Of Snowbunnies and Snowmen

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She was not sure about this. Actually, she was about as far as one could be from sure. The sensation of sweat forming on her brow tickled, and it fogged her goggles. The mere fact that she was warm was something she was not prepared for. After all, she was standing well over five thousand feet above sea level on a mountain covered in 20 inches of brand new snow. She should be cold, right?

After all after alls, that was what she had come prepared for, dressed in purple skiing pants, and a matching jacket, along with gloves that were right now cooking her fingers as she wrapped them around the ski poles. The boots were the one thing that did not match, being a rather faded light blue. She had taken off her fleece skullcap earlier, to avoid the now returning sweat. She would have taken off the goggles, too, but she had tried that yesterday at the bottom of the hill and the brightness of the sun in the snow had taught her a quick lesson. She sighed, and looked around. Here she was in the snow paradise she had always wanted for Christmas, and the sun was beating down like she was still in south Florida. Typical.

Her mother was next to her, dressed in her own snow ensemble, and looking just as unsure about this course of action as her daughter. They were surrounded by the other five members of their skiing class, all now lined up along the top of “Burnt Stew Trail”, looking at the teacher as if she was crazy.

And Sarah, the instructor for this all female class clearly was very serious. “Now ladies, remember what we talked about. This is an easy run; we’ll take it nice and slow, all the way down. I’ll be in the front, and we’ll stop a couple of times to make sure that everybody is having a good time!” Sarah looked like a snow bunny. Her one piece ski suit was in the colors of the ski-school, and seemed to hug her body. She had the tan of somebody that worked the slopes, her lips white with balm, black hair in a pony tail, and designer goggles. “Let’s go!”

Sarah turned and pushed herself down the slope, slowly building speed. One by one the class mimicked the motion. They each pushed off with their poles, and followed her, forming a line that snaked its way downhill, mixing with the seemingly endless mass of snow goers.

Her turn came, and she twisted her hips into it the way they had practiced at the bottom on the bunny trails, and listened to the sound of the snow crunching under her skis. She loved that sound. It was a rather enjoyable pastime, even to somebody like her, who was in her second day of skiing. Her mother had won this trip and so she found herself on the ski slopes instead of the beach during spring break of her senior year. It was not what she had wanted, but she was enjoying herself. And like her best friend back home had said, there were bound to be some cute guys here. And like always, Jamie had been right. But still, for somebody who had turned 18 just two month ago, this was an anticlimatic introduction to being an adult.

One of the things she had learned was that you had to be aware of what was in front of as well as behind you while gliding across the snow, and so while looking around she caught a glimpse of fast movement in her back, arcing out wide and coming back in. She heard the distinct carving sound of a snowboard behind her, and then suddenly a form raced between her and the woman in front of her. The boarder reached out, almost touching her, as he shot passed and carved back around ahead of Sarah.

Her eyes followed the form, committing it to memory without thinking about it. He had been tall, probably at least six feet, dressed in the heavy, baggy black snowboarding pants so popular with those that enjoyed that sport. He had recently shaved his head, and was wearing black goggles. The hand that reached for her was clad in a thick black glove, as was the one that braced him for possible impact with the snowy world. And she was certain that he wanted to avoid that. Because the most interesting feature about him was that he was not wearing a shirt. She could see the sweat glisten on his chest. Or maybe she just imagined that. But her eyes followed him down the hill, and she almost ran into Mrs. Litham, who must have been watching him as well, as she slowed down considerably.

“Cute, huh?” The older lady did not bother with anything but sunglasses, which at this moment gave her big grin a truly comical appearance.

“Yes, cute.”

It was crowded at the restaurant/gift store/lift station/what else can we fit in here? that was the base of the mountain. Of course, it was lunch time, which was always prime time for crowding, and so it took them a bit to put up their skis, and link up with her father and brother. They had been attending their own class, and had the healthy glow of people who had enjoyed themselves. She felt the same way, but her mother had already made it clear that after lunch she was headed back to the hotel to rest and recoup. She smiled, happy that at least mom had enjoyed skiing, as they headed inside to find a table.

It was even more crowded inside, bahis siteleri with the mass of people pushing towards the couple of lines that lead into the buffet area. All this was not helped by the fact that most present wore ski-boots and the bulky clothing that was designed to keep them warm and dry, even though the temperature outside was climbing in the sun. People were creaking up and down the stairs, squeezing in and out of elevators, some still even using the payphones, others in the designated cellphone area (she liked that one), all yapping away, while still others were so lucky to already have food and tables, and seemed to be actually enjoying themselves.

“I’m going back to the hotel. I bet there is no line at my phone for room service.” Her mother turned on her boot, which was a considerable effort, and headed back out the door in the slow robotic motion of those sore from skiing, and new to the sport. Her father looked after her for a second, then pulled two bills out of his pocket, handing each of his offspring one. “Feed yourself, you think you can handle that?” Her brother murmured something under his breath, then disappeared into the crowd. Heaven forbid he be seen with his older sister. She realized then that she stood alone in the line, and shuffled along with it.

“What’s up?”

Well, the loneliness did not last long, as she turned to face the guy who had walked up next to her. It was him. He was now wearing a white long sleeve t-shirt, in keeping with the “shirt/shoes/service” policy, and had added a baseball cap worn backwards to his outfit, the goggles slipped up his arm in a fashionable gesture. Her mouth opened slightly, but nothing came out, as she looked into brown eyes that seemed to go on forever.

He leaned down, his shoulder touching hers, his voice a hoarse whisper. “You don’t mind if I hop in line with you, do you?” She could only shake her head, and a big grin spread across his face. “Thanks. Saw you out there on the slope earlier. First time skiing?” Again, she could only nod, folding her arms in front of herself for no other reason then the fact that he was doing it. “Yeah, I started in skiing. Good fun.” He was still smiling, as they went through the standard routine of how old, how do you like the resort, and all the other standard banter that so easily shapes back and forth between those that are young, with raging hormones, and sharing an obvious attraction. Finally they reached the check out station, paid, and she suddenly realized that he was about to walk away from her.

“So where are you going to sit?”

“Uhm…I don’t know…”

“Cool. Come sit with me.” He grabbed her tray, turned, and walked back outside, all the way to the end of the terrace, where his backpack was sitting on a chair next to a small table. She started to say something, but was rather glad. The boots were giving her somewhat of problem walking, and this way she did not risk the embarrassment of spilling it everywhere in front of him. He thanked the family at the next table for watching his stuff, high fived the little kid, then pulled her chair out for her. They sat, beginning the slow verbal dance that flirting tourists at their first meeting always go through. He steered clear of the obvious questions like where she was from, and if she had a boyfriend, and she seemed to appreciate that. He told her about his love of skiing and snowboards, and she told him about her terror at looking down the mountain the first time. They were almost done eating when she finally worked up the courage to ask the question that had been burning in the pit of her stomach ever since she saw him in line.

“So why did you try to touch me?”

“Seemed like the thing to do at the time. Gotta pull stunts to get a girls attention, you know?” He shrugged, and smiled at her again. “Lots of competition out there, you gotta set yourself apart from the pack.”

“I think you did that well enough, shirt off and all.”

“Yeah…well, you can understand that.”

“How can I understand that?”

“Nice body, you want to show it off. You have a nice body, you should show it off.” He was leaning towards her now, the smile still there, but more suggestive now. “Like here…” His hand was on her thigh now, and moving. But he surprised her, moving down her leg, across her ski pants, till he came to her boot. The sound of the locks popping open seemed to echo in her mind, until it folded open and he pulled her foot out. She was wearing two layers of socks, but he peeled the thick outer one away without a second thought. For some reason, the soft breeze across her foot turned her on. It was made of some kind of space age fabric that her father had been very enthralled with, which wicked moisture away, but kept (most of) the warmth in. It looked like a thin black stocking, and for a second she worried what he would think.

But he seemed to ignore it, sliding his fingers across the soft fabric. Slowly, he began to massage her foot, starting at the toes and working all the way down to the ball, and around the sides. canlı bahis siteleri She closed her eyes, and slowly all the pain from being in those tight boots seemed to evaporate. She didn’t know how long it was, but after a while she felt his hand on her other leg. “May I?”

She only nodded, and heard the other boot pop open. He withdrew her foot, pulled off the sock, and began to work his magic on this one as well. They sat there for what seemed like hours, with the noise of people talking and bustling about in the background, the sun shining on her face, and him slowly massaging her feet. Finally she opened her eyes as he placed both relaxed little feetsies in his lap, the touch of his hands withdrawing.

“You gonna hit the slopes again today?”

“I don’t know. I feel like a nap now.” She smiled at him, trying to decide what the best way to say thank you was.

“Nap? What do you need a nap for? This is vacation! You gotta ski all day…so you can dance all night.” He demonstrated the later right there in his chair, her feet being forced to move with the rhythm only he could hear. She suppressed laughing, but the big grin on his face told her he probably would not have minded. “You do dance, do you?” His look now was purely inquisitive.

“Not really, no.” Slowly she withdrew her feet, and began to pull her socks back on. That had probably been a bad move, she realized. After all, if she did not dance, he would not ask her to dance, and then she would not get to hang out with him, and then he would stop flirting with her, and then…the rapidly spinning wheel of thought was interrupted by him gently touching her chin, tilting her head up to look at him.

“Well…tonight you will.”

The room was crowded, and the dim lighting did not help. Dim was probably not the right word, as every other beat flashes from the light machines would crash over the room in different colors, bathing the writhing bodies in a dress befitting of the occasion. The resort was celebrating some festival that had been created with the purpose of drawing in even more people. The disco ball overhead was flashing, and she could see girls up on platforms gyrating around poles. He was pulling her along behind him, his hand firmly grasping hers. They made their way all the way across the dance floor, up the stairs, and finally to the bar. He ordered, handed her a drink, then turned and pulled her close. She enjoyed that sensation.

He drank faster then her, and waited patiently for her to finish. Once she did, he took her hand again, and they walked to the edge of the balcony that overlooked the dance floor below. She could feel his body moving to the music, and slowly turned to face him. His hands somehow found his way to her hips, slowly swaying her with the music. She found the willpower to look up, and realized that the space between them existed only in theory. He smelled good.

It was easy to move with him, up there in the twilight, his body seemingly enveloping her, his breath drifting across the skin on her neck. His body seemed to radiate heat, and she was certain that she could feel him down below where his belt was pushing against her. He was guiding her, and that smile seemed permanently affixed to his features while he was doing it. She fully realized that her sense of rhythm was nowhere near attuned to his, but that seemed to bother him very little. They dance to slow songs, fast song, rap songs (if you call them that), country songs, alternative songs, every type of song she could imagine. He got them more drinks, and she wondered if Canada’s liberal alcohol policy was such a good thing. With his 19 years of age, he seemed to be abusing it.

“Don’t get drunk on me now.”

“Why is that?”

“That would just not be right.”

He leaned in slowly, giving her all the time in the world to back out. But he knew, and she knew, that she would not. So when his lips meet hers, she kissed back. His arms wrapped around her, pulling her in tight, until they were lip locked and body pressed. Slowly his arms roamed up and down her spine, as his tongue danced back and forth with hers.

Finally they broke apart, both trying to catch their breath. His hands returned to her hips, this time a bit lower. “You are awesome.” The smile had taken on a bit more of a mischievous tone again. “And I’m not just saying that.” He leaned in, and kissed her again, slower and softer this time. She did not want it to end.

But of course it had to at some point or another, so he walked her back to her hotel room before the sun came up. She was surprised her lip was not bruised as much as they had made out in the club, on the way to the hotel, the hotel lobby, down by the indoor pool, in the hallway, the elevator all the way up, then all the way back down, finally to the right floor, and then to her door.

“Do I get to see you tomorrow?”

“I have class again in the morning.”

“That’s cool, I’m hitting the blacks with my sister in the A.M., so what say you to lunch and an afternoon?”

“I say yes.”

They canlı bahis kissed again, then he headed home.

He was waiting for her at the lodge, stretched out on the bench next to one of the tables. The ball cap was back, and the goggles on his arm again, but he was in a different shirt. A girl sat next to him, and was dancing in the sitting position to the live music coming from the patio. On the other side of the table, an older couple that she figured as his parents were making out. Her parents rarely did that, and even less in public. These two were like newly weds.

“What is up? Glad you could make it!” He grabbed her hand, and kissed her cheek, before turning to his family. “Hey, stop that, pay attention. Everybody, this is Allison. Allison, mom, dad, and the little foot.” They were friendly enough, told her to watch out for him, and then they headed inside and got in line. He waited until there to wrap his arms around her and lay another one on her. “So you have fun learning how to ski this morning?”

“Yeah, I think I’m getting pretty good at it.”

“Sweet. You wanna go night skiing tonight?”

“Night skiing?”

“Yeah. They have the green and blue runs open, and all the spotlights are one, and you just cruise down the slopes. It goes really slow, easy, it’s really relaxing.” He kissed her again, and squeezed her butt.

“Hey now.”

“What? You have a nice snow bunny butt, I can’t help myself.” He squeezed it again. She smiled, and slowly inched through the line.

It was beautiful, she had to admit. The lights were very well placed, bathing the whole mountain in fluorescent light. The snow seemed to sparkle, and it was all very subdued. There were more ski patrol out then during the day, but she expected that. If anybody went down and did not get found, then they would be in for a cold, long night.

They took the first two runs slow, with him circling around her and encouraging, before she fully felt comfortable racing through the semi-darkness. They raced, and he beat her without problem, so he got to pick the next run.

“You are going to like this.”

“Am I?”


The doors to the gondola opened, and they hoped out, grabbed her skis and his board, and headed outside. Quickly they snapped in, then headed down the blue slope of to the side. She was not sure about it, but followed him. He made several turns, and suddenly she realized that they were truly off the beaten path. There were few tracks in the snow, and the light was getting sparse.

Just in time, she realized that trees were starting to close in on them, and slowed down. He was doing the same ahead of her, and then came to a complete stop. She saw him bend down, and unsnap from his board, then turning to catch her as she slid to a stop next to him.

“Snap out.” He picked up his board, and wrapped the retaining strap around a tree, tying it tight to make sure his board did not get a mind of its own. Her skis went against another tree, and he pulled out a piece of green nylon rope, tying the bindings together and then to his board. Her poles just got stuck in the snow.

“This way.”

They only walked a couple of feet, then the tree cover broke, and they were standing in a small clearing, the moon shinning down. He lead her a couple more steps, then brushed the snow of a small bench, and sat down. She sat next to him, and they kissed.

“I saw this on the map. It is a hiking path during the summer, and I figured there had to be benches out here, so I came and found this so I could bring you up here.”

It did not take long, then the make out session was in full effect. She climbed onto his lap, and he slid his hands into her pants, grabbing her ass as she shoved her tongue into his throat. Her tits were mashed against him through her jacket, which he unzipped. She pulled his own sweatshirt up over his head, and then laid it over the bench so he would not be in the snow.

They were hungry, and it showed in their frenzied motions to undress each other as much as possible. He pulled up her shirt, and inhaled her nipple, almost ripping the sports bra. She moaned out loud as he bit it, then slid a hand around and began to play with her clit. A finger slid in and out of her, making her wetter and wetter as he teased her.

She felt him grow huge in his pants, and slid the black snowboarding garment down his legs. He was wearing shorts underneath them, and they went down, too. Slipping out of her jacket, it went down on the bench, then he sat on it, and she on his lap. He pulled her pants down, then turned her on his lap, and had her stand in front of him. The cold air on her exposed ass tickled, then his tongue dove into her pussy.

Everything else disappeared as he ate her from behind, sliding in and out, sucking her clit, nibbling it gently. Up and down, forth and back, his tongue seemed to be everywhere, as his hand steadied her and played with her tits. She had to grab her own legs to hold herself up, as he pushed further and further into her, licking the juices out of her. She was breathing heavy now, as he pushed her higher and higher. He tasted her sweet juices on his tongue, and was in a full fledged feeding frenzy now. More and more he slathered his tongue into her pussy, and all over her outer lips.

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