Ms. Marca Ch. 18

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Marca had been to see her great aunt who lived out in the sticks and was driving back home by way of a near by state to see an old girl friend and would not be home until the following week. It was going to be one more hot July day and she knew to get on the road before it got where she could not stand the heat. She had not gone more than 30 miles when out of no where a deer jump in front of her car causing her to make a sharp turn to the right and went off the road down about 50 feet into the ditch. When she stop the car she looked back and could see that she was lucky to be a live. How she managed to swerve and miss the tress coming down into the ditch she never knew. She got out and looked at the car it seem to be OK and the thing was still running so she got back in and tried to back it up the hill, that was not going to work. A tow truck would be needed to get her out of here. She locked the car and with just her purse she started up the hill.

Marca had dressed for the ride to her friend’s place not for walking in the wilds and on a country road; she had on 4″ heels and a short mini skirt with a white blouse. Her aunt had told her to take this country road that it would save her 50 miles and over an hour to get to the big highway. She had not seen a car, truck or anyone since she left her aunts. When she got to the top of the hill and looked down the road she knew what was in the direction from where she had just come, nothing. So she decided to take the road where she was headed for. Walking on a dirt road in heels was not the thing to do, but what was she to do! She had not gone ½ a mile when she saw what look like dogs running in the near by woods. “Oh there must be a house over that way?” She started toward the direction of the dogs and went deeper into the woods and under brush. Marca had worked up a sweat and her body odor was in the air and the fact that her time of month was coming on didn’t add to her discomfort. After what seem like 15 minutes into the woods she knew she was lost and no house was anywhere near here.

“Lady what the fuck are you doing here?”

She turned to see a man in blue denim overall with a baseball cap on holding a shotgun. I’m trying to find help my car is back that way in the ditch. I didn’t know I was trespassing, can you help me? Than two more ugly wild looking gun carrying men came from out of the woods and stood and looked at her. She could feel them undressing her with the look they gave her; each man went up and down her body looking at each part as if they were going to bid on here. OH shit I’m in trouble went though her mind.

” I can find my way back sorry if I got on your land” and she turned to go and they told her you just hold the fuck up. She backed up against a tree and looked at them as if they were going to shoot her.

They could see she had a body and her 40DD tits on that 5′ 10″ frame made her 38″ hips look very inviting when you could see her 23″ waist. Her 4″ heels just made that ass stick out like it was ready to be humped. Damn she was fine! She knew what was going to happen, keep you head girl, stay cool. Go along and get along, OK here goes. “So what is it going to take for you guys to help me get my car out of the ditch and on my way” as she put that big ear to ear smile on them hoping it looked sexy. They all 3 walked up toward her looking her over even more closely than before. “What your name girl?” I’m Marca and your names? I’m BURT, I’m RED and I’m BUD. Burt was the tallest and looked to be the oldest and the leader. Red you could see was the youngest and got his name from his flaming red hair. Bud look like he had been drinking to many Bud’s, he had the beer gut on him. All of them were over 6′ 5″ and had not had a bath in weeks it seemed.

They kept looking at me not saying a word and I was trying to make small talk and try and get them to think about something besides my ass! They all had their eyes on my tits and not one time in the last 2 minutes had they looked me in the face. After what seem like a life time Red reached up and undid my top button to my blouse, and the older one Burt said “let her undo them, lets just watch.” They step back and Burt said take it off. “Hold on a minute I can’t do that, I’m!” “Shut the fuck up bitch and take your god damn clothes off!” Marca girl it looks like you got to do some hard fucken to get out of this, you better be sexy as hell for them. With that she smiled and slowly unbutton each one of her buttons on the blouse and slip it off her shoulders as she turned side ways so as not to give them the full view and hung it over a limb from a near by bush. Than she turned around and smiled at them, as they looked at her tits that were about to bust out from the push up bra she had on. Before they had a chance to say anything she reached behind her and unzipped her mini skirt and slips it down over her hips and let it go slow down the dark tan legs that made her body talk.

She could see by the look they had that her body was working for her today, and the white thong and bra had to maker her look like a fine piece of ass to them. She made sure they saw her zonguldak escort ass and the thong running up her crack when she turned to put the skirt on the same bush and bend over just enough to let them see it wiggle. This was making her feel excited her nipples were getting hard and the wetness’ between her legs was no longer sweat but her very own juices. “Will I guess you don’t like what you see, you haven’t said anything?” As she lowered her head and stuck out her lower lip as if to pout. Oh I think your pretty said Red, just about the pretties’ thing I seen. I sure want to see them tits. “What about you Bud?” As I looked at him he kept his eye on my breast and said I want to see them two, “No Bud am I pretty, I know you want to see my tits.” Oh sure you are just like Red said and I looked at Burt and just winked and smiled, had to play with their minds if I were to get out of this. I turned around and took a step backwards and looked back at Bud and said “Can you unfasten my hook for me so I can get this bra off?”

I could feel him trying to work the simple hook and eye faster which I can do backwards in the dark this dumb ass had to put down his gun and use both hands and still I had to reach back and slip it off the hook for him. I held the bra to my chest and told him Thanks as I smiled and lowered the bra away from my tits and they spring out into the daylight and my silver dollar nipples went hard on me as they looked back at the 3 country ass holes. They just stood and looked at my tits and went up and down my body with their mouths wide open. I felt like a prize bull they were looking to buy or I should say cow! I gave the sexiest pose I could and my nipples were telling them that just the fact that they were looking was arousing me. I turned around and slipped my thumb in the sides of my thong and pulled it down over my hips and thighs as slows as I could bending over as I went down to the grown with it. Knowing my ass was wiggling at them as I removed the white thong. I turned around to face them I ran one hand up over my tits as if to hide them and with the other I covered my clean-shaved pussy and gave that little girl smiles as if I were embarrassed. What now fellows I said to myself, I’m out of clothes and all that is left for me to do is finger my pussy.

Burt looks up at them and said “Red get her, Bud you get her clothes lets go!” I turned to see Bud take up all my things off the bush and just as I looked back I felt Red stoop over and pick me up and flop me over his right shoulder and took hold of my ass as if I were a feed sack. My tits were flopping as he went though the woods and holding my ass with his fingers going in my crack. Behind him was Bud who kept looking at my tits as they swung with each step that Red made. Bud’s eyes were glued to my tits and every once in a while we would make eye contact and I would smile at him and reach up and hold one of my tits. I tried to look up and see where we might be going, but I was lost and they were on some kind of path that went over hills and down into streams. After about an hour of hiking in the woods we came to a clearing and it was a camp. When they stop Burt told Red to put me down and Red made sure he put me down nice and slow so he could run his hands all over me as I slipped off his shoulder. He had his hand up my ass and had slipped one or two of his big long fingers in my pussy while he carried me; the boy was making me horny just doing that. Than without a word Burt slipped a dog collar around my neck and it had a chain leach on it tide to a tree about 50/75 feet way. “Why all this?” “Haven’t I been nice to you guys?” Bud spoke up and said, “Your going to be our new house pet”, Red said “and our new FUCKEN house pet” Burt we are going to take turns with her aren’t we?

JESUS what is going to happen to me? I looked around and could see a cooking area, a pen that had some sheep in it a small little donkey and 4 or 5 dogs that look like they were wolves. The dogs all came up to me and were jumping up on me sniffing me and I was screaming for help, Red took a stick and hit 1 or 2 of them and they soon got the message to leave me alone. It didn’t take long to figure out, “This was their home!” I was told to open a can of beans for dinner what I call lunch, and put them in the pot on the fire. Chile and Beans that was what we were going to have for lunch. I had been nude for over 2 hours and I could see Red and Bud were looking more and more like they wanted something besides beans. Each of them would rub his crouch and Red had his cock hard from holding my ass and my pussy rubbing on his shoulder and the boy had to have some meat on him by the way his pants stuck out. Burt went into a small hut it had 3 walls and the front was open out toward the camp, I could see it had 3 beds in it. This must have been like a bunkhouse. “Hey girl get in here!” I went in and in the semi darkness I could see him undressing and when he pulled down his overalls his cock fell between his legs. Oh My God what a tool, this cock was 10″ and thick as a post, make a girl get real wet real quick. He took out a key and tunalı escort unlocked my collar and said set. I put my ass down on the bed and he walks up to me and held that big monster up and said suck it. Make it stand up.

Oh God this was it, you can’t get out of this by saying no! I see why the good Lord let me have the body I have and let me like sex the way I do, I had to use both to get though this. I lick the head and started kissing on the big rod and was soon into it. I was getting into my task with interest more and more as I ran my lips over him, thinking about it being in me, feel my pussy walls suck that monster deep and him pumping me with it. I had not had any cock in over a week and this big thing was making me realize what I had been without for the past 7-day’s pulse. I had gotten aroused just by being in the surroundings 3 men 3 very hung men and the way they looked at me, I was hot and ready for some sex.

The big roots sprung to life and in a matter of minutes he was hard and had that big thing primed and ready to fuck me! I pull back lean back on my elbows and raised my legs up and spread them ready for him to give me the big worm. He turns walks out of the hut and went to the pen where the sheep are. Opens the gate goes in and takes one of the sheep and gets on his knees and shoved that big cock up her cunt. “My God he wants a sheep instead of me!” I sat on the bed with my mouth open stunned and watched as this ass hole fucked a sheep. Red turned to me and said that is his favorite, Molly! With that said Red pulled out his already hard cock and said I’m going to fuck Sally, his cock had to be a 10″ job and was as thick as Burt and his balls were as big as any mans I had seen. Bud with a shit face grin looked at me and said I need to get it up and came over to me and pulled his out. When God made these 3 guys he had to say ” I’ll give them 24″ of cock and he did not divide it equal, OLE Bud just got 4″ if that much. It went with his beer gut, let me put it this way, you could not find it for the over hang of his beer gut. For such a big man he had a little boy’s penis and his balls were like small marbles.

When he put it in front of me it was like a stub on a tree and I could only use 2 fingers to stroke it my hand was too big. He was so excited about me touching it I didn’t need to kiss it. It got hard just by me running my fingers over it, he was out the door and had his “Whatever name he had for her” fucken her or trying to get that little thing in the sheep. All 3 of them were fucken sheep and her I was standing in the middle of camp naked with my hands on my hips tits about to bust, nipples as hard as a rock and my pussy juice running down my legs. I knew of 100 men who would pay me to eat a mile of my shit just to see where my ass hole was. “Where did I go wrong!”

When they had finished they came back to the camp fire and sat down and Burt looked up at me and said “You can fuck Homer after we eat tonight” You got a 4th brother I asked with a wide eyed look on my face. He is our best buddy been with us for years. Girl you better rest that pussy he has not had pussy in months and he will want all you can give him! I wanted to ask was he like Bud or more on the size of Red, but I better not go there. I ask Bud, who seems to be my friend he was always smiling at me, if he had any soap? Why you need soap Red asked? I want to wash up down by the stream. Burt looked up and said sure but you got give us a bath first and they all laugh. I looked at them and said OK and they stop laughing and looked at me like I was going to make them do something that they had not done before. It had to be weeks since they last had a bath of any kind. With soap in hand we all walked down to the stream and I went in knee deep and began to pour water over me and wash my arms legs and the good parts as they looked on. I looked up and said “Get your clothes off and get over here so I can wash you all over boys!” I smiled when I said all over, and it was a race to see who would be first to get to me. I had them all setting in the water and was washing hair arms and face neck; you name it I had to scrub to get to the skin. I made them all stand and spread their legs as I ran the soap up and down their crouch and crack of the ass. Red’s big Winner sprung up as soon as I ran my hand over it washing it and his balls; this boy had a hard all the time. We played in the water washing them and they would feel me up my legs and run a hand over my tits and I had my nipples hard and seeing these cocks, will 2 of them just made me want to have some meat.

So tell me about Homer? They all laugh and Burt looked at the others and said “I bet she like a big one and Homer has just the one for her” They all laugh and slapped their legs and this was a big joke, I was smiling thinking about one the size of Red. “He got about a foot on him big tits!” My pussy went to throbbing and I though my tits would bust from the rush I had when he said a foot, Oh My God 12″ of cock I was in heaven! They didn’t put the dog collar on me anymore, where was I going I couldn’t find my way tunceli escort out of here if I tried. The rest of the afternoon they all stayed around camp and were naked like me while I washed their clothes, my boy Bud helped me and in the end I had him doing it. I gave him a lecture on why you should clean everything every day and he needs to wash his penis before sex. I could see I could get him to do anything I wanted if I played my cards right. I had to work on Burt he was the leader and I needed him to be my friend or whatever it took to get out of this place. When I saw him looking at me, which they all did all the time, I would smile at him and lower my head like I was embarrassed and hide my pussy and give him that sexy stand on one leg that made my hip stand out to the side.

Than walk off and wiggle my ass as I moved to the other side of the camp. “Boys you’re sure missing something in this ass” that was the signals I was trying to send. We had our plate of Chile & Beans and a drink that Burt called special lemon aid. It did taste good in fact I had 2 glasses of the sweet tasting stuff. I saw Burt making it just before we had out dinner, as the sun was going down and this July night was not going to be any different from the night before just hot, like my pussy would soon be. I kept looking down the path for this guy Homer I was horny and I knew these 3 were not going to fuck me, if they were they would have done it today while we had out bath. They were a lost cause for that. I began to get this wild feeling in me, not sick but I was throbbing in my pussy and my stomach was doing flips, damn I was horny. Not having any sex for a week was making me want it. I began to feel my tits run my hand over my nipples and put my head back and looked up at the night sky as I felt them grow even harder. “Burt I think she is ready for Homer” said Red and with out any thing said from anyone Bud was up and running off someplace and Burt said I think your right!

They got up and motion for me to follow them as we headed in the direction of where Bud had gone. We came to a small stock pen and next to the fence railing on one side was a hay bale that bud had put a blanket over. By this time I was on fire I had to rub my pussy I was in need of a cock god I wanted to be fucked, I’ve never been this turned on in my life DAMN GIRL! Red told me to lay down on the bale which I did I want to be fucked and I began to play with my pussy and moan, “She is ready that shit does work!” What shit are you taking about I said as I looked up at Burt, “Spanish Fly, going to make you want OLE Homer even more I can see your ready!” Oh no that’s what they give animals to make them breed my god I’ll be wanting to fuck everything I can, these fools they don’t know I have a high sex drive, Oh Shit! But right than I wanted any one to fuck me just get a cock in me something I need to have my pussy filled.

“Come on Homer over here boy!” I looked up and it was Bud leading the donkey toward me, my eyes shot wide open and I screamed out “God no not that, no fucken animal you bastards!” Please not that I’ll do anything not that, I’ll suck all of you as much as you want, but please not the donkey. Than as he got closer I could see his cock hanging out damn that thing was big! I looked up at Bud with that look of help me, he just smiled and said “Marca I did as you said I washed him real good got that cock of his real clean.” They had him right beside me and I looked over at his cock when Bud said that and it was hanging out about 8.” It was a dark cock with just a spot of pink here and there on the shaft and mixed in with the head. It was much like a man cock and it was not much bigger around than some guys I had fucked were. Burt took my hand and placed it on the donkey’s cock, oh I moaned it felt just like a guys cock, hell it felt good and firm and I began to stroke it. “Oh no this is not right oh please one of you fuck me please!” With that Bud pulled the donkey away from me and Burt got down next to me on his knees and began to suck on my right tit this made me go wild I had a climax.

I needed that and than Red was on my left sucking and licking my left tit I open my eyes and saw Bud leading the donkey up over me. He was standing over me and I had his cock rubbing my pussy. I knew I could not fight this anymore I was going to be fucked by a animal, with that I moved my hips forward and tried to reach for the cock with my pussy lips. I cried out “Help me Bud help him put it in!” I could feel my lips open up by Bud’s fingers and the slick dark head of the cock went in with no trouble, this just made me want more of it. I put my legs up and out trying to wrap them around the animal’s hips and allow him to hump me and I could thrust up to meet his pounding. He could not hump me as a man could but with so much of his cock in me what little jerking he did was making me have one orgasms after the next. Burt and Red were sucking and licking my tits and Bud was helping the donkey slide more of his 12″ in me with each thrust I made I was in sex heaven! I was moaning and telling everyone how good it was. “OH YES FUCK ME, OH IT IS SO GOOD, PLEASE MORE YES MORE!” I wanted this to go on God don’t let them stop this was as good as it gets. Burt was on my right sucking my right tite and my hand fell to touch his leg and I went to feeling for his cock to hold in my hand and squeeze it and feel his balls.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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