Prissy Blonde and Playful Brunette Ch. 06-08 – Final

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Chapter 6

“Do we really have to hang out with your friends?” Britney asked as she stared closely into the vanity. “You know I don’t like them.”

The brunette sat on the bed with her legs crossed, just watching as Britney finished doing her makeup. “You don’t have to, but you said you were willing to. Besides, why are you spending so much time getting ready if you hate them so much?”

“Because I’m a model, so my appearance matters. What if I go out in public and someone catches a picture of me not looking my best?”

“You always look good,” Sarah responded as she got up from the bed and approached her girlfriend from behind. Patting the blonde on the butt, she explained, “We’re just going to a small bar, anyway. Drinks are on me, okay?”

Britney closed the cap on her eyeliner before rolling her eyes. “Whatever.”

Sarah could do nothing but shrug her shoulders as she let out a little sigh. It wasn’t surprising that her high maintenance girlfriend was acting like a brat just because they were going to hang out with some of her coworkers. However, she knew there was nothing she could do to change Britney’s attitude about it.

On the way to the bar, both ladies sat quietly as they reflected on their relationship. Though Britney was trying to be more understanding, she still had difficulty dealing with Sarah’s twelve-hour overnight shifts. And though Sarah understood dealing with Britney would always be a battle, there were times she was just tired of always being the mature one.

They had been through ups and downs, good times and rough times. The young couple had even gone through times when they were having crazy sex all the time, followed by no sex at all. However, despite all the craziness in their relationship, there was never even a thought about a breakup, because both women knew they were only meant for each other.

Britney reluctantly followed Sarah to a table in the uncrowded bar where they joined her coworkers, Kenzie and Chelsea. The blonde never cared for the two women that worked with her girlfriend, especially after she caught them staring at them during graduation. Although she wouldn’t admit it, the prissy woman could only see them as competition.

“Hey!” Sarah said that she took a seat. Then, noticing that the table only consisted of the two women, she asked, “Neither of you brought your boyfriends?”

“We wanted it to be a girl’s night,” Kenzie explained.

Britney quickly rolled her eyes and looked the other way. “Then why am I here?”

All three women paused as they stared at the annoyed blonde. Eventually, Sarah spoke up, pointing out, “You’re a girl…”

“Yeah, obviously! But now I’m like the… fourth wheel.”

Chelsea looked around at the other women before stuttering, “But a fourth wheel would be normal…”

“Don’t even bother,” Sarah interrupted, tapping her coworker on the shoulder. “Just… You know what she meant…”

The three deputies tried to maintain a conversation that would include Britney, but it was clear the spoiled model wasn’t in the mood to participate. After several attempts to get her to talk, resulting in only one or two-word answers, the girls eventually moved on to work talk. This allowed Britney’s mind to wander off, and do what she loved to do the most: hate on other women.

I don’t get why Sarah thinks these girls are such good officers, the bratty woman thought as she sipped on her cocktail. They don’t look that tough to me. Hell, I could take them two-on-one. I’d have them both bent over my knees, getting their asses spanked… They wouldn’t even know what hit them.

“Have you gotten used to dating a deputy?” Kenzie asked, snapping Britney out of her thoughts.

After shaking her head, the blonde admitted, “I don’t like her shift.”

“We know you don’t like her shift,” Chelsea said, jumping in. “Our boyfriends don’t like it either. I think she was talking about the idea of Sarah doing law enforcement.”

“Yeah,” Kenzie agreed, nodding her head. “Is it weird seeing Sarah have a role of authority?”

With a couple of drinks in the model, she did her best not to blush as she looked down. “I don’t see her like that,” she said, smiling to herself as she remembered giving Sarah a hard spanking the last time they had sex. “I’m still in charge…”

Realizing what the blonde was referring to, Sarah quickly attempted to change the subject. “I know you guys think I’m athletic, but Brit is actually pretty athletic herself. She was the cheer captain at our high school, and with her modeling career, she has a pretty tough work out regimen.”

“Is that so?”

“Yeah,” the model answered with her nose in the air. “Sometimes, Sarah can’t even keep up with me.”

“Is that true?”

“I’ll admit, it hasn’t been easy finding time to exercise,” the brunette admitted. “It’s also hard to eat healthy when you work overnight.”

“Have you gained a lot of weight?” Kenzie asked.

“Sort of,” Sarah admitted, as she took a big sip of güvenilir bahis her whiskey. She used to rarely drink, but since becoming an officer, it had become more of a normal occurrence. “I lost a few pounds in the academy, but I’ve gained it all back… and then some…”

Britney was ready to snicker at her girlfriend, thinking about the extra pounds she had gained. She was proud of her tight little body, so easily noticed when Sarah didn’t look as toned as she used to. But just when she was about to laugh at the other women’s expense, Sarah said something that stopped her in her tracks.

“Even my boobs have gotten bigger from the extra weight… I moved up a cup size.”

The blonde suddenly found herself leaning towards her brunette girlfriend. “What… did… you… say?”

“My boobs barely fit my older bras,” Sarah explained, trying not to speak too loudly. “So, I bought a bigger cup size to see if it would fit better… and it does…”

Trying her best not to stare directly at Sarah’s chest, Britney stuttered, “So… you’re… a D-cup now?”

The brunette nodded her head slowly before trying to defend herself. “Yes, but if I lose the extra weight I’ve gained, I’ll probably be able to fit my older bras again.”

“Oh, right… But you’re a D-cup…?”

“Yeah… you haven’t noticed my boobs have gotten bigger?”

“I did… but I didn’t know… you were a D-cup…”

“Brit, are you okay?”


Suddenly, the waitress walked to the table and asked the girls if they’d like more drinks. Sarah ordered another whiskey, while Kinzie and Chelsea ordered mojitos. Britney, on the other hand, was still mesmerized, staring at Sarah’s chest.

“Ma’am, do you want another drink?”

“Yes,” the blonde answered, never turning her head away.

“Well… what would you like?”

Completely lost in the moment, Britney answered without thinking, “Milk…”

The table went completely quiet as the girls stared at the prissy woman. Eventually, the waitress startled everyone when she blurted out, “Ma’am, this is a bar. We don’t serve milk.”

Now, snapped out of her daydream, Britney shook her head and answered, “Oh… I’ll take a cosmopolitan.” But before the waitress could leave, the blonde remembered what Sarah said about going down a bra size once she lost her extra weight. Out of nowhere, Britney yelled out, “I’ll also take an order of cheese fries!”

The waitress wrote down the order and walked off. However, Sarah was left sitting there, confused by the bratty woman’s antics. “Are you okay?”

“Who me? Yeah, why?”

“You’ve never ordered cheese fries before. You always say they’re disgusting…”

“I… uh… I figured I would order it for the table…”

“You decided to order cheese fries for the table?”

“Yeah! Your friends were nice enough to let me hang out. Might as well show my appreciation, am I right?”

Sarah looked over at the other girls with her eyebrows raised in confusion before refocusing on the suddenly sweet blonde. “Uh… Brit… Are you okay?”

“Of course I am, Babe,” Britney replied, placing her hands around Sarah’s arm. Then, through her giggles, she asked, “Why would something be wrong, Honey?”

“You’re all of a sudden in a good mood… What happened?”

As the waitress returned with the food and drinks, Britney quickly grabbed a French fry filled with cheese and put it up to the brunette’s mouth. “Nothing happened, Baby! Now quit being silly and have some fries.”


After a surprisingly fun night of drinking, Sarah was happy to get home and relax. Having never been a party animal herself, the social gathering was a bit exhausting, and she was just ready to get some sleep. However, Britney had other things in mind…

“Baby,” the blonde whined in a cute voice. “I had so much fun with you tonight. Thanks for inviting me.”

“You did?” Sarah asked, looking confused once again. Although she found Britney’s antics adorable, she couldn’t figure out why the blonde was suddenly so nice to her.

“Of course I did! I always have fun spending time with you.”

“You do?!”

“Don’t be silly! Of course I do!”

“I’m not going to lie… You seemed annoyed at the beginning of the night. What changed?”

Trying to keep her eyes off Sarah’s chest, Britney struggled to maintain eye contact as she explained, “I might have started out in a funk, but I decided to focus on the bigger things… I mean, the better things… in life…”

“That’s an interestingly positive outlook from you…” the brunette said with a funny smile. “Did… you start your period or something?”

“No, Babe!” the prissy woman responded with a giggle. “I’m being nice! You think I’d be nice if I was PMSing?”

“No… but sometimes you get really horny when you’re on your period…”

“Well, I’m not on my period, Baby. As a matter of fact, I could take a bath to prove it. I swear you’d see no blood in the water. Hey, I’ve got a good idea! Why don’t you join me for güvenilir bahis siteleri a bath?”

Although Sarah was red in the face, things still didn’t make sense to her. A bath with Britney was never a bad idea, but being the practical woman she was, she responded, “That sounds fun but I took a shower before we left so I don’t really need..”

“No, no, no!” Britney interrupted in a very dismissive fashion. Unlike her normal self, she was able to confidently work her way past any hiccups and disagreements in a polite manner. She simply grabbed Sarah by the hand and escorted her to the bathroom, where she started running warm water. Then she undressed herself slowly, giving her girlfriend an enticing striptease.

Once she was naked, she turned her attention towards her brunette girlfriend. She stripped her down piece by piece, revealing Sarah’s slightly thicker body from the little weight gain. Most importantly, she saved the best for last, leaving her naked except for her D-cup bra.

“And now, to set those babies free,” Britney whispered, as she wrapped her arms around Sarah and unclipped her bra. When the blonde laid her eyes on the noticeably bigger set of tits, she let out a gasp, followed by a subtle moan.

After seeing the way Britney’s eyes lit up, Sarah had a good idea where the change in attitude came from. Although she thought it was silly, the blonde was suddenly infatuated with her breasts, just because she now knew they were technically one size up, she decided to play along. Holding them in her hands like she was presenting them, she asked, “How do you feel about my chest now that I’m a D-cup?”

Britney’s eyes were completely fixed on Sarah’s maroon nipples, like a starving person staring at a cooked steak. With a little gulp, she responded, “I feel… thirsty… I mean… hungry! I mean…”

“You know what?” Sarah interrupted, putting on an Oscar winning performance. “Now that I’m a D-cup, my breasts are pretty sore. I wish there was a way to… massage them or something…”

Britney’s beautiful blue eyes lit up even brighter than before as she grabbed Sarah by wrist and led her into the tub. “I can massage your tits! Just get in and leave it to me!”

Before Sarah knew it, she was in the warm tub, leaning back against her model girlfriend. Britney had snuck her arms underneath the brunette’s armpits, and was giving her the soapy breast massage she so desperately wanted.

As Sarah leaned her head back and let out her whimpering moans, Britney started kissing her on the neck as she increased the pressure against the big set of breasts. The blonde went from a gentle feeling out process to a much more aggressive squeeze. Then, when Sarah thought things couldn’t get any better, Britney focused her attention on pinching her nipples.

“That feels so good!” the sweet brunette cried out as she had both of her pointy nips stimulated at the same time. The pleasure was only enhanced by the tingly sensation of Britney sucking on her neck.

Sarah started to think she might experience an orgasm through the pleasure in her nipples alone. But of course, the sexy blonde wouldn’t be satisfied by that. Britney forced Sarah’s legs open with her own as she reached down and rubbed her soaking clit. Somehow, despite being covered in warm bath water, the blonde could still feel how wet her girlfriend was by the thick juices seeping inside her slit.

“Baby! This… is so… fucking hot!”

“You knew I loved your tits, you bad girl!” Britney said as she slapped both of the brunette’s breasts individually. “You should have told me the second you moved up to a D-cup. That way, I could have spent as much time with your tits as possible.”

“I’m sorry!” Sarah whimpered, completely trapped by the strong-minded blonde who was hell-bent on fucking her. “It’ll never happen again!”

Britney began nibbling on Sarah’s ear, causing goosebumps to appear all over. “Don’t you remember, these are my tits, too? How selfish of you to keep that vital information to yourself!”

“It won’t happen again! You’re right; these are your tits, too!”

Britney continued torturing Sarah until the brunette suddenly had an intense orgasm while being fondled in the bathtub. With one deep grunt, Sarah’s body was released from its strain, allowing her to melt back into Britney’s strong body.

Like the good girlfriend she was, Britney allowed the sweet brunette to catch her breath. She held her close, massaging her breasts slowly once again. However, as soon as Sarah had some life back in her, the mischievous blonde was ready to jump back into action.

The water was still warm, but Britney would hardly consider her girlfriend properly cleaned. She placed Sarah on all fours in the middle of the tub as she lathered her hands with soap. She then washed every inch of the brunette’s wet body, of course, saving the best parts for last.

With one soapy hand, the prissy woman fondled her sweet girlfriend’s large dangling breasts. With her other hand, iddaa siteleri she washed the woman’s pussy from behind, rubbing her crotch up and down with her open palm.

Sarah was reduced to tears, but not tears of sadness. There were just times when Britney could bring her such joy, considering their emotional and eventful past, it escalated the pleasure to heights unattainable with anyone else.

As she was about to reach her second orgasm, she let out a loud wail as the fond memories of their first bath came rushing back to her head. The endorphins were multiplied as she felt all the pleasures of that first at orgasm stacked on top of the amazing stimulation Britney was bringing to her right then and there.

Britney gave Sarah a loud smack on her tight ass, causing the water to splatter off her smooth bottom. After the spank of encouragement, she went right back to stimulating her dripping pussy as she forced the desperate woman to have a second wave of climactic pleasure.

The brunette could do nothing but arch her back as adrenaline came crashing through her body once again. But every time she wiggled around too much, Britney was there to give her another smack on the ass before forcing her back into the correct position.

Once Sarah could do nothing but collapse again, Britney took control of her, allowing her to lean back with her arms resting against the sides of the tub. Still panting heavily, the brunette did her best to stop letting her eyes roll back, so she could look at her amazing girlfriend and ask, “What have you done to me?!”

The blonde jumped on top, resting her head against Sarah’s chest. In a moment of vulnerability, she admitted, “I just wanted to enjoy your tits while I can! What if you lose weight, and you’re never a D-cup again?”

Fighting through her resonating moans, Sarah tried to explain, “My boobs aren’t that much bigger…” However, when she noticed the unpleased look on her girlfriend’s face, she quickly changed her tune just to make her happy. “I’ll do my best to keep them big for you… I think I know a way of losing body weight without losing breast size…”

“Really?!” Britney asked as her face lit up.

“Yeah, sure…” Secretly, Sarah knew she could just continue to wear a slightly bigger bra size, even if she lost the weight. This was all a title thing to Britney, anyway.

“Thank you so much! That would be great!” Britney cheered before giving Sarah a kiss on the lips. Despite all the kinky things they did to each other, a simple kiss still stirred up so much emotion in them.

Once Sarah finally stopped breathing heavily, she combed her fingers through Britney’s hair and asked, “Would you like to lie in bed with me and suck on my nipples?”

The blonde almost jumped clean out of the tub before screaming, “Would I?!”

Britney did her best to dry Sarah and herself as quickly as possible, but even though they were both still a little wet, she couldn’t wait any longer. She grabbed Sarah by the hand, fingers interlocked, and dragged her to their bedroom as soon as they were remotely dry.

Though the playful brunette was still a little light-headed from the major orgasms she suffered, she was determined to be the strong woman Britney needed in that moment. As the prissy woman began climbing on top of her, she held her up, displaying all her strength. Despite the few pounds she had gained, Sarah knew she was still athletic enough to woman-handle her model girlfriend whenever she needed.

She sat on the side of the bed, holding Britney in her lap, almost in the fetal position. Carrying the blonde like a baby, she allowed her to latch onto one of her nipples and suck as hard as she needed as she stimulated her pussy.

This was a position that Sarah had forced Britney to orgasm in so many times before. However, she understood that this was the first time the blonde would suck on her now D-sized tits, at least to Britney’s knowledge.

With this being a special occasion, Sarah took great care of Britney as she caressed her slimy, wet pussy with her free hand. With the other, she locked her fingers into her girlfriend’s blonde hair, stabilizing her head so she could suck in a comfortable position.

With her mouth full of nipple, Britney could barely let out her muffled moans as the playful brunette quickly brought her to a climax. After fantasizing about sucking those titties all night long, it wasn’t a surprise that she couldn’t last long before having a debilitating orgasm.

Feeling the oncoming climax, Sarah gave Britney’s bare behind a nice little spank before continuing the intense rub down. She felt the blonde sucking harder than before, which only encouraged her to match the intensity by stroking her G-spot even harder.

Britney’s tight body got even tighter as she strained with maximum effort in the arms of her strong brunette. Then, when the orgasm finally arrived, it took all the power in Sarah’s arms to hold her still as her body tried to bounce around from the seismic crash.

“I’m cumming!” Britney moaned out, despite Sarah’s nipple still being stuffed in her mouth. With drool running down the side of her cheek, she suddenly found herself barely conscious as her eyes rolled to the back of her head.

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