My First Girl-Girl Experience

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69 Position

My husband and I have been married for 25 years. And more than once he has said that he would like to see me with another woman.

I have often thought that his only reason for this is so that he can have two woman at the same time. He has told me that this was his one dreams in life.

Well one week-end he got half his wish. I had my girl/girl encounter – only he was not a part of it.

One week-end not so long ago, I told my friend Amy that I wanted a special week-end with her. Since Amy is bi, and has been trying for a while to have a sexual encounter with me It was not hard to get her to agree.

I made reservations for us at a hotel owned and operated by one of my husbands oldest and dearest friends. More about Tiny later.

Friday afternoon rolls around and we take off. When we get to the hotel we check in. Tiny is there so I have to say hi to him. Amy and I go up to our suite. When we get there the first thing we need is a bath.

Amy runs the water in the tub. It is a large sunken tub, large enough for two people to bath at the same time. When the tub is full Amy returns to the bedroom and strips for me. And I do the same for her.

When we are naked I take a look at her, and I mean a good look. Amy is not a big girl, about 5’2″ tall and 105 lbs. She is shaped with a set of nice round tits, small waist, and wide hips. She has a round firm ass. and legs that my husband would call thoroughbred legs. Thighs and calves that are round and shapely with a slight almanbahis adres muscular tone. But not overly so. I suddenly find myself wanting this woman. I want to do to her what my husbands does to me, and that is just fuck the hell out of her. But I was to learn later Amy had other things in mind.

Once we are both naked we go to the tub and slid in. The water is warm and luxuriant. The bubble bath that Amy put in has a jasmine scent to it. I begin to wash Amy. I start at her feet and work up those legs of hers. When I get to her ass, I slow down to feel the roundness of it. Her skin is so smooth and soft. I look into her eyes and kiss her lips. I ran my hand around her belly and over her breast. I took one of her nipples between my thumb and fore finger and pulled, twist, and pinched. The nipple become rock hard. I started to suck on it, and played with the other. As I was sucking on her tits I started massaging her cunt. I stuck my ring and middle finger into her and with my thumb gently massaged her clit.

Her breathing become rapid, her back arched, she began to moan and groan. she removed my hand from her and reminded me that we still have a long night. We finished our bath returned to the bed room. as I was getting dressed. Amy had something she wanted me to wear. A pair of leather panties with a vibrator in them. I thought this was a little much but agreed. When I had the panties on Amy walked over to me and adjusted them so the vibrator was against almanbahis adresi my clit. Self stimulation, in a public place. Why not. I will wear them but had no intention to use them yet.

Amy and I dressed almost exactly alike. All in black, black stockings, black panties, black bra, black dress, and a string of pearls. Time was now about 8 o’clock so off to the lounge we go.

When we get to the lounge there are a few couples, and some single men and women. We find a table sit down, and a waitress comes over and we order a glass of wine. As we are sitting at our table a man comes over and asked me to dance. I looked at Amy and she said go on. So I danced with guy. As we were dancing I felt this guys hand start to roam over my ass. I have to admit this did feel go but I could not and would not give this guy the wrong message. I told him to remove his hand and take me back to my table. He could see that I was offended by his actions. And he apologies, asked if we could not at least finish the dance. I consented.

As we started to dance again I got this tingling feeling between my legs. The vibrator was working. I know I had not turned it on. I looked over at Amy, and my friend sat there with a worlds record shit eating grin on her face and a remote control. Holding it up for me to see. I can feel the vibrator working at several different speeds and intensity. my knees got weak my back arched moans and groans of pleasure escape from my lips. The guy I was dancing with almanbahis adres know that I was about to have an orgasm but was at a lost as how he brought about.

Amy stopped long enough for me to get back to the table, with out falling over. I thank the guy and he went away looking back at me with a puzzled looked on his face. I wanted to scream at Amy for such a dirty trick. But as I started to do so she again started playing with the remote. I have to admit that as mad as I was this really felt good. so I let it go.

We ordered another glass of wine, and we both danced a little. Amy did not use that remote again until we were alone together later. but I did keep an eye on her.

Some were around 11:30 we decided it was time to call it a night. As we got up to go the guy I danced with first put his hand on my thigh under my dress, and said load enough for his friends to hear” Baby I sure would like to fuck you”. Amy very quickly kicked at this guys arm and in a equally load voice said “you can’t, I am.” And with that we left laughing arm in arm.

We got on the elevator to go to our suite. We had the elevator to our selves. Amy moved over to me and kissed me putting her hand under my dress and on my ass. I hope no one gets on.

Amy asked how daring am I. What do you mean. With that she removes her dress and bra. Well I am not to be out done. I remove my dress, bra, and panties. Now I am praying that no one get on the elevator and that the hallway is clear. My prayers are answered. When the elevator stops we don’t look we just get out and walk to our suite. Once inside I grabbed Amy, spun her around and kissed her. Feeling her breast against mine. I cupped one holding it up I bent over to kiss and suck the nipple.

To Be Continued…

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