My Secret Life Ch. 04

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Big Tits

The following material is sexually explicit erotica.

If you are offended by hard-core pornography close this file.

Part 4

Once back in Brussels we continued, in a much more seriously detailed manner, the conversation we had started during our week-end away – whether to combine our lives in a more practical fashion, and if so in which of our two separate apartments should we live. We both had relatively long leases, so would have the same problem of breaking one whichever we chose, and although my apartment was undoubtedly larger, Vida’s had a far more pleasant outlook. However, in the end the convenience and usefulness of additional space won out over pretty views.

That decision having been made, Vida put the word out amongst her friends and contacts that her apartment could be available and within a week or two she had found a woman who, having recently separated from her husband was actually quite desperate for a place of her own. So, as she had impeccable references the lease transfer turned out to be hardly any problem at all and within a matter of days Vida began the always difficult process of sorting and packing her possessions and then selling some furniture and moving those pieces that were most precious to her, in with mine.

We had also agreed that we should continue to resist the temptation to show-off any of our additional purchases we had each separately made from Joanna’s shop on the Monday of our brief holiday, until we had the time and opportunity for a long, quiet evening at home. And as the combination of our return to day-to-day work and then the planning of the details of Vida’s move kept us busy, it was actually several weeks before such an opportunity presented itself. And as neither of us knew exactly what it was that the other had purchased that meant there was often a pleasantly underlying air of anticipatory tension hanging in the air between us.

Not that we deprived ourselves of our own style of sexual foreplay – far from it! And the fact that my absolutely all-time favourite piece of body decoration – Vida’s fine-pointed arrow-head of pubic hair – had been re-created, in itself ensured that I would be more than eager for any opportunity to both see, and get intimately close to it!

Of course I had both welcomed and celebrated its return that very first night, the Saturday, asking Vida to wear her most transparent panties beneath whatever she planned to wear for dinner that evening. Which she agreed to with the proviso that I wear something she would find just as appealing. So as we dined we enjoyed the knowledge that beneath our conventional, outer attire, each was making a display that would soon be the trigger for own brand of mutual enjoyment. And once on our way back to our room we both eagerly anticipated the moment when we would get around to showing off to each other not only the particular underwear we had selected, but also what it contained.

In my case I had chosen a pair of panties made from some sort of light burgundy coloured man-made fibre; it was slickly shiny, and although fitting me snugly, was sufficiently stretchy that I knew that as my cock grew to its full size it would cling with dramatically shape-fitting closeness. Of course the fact that Joanna had given me a much closer shave than I had ever previously experienced had meant that from the very first moment I pulled them on I had been getting the most amazingly sensuous tactile thrills from the feel of having the slippery fabric next to my skin.

The combination of those, plus the thoughts of what Vida might actually be wearing beneath her dress had kept me in an almost permanent state of excited semi-arousal for much of the time it took us to have dinner, and with the prospect of the unveiling being only minutes away, as we returned to our room I felt the crotch of my panties stretching as my cock began further lengthening and stiffening itself.

However, remembering one of the things Vida had said while Joanna had been shaving me – that she really liked seeing the actual engorging process in action – I found myself hoping that my cock would still have something in reserve, so that when we got around to stripping off I could watch her reaction when she was able to see at least its final upwardly jerking movements.

So once we closed the door behind us I ignored our usual practice of heightening our mutual sense of anticipation by each slowly helping the other out of their clothes, and having taken her through to the bedroom quickly began to get rid of mine. Vida took the hint and began doing likewise, and of course she was very much quicker, and when I saw what dainties she had been hiding from me all evening – I gasped with quite undisguised astonishment!

She had obviously kept my request in mind, that she should wear something that would best show off her freshly trimmed decoration, and what she had chosen was not only that, but also something completely new to me. It was perhaps the skimpiest set of bra and panties I had ever seen her in and apart from the amount of what appeared bahçelievler escort to be no more than some sort of ultra-fine net being absolutely minimal, its colour was neutral – ‘no-colour’ – and so if it hadn’t been for the slight marks where the edges pressed down into her skin I could have easily been convinced that she was actually naked.

But in spite of there being such a large area of her delectable body on display, of course the only detail I really focussed on was that much-missed part of her; the fine-pointed arrow-head of pubic hair. The almost colourless net that covered it may have marginally reduced the contrast between it and the creamy paleness of her skin, but by so little that it could be all but discounted – well right then, and at least in my eyes it could! The freshly shaved outline was crisply clear, and the shape virtually identical to the one I had been carrying in my memory for the previous ten years. And although I had still always enjoyed burying my head between her thighs, and in the weeks we had been reunited had spent many, many hours ‘down there’, I knew that the return of that iconic decoration would see me spending even more of my time doing that – ‘worshipping at the shrine’ of her breathtakingly sublime sex.

By then I had, luckily, pushed down my trousers and had been in the act of stepping our of them as her dress fell to the floor, so she really couldn’t help seeing for herself just how powerfully the sight of her had affected me. And from the way her eyes widened as she saw my all-too predictable reaction, it seemed that her enjoyment at seeing the bulge in my panties suddenly jerking to reinvigorated life, was just as intense as mine was in seeing her in those flimsies.

The effect of the sight of that long-missed arrow-head was so incredibly strong I completely ignored all the usual niceties Vida and I normally went through before we proceeded to the more serious parts of our love-making; holding, kissing, caressing, and of course the equally powerful, continuingly slow building of our individual anticipation. Instead, I simply pushed her down on to the side of the bed, spread her legs wide apart and knelt between them.

At first I did nothing more than kneel there; gazing at her, at her mound, the arrow-head of hair, and the obviously already moistly pouting pussy-lips beneath it. Although there were many times when I might have debated whether it was her face that was the single most beautiful part of her, or perhaps it was either her breasts or her legs; right then it was perfectly clear, that for me, this was without any doubt not only the most sexually exciting part, but also the most beautiful!

I have no idea just how long I spent in that silent, perfect adoration – allowing the image to be burnt into my memory banks – but aware that my cock was responding in its own particular, if much more primitive, way. But even so, perhaps because its sensitivity was just as primitive as my cock’s, after a minute or two I felt my nose twitch, it had detected that other, always powerfully arousing characteristic of her body, the always unmistakeable scent of Vida’s own sexual arousal.

I glanced up, to see her staring down at me. ‘Is that all you’re going to do, just look?’ she asked in what was no more than a throatily low whisper.

‘Of course not my darling – but she looks so adorably beautiful I just want to be sure I never, ever forget the way she looks right now.’ I answered.

‘She will still be there for you tomorrow – and all the days after that.’ she replied. ‘But having spent the last couple of hours thinking about what we were going to do – and although I know it’s very un-ladylike of me to say so, she has by now become very, very demanding!’

‘Well I was always taught that a lady should never be kept waiting – well, at least not for too long!’ I said as I reached up for the waistband of those next-to-nothing panties, and then began easing them downward.

The net the panties had been made from was so delicately fine that they had been all but invisible, and I found that touching them was rather like handling the fine silken gossamer of a spider’s web – and as I slipped them down her legs then over and off from her feet, I felt its drifting threads curling, wrapping themselves around my fingers. I spent a moment or two doing my best to imagine what it would have felt like to actually have such finely woven garments enfolding me – but couldn’t!

But such imaginings were soon put aside when, in addition to the visual stimulus of her moistly pouting pussy and erotic decoration, the full strength of the aroma drifting up from her sex hit me; as it always did, it affected me even more strongly than any other conceivable aphrodisiac – and I felt my already straining cock, surge throbbingly.

So although of course there was no way she could have known it, Vida picked exactly the right moment to say what she did. ‘Before you start anything my darling, would you just stand up for me again – just for a moment or two?’

Of balgat escort course I knew what she wanted, or at least I thought, and hoped I did – she wanted yet another quick glimpse of just how strongly I was responding to her. And of course I was male enough to want her to see that, want her to know that when the time came for us to move on to a more primitively straightforward activity she would find me more than well enough equipped to be able to satisfy her very deepest needs.

So I stood, watching for the hoped for expression of admiration on her face – and once again I certainly wasn’t disappointed. She stared; wide-eyed and her jaw literally dropped – ‘Oh Alan!’ she gasped. ‘By now you must be as big as you were by the time Joanna had finished shaving and putting those pantyhose on you! And by the look of things you’ve already leaked an awful lot of pre-cum!’

I glanced down and saw what she meant. Because the fabric my briefs were made from was so clingingly stretchy, it was by then clearly outlining almost the entire mass of my erection, even the shape of the bulbously swollen head was being made dramatically obvious; and there, at the tip, was a very large, very dark, and clearly very wet stain.

‘Don’t you think we should do something about that?’ she asked.

‘Later!’ I replied, then got back down on my knees and slid my hands slowly up the length of the insides of her legs.

‘Ooooh!’ she sighed, easing herself forward until her bottom was resting right on the very edge of the bed, then lying back and by slipping her hands beneath herself, lifted her hips.

In that position she of course gave me a completely unobstructed view of her pussy and by then I knew its many phases and conditions, intimately – had seen it when Vida was totally unaroused and it was no more than a tightly furled slit, to when, after we had finished making love, it lay there yawningly gaping, with the mix of my semen and her juices freely oozing back out it. So because I knew it so well, I could immediately see what she had meant when she said that it was sending her very demanding signals.

The lips were already swollen; both their puffiness and blood-red colour indicating just how engorged they had already become. The outer layer had already curled apart, exposing the brighter pinkness that lay deeper within them, and both layers were already sparkling from the fluids that must have been seeping from her for quite some little time.

I slid my hands further up her thighs, hearing her gasping groan of tingling delight as my fingers gently slipped down into that juicily welcoming cleft, then, obviously in anticipation of what I was about to do, felt her lifting herself just a little higher.

But I did something I hadn’t done with Vida before; instead of immediately starting to either lick or suck her pussy, I used the thumb and index finger of one hand to ease back the hood of her clit, then made her give several sharp squeals of surprise when I blew gentle little puffs of air over the exposed tip.

But guessing that they were giving her sensations that might be just too intense, I didn’t keep that up for long, relieving them by leaning forward and doing what I imagine she had first expected me to, pressing my mouth against her pussy and gently sucking it.

Then, using slow and gently sensuous movements I began to lick her; each time starting from below her pussy and trailing my tongue upwards, working up around first one side, then the other, sometimes lightly and sometimes just a little more deliberately, and repeating those moves over and over and over again – and only some time later using it to part, then probe up and down between her wet and puffily pouting folds.

Although I could see the head of her stiffening clitoris peeping out from beneath its protective sheath, as I wanted to give her as slow as possible lead up to her climax I was careful to avoid touching it directly. But apart from that, I used my mouth, lips and tongue as skilfully as I knew how to, and from her steadily increasing sounds of pleasure, could tell I was doing exactly what she wanted and needed. And it wasn’t too long before I felt all vestiges of tension in her body vanishing as she allowed herself to be carried away by the sensual pleasures my tongue was producing – only every now and then giving a sharp little cry or a deeply felt sigh as a particularly strong wave of delight flowed through her.

And I don’t mind admitting I made the very most of the fact that she was giving herself up to me so openly and willingly; feasting, gorging myself on her pussy, hearing the increasingly loud slurping sounds of my mouth sucking out the sweetly acrid juices that soon began flowing even more freely from her. And all that time keeping my eyes firmly fixed on that erotically charged arrow-head of pubic hair.

The only parts of her that didn’t seem to be focussing on what was being done to her pussy, were her hands and fingers. Sometimes they would be affectionately ruffling the hair on the back of my neck, batıkent escort sometimes gently moving my head so my tongue could reach a momentarily more sensitive spot, sometimes the fingers digging more strongly, tugging me just a little tighter against herself.

So I continued on – and it was only when I eventually heard her sounds turn to harsher, almost rasping groans; sounds that indicated she was finally building up towards her climax – it was only then that I allowed my tongue to slip up over the reddened spike that her clitoris had become.

Her reaction was almost instantaneous; her fingers tightened around my head and she lifted and pushed her pelvis even higher. Knowing exactly what she needed then I increased the speed of my tongue; flicking the tip of it up over the jutting head, licking the ridge above it faster and faster until finally I heard a harsh, hissing sound escaping from between her tightly clenched teeth, felt her then almost claw-like fingers digging into the back of my head and, as she arched herself even higher still, the contractions began.

Her hissing changed to a series of high-pitched cries and lower, more gaspingly guttural grunts as her whole body was gripped by a series of violent spasms, shuddering convulsions that I could feel coursing right up through her. And, as they rolled on, wave after wave; she clamped her thighs around my head, pressing her rippling pussy against my mouth and holding me so tightly that I began to find it hard to breath. And although I somehow still managed to suck and swallow even more of her liberally flowing juices, she was by then producing so much that I felt the surplus running down over my face.

I continued on until the slowly diminishing strength of the waves that had been surging through her told me she was finally winding down, but even when I finally pushed myself upwards I could see that her body was still shuddering and her face and neck remained flushed a dark, dusky pink.

‘That was absolutely phenomenal darling!’ she whispered croakily. ‘I don’t think you’ve ever affected me quite as powerfully as that!’

‘Well you have the re-created decoration to thank for much of that.’ I replied. ‘I think you must have forgotten just how powerfully it always turned me on.’

‘Maybe I did – but now I insist you let me get rid of at least some of that pressure inside you. I think that by now your poor cock must be about ready to explode! So just take those briefs off please my darling.’ she said, as she pushed herself back up into the centre of the bed, then turned so she had the head-board supporting her, and spread her legs wide apart. ‘By the look of things this isn’t going to take very long – so for now, just kneel up here, close to me.’

I instantly knew exactly what she planned to do – what had become our practice whenever I got myself far too worked-up from any of our more erotically charged foreplay activities; she would give me a, pressure-relieving climax with either her mouth or her hands – and obviously this time it was to be with her hands.

And I was proved absolutely correct! She watched with unblinking eyes as I stripped off the already wetly stained panties, then even though she knew that by then it must have become grossly engorged, she still gave a low gasp as my cock leaped into view. ‘Mon dieu!’ she muttered. Then as I knelt between her legs, she reached out and slipped her coolly gentle fingers over and around its hot and juicily slippery mass.

I had become so powerfully aroused during the time I had been licking her that just that first touch was very nearly enough to set me off, but Vida had never believed in merely providing me with purely thoughtlessly quick relief, believing that whatever we did there was always time for at least just a few more minutes of heightened anticipation. So at first she did no more than simply hold me, tenderly, caringly; then using just the tips of her fingers, she began to spread the fluids that were continuing to trickle out of the tip, not only over the head itself but also up and down the length of the shaft, and even down around my achingly swollen balls. And of course, because I had been given such an incomparably close shave by Joanna, even they were far more responsively sensitive to her touch than normal – and I heard myself grunting as the shock-like thrills her finger-tips generated ripped straight up my spine.

Then once she was satisfied it was sufficiently lubricated she reached one hand down beneath me and started tenderly rolling each globe, then curled her other hand gently around the shaft and finally began to slowly but firmly stroke it back and forth.

The sensations were of course absolutely and excruciatingly wonderful! And right then I couldn’t imagine how either her mouth or her pussy could have given me any that were in any way more powerfully exciting. The throbbing pulses that were surging up through me seemed to be triggering responses in my brain that overwhelmed everything but the centres in command of my life-support systems, and even some of those seemed to be spiralling out of control. I knew my heart was hammering faster than it should be, found it had become almost impossible to take even one single breath, and guessed that each individual nerve and muscle cell had begun firing or contracting in an almost chaotic rhythm.

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