Military School Ch. 03

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Military School 2nd Year

The summer break was about 2 ½ months. I had about two weeks left and found myself in a serious condition. The encounter with Bill and Bo weighed heavily on my mind. I would go from shear horror to new heights of arousal. I had never planned on sucking a cock. To be truthful I had not even seen any hardcore porn movies like Bills before that night. You can imagine what any 19 year old boy would be thinking if he was forced to do the things I had done in recent days. The thought would appear in my mind at anytime of the day and I was surprised that more often than not I would get a hard cock almost immediately. I could remember the taste and smell of the cum. I realized it was not an unpleasant thing to me……just a surprise I guess.

I didn’t go into the magazine shop for several days after the incident. I was afraid of how Bill would treat me after the things I had done for him and to him. I also didn’t want to run into Bo. He was always the aggressive one and I had made a promise to him to get home that night. The promise was for me to come back and be their sex slave when ever they wanted. I was a normal uninformed guy that had gotten trapped into participating in the sexual rituals that that two horney men made up as the time passed. In truth I just didn’t care. Sucking cock was an obvious extension of the hand jobs I did with Joe at school. It hardened my cock to fantasize about sucking Joe when I got back to school. I wondered how he would react to any overture I made. I was anxious to find out.

I started to try eating my cum when I jerked off at night. I had never thought of it before and certainly had not tried it. I really had no Gay tendencies. It seemed to turn me off to think of anything like kissing or ass play or anything other than straight cock sucking. Talk about a hypocrite!!!

After about 10 days and summer break approaching an end I got up the nerve to go back to Bill’s shop. When I walked in Bill seemed pissed off. I didn’t know what to do. Finally I got up the nerve to say, “Hey Bill…’s it going?” I lied and said, “I’ve been sick so I couldn’t get in until I was strong enough for the hours bus trip.”

“What about your little promise? I guess you aren’t a man of your word so what should I expect…” Bill snapped.

I was getting upset that Bill was so irritated. I knew the promise was going to pop up as soon as I saw Bill or Bo. I just sat at the counter and ate a candy bar while Bill complained. I was torn as to staying and seeing how this would play out or just leaving and forgetting the whole thing. Eventually I said, “What the fuck, Bill. You tricked me into that whole thing! What did you expect? I have to go back to school in a few days so let’s not end up being enemies.”

To my horror as I was making my case with Bill I turned to see Bo and another black guy come into the shop! I about shit myself! Bo looked at me and smiled and said, “Hey Rick….where the fuck have ya been? Hope we didn’t rock your world too much the other night. Hell that was just something that got out of hand before any of us knew it. Right Bill?”

Bill huffed and mumbled , “Ya sure.”

Bo came over and sat by me at the counter. I could smell alcohol on his breath and realized he was pretty stoned. Bo put his hand on my knee and said, “Tell me what I can do to make it up to you. Bobby here is a good friend and would sure like getting to know you.”

I was getting nervous , knowing exactly what Bo was thinking. Bill was watching my reaction like a hawk, as he cleaned glasses at the sink. “I ain’t so stupid as I was the last time we were together. I still am not real happy about that. Ya know I could really get you in trouble if I let anyone know what happened.”

I immediately regretted saying that to Bo. He reacted like I set fire to his pants. He leaned close to my face and growled, “If you EVER threaten me again shithead, you will find out what your balls taste like! I’ll cut them off and stuff em in your fat mouth!”

I knew he was really pissed and noticed his buddy approach from behind me. I tried to not show any fear and stood up. I was 4 inches shorter than Bo and obviously no match for him. Before I could say anything Bill came around the counter and stood between me and Bo. “Hey guys…..shit….this doesn’t have to be any big deal. I am sure Rick just popped off like anyone would in a situation like this.”

He turned and gently pushed me back into my seat. Bill was as big to Bo as Bo was to me so Bo backed away some, and muttered, “God Damn it Bill we can’t have any trouble with this shithead. He knew what he was doin’ when he sucked my stiff cock! Shit he was cumming all over the place too!”

Bill sat down and looked at me with puzzled eyes, “That’s pretty true Rick. Can you really sit here and say you didn’t get into the party as much as we did? It wasn’t all that bad was it…..shit, you were as hard as the rest of us……how about it? Can we get by this crap and be friends?”

I knew I had made a mistake and had been Ankara escort fantasying about the event since it happened. I knew I really wanted Bo’s big cock again and started back peddling as fast as I could. “Shit Bo…..forget what I said, I was just a little pissed you weren’t straight with me before things happened.”

During this whole episode I noticed Bo’s buddy staring at me and checking out my body like I was a model or something. To my surprise I noticed he had a large lump forming at his crotch and he continually tried to hide it whenever I looked. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to know what this guy was thinking. I was fascinated with how big the lump was, and how it looked like he had a large cucumber in his pants. I guess curiosity was getting hold of my hormone factory, because I started to feel that familiar tingle in my cock. “Tell ya what Bo, if you want me to keep that promise we only have a couple hours. My family will expect me back soon.”

The whole room seemed to change in a second after I said that. I realized they all were hoping I’d break down and admit I was game for their party favors. Bo was stoned enough that he acted like nothing had been said at all. He seemed to snap back in time and talked like he had just come in the door. “Hey Rick….how have ya been? It’s been a long time since we had any fun together. Did I introduce you to Bobby? He sorta likes guys like you……interested in some fun?”

It was weird, Bo seemed to forget he had been there and Bill just winked at me and smiled and shrugged his shoulders, to say, “Who knows??”

I knew I was committed to doing something with these guys and as I started thinking of the things that would probably happen I started to get hard. Bill noticed and just smiled at me. I realized it was starting to show and quickly turned and tried to adjust things. Bo clapped his hands and said, “Well….times a-wastin’ let’s go to Bobby’s place, it’s only a block from here and he is a rich bitch…..wait till ya see this place!” That only spurred my interest even more.

Bill said, “If ya give me a minute I will close the place early. I don’t want to miss this!”

We all got up and waited as Bill shut everything off and put a closed sign up. The mood was electric.

As we approached Bobby’s apartment I could tell he had a big fancy place, It even had a garage attached which was rare in the city. When we entered I could smell incense. The entry way was slate stone and had ornate tables and chairs set up like a waiting area. Bobby said, “I am a dentist and have my office downstairs. I can’t afford a separate place in the city so my house doubles for my work. Everyone go into the den and make yourselves comfortable. There is beer in the fridge and tapes in the TV stand.”

I guessed he was not married by the way the place was setup. It was obviously a guys place with a large TV and very little decoration. The carpets were luxurious and the lighting seductive. He had a small bar in his den with a large black granite counter and several bottles of liquor displayed over a small refrigerator. There was a large stereo along one wall and there were cloths strewn around the room. No self respecting woman would live like this….it was too good!!

I went to the small bar and got a bottle of beer. Bo came over to the bar also and started to mix orange juice with Vodka. I could see he was partially hard with his cock running down the leg of his jeans. Bill yelled, “Hey Rick, how about a beer for me?”

I retrieved another bottle, I opened it and walked it over to Bill. By the time Bo sat down and Bill leaned back on the couch I had finished my first beer and was intent on getting more. I knew I needed the alcohol to calm me down. I was extremely horney but at the same time very apprehensive. I had no idea where this would end up. This was the first time I ever intentionally went somewhere intending on sucking cock, but I knew it sure wouldn’t be the last time either!

By the time I had started feeling my third beer Bobby returned to the room. We all just stared at him in total surprise. Bobby was totally naked and sporting the biggest erection I had ever seen in person! I had only seen cock like this in porn movies. It must have been 10 inches long and curved upward. Bobby was cut and had an almost perfect cock, with heavy veins running down each side and quite a large roundish defined head. He walked to the bar as though he was fully dressed and got a wine cooler from the fridge.

We all could barely take our eyes off him and he knew it. Bobby was an obvious exhibitionist. He walked with his cock swaying back and forth. The pee hole was very pronounced and had a glistening pearl of precum. Bill saw it and broke the awkward silence. “Fuck! Let me at that precum…..first dibs!!”

With that he stood and knelled before Bobby. He took the shaft in two hands and even then there was 4 or 5 inches sticking out. I watched as he pulled the cock into position to be able to lick the head. He slowly licked the underside from the base up and ended by Ankara escort bayan sipping the precum pearl in with a loud sucking noise. “Mmmmmmmmmm God is this sweet.” He started to bob up and down on the exposed portion of Bobbies cock and Bobby held his head in two hands and appeared to fuck Bill’s mouth. The sounds were erotic to me. Squishing and sucking sounds have always turned me on.

Bo leaned over and said, “Now that looks like fun………your not gonna be shy tonight are ya?”

He put his right hand on my knee and started to unbuckle my belt with his left. I was buzzed enough to respond a lot faster than I ever thought I would. I said, “Shit Bo, can we go over to the couch? The fucking thing looks really comfortable…….I….I….really want to suck you tonight. I’m sorry I ever said what I said…..I was just scared and a little embarrassed. Come on………”

As I walked toward the couch Bo followed right behind me and tugged on my jeans even as we walked. I finished unbuttoning my jeans and pulled down my zipper, only to have Bo push them down around my knees. My cock was making a big tent of my boxer shorts and I had a tough time not tripping. Bo rushed around in front of me and sat on the couch as I approached. I stopped only inches away from Bo’s face. The tent in my shorts was only an inch from his mouth. I could not think of a time I was more turned on. I kept glancing at Bill. He was licking Bobby’s balls and stroking that big boner as Bobby backed into a chair. I watched as he reached for Bills obvious hardon bulging in his pants. All this happened in minutes.

Bo placed his hands gently on my ass and very slowly and gently sorta nibbled at the head of my cock through my shorts. I felt him hold my cock and balls at the same time through the leg of my boxers as he continued to suck and nibble me through the material. It felt wonderful. I reached down and pulled my shorts over enough for my cock to pop out thru the opening. Bo licked at the head like a lollypop. My cock bounced up and down as he massaged my balls at the same time. GOD was I hot!!! I whispered to Bo, “Please Bo, suck it….please suck it….suck it…suck it.”

Bo responded by engulfing my cock almost completely. His nose was nestled in my pubic hairs and I could feel the head of my cock press against the back of Bo’s throat. I couldn’t believe it. Bo actually continued to push and I felt my cock actually enter his throat! I had never learned about deep throat before….I could feel my cum starting to boil in my prostrate. I said, “Oh fuck Bo I’m gonna cum if you don’t stop…….God Bo…….honest stop!!” Bo reluctantly slide slowly off my cock and kissed the tip as he looked up at me.

“God Damn it Rick, you have one of the sweetest cocks I have ever sucked.” Bo smiled and patted the couch next to him for me to sit down.

I said, “Wait a minute, I really want some more beer….OK?”

Bo held me down and said, “Fuck that shit Rick… ya wanna try some weed? I have some good shit.”

I had never tried any type of drug before and the beer was affecting me more than experienced drinkers. I knew about Pot but never really had the opportunity before. I jumped at the chance to try it. Bo pulled out a cigarette case and popped the lid open. There were 5 or 6 neatly rolled joints in there. He took one out and lit it and inhaled deeply. I figured it looked easy enough and put the joint to my mouth. I sucked in….not having any idea what I was doing and proceeded to choke to death!!!! My throat closed up and my eyes started watering. I coughed and coughed as Bo patted me on the back. He laughed and said, “Shit Rick, ya gotta take it easy if you never smoked before……damn just little puffs and inhale slowly…like this.”

Bo demonstrated his instructions and handed me the joint as my coughing fit subsided. I really didn’t want to do it again but didn’t want to look like an ass, so I took a very small amount into my mouth and inhaled very slowly. It still burned but it was controlled this time. I managed to get it down. I knew I was supposed to hold it in….I saw that in movies. Bo was patient. I had actually sorta lost my hardon from the coughing attack. Bo said, “Go ahead puff on it a while……I’ll get your cock back into action.”

Bo started to stroke my semi-hard cock while I inhaled several more puffs of weed. It got a lot easier. I started to feel a weird warmth and the room seemed a lot brighter to me. Sounds were louder and more distinct. Bo’s hand on my cock started to feel electric. My cock hardened like steel and I noticed I was leaking precum a lot more than I normally did. Bo rubbed it all over the head of my cock and his hand became slick. I couldn’t believe how sensitive and how unbelievably good his stroking felt. Bo leaned down to suck me but I held him back. I said, “Oh no….it’s my turn.” The beer and drug ad hit me.

I felt like there was nothing in the world more important than sucking Bo’s cock. I was so turned on and spaced out it was all I could do to get Bo’s pants open. I pushed Escort Ankara Bo back on the couch and yanked his pants and shorts down to his ankles. His cock was rigid and slick with precum. I actually saw a small string form as a pearl dropped onto his belly. There was nothing in the world to me, at that moment, other than Bo’s stiff cock.

I pulled his cock up so it was sticking straight up. His cock head was half exposed, peeking out of his foreskin. I peeled his skin back and saw precum actually run down onto my hand. I leaned over and sucked his cock deeply into my mouth. It was hard and tasted better that anything I could remember in my drugged stupor. I ate his cock hungrily and sucked hard. I felt and tasted his precum as I sucked it from his tube. I couldn’t get enough into my mouth……I was totally lost. I wanted him to cum so bad. I sucked and massaged his balls and bobbed up and down as fast as I could.

Bo held my head and said, “Holy shit Rick….take it easy I’m gonna blow the back of your head off if you don’t slow down. Damn you are fucking going crazy!”

I stopped long enough to look up at Bo and say, “God Damn it Bo, I want your cum…..come on shoot it……. God Damn it……Please!!!!”

Bo laughed and I realized Bobby and Bill had stopped what they were doing and were standing watching me. Bo said, “Shit Bill I think we have a cum slut on our hands! Go ahead Rick; I’ll give ya all ya want! Suck that cock!!!!”

I didn’t have to be told twice. I sucked Bo’s cock in to the point I actually sorta deep throated him without even gagging. I wanted his cum so bad. I stroked and sucked like a mad man. It wasn’t long till I heard Bo start to moan. “Oh fuck Rick…..suck it …..mmmmmmm I’m gonna cum…..oh shit ….mmmmmmaahhhhhhhh”

I felt his cockhead swell. Bo placed his hand on the back of my head and pushed. It was alright with me ….I wanted his load so bad, nothing would stop me. I felt his cock pulse and a strong jet of cum flooded my mouth. It was actually hot as he shot spurt after spurt. I swallowed as he shot and didn’t let a drop escape. I held onto his cock as he continued to ejaculate and hump and push into my mouth. “Oh Fuck Rick ….God eat that cum………ahhhhh….shit!”

Bo babbled his delight as his climax subsided. I never got off his cock for a moment. I continued to suck and swallow. Bo stiffened and said, “Shit Rick…..I’ll too sensitive ……Goddamn it let up …..shit!”

We all know how sensitive your cock can get right after shooting. Bo pulled his cock from my mouth and sat up. Bill and Bobby started to clap their hands. I looked up with a dribble of cum on my chin. Bill said, “I don’t think I’ve seen a blowjob that good in years…you lucky shit!!” Bo laughed. I was still hot as hell. The pot and beer had messed with me to the point I couldn’t believe how hungry I was for cock.

I looked at Bill and Bobby and said, “Come on I want you guys too…..come on…..come on…”

Bobby laughed and stepped forward. Bill pretended to try to push in front of him and said, “Ok, you go first Bobby, but don’t hurt him…..I want some of that too.”

I was still in a fog of lust and hunger. I sat on the couch and reached for bobby’s unbelievable cock. It was tremendous. I pulled him to me and started to engulf the head of his cock and realized this was gonna be difficult. His cock was so big I could only get the first few inches into my mouth. I had seen a tube of KY jelly on the end table earlier and reached to get it. I squeezed a glob into my hand and coated Bobby’s shaft as I returned to sucking in as much as I could. I used two hands and stroked and twisted his cock as I sucked hard on the head. Bobby just stood with his hands on his hips and watched as I did everything I could to his cock as hard and as fast as possible. I sucked as hard I could. I wanted him to cum.

It seemed like it took 10 or more minutes until I noticed Bobby hips start to push in rhythm with my sucking. My mouth was aching and I was getting exhausted from the frantic way I was ministering to him. I wanted his cum so bad….I couldn’t believe it was me.

Bobby was being nice by allowing me to control his cock instead of holding me down like Bo did. He continued to stand with his hands on his hips and tended to thrust with his hips as he neared climax. I was relieved to realize he was getting close. I stated to suck and lick the underside as hard as I could as I stroked his shaft. I felt the familiar swelling and herd Bobby start to moan and say, “Here it comes boy….get ready I have a surprise for you.”

I didn’t pay much attention but felt his head quiver and a massive jet of thick cum flooded my mouth. It was too much to swallow and it leaked out as he shot jet after jet. I thought he’d never stop. I honestly believe he shot 8 or 10 strong ropes of cum as I tried to swallow. It became too much and I stated to gag. When that started Bobby grabbed my head and pushed me hard onto his cock. I couldn’t breath and cum was everywhere. Bobby shot a few more times and then dribbled as I gagged and shot cum from my nose and all over the floor. Bill and Bo were in hysterics. Finally Bobby stopped and let me go. I coughed and gagged and spit as Bobby slapped me gently with his cock….back and forth.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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