Mom’s Lap Dance

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Thanks a lot to Kenji Sato for correcting my story!


It did not seem true, yet the big day had arrived, my eighteenth birthday.

Wow, to be of age, a great thing; but it had its pros and cons. Despite a certain independence, the fateful responsibilities would have also arrived.

I live with my mother, just the two of us. My father had left years ago; he had not been a bad father, but he could no longer get along with my mother. I ended up living with her, as my father disappeared, and did not show up anymore.

At eighteen, I could now really choose who to stay with, but since my father is gone, I guess I’ll stay here. Well, not just for that, but you’ll know why when I’m done telling the story.

My mother had a hard time recovering from his leaving, but I tried to comfort her in every possible way.

My father, having left me long before my becoming a real man, could not do with me ‘men-things’, such as taking me to the strip club during the party for my eighteenth birthday, almost to inaugurate me into maturity; and it is from this assumption that my story begins.

“Well, great man, today you will finally become really mature, uh?” my mother said, winking at me.

“Apparently, yes.”

“I’m sorry you did not have any friends to invite. I told you to have a social life instead of being locked up in your room.”

“Come on Mom, we’ve already talked about it. I just did not find people I seriously agree with and understand, so I’m hiding in my room.” I said tiredly.

“Okay, okay, but I’m sorry you have to spend one of the most important days of your life with this old unpleasant lady.”

“Mom, how many times do I have to tell you? You’re not old, and it was Dad who was stupid enough to leave you. He made you suffer even if you did not deserve it,” I said sincerely.

“You are very kind, honey; but after your father, I feel I cannot be with anyone anymore.”

“Mother, it will pass, and you will find the right man for you.”

My mother, moved by the affection that I have always shown, immediately changed the subject.

“Now let’s just stop talking about me; we have to decide what to do today to celebrate.”

“Well, just to stay on the subject, if Dad had been here, he would have taken me to the strip club, or something.”

“Strip club, uh, little pervert?”

“Hey, I’m a man, too, okay?” I said, laughing.

My mother, laughing too, replied, “There are no such places in the neighborhood, and then, at the strip club with your mother, I would be so embarrassed in front of all those women, hahahaha.”

“Mom, have you ever heard that it is not all about physical appearance in life? And then fuck, a MILF like you should be spoiled?”

“MILF?” my mother said, a little surprised.

“Yes MILF, it is said of women…”

“I know what MILFs are, young man.” she answered jokingly annoyed.

“Ah okay, I thought maybe you did not know these particular terms that are well known nowadays.” I said defensively.

“Now I’m starting to feel offended, do you think that your mother was born yesterday? Do you think she does not understand you young dirty men?”

“No, no, of course not, hehehehe, but let’s go back to the previous subject.”

“Yes, you’re right, well I should do something that mother’s usually do, like cooking something really good.”

“Nah, you always do that.”

“Mmmmh, you’re such a flatterer, and you also know how to talk to women.”

“Well, I’m trying to accumulate experience in that field, anyway, hahahaha” I burst out laughing.

“What’s so funny?”

“No, no, let it go.”

“What, what is it?”

“I thought maybe you could be my stripper, hahahahaha”

After that sentence, my mother looked at me in surprise, but at the same time thoughtful, smiling openly at last.

“What was it, John, a provocation? Do you think I would not be able to do it if I wanted to?” my mother said, getting up from her chair and putting herself in a sexy pose.

She has black hair and eyes, and is very shapely. She thinks she’s fat, but I think that many guys, myself included, would disagree. Most of all, who says that a beautiful woman must be blonde with blue eyes?

“Hell no, someone like you would be perfect, I’d really love to see you.”

My mother began to blush for the first time that day, as I had already complimented her many times before, but I was particularly pressing this time.

“So why not accept a lap dance from me?”

I suddenly became serious after that question. “A lap dance… from you?”

“Yes, I guess you know what it is, right? Obviously we will do it within certain limits, it will be more like a sexy dance.”

“No, well you’re right, it’s just that you’re my mother, I do not know if…”

“All right JOHN,” my mother said almost angrily, “I should have known that all your compliments were just words to say.”

“Hey no, that’s not true, I just wanted to say that it would be a little strange.”

“So do you accept, or not?”

“Fuck it, when will it osmaniye escort ever happen that a sexy lady gives me a lap dance like this?” I said, getting up.

My mother, biting her lip in a sexier way than normal, concluded, “So, sit on the couch, I’ll change, and I’ll put some music in the stereo, so you’ll get your REAL birthday present.”

That emphasis on the word, ‘real’ made me strangely aroused. For my eighteenth year, she had given me the new PC that I had longed for, but something made me think that this lap dance would be slightly better.

I waited patiently for a few minutes, when, hearing the music start, I looked up and saw my mother in some really strange clothes for the occasion, and maybe even uncomfortable: they seemed like classic office clothes, a white shirt and a black skirt that’s not too tight.

“The sexy secretary seems to be a common fantasy for men, so I got these used clothes a long time ago for your father. We had them sewn specifically for us, as they are Lap Dance dress that seem like regular Office attire.”

“We can say whatever about Dad, but he really was a gourmet.”

Laughing, my mother began to dance to the music. I have no idea what music it was, but I did not care about that, only what I was seeing.

To begin with, she simply began to dance by moving in time, lowering herself and turning around, running her hands over her body. Just go and watch a video on the Internet so to speak, even if I doubt you will see a sexier MILF.

“You’re strong, Mom!” I said excitedly.

“Maybe it’s better if you call me by my first name, Helen, don’t you think? So that you can get into the role.” she answered in a rather erotic way.

“Okay, HELEN” I said pseudo-sensually, imitating her.

“Am I really talking like that?” she asked a little confused.

“Apparently you do not realize it, you must have lost yourself in the role, eh?”

“Oh yes, you will see.”

After this, my mother began to get closer and closer. She promised me a lap dance, of course, that’s true; but she still surprised me when she straddled me.

She began slowly rocking, and although I was excited, I was a little embarrassed. It was my damn mother, but she was also good at doing the lap dance, which I discovered very pleasantly. This prevented me from having a powerful erection, but she was very beautiful that evening, and my penis soon became a flag-raising pole.

My mother had sat on my lap, making her sexy movements there. All this, however, did not prevent her from touching the growing swelling of my jeans more than once, so much so that at a certain point she suddenly grabbed my penis through my pants and exclaimed, “What the hell, do you have a firearms license for this gun of yours?”

“MOM!” I exclaimed, seriously embarrassed, raising her hand; forgetting, among other things, to call her Helen.

“Excuse me, but I did not think I could really have this effect again, and on my son, too.” she said sounding upset.

“You’re sexy, Mom, okay? What the fuck, when will you understand that once and for all?

My mother began to look at me differently. It was a scary, wild, and sexy look.

“All right then, I hope I can finish the job without you raping me.”

“HELL NO, I would never do that to a woman.”

“You’re so sweet,” and she gave me a quick kiss on the lips, still catching me by surprise.

The lap dance continued with her, swaying as it went on more firmly with time, sometimes turning around, which gave me a glimpse of her beautiful panties.

From time to time, she would swing up and raise her arms to show a very low neckline, until I told her, “The lap dance is great, but you know, with that top on, you cannot do much, I think it’s uncomfortable for you, and I see you’re sweating, too.”

“Of course, I’m sorry, I got distracted.” So my mother began to unbutton her blouse revealing an unprecedented neckline.

I stared uninterruptedly at the black bra that was driving me crazy. My penis pressed in my jeans so much, that when my mother often rubbed it shamelessly with her skirt, it gave me a certain shiver; but also unnerving because there was no real contact and I desperately needed it.

“It seems obvious that my blouse is superfluous now, you’re almost drooling, John,” she said, finally removing the shirt and throwing it on the ground.

“Sorry Mom, but you should be flattered that the lap dance is paying off.”

“My name is Helen, and yes it is” she answered by tightening my cock again through my jeans dispersing a bit of precum into my underwear.

I tried to laugh despite my bestial excitement and I had an idea to play down a little.

“John, what the hell?…” my mother said, bursting into laughter, after taking a banknote I had inserted into her bra, that barely contained her prosperous breasts.

“It’s like a thank you for what you’re doing, like you do with strippers.” I said winking at her again.

“Wow, by doing so I could really push myself to the limit osmaniye escort bayan to get all your money, hahahaha.”

“Helen,” with these words, it was so exciting, to risk me coming in my pants, with her dancing, almost hopping, on me; so I told her, “The dancers with generous breasts like yours should dance topless, you know?”

“Really? And this thing would be an implicit request to stay topless?” she answered, beginning to unclasp her bra.

“It could, but then where will I insert my money?”

“I think I have the solution for this.” In doing so, my mother stood up, took her bra completely, tossing it on the ground; and then removing, after turning, the skirt.

And so I was able to see that succulent derriere. She did have on a loincloth, but it was intimately small enough to make her round cheeks visible; the latter, coupled with those black stockings, formed a finished work of art.

“Now you can insert your BANKNOTES here,” speaking in that absurdly sensual way.

They were not the only things I wanted to put in there at that moment, but for God’s sake, she was still my mother, I had to have some restraint.

“You know, I love women who wear sexy lingerie,” I said provocatively.

“Do you love lingerie, or what it contains?” she answered in an even more provocative way, united with her increasingly sensual movements.

“Obviously the right women have to wear it.”

At that point, she often rubbed her pretty ass on the swelling of my jeans, while my hands, which had always been to the side, held her firmly under the cheeks of her ass.

Neither of us was referring to this action, and it seemed fine.

“It’s getting really fun, I feel ten years younger, do you want to go for a ride?” Helen said, laughing as she slapped her tits in my face. “It does not surprise me that you like them so much, as a child you could never get away from them.”

“I would like to say well, look at that stuff,” I replied, laughing as she slapped her tits back in my face. I also thought about the fact that if I ever married a woman like that, I would fuck her twice, if not three times, a day; but evidently, over the years, hormones always tend to calm down dramatically.

“Yes, but now I’m half naked and you? Look how you’re sweating, take off this shirt, let me see the results from the gym,” she said almost pulling it away.

“That’s not bad, boy;” she said studying me “but as I have already told you several times, you should be more consistent and take it seriously,” she continued while dancing with some emphasis.

I got some muscles from going to the gym, but only with countless effort, as I do not usually find enough desire to go there; not that it worried me at the moment.

“You’re right, I’ll never have pectorals like yours,” alluding to those two soft globes of flesh that make us men crazy, touching them for the first time in a long time; or at least for some of us.

I’ve always had a good relationship with my mother, and I always felt like I could confide anything with her. Maybe it was this that allowed us to dare so much, thanks to the fact that she took all of this as a joke; despite her only son feeling her a little everywhere with a certain intent, and his cock being as hard as a baseball bat.

“I hope you will not disdain my ass, young man,” she said, still laughing and turning on her knees on the couch, pointing her ass straight at me. I did not think it was possible, but my mother was starting to twerk! Probably after nice generous breasts, it was the thing I liked most about a woman.

“The twerk, for heaven’s sake Helen, some would not take it as a compliment given the vulgarity of the dance, but you would be the envy of the best pornstars,” I said excitedly.

My mother burst out laughing almost impassively as she vibrated that ass that seemed to be sculpted with mastery, my cock seemed to stretch more and more despite my tight jeans, as if it was chasing it, my head starting to vibrate like her ass to follow her every movement.

Helen returned to her initial position, while I had exhausted all the notes I had to put in her panties, when she told me, “Since I took off my skirt, it’s been hurting to rub my butt on your jeans; I’ll take them off, so we’d both be comfortable.”

I did not say anything, but even if I wanted to, I could not say anything. I was paralyzed by excitement as she took off my jeans, revealing what felt like a metal bar that somehow did not tear my white boxers, not to mention the very obvious wet spot on the tip. After that, I finally realized the wet patch inside her underwear, although they were black.

We were both excited, even if, maybe, we did not want to admit it. I was a young man who was excited about anything; while she was a woman with extra years, who did not show as she had some experience dealing with men (Why the fuck did you leave her, Dad?). The only problem is that we were mother and child. Why was this perfect woman supposed to be my mother? Or maybe, escort osmaniye that was what made it all more exciting?

The lap dance was involuntarily (or maybe not?) turning into more of an anniversary celebration of marriage between a husband and wife, a little brighter than normal perhaps. Mom was constantly bending over her knees, rubbing her ass everywhere around me, and sometimes taking her abundant breasts and squeezing them in my face. It was no longer a joke, but perhaps my mother really believed she had returned to her youth and was reliving her years of glory, and no strength could have prevented me from stopping her.

Sometimes, she would laugh seeing my body all red, while I stared at her with eyes and mouth wide open almost like a puppy waiting for his bone. Let’s not forget that I could not stare into her eyes because of her animal look; at least, not without permanently losing control.

“Oooooh, Mom, you’re a sexy bomb,” I sighed, barely holding back my moans.

“Did not I tell you to call me Helen?”

“Yes, but I do not want to think that you are any stripper; you are my sweet mother who has always sacrificed for me; a mother who’s a little too sexy though.”

This was followed by a cross between a laugh and a sexual groan.

Then I said, close to losing control, “Mommy, as I told you already, know that I love lingerie on a woman, but on a body like yours, it is almost wasted.” Saying this made me realize two things: our breathing had become very irregular; but more importantly, when I said ‘Mommy’, she pushed my crotch hard, causing me to immediately shriek.

My mind then traveled quickly: that’s why she wanted me to call her Helen, the incest taboo was too horny, and she wanted to avoid losing control, which I was already doing.

She gazed at me briefly, perhaps understanding what I REALLY wanted to do; but pretending not to notice. Interrupting the dance that was turning into a rodeo, she then said, “All right, let’s take our underwear off of each other. What could be wrong at this point? We’re already almost naked, and you’ve always been so kind to me. You have become a man without a father figure, and I am so sorry for that; but you will always remain my child, although now no longer small.”

As she said this, her eyes were devouring the mountain that stood in my underwear. “We will perform a more intense dance, or am I wrong?” she concluded by removing her now useless panties. What did it matter if they were also full of money?

“Yes well, immerse yourself into the role, no?” I said, laughing as I undressed my boxers.

“Yes, of course,” she replied, biting her lip.

It was at that moment that I saw my mother’s pussy for the first time. Perfectly shaven as I like it, the opposite of my rather hairy penis; but I find waxing stupid for boys. Despite everything, my mother seemed to remain equally satisfied.

“One day you’ll have to explain to me why that idiot of my father left you,” I said as she clearly sat on my cock. There was no writing anywhere that had said to sit down with all your weight there; it must have been a limited special lap dance, because she did.

“Incompatibility of character, but the physical aspect is not all, you said you remember?” she replied, rubbing her pussy on my cock. It was very wet, and united her juices to the abundant precum that came out of my member, it was a very erotic sound, but it managed to go unnoticed anyway.

Only then did I realize that the music had already been finished for a while, and no one had gone to put it back on. As far as I’m concerned, a fanfare was ringing in my head.

“Your father, however, was really fixed with sex, you can understand it from the lingerie he bought me, to the clothes he made me sew specifically, and to the numerous exercises I had to undergo to learn how to twerk.

“He was a mine of sexual fantasies, but I loved living them with him.” she recalled dreamily, ignoring the fact that she was rubbing her pussy hard on my monstrously excited cock.

“It seems that like father, like son, uh?” I replied, meeting her thrusts, palpating tits, and ass firmly.

It really seems like I had to talk to keep from having the most powerful orgasm I could ever have in my life, complimenting myself for having lasted so long with so much stimulation. Perhaps because of the huge amount of precum spilled, I had exhausted the available sperm.

I am a man of boobs, and yet after all this commotion I had neglected my mother’s jewels (which were actually gigantic diamonds). Lost definitely in pleasure, I began to suck those sweet pink nipples because of the obvious excitement. That gesture of mine, consecrated our actual sexual relationship. Brief, this is certain, but certainly intense.

Shouting with pleasure, Mom pushed herself up to fall back on my cock, swallowing it with her pussy. Probably by instinct, she began to twerk, shouting in an unimaginably erotic way, making herself heard by all the neighbors. Needless to say, that was the limit of my endurance, but as she was thrashing my penis forcefully to the left and right, I exploded, spraying my sperm like a water pump that watered the plants of a garden.

All the while I continued to suckle her tits containing my moans, unlike my mother, who had nothing to suck (though I would not mind if she sucked my cock).

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