Party with a View

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My girlfriend Tina and I had been searching for work right after college. We both had degrees in Marketing, but she had done better in school so we assumed she would be selected for an interview before me. We were still living in our apartment near campus and living the “college life” as we watched others pack up and go home for the summer. It was bitter sweet, but we were finding the good in it.

It was a Friday and as things were winding down, a party had started in the apartment next door to us. Our bedrooms shared a wall, so we could hear them late at night from time to time. We made it a point to never mention it because we liked the fact that THEY never said anything to us.

Both the neighbors were girls. They were in their Junior year and going to school on a gymnastics scholarship. Their bodies were toned and they wore tight clothes in the winter to show them off. But this was May in Georgia… and the rules had changed.

Karla was a psyche major. She was about 5’6″ tall and muscular. She had brown eyes and always flirted with me in the hallway. We both liked the same music and enjoyed the same bourbon.

Jane was shorter. She looked more compact due to her size but could hold her own against Karla. I had actually broke them apart one evening as they were fighting over something silly. It was a few years ago, but it still excited me to watch the two of them wrestling on the lobby floor.

Then there was my Tina. She was the diva of the three women. She never left the apartment unless her hair and makeup were done. She was a natural beauty and didn’t need much to turn every man’s head but she took pride in her appearance. She did a little Dance in high school but had won a few scholarships and abandoned athletics all together to maintain her perfect 4.0 GPA. Karla and Jane teased her about being a brain from time to time. They also had her tutor them in Algebra and Statistics.

“Hey Stud” Karla teased me as we caught eyes in the hall. “Heard your work through the wall last night… GOOD FOR HER!!” she teased.

“Just trying to keep up!!” I shot right back.

She blushed and smiled without saying the expected response.

“Tina and you have any plans tonight?” she asked – shifting the mood.

“No… not really” I responded without thinking.

“Cocktails at our place? Say 7:00 – ish?” she asked.

“Sounds good!! We’ll be there.” I concluded.

“Make sure you all wear something nice… we might go out afterwards.” she said.

I thought to myself, “There’s the hook.”

“Okay” I replied as I turned away.

I rushed into the apartment and let Tina know that I committed us for the evening. She looked up from the computer and smiled. “Good… I need to stop looking at want ads for a while.”

“Whew” I thought to myself.

“Oh… Karla said wear something nice… we might go out afterwards.” I finished.

“SHIT” Tina replied.

“You know how casual Karla is about everything… She had mentioned that her Aunt’s firm is looking for someone.” Karla said excitedly.

“Baby… Its just drinks. Maybe a trip to the Sports Bar on the corner for wings and then help both of them stumble back here… We have done this before.” I reassured her.

She stood up and started ripping open her closet. “NO… this feels different.” she replied.

“Then wear something sexy…” I half shouted into the bedroom.

She came walking out in the bedroom in her bra and panties, “Everything I wear is SEXY!!”

We started making out on the couch. She unbuckled my pants and started to take my cock into her mouth when there was a knock on the door.

“FUCK” I thought to myself.

It was Jane. She had stopped by to invite us over for drinks. I tried to buckle myself but just turned on the couch and waved to her.

“Hey Jane!!” I shot out (hiding my cock in the couch).

Tina and Jane continued to talk in the doorway as Karla appeared. Tina was still in her bra and panties. Karla handed off a beer to Jane and walked into the apartment with two bourbons in hand. I grabbed a pillow to cover myself and sat up on the couch. I raced to buckle my pants before she got to the couch. She pretended not to notice.

“Looks like the party started already.” Karla jested as she handed me the glass.

Tina invited Jane in and then excused herself to get a robe on. Tina and Karla sat on either side of me and waited patiently for Tina to return.

As Tina entered the kitchen she grabbed a wine glass. Karla broke the silence, “I wanted to let you know that my Aunt has invited the four of us out for dinner tonight. She wanted to catch up with me and Jane but she would also like to meet you for an initial meet and greet.”

“REALLY” Tina replied to the news.

“She has an opening in her firm and I have been talking you up to her.” Karla concluded.

She turned and looked at me, “She MIGHT make room for you too Stud…”

“Really?” I asked.

“They are trying to expand and want to promote a few old dogs to head departments Beylikdüzü escort up. That leaves room for rookies like you all.” she said.

“Wow… I don’t know what to say Karla… THANK YOU.” Tina replied.

“Its no big deal. I told her how damn smart you are and she was very interested. She also wanted me to tell you that tonight is NOT a formal interview… she wants you to treat her like “one of the girls” tonight…” Karla concluded.

“What time should we be ready? Tina asked.

“Come over to our place around 6:30… I will let you know what topics to avoid with her and what kind of things she likes. You BOTH have been really good to us and we hate to see you go… so I want you to get this job.” Karla confessed.

Her eyes got watery.

“Are you okay?” I asked.

She started to cry. June held her closer and tried to comfort her.

June looked up and announced, “She may lose her scholarship for next year… That’s why she had to borrow the $600 from you all last November.”

The tears flowed. “I don’t know what to DO!!”

“I know someone in the Student Aid office. Let me talk to them and see if I can help.” I replied.

Karla dried her eyes and gulped down her drink. She looked at me. “You gonna keep up or should I get a nipple for that glass?” she asked.

I gulped my drink and she smiled her approval. She looked at Tina and said, “Six – Thirty young lady…”

They both walked out and Tina just stood in the kitchen in shock.

“HOLY SHIT!!” she exclaimed.

“Its JUST a dinner Baby… don’t freeze up on me.” I tried to calm her down.

Tina replied, “You don’t understand… partners in Karla’s Aunt’s firm make six figures to start… with an inside line to the Aunt, I can make partner faster.”

I could see the wheels spinning.

“Its 5:30… lets get you ready for the “briefing” next door.” I said.

Tina picked out a nice sun dress and I had some khakis and a nice dress shirt. She was as eloquent as the day is long. She went next door to talk to Karla and I hopped in the shower.

When I got out of the shower I could hear moaning next door.

“Wow… THAT was a short meeting.” I said out loud.

I assumed was that Tina was in the living room and that Jane and Karla were getting in a quickie before dinner.

I was wrong.

After checking the living room and raced back to the bedroom and put my head to the wall. I could hear the distinct sounds of Tina having a HUGE orgasm. Then I heard muffled voices and giggling. I snuck out onto the balcony and peered over the fence to seen Tina naked in bed with Karla’s head between her legs. They were smiling at each other and Tina was stroking her hair. I could see their lips moving but couldn’t hear a word.

I crouched down behind the fence and slipped back inside to get dressed. As I was buttoning my shirt, I heard more noise from next door. I crept out to the balcony again and peered over the fence. Through the slits in the vertical blinds I could see Jane sitting on Tina’s face and Jane’s face was buried in Karla’s pussy. I went back to the bedroom and listened through the wall.

I had fantasized about having a bi-sexual girlfriend. I get extremely excited at the image of two girls kissing, let along making out or bringing each other to orgasm. Living next door to this kind of thing had helped me get passed the taboo factor but it was still the most erotic thing for me. Now my Tina was part of it.

“Was this her first time?” I wandered.

“How do I react? DO I react?” I asked myself.

I looked in the mirror. My cock was throbbing. I wanted to stroke it. I looked at my watch.

“SHIT” I said. “No time…”

I listened to the wall and I could hear Karla have an orgasm. She was the “talker” of the two and I could hear her bark orders to Jane from time to time in the heat of the moment.

When I had glanced over the fence, Karla was standing on the bed, leaning against the wall we shared with them. Jane was on all fours with her face buried in Karla’s pussy and Tina was on her back, with Jane’s pussy filling her mouth.

Through the wall I distinctly heard Karla’s voice, “Change positions… I want a new tongue on my clit… and a new clit on your tongue Honey Bear.”

Honey Bear was Karla’s pet name for Jane. Jane was the quiet type but she gave some of the BEST hugs. She rarely wore a bra, so on those cold mornings before Christmas Break, she got more than just a few of us going for the day if you know what I mean…

At the end of that thought, I heard Karla’s voice again, “OH FUUUUCK… You are a natural.” I raced out to peer over the fence. Karla was still against the wall. Tina was on all fours, her face being pulled into Karla’s shaved pussy. Karla’s eyes were closed and her head was pitched to the side. Her mouth was open. Tina was sitting on Jane’s face and had one hand on Karla’s ass. Her other hand was in Jane’s hair.

Jane’s hands were pinching Tina’s nipples and stoking her torso. As I watched, Beylikdüzü escort Karla orgasm through the window I could hear her muffled screams on the balcony. My view was not the greatest, but it was a view.

Karla pushed Tina away and Tina put both hands on Jane’s head. Her hips started moving in rhythm. Karla dropped to one knee and started kissing Tina. Tina couldn’t stop herself and she came really hard into Jane’s mouth. Karla immediately moved to Jane’s pussy and started lapping away.

Tina’s body shuddered with aftershocks. As she lifted herself up, Karla started fingering Jane while she ate her pussy.

“Jane’s turn” I thought to myself.

Karla “worked” Jane’s pussy for a few minutes and then something I had only seen in movies happened… Jane exploded all over the bed. She squirted a stream of clear fluid into the air and onto the bed. Tina instinctively started licking up the fluid and Jane shot out more as Karla relentlessly fingered her hole.

Jane bucked and convulsed the longest of the three. Tina and Karla “cleaned” her and the three held each other for a few moments.

I slipped back into the bedroom. It was almost 7:00. I heard muffled voices next door. I could hear movement and laughter.

Tina texted me: Driver has cancelled. Do you mind driving tonight? We are going to leave around 7:30 now.

I responded: Can DO!!

My cock was throbbing in my pants. I locked the bathroom door and grabbed some lotion. It took less than a minute for me to shoot my huge load all over the countertop. I wiped it up and tried to relax before heading next door.

I said NOTHING about what I had seen next door. I wanted to high five Karla, hug Jane and kiss Tina like the world was coming to an end… but I said nothing.

The drive to the restaurant was about 20 minutes. Karla and Jane sat in the back seat and held hands. Tina was a nervous wreck the closer we got. Karla could sense this and leaned forward. She whispered in her ear, “Relax you fucking cunt.”

It was so random and off the wall that we ALL laughed at this for weeks to follow.

Karla’s Aunt Jennifer was more than I expected. She was fun, flirty and picked up the tab for dinner for all of us.

During dinner the three of them would glance at each other from time to time and giggle out loud. I pretended not to notice but it was hard to ignore. After some chit chat Tina started to relax a little more and things were less awkward for her. Tina and I sat across from each other. Jennifer sat next to Tina and Karla sat next to me. June sat on my other side.

As we sat and ate, both June and Karla rubbed my thigh while Jennifer and Tina talked.

“Something is up” I told myself.

Dinner went well and Jennifer got all of Tina’s contact information. We walked outside and Jennifer told Tina, “Honey I like you… but I still have to drag you in for a formal interview. If it weren’t for the board, I would hire you right now based on personality. But we have to do things their way. You understand, right?”

“Yes Ma’am.” Tina replied.

Jennifer glared at Tina playfully, “After you are hired, it will be Jennifer.”

Jennifer smiled and then excused herself for the night. She got into her black Lincoln and was driven away.

Tina screamed out loud. She was glowing with excitement. Jane and Karla bounced with her as she jumped up and down a few times.

“Lets go back to our place!!” Tina said.

We walked to the car and Tina grabbed my arm. She reached into her purse and pulled out her panties. She dangled them in front of my face. She leaned over and gently bit my ear lobe. Then she whispered in my ear, “Got any plans tonight, Stud?”

She reached down between my legs and found my throbbing cock. She giggled in my ear.

She sat in the back seat with the girls on the way home. It was dark out so I couldn’t see what was happening but I did hear lips smacking together. At one point I KNOW I heard some moaning but I wasn’t sure.

The four of us walked up to our place. I had to help Tina up the stairs. Karla had to help Jane up the stairs.

Tina and I walked in the front and as we approached the girls’ door, she invited them over for a night cap.

They agreed to come over for a drink.

The three of them sat on the couch while I got some wine and glasses. In the kitchen I heard giggling and “shhhhh” a few times.

When I stepped out of the kitchen I nearly dropped all four glasses of wine.

All three of them were sitting on the couch wearing NOTHING but a smirk. My jaw hit the floor.

“You know that movie we always watch… with the lesbians at the golf course?” Tina asked.

I nodded.

“Remember the one scene where the two best friends “convert” the straight woman that finds them on the green while they are doing the 69?”

I nodded again.

She leaned over and kissed Jane, open mouth with their tongues dancing together.

Tina looked back at me. She smiled.

She turned the other way and Escort Beylikdüzü open mouth kissed Karla… Karla ran her fingers through her hair and it pleased both of them.

Tina turned and looked at me again.

“You thought I forgot about your birthday, didn’t you?” she asked. Her hands were resting on Karla’s thigh and on Jane’s knee.

“I-its not until next week.” I replied.

“I know… and next week you are going to get the BEST birthday present you have ever gotten.” she assured me.

“Between now and then things are going to be a little rough.” Karla announced.

“No sex.” Jane interrupted.

I nodded.

“For ANYONE.” Tina added.

She reached up and pinched both the girls’ nipples hard. “We are marking the birthday of my Man… we are going to do it RIGHT. That means big orgasms for all of us… a week from today.” she concluded.

“But its only 10:00… a week from today doesn’t start for another 2 hours.” Karla pointed out.

With that, BOTH her and Jane slipped off the couch onto their hands and knees and took turns licking Tina’s pussy. I stood in awe of the scene in front of me.

The girls lifted Tina’s legs up over her head and while June was licking her clit, Karla tongued her asshole.

“OHHHHHHH FUCK!!” Tina screamed.

She looked over at me with lust filled eyes. I quickly put the wine down and removed my clothes. My cock found her mouth and she bobbed up and down on my shaft as the girls pleasured her. She stopped sucking my cock long enough to cry out their names.

“That is the sexiest thing I have seen in my life Baby.” I panted.

“Fuck me RIGHT NOW!!” she commanded.

The girls moved out of the way and I slipped my cock into her hungry pussy. Karla wrapped her arm around me and told me, “Go slow at first… let that cock stretch her pussy out a little… ”

Jane cupped my ass and fed me one of her nipples. “You want to make her cum 2 or 3 times before you even THINK about your own orgasm.”

Tina stared into my eyes and just nodded in agreement.

Her pussy was so wet and hotter than usual.

“Thhaaats it…” Karla hissed in my ear while she ran her fingers over my ass.

Jane continued, “Now pick it up a little bit… but not full speed.”

I went too fast and Jane put her hand on my chest to slow me down. “Its not a race… Its a pussy.”

Tina started to moan. Instinctively Karla and Jane reached for her nipples. I held her ankles over her head and I could feel her pussy start to clamp down on my cock.


Her pussy clamped down on my cock and her body tensed. Karla smacked my ass and yelled, “PLOW that mutherfucker!!”

I thrusted into Tina as hard as I could (harder than I ever had before). I picked up the pace and went as hard and as fast as I could. When it happened, it took me by surprise. Tina screamed out loud (louder than ever before). Jane pushed me back and as my cock slipped out, Tina shot clear fluid into the air and screamed out my name. Her body twitched and bucked as she shot clear fluid all over her hips and thighs.

The girls started sucking on her nipples as Tina lay there panting. I just stared in amazement. Without looking, Karla grabbed my head and pulled my face down to Tina’s pussy. Tina was gasping for air and panting. I started licking her clit and she jumped. I lapped up the fluid and kissed her pussy lips while the three of them took turns kissing each other.

“Stand up Baby” Tina said.

She leaned forward and grabbed my cock in her hand.

“So fucking HARD right now… ” she said out loud.

She took me into her mouth and swirled her tongue under the head. I felt her fingernails gently stroke the back of my balls while her head bobbed up and down on my shaft.

Karla held my ass in place with one hand and used the other to hold the back of Tina’s head. Jane held Tina’s hair out of the way. Tina’s hands pumped my shaft and in a matter of a few minutes I screamed out as I shot a load down her throat.

“OHHH Tina…” I muttered between breaths.

It was a rare occasion that she let me cum in her mouth. In all the years we had lived together, I had NEVER made her squirt. Two new doors opened that night.

Jane and Karla were speechless. I looked down at Tina and she was swallowing the last big lump in her mouth. She looked up and me and smiled.

Jane stood up and walked over to the kitchen table. She grabbed a chair and sat me in it. Karla grabbed a scarf from the coat tree and tied my hands behind me.

Jane flopped herself onto the couch and announced, “MY turn.”

Karla started in on her pussy as Tina made out with her. My cock twitched and pulsed as the threesome filled the air with sexy sounds. After a few minutes, Jane pushed Karla away and pushed Tina down to her pussy. Tina dove into her bald pussy lips and Jane let out a hiss of approval. Karla sucked on Jane’s nipples as Tina lapped away at her pussy.

I sat in complete silence as the ladies put on the BEST SHOW ON EARTH. Jane took a while to “arrive” but when she did, she did not disappoint. She shot fluid onto Tina’s face and into the air. Karla helped Tina lap up all the fluids while Jane lay in the glow of a “proper” orgasm.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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