Obsession of the Mind Ch. 06

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The next morning she was hung over and was not to be bothered. So I did my best to leaver her be while offering anything I could. She slept most of the day. I was worried she may have regretted everything that had happened the prior night.

As it would turn out she acted completely oblivious. Not even a hint of her remembering the night’s prior discretions. I was some what relieved, yet somewhat disappointed she would anytime soon be divulging with me her acclimation to large dicks nor her dissatisfaction with my own.

I couldn’t believe she completely forgot but I played along. I didn’t bring it up. It seems she would have to have at least some recollection of even a few words exchanged. So I assumed she would take her times digesting the conversations as they came to her. And knowing her she would always think before she spoke.

Oh, though, how I wish I could hear more. The humiliation, the submission, was all too exciting. I was sporting a hard on, small be it, all day long. I had jerked off five times before she had jumped in the shower to finally accept the new day.

All such instances involved me peeking through her doorway and enjoying the sight of her half naked body sprawled across her bed. Visions of enjoying a well endowed lover raced through my mind as I stroked harder.

It did not appear she would be awakening from her slumber any time soon. And my perverted mind got the best of me. I snuck into her bedroom. She was out for sure I tickled her toes to see if I could get a reaction before I did anything more stupid.

No reaction. Green light. I totally went after her ass. Like a magnet did my face directly meet the crack of her beautiful clean shaven ass. I licked it, wondering if she would suddenly awaken and likely leave me forever. But I couldn’t help myself. It was hot; literally, the temperature of her ass was quite noticeable on the sensitive skin of my face. I just lay there, half way sprawled upon her bed with my tongue searching fearlessly for the entrance to her godliness.

I had to use my hands before my tongue reached her pleasantly clean asshole. This woman was so divine. The carnal image of me tonguing her ass was everything it could be and more.

Then it all came to me. This ass has been serviced by some huge cocks. This ass was so deserving of anything it wanted. But this ass wanted nothing more than a big dick to please it. I wondered to myself, there has got to be something in this room I want to find. I secretly knew I might find a huge toy. I wanted to find that toy more than anything.

I reluctantly removed my face from the crevices of her oversized yet beautiful conditioned ass. I looked at her face, still sleeping like an angel. It was at that point I was totally dumbfounded. Peaking out from under her pillow was without a doubt a formidable dildo.

Was she seriously using that thing and passed out before putting it away? I only saw the head of it, but it was realistic enough of a human penis for me to know what I was looking at. I said fuck it, and grabbed the tip of it to pull it out from under the pillow. It seemed its length would never stop presenting itself as I pulled it out. It was easily 8 inches or longer, the thickness was astounding, like that of a red bull can.

Oh my beautiful lover you do love the big dicks and I love you for that. Fuck it who’s watching I placed it next to my throbbing 4 inches and was completely beaten. It was twice as long and twice as thick. It was heavy and I wanted to esat escort measure it. I snuck out of her room and went for the sewing drawer. It was exactly eight inches long and six inches around. For good measure I measured mine again. At my hardest erection I just got to four inches and almost four inches around.

I couldn’t stop jerking off. But I didn’t want to come yet, I wanted it to last. I snuck back in Rachel’s room and put the dildo back under her pillow. I began snooping around.

In a panic I slipped under her bed as she began to toss and turn. Her phone was ringing.


“I can’t talk right now, I don’t feel well.”

Seems the person on the other end of the phone was doing most of the talking. I opened a shoebox and was blown away at my discovery. I counted four good sized fuck toys inside it. Seemed they all had their special purpose.

One was almost like a mold of a penis. Like completely realistic in form and feel. Of course it was huge. Another was glass and curved upwards. Another was two cocks connected. Like for double penetration.

“I’m not in the mood for this, I’ll call you later.”

She hung up and I assumed went back to bed, but it was going to be very awkward for me to get out of the room without her knowing. I decided to wait it out and play the imagination game with a shoe box full of hefty cocks. I measured them all.

The big real one was 8.5″ long and 5.5″ around. The glass one was 7.5″ long and 5″ around. The vaginal part of the double toy was 8′ long and 5.3″ around; the anal part was 6″ long and 4.8″ around. Another was more flexible likely for anal. It was 9″ long and 5″ around.

Just when I thought I had seen it all I noticed another shoebox. I opened and saw more sex toys. Anal beads, a smaller vibrator that was 6.5″ long and 4.8″ around. Then I found it; my replica. It was 4″ long and 4″ around. It was still in the packaging and had never been used. There was an envelope. I discovered naughty pictures she had taken in the past. The first one was a picture of her holding some random dudes huge dick. I think she was the photographer or her boyfriend. The next one showed a picture of her lips wrapped tightly around his dick. His dick must have been 8 or 9 inches long and it was too thick for her to get much in her mouth.

I suppose she mainly just worked the head of his dick. The next picture was of her ass. She was straddling him and I could not see his dick as it was likely totally inside her. The next one was her ass raised and the length of his dick was amazing.

The bed shook and I saw her feet at the edge of the bed. I was busted or soon would be. She went to the restroom to relieve herself. I turned my phone to silent and text messaged her that I was out for a walk and would be back later. She simply replied “K.”

She was drinking water and lay back down on the bed. I heard her fiddling with her phone. She must have been text messaging someone. I heard slight giggles every so often.

It was Saturday. She always told me she woke up horny on Saturdays. I wondered if she was horny. What if she searched for a toy? I quietly put them back in place and close enough she could find them without finding me. She was still giggling with whoever she was talking to.

I wanted to see what would happen if she was certain I wouldn’t be back for a while. I quietly texted her that I would be back at 9 (5 hours from now) because I was visiting family. I heard her mumble “hmm” etimesgut escort after reading it. She texted me back “K bring me back something to drink”

Story seriously needs revised but fuck it.


“Nothing, bored. He’s out and I’m horny,” she laughed

“No it’s okay; just any sex would be good at the moment.”

“Well I love him to death and all and everything is great, I just didn’t remember his dick being so small. Is that bad to say?”

“I know they say ‘size doesn’t matter’ but you have to at least have some size to be in the discussion.”

“I guess I’ll get over it. But the last time we fucked it was hot and fun but I got nothing out of it at the same time.”

“My pussy needs a big dick? You’re so rude,” she laughed.

“Yeah whatever I have my toys, I’ll be fine.”

“I’m so not talking to you anymore you’re gross.”

“I don’t need to measure it, I know how big it is”

“Yes, how small it is.”

“Is it so bad I like big dicks?”

“I know but I love him I don’t want to fuck things up.”

“I’ll think about it.”

“Actually he was asking me about it all last night, I was kind of weirded out.”

“No he kept asking about size and stuff, I was just being nice to him but he never stopped asking about it.”


“You think he gets turned on by it?”


“I don’t know maybe you are right. I know how to find out.”

“Okay I’ll see you tomorrow, bye.”

She texted me, “Hey, I need a back massage, and then I’ll probably fall asleep, see you later.”

I decided to play the game, “Ok cool hope you get to feeling better, I’ll have a nice drink for you later.”

This whole time I’m lying underneath her bed gasping at glorious pictures of her enjoying her ex’s huge cock.

“Hey want to come over?” she asked.

“Just come over and let me use you, or do you have a problem with that?”

“Ok that’s better I’ll see you in a few.”

Oh my, did this just happen? Am I going to stop this? No. But I think she just made a booty call.

I can barely see her from the reflection of the mirror but I can see she is naked except for the boy shorts. She certainly seemed perkier, the proposition of her getting laid was likely making her wet. I decided to give her an alibi.

“Hey babe, just letting you know I won’t be home until 10 or so… going to watch a movie… I can stop by in a little bit if you need anything.”

“Its ok, don’t stop by I don’t want to be bothered right now. See you tonight. Bye. “

She didn’t want to be bothered. Why? Because her big dick ex was about to fuck her properly.

I watched her get ready. She fixed herself up next to the mirror. The fucker was quick. I heard the doorbell.

She jumped up put on a robe and opened the door for him. They were making out for what seems like forever. His hands were all over her ass. Fortunately for me she left the bedroom door open and I could see everything underneath her draping sheets.

They made out forever and there hands were very adventurous. She was massaging his hard dick through his jeans while he kept groping her beautiful ass. I could see the bulge protruding down his leg. He was hung like a horse. She began to remove his belt. He removed her tiny tank top.

The shock and awe when his giant dick was revealed was mind numbing and extremely erotic. There was no comparison. If I had to guess I would say easily it was double my four etlik escort inches and really thick. It was commanding her attention to say the least.

After they were fully stripped down they continued to fondle each other while passionately kissing. She they grabbed his huge dick. Her hands looked so tiny trying to grasp it. She dragged him to the bedroom pulling his dick as if it were on a leash attached to her hand. I shuddered to think of how humiliating it might be if I were caught.

I was jerking off and already at the brink of cumming the whole scene was unreal. I tried my best to stay out of sight, using the sheets as a shield to my voyeur eyes.

They were in the room! The didn’t talk much. I felt the commotion on top of me. My girlfriend was about to fuck her big dicked ex with me in the same room! They finally came into view as thankfully her dresser mirror enabled me to see everything.

He was on his knees holding her hair as she was doing her best to fit his enormous cocked head into her mouth. She licked up and down the base of his shaft. She cupped his balls and was slobbering all over his cock. This went on for five minutes.

“Turn around baby,” he instructed.

She laughed, “I will but don’t put in my ass, not today at least.”

“Mmk, I miss that sweet pussy of yours.”

She was on all fours as she presented her bubbly perfect ass to his raging hard erection. He literally began to swing his dick against her lovely tan ass cheeks. I heard the slapping and was doing my best not to grab my little dick and jerk off. As I knew I would come any second. Best to enjoy this for everything it was worth.

He parted Rachel’s pussy lips and pressed his dick at her opening. He rubbed at her entrance to lubricate his cock before he stuck it in. How insanely erotic is this scene playing out before my very eyes?

He pushed in and she gasped, “Oh fuck, that’s what I’ve been missing.”

A few inches went in and he pulled out completely. He was teasing her.

“Stop messing around and fuck me already,” she ordered.

He put his dick back in this time he got maybe half of it in before he did the same thing and took it back out slapping it against her ass. Her pussy was definitely ready to engulf his huge cock. The next stroke he plowed for all it was worth as her body fell to the bed; he fell all top of her pushing his dick in for all it was worth.

They quickly rearranged themselves back to the doggy style position. She was moaning and biting the pillow as he quickened his pace ravaging her glorious pussy.

I guess he was set to make himself last as he pulled himself out and began to play with her ass.

“No, if you are good ill call you next time and you can have it, but not today. Your cock is so good and lovely but its something a girl has to prepare for. So behave,” she laughed.

He kissed her ass cheeks and said, “Ok, I can’t wait.”

He began to work his dick back in her gaping pussy. She continued to moan and curse. I guess he lost control and decided to quicken the pace. He was taking long forceful strokes. His long dick was almost out and then the next second it was buried to the hilt. Her body was quivering as she was obviously having multiple orgasms. He finally collapsed on her back shoving his dick in as he was trying to go deeper he released his load. He was coming in side her. Their bodies were shaking together.

He finally removed himself and I saw his cum oozing from her enlarged pussy.

I was cumming with them I stroked my little dick for 5 seconds and shot my load through the sheets and part of it landed on the floor, potentially visible to his girlfriend.

Now what I asked myself? I was still trapped under her bed.

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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