My Dream of Paradise

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Ohhh Jay Ryder,
“Do you dream of a tropical setting
and making love
in a secluded cave”?
“I Dream of Paradise”

I dream of paradise. Of warm breezes and soft white beaches, crystal blue waters, and palm trees. And of course, you Jay Ryder.

Private natural pools fed by waterfalls. Playing in the warm water, kissing, touching. Our skin is heated, and we are aroused, from the water play and from the sight and feel of each other barely clothed. I love touching you; you are so beautiful. Everywhere I am soft and smooth, you are hard and rough. The contrast excites me. I love the feel of your body rubbing against me; your hair against my delicate skin makes me so hot.

Swimming through the waterfall, we discover a hidden cave, dark, and damp and cool. Reaching for you, I can feel my pussy grow hot and heavy and wet, anticipating the feel of your bulging cock throbbing inside of me. The water inside the cave is barely thigh high, and you pick me up, wrapping my legs around your beylikdüzü escort waist. You carry me to the wall, the stone smooth and cool against the burning skin of my back, and the feel of your cock pressing into the softness between my thighs arousing.

I ache for you, and you hunger for me. I reach down and free you from your trunks, pulling them down around your hard legs. As always, I marvel at the size and power of your rock-hard erection. You reach your fingers into my bikini bottom, and delve into the damp folds of my dripping cunt. You are in awe of how wet I am for you, and take great satisfaction in knowing that only you make me feel like this. Putting me down, you lift your fingers to my mouth, and I suck them clean, make you even harder. I rub the soft spot, the one you like so much, on the underside of your dick. You groan, and kiss me, softly at first, then more and more aggressively as I rub you more and more.

Unable beyoğlu escort to take any more, you pull my hand away, and crouch down in front of me, wanting to taste what you had felt minutes before. Pulling my bottom down, you slide your tongue over my engorged clit, over my swollen labia, and finally, you delve into me, licking inside, lapping at the sweet juices as they flow out. You close your mouth over my mound, nibbling and sucking and kissing. You feel my body tense, and begin to spasm, and as you look up, you see I’ve pulled my top up and I am rubbing my ample tits, fingering my rock hard nipples, pulling and kneading in frantic movements. Your mouth continues its assault, and you feel the violent explosion that wracks my body.

Unable to wait, you lift my leg and remove my bottom. You wrap the leg around you, and forcefully shove your incredible cock into my dripping cunt, and I gasp at the feel of you filling my tight hole. bizimkent escort I lift my other leg and wrap it around you, and you press me hard into the wall, hungry to fuck me like you’ve never been before. Even though the air is cool, we are sweaty, the heat between us an amazing thing. I slide up and down, rubbing my clit against you as we meld together. We slow down, and speed up, and slow down, savoring in the feel of one another. After many long minutes of exquisite torture, you bring me to sweet orgasm again, the tight walls of my pussy pulsating around your dick as the sound of me screaming echoes off of the walls of the cave.

Feeling this, you begin to pump frantically into me, and whisper hotly, incoherently, into my ear. I can feel the tight muscles in your arms and shoulders and back tense, and with one final surge, you empty your hot seed into me.

Weak, we sink to the floor of the cave, still joined. The shoulder high water is soothing, but does little to cool my passion for you. I press kisses onto your face, your eyelids, your ears, that delicious patch of skin where your neck and shoulder meet. You run your hands through my hair, along my arms, down my back, cupping my ass and holding me close. I feel that familiar tightness deep within, as you stoke yet another fire that only you know how to put out.

…..mmmm your’s mohini….

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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