Mistress Encounter

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Eva gets back to her hotel room from her business meeting, glad to be back, the meeting went ok, could’ve been better, they could all be better she reminds herself, as people don’t give everything for nothing.

As she flicks on the main lights she jumps as she see’s you on her soft double bed, right where she left you before she went out, however she did not give you permission to dress up in her black and red lacy bra, panties, stockings and suspenders.

You were hoping this would be a nice surprise for her but realise you may have gone to far, her eyes change, there was something sadistic about them for a moment, then she smiles a worryingly happy smile, you come to realise she’s having some wicked thoughts, you get nervous.

‘Hello slut’ she enters the room further and tell you to stand, twirl, and you add in a courtesy for fun, she asks you for an explanation as to the current events, you just explain ‘I got over excited, carried away I can take it off immediately’ she steps forward and grabs your balls and tells you ‘you owe me big time’. She heads into the bathroom.

You’re too unsure about what she wants and so you haven’t moved from the spot through fear and obedience. She comes out the bathroom and has removed her business wear and is wearing a set of matching lacy light pink bra and panties, You realise she didn’t bring this in the bathroom with her, she must have had it on as she had the meeting, she looks down and notices a twinge of excitement in the ankara türbanlı escort lingerie you’re wearing, she orders you to walk up and down the room as feminine as you can, it’s a pathetic attempt really but she appreciates the effort you make, she laughs a little as you try to add plenty of sway to your hips, she holds out a hand on your chest as you go to walk past once more (the feeling of her touch make your heart start pounding) and she tells you how lucky you are that she has a soft spot for you, she also tell you that you’re even more lucky you don’t look too bad in it, in fact she doesn’t want to waste any more time, she just wants to unwind from the earlier business.

She goes to the drawer and pulls out a ball gag, straps it to your face, she can see your eyes are screaming to stop, however what’s going on in the little panties you’re wearing is saying something completely different, she listens to your cocks reaction and she knows you’re loving it, she throws you on the bed face down and pulls out a paddle, she spanks your ass without warning, the smack echoes through the room and she’s smiling, she’s so happy she has found this perfect little sex toy, WHACK goes the paddle again and she hears you moaning through the gag, she tells you ‘stop whining slut your lucky to have me’ she knows it’s true and she continues to smile as she thinks here is a man willing to do anything at all to make me happy, WHACK, it’s a great way to release tuzla escort pent up tension from earlier, WHACK, you moan again and she jumps on the bed, one knee either side of your back, unties the gag and it drops to the floor, she wants to enforce the law, tells you to call out who’s in charge ‘you mistress’. Her hand goes behind her for another strike, WHACK, she asks you if you’re a little sissy slut, ‘yes mistress’ WHACK ‘say it then bitch!’ She yells at you ‘I’m a little sissy slut mistress’ WHACK, she responds ‘and you love it don’t you?’. You waste no time answering ‘I love every single minute mistress’…. Then silence, she tells you you’re a good little toy, she starts to have some more fun as she rides you on your back, using your hair as reigns, she paddles your tight ass, not as hard this time but more frequent, just having some fun and doing whatever she feels like.

While feeling absolutely ridiculous and humiliated trying to get as much horse movement as you can lying face down on the bed, you feel something soft and wet on your back, you realise they must be crotchless panties, all sorts of thoughts and images race through your mind, how on earth did I miss that before? You double your efforts through the excitement of knowing you are pleasing your mistress, that is all you ever want.

She climbs off you and to your surprise she kisses your sore butt cheek and tell you to stay exactly where you are. She avrupa yakası ucuz escort comes back with a moisturiser and tells you that you’re just a sweet little baby slave and must be looked after, you remind yourself how lucky you are and thank your mistress for everything that just happened. She pulls your panties up to create a wedgie, but this does reveal just how red your cheeks are. She applies the cream gently, it feels wonderful, the cold feeling of the cream on the inflamed spoilt lucky ass of yours. Her hands feel so gentle, with every stroke you fall deeper under her spell.

She puts the moisturiser away and tells you to lie next to her on the bed, she tells you how good you’ve been and to your surprise removes her bra, she tells you that you can have a little treat, she pushes your head between her huge perfect breasts and tells you to just enjoy yourself. You get to work, you don’t know where to begin but before you know it you’re licking and sucking nipples and breast, you feel so spoilt, you feel like a kid in a candy shop, you feel in heaven, you feel huge and solid, your cock has pushed the panties aside and is resting on mistresses leg, she tells you it looks like you must be enjoying yourself and that you’re still doing so well, and that she is very proud of her sweet baby slave, she takes your cock in her hand and feels it throbbing, pulsing, it feels powerful, feels like it could explode, she teases it and tells you ‘don’t you dare cum’ You slow down on her tits you really don’t want to get too excited, she tells you slowing down is not allowed either as she’s enjoying it, she teases one hand over her clit on top of her panties, as she strokes her fingernails up and down the 8 inch shaft, I think in my head how the hell can such a light touch feel so damn good!

…. To be continued.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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