My Family Ch. 02

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I came back to this story after a large following. Thank you for your letters to encourage me continue this. I hope I do this right by you! Yes, it was a long break. But I remember who Mandy and Randy are. Let’s see what happens next. BTW Chapter 3 is already started!

Thanks to the Editors and Admins that make this site possible!!

My Family

Chapter 2

Amanda Stevens had filed the paperwork. It was all done. No more Judge, no more mom, Brandy, or any bullshit. Randall didn’t yet understand. It hurt Mandy to do it, but then she never really liked her father much. Randy was trying to be just like dad, and that was a problem. Amanda loved Randall, but she also knew the score. With the new laws they’d never be the couple they wanted to be in their teens. So she had to adapt.

Randall was in a deep sleep as tattoo artist worked on his body. Mandy cried in genuine anguish over what she had done. In all honesty, the cock cage was a threat, just to get him to truly submit. He needed to understand there was no such thing as a “Free male” anymore. It took only a couple of weeks after they arrived home for her to realize that. Randy however, was living under an invisible umbrella of the way the laws were before they attended college.

He had ranted for weeks that he was a free man, as the old law said that was true, because of him graduating college. And their father’s wishes.

That law had been struck down the same week as she and her twin had graduated. Yet their state had been slow to implement it. Hence where they had thought they had won.

“He’s done.” The artist said. Amanda got up to look at her brother. On the back of his neck it was tattooed: “Property of A. Stevens 930-254-881”, in small print. His upper right ass cheek had her initials and two intertwined rings under them. The artist turned him over. His left pectoral had the same symbol. His pubic area, now shaved, proclaimed that Randall was, “Owned by A Stevens 930-254-881”.

“Good job.” Amanda said ruefully. She handed the woman the money. He was registered with the slave registry, and his number was permanent. After the woman left, Amanda sobbed on her brother chest holding him tightly as he lay motionless.

“I’m so sorry!” She hitched between sobs. “I’m so sorry!!!” She was convulsing in true emotional turmoil at what she had done.

The Next Day

Dishes were done and I moved onto doing the kitchen floor. I remember watching my father endure this work and feeling such empathy. Wondering if I would ever become better than him. The bucket was a mix of floor cleaner and water as I used the brush to scrub the already clean floor. My tattoos itched incessantly, but I was told I could not scratch. My young knees were bruised as I finished the kitchen. I mopped up the standing water, and dried the floor with a series of towels.

No one was watching us. Amanda had just done this to “save me”.

Save me. From mother, Brandy, or the former boss of mine I had for a week.

When I had woke from the drugs, she was sobbing uncontrollably on my chest. “I’m so sorry!”, was all she said over and over. She held me and rocked me like a giant baby in her arms on the bed.

Could I ever forgive her?

She had to be a woman that she had to projected to the outside world. The Dom Woman.

But she could at least let me be more of a lover and less slave when we were home! The tattoos said that she had made up her mind.

The sex that we had, reinforced it.

I was let out of the cock cage only to jerk off once a week. I had to cum into my hand and then eat it. Most nights I dined on her vagina while she watched movies or read books on her tablet. She loved falling asleep to me massaging her asshole with my tongue. Then there was the new “protocols” that were set.

Not looking at her face. Bowing when she entered a room and the like.

She had been watching documentaries for weeks. I was too busy trying to get her 4th or 5th orgasm to listen. I wish I had.

“Even a mature male can get what he needs at these government sponsored slave schools that have opened up in the last year. Since the laws were changed, Many former business women have chosen to open these schools.” The narrator said.

I heard Amanda typing into her tablet as a commercial played for “Feminox”.

“Is your male flat-assed? Does he not to have the energy he needs to clean the whole house? Does his tongue tire before you do? Would you like him to be just a bit less masculine? Well good news! From the makers of “Super-sperm twice daily” (aka Jizzacillin) Comes a drug every woman should have her men try! FEMINOX will fill out his ass, and chest! The mild stimulant in Feminox will keep you man servant powered through out his work day, so everything is sparkling clean! And thanks to the scientists at Fem-Boi Industries, your slave whore will never grow tired of eating your happy place! No tongue fatigue, Self lubing boi cunt for when you whore him, or just want a good night of pegging. That’s ankara escort bayan not all! FEMINOX also improves the sex drive in subjugated men. Making their boi-cunt ready for anything, and their cock as hard as a rock! If you order now, we will include a months worth of FEMINOX for the price of a single week! If your boi slaves, slave husband, or sons don’t see a marked improvement in obeying you, and aren’t more eager to cuckold. KEEP The product and we will send your Money back to you!

(Side effects of Feminox are Minimal. However if your male vomits uncontrollably, has loose stool, becomes lethargic, or suicidal, consult your Veterinarian. Other side effects include, hearing loss and blindness. Talk to your slaves Veterinarian, to see if FEMINOX is for you!”)

“Why would I cuckold you? Maybe after I need another baby from you, that might come in handy, otherwise…stupid drugs. Focus on my hole boy!” She snapped, then tapped my head hard. “Maybe that drug isn’t such a bad idea….focus on my clit boy!” She grabbed a crop within reach and warped me on the back.

With her deep in her pregnancy, she was horny all the time. I couldn’t maintain the house and her in the time allotted. When I heard her frantically typing into her tablet, I began to worry. My knees hurt and I had been between her legs all night. When she finally told me to get ready for bed I was elated. My mouth was so sore.

“Rim me to sleep.” She ordered and lay on her side. I placed my face between her now larger ass cheeks and used my sore tongue to coax her to sleep.

“You need more oral stamina. I’m taking you to the doctor tomorrow.” She mumbled as she drifted to sleep. When I heard her soft snoring I moved up beside her, Putting my caged cock between her cheeks. I kissed her neck and shoulder lightly. I whispered that I still loved her. I wrapped my arms around my wife’s swollen belly and slept.

True to her word, I was at the doctor’s office the next morning. A stunning young doctor met us after waiting for about 30 minutes.

“Mrs Steven’s how may I help you?” She asked. I fidgeted in the thong that barely covered my cage and the tight T-shirt I was made to wear.

“I saw that commercial, and my husband gets tongue fatigue after only 90 minutes. I think his jaw is bothering him as well. Plus he can’t stay motivated. That is unlike him, cause he graduated college!” She explained.

“Ma’am this is common with men that thought they would be free after graduation. Feminox is not a wonder drug, it causes much more harm to your male than the old drugs do.” She explained.

“The old drugs?” Amanda asked.

“Yes Mrs. Stevens. I think the old way would be far more beneficial to you. I can plainly see that when your husband is not caged his penis works just fine.” She pointed to Amanda’s well rounded stomach.

“He could stand to last a little longer, but yes.” Amanda muttered.

“You know there are men on the market now that are really cheap. They are fixed so you won’t have to sully your bloodline, and they stay hard for up to 2 hours, plus they are modified to be larger than normal men.” The doctor offered. Amanda seemed to be thinking about it.

“Please no, wife?” I whimpered.

“Women are talking slave!” I was corrected.

“I can’t cuckold him, I love him too much. What about meds for that?” Amanda asked.

“Making you love him less? Or making him harder and bigger?” The doctor joked. I didn’t find it funny, but Amanda did.

“The second option.”

“That is a surgery, but in order for him to qualify for it, he has to have passed two weeks in slave school.” The doctor leaned forward in her chair to get closer to my wife’s face. “Which, hon? I would highly recommend.” She whispered, then sat back in her chair. “Here’s what I can do for now.”

“I alter some bones and muscles in his jaw so that he can keep it open for longer and wider, but this will mean a change in his diet as his chewing strength will be reduced. I can prescribe medication for his lack of endurance during coitus, and another to keep him motivated.” She took a breath. “Or there is the psychiatry route.”

(The butt floss was annoying me as I knelt on the floor listen to this doctor go on and on. It was my future, but really? I didn’t need any of this. Mandy loved to fuck in college. She had no issues then???)

“Hypnosis or reprogramming?” Amanda asked.

“Bit of both. My daughter in law is fantastic at it! Plus it substitutes for slave school.” The doctor was smiling.

Meanwhile, I was fighting not to lose my shit on my wife. (First you betray me, then tat me, cage me, and now you are thinking of a mind wipe? I thought we loved each other???)

“I’ll have to think about it. Can I get the meds for the penis pills and amphetamines?” Amanda asked politely.

“Oh you know what meds I spoke of! You went to school too?”

“Yeah Economics, but I had some med classes.” Mandy smiled.

“Sure I’ll write you a script now, you can pick up the meds eryaman escort downstairs near the main entrance. The instructions will be on the bottle. If you want to schedule jaw realignment, just call this number.” The doctor handed her a card. When she bent I could see her tiny cleavage. She had cute little tits.

I stayed silent the whole ride home even after taking the first two pills. I didn’t want to be mind wiped, nor did I want to go to that school. However I had to say something when the pain in my groin became unbearable.

“Mistress WIFE!” I was in the shower curled in a ball after the pill kicked in. My cock needed to expand but was held by the cage. I heard her come through the open door.

“Take off the cage! It hurts so bad!” I yelled.

“Welcome to my slave school hubby. Suffer, and know that if you don’t obey, I’ll have you reprogrammed. You want my school, the slave school or to be mind wiped?” She asked with her arms crossed. She tapped her foot waiting for an answer. When I couldn’t answer, out of the shear pain, she answered for me.

“My school then. It takes two hours for this pill to wear off. I want dinner after you are done writhing around in the tub. I’ll be watching my game show about that time. Steak and baked taters!” She said as she left.

She turned off the light, and allowed me to suffer alone. If only I could cum it would go down! I had once chance to stop this pain. I grabbed the handle of a plunger and fucked myself with the plastic. If I angled it right I could empty my prostate. I’d cum and it would be over. But I was shaking from the pain so even lining it up was hard.

The grimace on my face said it all. This was uncomfortable with only an inch of it inside of me. I needed more and reluctantly push it in. Now I heard myself moan as the plastic handle touched my prostate.

I focused and fucked my own ass until I felt the orgasm build. I must have been making noise as right after I came all over my legs and the floor of the tub Amanda was standing there. The plunger handle was still in my ass. The light had been turned back on. I didn’t care. My dick was shrinking back to normal, and I was relieved.

“Well that’s new!” Was all she said at first. “Dinner, NOW!” I scrambled out of the bathroom after I had cleaned up.

“Too damned smart for his own good.” Amanda mumbled.

“Did you like that Randy?” Amanda asked me as she ate her steak.

“What mistress wife?”

“Fucking yourself.” She looked down at me as I ate my meal on the living room floor.

“I needed relief, so I found a loophole.” I answered after I finished my mouthful.

“Answer the question. Did you like it?” She was becoming stern. However at this point I was fed up.

“You put drugs in me to make my dick hard and increase the size, yet keep me in the cage. I know you need a good fucking Mistress wife. Let me out, and let me do my job. Let me fuck you like we did in college. Do you even care about my well being at all? I HAD to do that just to stop the pain YOU inflicted upon my body via medications!” I set my plate down and threw her stupid fucking protocols out the damned window.

I stood up in front of her naked but for my collar and cage. She sat on the couch in confusion.

“DID I LIKE IT!?” I was now shouting loud enough for anyone outside to hear.

“NO! I didn’t! I’d rather be an equal to the sister I fell in love with, and fuck her like we always did. But this fucking cage is killing me!” I knew I had fucked up before I took the next breath. The look on Mandy’s face was one I had never seen her wear, with the exception of, at our mother.

I sat back down between her legs and picked up my plate. I began to eat, when her foot kicked the plate from my hands sending the food flying all over the carpeted floor. She had a phone in her hands. She showed me the screen it had 888 dialed in on it. That was the number for Slave services to come and arrest bad slaves that were too much to handle by their Mistresses. Her thumb hovered over the button to dial.

“I WAS going to give you a few different choices dear brother. I HAD intended to make you more virile so that we could fuck for hours. But as you can’t behave like a good male, I’m taking away a couple of those choices. Will you behave to listen to the last choices? OR shall I call the slave police?”

“I’ll behave” I said. “All I ever wanted to be was your husband, and father to our children!” I whimpered.

“You can shut..the..FUCK..up!” She barked.

“You blew that chance when you put aggression towards me.” She narrowed her eyes as I now knelt at her feet. “I don’t have time to train you my way. You are too fucking smart Randall. I also can’t have you away for weeks to go to these schools that will make you into a fucking robot.” She sighed.

“I still love you Randy.” Her face relaxed. “But I can’t have you fighting me at every turn. So either I divorce you with your mind intact and sell you to Mom or Brandy, etlik escort and let them deal with your aggression. Or you go to the doctor so that I can help you be more calm.”

“Mind-wipe.” I whispered.

“Partially. I just want you to relax. Be the guy you were that I fell in love with!” She touched my hand then held it.

“I was that, till the tattoos and the cage, Amand…Mistress wife.” I stared at her swollen ankles.

“There is one more option.” She threatened. “You keep forgetting your place husband. If you don’t fix this immediately I will choose that option!”

She set her plate aside. I wondered what was the third option. I didn’t wait long.

“Complete reprogramming. I’ll make you into my little sissy slut. Tits, tiny cock, blond hair and a total bimbo slave begging for cock. I will erase all of your mind. You will have the intellect of a ditz” She put her feet on my shoulder like a human ottoman. “Your one child will treat you as a slave. She will never know you are her father. You will forget that she is your daughter.” She said as she rubbed her swollen belly.

The words of this threat sunk in quickly. I began to feel the tears form at the corners of my eyes. I was powerless. Completely without rights. I had a question so I kissed her swollen ankle on my shoulder and raised my hand.

She nodded.

“What does the partial wipe entail?” I asked.

“Do you deserve to know? What difference will that make?” She was getting stern again.

“Because I might rather serve Brandy than be mindless.” I said softly.

“Right.” She said and sat back.

“You’ll be better off. You old self will mostly be with you still. That is all I will say.” She said as she took her feet off my shoulder.

“You sleep on the floor tonight, in chains. Clean the living room, then go get our bedroom, and get your bed ready. Tomorrow I want your decision.” Mandy grabbed my plate from the floor, as well as hers and walked into the kitchen. I began to pick up the big chunks of steak and potato off of the floor. I then had to vacuum.

I laid on the thin mattress next to our marital bed as Mistress snored softly. I thought about the choices presented.

My old self, but without what?

Being Brandy’s slave?

Total wipe with me being stupid but happy to be a slave?

What were the other options, before I mouthed off? I needed to ask. Maybe I could talk her back into one of those? I could only hope. My eyelids closed.

I served her breakfast feast. I ate my oatmeal on the floor waiting for the right time to ask. She didn’t give me one.

“What is your decision slave hubby?” She asked. I raised my hand.

“What?” She was pleased with her breakfast, so she wasn’t annoyed…yet.

“What were the options before I lost my temper?” I asked quietly. I shoveled the bland oatmeal into my mouth, waiting to hear what she would say.

“Penis enlargement, jaw shaving, and muscle reconstruction. No meds for your mind, just enhance what I already loved.” She ate some bacon then continued. “The other idea I had was buy an enslaved female to begin a farm. You’d breed her and eventually others. When the new slaves were ripe they would be sold on the market.” She looked down at me. “Eggs are under cooked.” She said nonchalantly.

“Any chance I can get you to reconsider that Mistress wife?” I asked from the floor.

She began to laugh.

“Heh no Randy. The minute you clenched a fist, even by your side, and raised your voice to me? I knew those other options were off the table. Now what have you decided?” Her tone was now very serious.

I called her bluff. She had to be bluffing right? She loved me.

“Divorce and sell me to Brandy or Mom.” I said bravely.

She looked at me with wide eyes. She didn’t stop eating. I could see her mind working. She held the gaze till I looked down, focusing on the now cold oatmeal in front of me. I felt a blow to my head.


“Wrong Answer! Damn you Randall!” She finally said. I felt her shove pills into my mouth and she scooped up a spoonful of oatmeal for me to help swallow the 6 or 8 pills. I coughed after swallowing the mass. Soon I was drowsy. I never made it out of the kitchen as I tried to crawl away.

When I woke I was in an operating room. Masked doctors and nurses surrounded me. I tried to speak to ask what was going on, but I was hushed my the nurse closest to my head.

“Be quiet slave Stevens. We are about to start the procedure.” She said.

“What procedure?” I asked. I went to put my hand to my face to scratch an itch, and found that my hands, legs and neck were bound to the surgical table.

“Put the male under, I need my skull saw, forceps and scissors nurse.” I heard a doctor say.

The nurse I had been speaking to put a tubed mask over my face and told me to breathe deeply. She told me as I went back to sleep…

“We are going to remove a large section of your brain, so you will be a good slave. Now shh.”

I woke from the dream with a bruise on my face. Mistress was sitting next to me on the kitchen floor.

“I’m sorry I had to kick you. But you are being so stubborn!” She said She pulled my head into her lap. My oatmeal had a fly in it. She hadn’t given me pills. It was part of the dream.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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