it too fast, or give him more cock than his arse could take, so I thought that the best position would be me on my back and him sitting on my cock. This way he could dictate how much of my cock he would slide in to him.

There we were, me on my back, my cock stiff and standing up like a flag pole. The Married Guy was on his knees facing me, I grabbed a hold of his cock with my right hand and started playing with his nipple with my other. He started lowering his hips. The tip of my cock felt kırıkkale escort bayan him and it twitched. A little lower and I felt the tip of my cock at his entry.

All of a sudden, I was inside the Married Guy. It was super tight and it felt like the head of my cock just popped inside.

The moaning and the stiffness of his cock gave away just how horny the Married Guy was. I told him to try and relax but he was far too worked up.

He was bobbing up and down a tiny bit with just the head of my cock inside him and while I gripped his cock, I wasn’t stroking it hoping that maybe he would be able to take more than ‘just the tip’. It wasn’t going to happen though. The familiar groans of the Married Guy approaching orgasm filled the hotel room and if someone was outside the door I’m sure they would have heard him. His head flew back and cum exploded from his cock on to my chest.

It was a big load of creaming cum.

When he was finished I suggested he take the head of my cock out of him very slowly.

My cock seemed to pop out of him and it took his breath away a little bit. With all the lube I had used, and his cum on my chest we were a bit of a mess and moved to the shower where the Married Guy got on his knees and sucked my cock until I came all over his chest.

It might have only been the tip of my cock but I count that as the Married Guy loosing his anal virginity.

After we washed all the cum off each other the Married Guy dressed in a suit and headed off for the ‘business’ part of his trip. I put on a speedo and headed to the pool with my laptop where I’m sitting now writing about what just happened.

The Married Guy is due back in about half an hour. I’ve told him to come down to the pool and he will speedo it up. Then I’m going to invite him to fuck my brains out.

If you guys are interested, I’ll share some more of the Married Guys ‘business trip’ with you.

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