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Sarah stirred as she awoke; groggy from the slight wine hang over from their dinner the evening before. It wasn’t a true hangover, but she had been happily buzzed from the rose moscato and love she felt from Henry. This was her idea of perfection in life.

She didn’t want to open her eyes as they laid there together, his arms wrapped around her naked torso, pressing himself against her back in their sleep.

There was no real reason to wake up, but she wasn’t needing to go back to sleep either.

Moving would only wake him up, which she wasn’t ready to give up yet. In the apartment, she could hear the sprinkler system in the early morning watering the grass through the window, which she liked leaving slightly open. Heck, it kept the room cold enough that it kept him cuddling tight with her.

Laying there, she took stock mentally to relive the happy memories of last night.

The night before, they had gotten home and luckily both had enough energy for their Friday evening date night. It was something they tried hard to do every week, but lately it had been tough. For dinner, they went to Dave and Buster’s which she loved and he enjoyed seeing how happy it made her. Together they got to be themselves, no matter how goofy or silly it would seem otherwise.

Her face lit up playing the games with him. She felt free. He loved how beautiful she was when she got to act like a kid in exploring the world with wonder even though they were both in their 20’s.

Her family was originally from Hawaii, giving Sarah a beautiful natural tan and caramel tone to her skin, even in winter. She wasn’t incredibly tall at 5’5″, but he found that really cute (especially when she got mad, which made him smile and adore her even more, which only drove her crazy). Even so, she was in great shape with well-toned legs, generous and perky B cup breasts, and tight abs that had some beautiful curves on her sides. He was never disappointed in that she could always wear sheer g-strings and never needed a bra with how she wore her skirts and dresses. Her jet black hair framed her face and would sit to her mid-back.

She knew how to drive him crazy and always wondered how he held back from just tearing her clothes off to ever make it out.

Henry was your typical 6′ tall white guy. He was in decent shape, but what really attracted her was his smile and caring attitude. It didn’t hurt that his cock was curved in the right way to hit her g-spot no matter what position they made love in.

Thinking more about last night, they had so much fun. He couldn’t help but stare at her the entire way home. She had a tube top dress on that was blue around the top (his favorite color) and pink (her favorite color) below the waist, done up with a big brown belt that accentuated her chest with matching sandals.

It made her happy that even through his jeans, she could see him getting hard.

Getting home, she broke out the bottle of wine along with ice cream while he picked a movie. They both loved the Pirates films and it had been a while since they’d watched any of them. It was taking everything for them to not just rush straight to bed. But they were toying with each other to make it sweeter.

They relaxed and cuddled while eating the ice cream or sipping at their wine glasses.

Slowly they got buzzed on the large bottle of wine as they joked and began ignoring the movie.

Feeling flushed, she leaned in and kissed him. He responded by holding her head close and letting his hand trace along her arm, which made her shudder. She loved feeling his tongue dance with hers. As he broke the kiss, he gently bit at her bottom lip, letting it slip out of his teeth. She felt a small burst deep in her pussy.

Annoyingly, in a cute way, he went back to working on the ice cream and watching the movie. This frustrated and excited her to no end, but she knew better than jumping the gun.

Both of them enjoyed some light domination play, especially on the weekends.

To tease her, he pulled her hair back gently to set her head against the couch cushion behind her. She smiled in a naughty way knowing this was the true start of their foreplay. He gently scooped the last bit of mint ice cream onto her bared chest. Before it even touched her skin, she was hot and the sudden cold sensation drove her wild.

As soon as it landed, it melted just a little, a couple of drops finding their way down between her glistening breasts. He leaned in and licked the bulk of it off, getting what his tongue could reach.

Normally she would be angry over needing to clean haramidere escort the dress. But with how turned on she was, that thought clearly left her mind as the sweet, sticky drops rolled down to her belly button. Even more frustrating to her? He smiled mischievously and turned back to his wine and the movie.

But she knew that this was all part of their game.

After they finished off the wine, he leaned in and pulled her hair back again. He kissed her deeply, then moved down her neck and chest. Every square inch of her skin felt like it was tingling from the fire within her as his warm tongue and hot breath danced over her in a paradoxical mix of heat mixed with the cooler air around it. His hand began exploring her leg, which even though it was toned, was even tighter from the sexual tension and gave it more definition. Henry’s hand explored, but she got lost in the feeling of his mouth until she gasped.

Henry’s hand had found its way up under her dress and a key spot on the edge of her hip.

Sarah’s gasp was from an orgasm that indicated she was no longer in control, her body was and she would love every minute of it. Nothing else existed or mattered other than the pleasure and sensual experience of this blissful moment. Just as she regained some semblance of consciousness, she realized he was no longer on her chest.

Instead, he had slid down and was on his knees on the floor. The first hand was firmly grasping her hip while the other hand was sliding the small piece of fabric away from her pussy. It went to the other hip to hold her steady as his lips made contact with hers.

He wasted no time. Sarah’s smell was intoxicating to him as both his thumbs found their spots putting her right back up on the edge. But he wasn’t ready for her to cum again.

She felt his tongue exploring deep inside her. Henry’s was the only tongue that she’d ever experienced that could just reach her g-spot. In college she had experimented with a couple of her sorority friends and had a few guys. But none could do what he could in this way. In many ways, sex was possessive in her mind, with Henry though, it was equal possession for both of them. Her dress was nearly up around her waist as she watched him work, her fingers running through his hair to find the nerve on his head that drove him just as crazy.

This only made him explore deeper. Unexpectedly, she came hard onto his tongue. Either he was lucky or anticipated it, but she heard him just drink it all in as she relaxed from this round.

He slid his way up her and kissed her deeply. She loved tasting herself on his lips.

Sarah let her hand find his bulging cock and gripped it tight. Smiling and kissing him again, she looked deep into his eyes and said, “I think we should move to a bigger space.” He followed, being led with his cock in her hand. Neither could wait.

Not long before, she had mentioned that she had a fantasy of him tearing off one of her dresses. She wanted to feel the animalistic passion of it. Getting into the bathroom, he decided now was the moment. As the door closed, he whipped her around and grabbed her dress as he pinned her to the wall. Her eyes lit up and flashed knowing that he was giving her exactly what she needed in that moment, to feel owned in that moment.

He didn’t care what happened as he pulled her belt off and ground his pelvis against her.

As that hit the floor, he pulled hard on her dress to free her gorgeous tits. They both her a small rip as a side seam quickly gave way. She wasn’t angry and wanted to hear even more and so did Henry. He pulled hard and the seam gave way down the side, revealing her body to him, with her standing there in just a pink g-string with a small fabric rose dead center. Without thinking, his hand slid up her chest and pinched one of her nipples while his other hand held her in place. After pinching her (which was satisfying in indescribable terms), his hand moved to her throat, gently forcing her to tilt her chin up and look her in the eye.

“Your body is mine tonight. I own you and will use you, my slut, to pleasure myself,” Henry growled deep in her ear. She loved nights like this with him as her hips bucked a little as his other hand grabbed her panties at the rose and just pulled down in a way that demanded they be gone from her body.

Sarah went and started the shower and climbed in, waiting for him as the hot water cascaded over her body while he undressed. Henry didn’t take long and was standing behind her, his cock sitting içerenköy escort between her ass cheeks as his hands explored her breasts. Suddenly, he grabbed her hip again, causing her to bend over. She felt his cock exploring long her shaved mound, brushing past her clit as it went up and down.

Wet and ready, she felt him push in. His cock filled her; he’d always described the experience as her pussy feeling like she was lined with velvet. She was also incredibly tight, making him feel even bigger as he filled every inch of her.

He didn’t wait though as he began slamming into her again and again. Each round made her body quiver with passion as he was satisfied by the motion and in turn satisfied her.

The warm water flowed over her back and down her butt as he held on to her.

As she let the entire experience wash through and over her, her pussy began to tighten around him. She felt his balls jump as they slapped against her clit. He exploded deep into her with his warm, wonderful cum again and again. Ropes of it filled her and began spilling out as they still worked hard to keep physically connected. As the last spilled into her, she felt him soften as she caught her breath. Nothing could beat this feeling for her.

Gently, she turned and dropped to her knees and took him in her mouth to clean him off. His cock was still semi-hard and as she ran her tongue over it, she felt it twitch slightly as it let out the last few drops of semen. The taste of their bodies having been together made her feel fulfilled, almost in the same way it felt when she would have him cum on her tits. It helped feeling the warm water coursing down the back of her head, along her spine to her beautiful butt, and onto her feet.

Sarah worked diligently to clean everything around Henry’s beautiful cock.

Finishing, she pulled back slightly, letting him slip from her mouth. She looked up, straight into his loving eyes. He took her hand and helped her stand up; getting to her feet he pulled her into a deep kiss and hug with both of them under the shower head.

As they broke the kiss, he picked up the soap and began lathering up with his hands. He let them work over her chest, exploring her breasts as they heaved from her breathing that was much harder from their passion. He massaged her nipples with his thumbs before moving on to wash underneath them, taking special care to caress and relax her as much as possible. His soapy hands worked their way down her sides and abs, slowly massaging and exploring every inch of her, worshiping her figure.

He knelt down to wash her pelvis and hips, while one hand explored inside her pussy to help her wash. As the soap rinsed off over her, she felt him kiss and gently suck on her clit.

The warm feeling lasted as he washed every inch of her front until he finished with her feet. Standing back up, he turned her into the water. She washed her hair while he scrubbed down her back, exploring the same as he had before. This time he reached her sides and massaged back around to her breasts, cupping them entirely in his hands before going back down her sides to her hips.

Reaching her butt, he washed diligently down her crack. Sarah loved having him play with her ass. Not always butt sex, but she always loved being touched and played with. As he got lower, she felt Henry’s finger explore her puckered hole. The massaging of it made her breathe even heavier because of how it made her tingle. Maybe it was time to consider more anal sex? But she let the thought slip from her mind as she felt him kissing her butt cheeks and along her legs after he washed the back of them, a feeling she cherished from him.

Returning the favor, she explored his body.

It didn’t take as much soap or time on him. So when she reached his cock, she was again on her knees. Softly she massaged the head and shaft, carefully caressing his balls. As the water washed away the soap, she leaned in, looked up at him again, licked it and kissed the head of her man’s cock.

She washed his back and down to his butt cheeks. He enjoyed when her hands explored his ass too. After cleaning it, she let her finger massage his hole and in a moment of sexy boldness, she let her finger work its way into him to explore for his prostate. They’d talked about it, but never had really tried it. She heard the moan escape from him as it sank in. Finding the spot she had heard of, she watched his cock swell unexpectedly. He shuddered unexpectedly and his breathing became heavy.

She smiled innovia escort as she backed off and washed off her hands.

Coming back around, he looked at her with the same fire in his eyes.

“We’ll have to finish that later,” Henry growled as he took her back in his arms and kissed her deeply again under the water. “Thank you. We have something new we need to explore now.”

The water turned off and they stepped out. He had a normal towel, but she had a towel that was also part robe. It was yellow and made her look like a duck. She loved it so much that she owned three. Henry was always baffled though, for as sexy as she was, especially wearing that made her look so adorable and cute. He always loved that about her and told her so.

Walking back to the room, he was naked, but she wore her towel walking through because she said she was cold. He smiled from how amazingly wonderful she was.

They got ready for bed and while neither could explain why, they slept with underwear on. He wore boxer briefs and she one of her more comfortable g-strings or a thong; tonight it was a yellow sheer fabric g-string. Even in her sleep she liked feeling sexy. Both of them were tired and laid down spooning. One of his arms laid over her and held her close, while his other arm wrapped around under her head and held one of her breasts. She could think of no sweeter way to fall asleep beyond his warm arms.

Both reached a point where they were almost asleep, but not completely awake either. Feeling his warm, still semi-hard cock pressed against her, she started grinding lightly as an uncontrolled reaction. Neither minded it. In response, his free hand found its way down past the tiny waist band to her pussy, two fingers sliding deep into her. It was slow, sweet, and blissful in the dark, neither fully aware of what they were doing, but both enjoying it as if it was almost a dream. Her hips ground against him while moving back to his fingers until she orgasmed in a way that fully relaxed her.

Her body had stiffened with the wave of power and as it cleared, her body relaxed, immediately falling asleep with his warms around her. He fell asleep as well, their breathing in rhythmic sync.

A few hours later she had felt his cock pressing against her butt again as it had stiffened. He had been having a dream that caused the physical response. She woke up just enough to realize it and hearing the water outside through the slightly open window as the lawns were watered. In her still sleepy state, Sarah realized she was horny again and still mildly buzzed with a warm feeling.

There was only one way to satisfy herself though: Henry’s cock. She was still wet and rolled over, pushing him onto his back. He was a heavy enough sleeper, he didn’t notice. It was fun to pull his cock out through the opening in his boxer briefs before rolling on top of him. She slid the small triangle of fabric and string away from her hole and lowered herself on. His natural response was to get harder inside of her and she loved feeling that when it happened. Up and down she thrust him into her, leaning forward slightly to feel the soft, inviting fabric of his underwear on her clit.

Thinking it was a dream, it took a moment for him to wake up.

When he did though, he was barely awake, but very happy to know it wasn’t a dream. They began rocking together, one of his hands holding onto her breast and the other exploring her inner thigh. It didn’t take long for him to cum deep inside her again and the sensation of his fluid filling her up made her orgasm again, her pussy milking him dry and getting every drop. Both fell asleep as she slid back into place in his arms cuddling with him. His cock didn’t even make it back into his shorts as it rested along her butt crack with their drying combined juices still coating him. It was the sweetest experience and they got to share that level of love every day and night. Nothing could replace it.

Stirring as she awoke; groggy from the slight wine hang over from their dinner the evening before. It wasn’t a true hangover, but she had been happily buzzed from the rose moscato and love she felt from Henry. A smile was on her face, even before she really opened her eyes.

She rolled over to cuddle with him, only to find herself alone in their bed. He had been gone for a year now and it still broke her heart. Henry was truly her best friend and lover. Like anything in life, there was no way to have known that the accident would happen. Sarah was grateful for the memories, but she missed him as her body ached for him.

Hearing their young daughter starting to fuss in the next room, she sighed as she got up to begin the day. Sadly smiling.

As she put on her robe and g-string, she realized that a pair of his boxer briefs were laying on his side of the bed. When she picked them up, they were slightly damp. She smiled after smelling them knowing that in some way, he was still there with her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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