Road Trip! Ch. 06

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Day 7…

‘Ohhhhhh…ohhhhh…ooooooh…you make love fun’, we sang aloud, Mick Fleetwood’s pounding back-beat putting our boogie-motors in motion as Marni and I danced around while singing along with the classic Fleetwood Mac tune.

We had been cleaning up our dishes and mess after scarfing down the breakfast we had prepared. Thunder and lightning had conspired to wake us up earlier than we would have liked. In fact, the thunder clap that had awakened us around seven’ish that Saturday morning was so close that it shook the house.

“Doesn’t look like we’re going to get a run in this morning, sweetie,” Marni opined after looking out of our patio doors to the thunderstorm that had rolled over us from the Gulf.

“Well, that blows,” I chimed in, glancing at myself in the dresser’s mirror as I tried to stretch myself awake.

“Wha’ the…” I said aloud when I saw something around my mouth shining in the reflection. Looking closer, I started giggling.

“What’s so funny?” Marni asked, turning from the patio doors to glance my way.

“Look,” I said, walking closer and pointing the ‘ring’ around my mouth, “that’s you, girlfriend, that’s you on my face, that’s your dried pussy juice, babycakes.”

Laughing, Marni looked at her own reflection, nodding as she examined her own ‘ring’.

“Wonder how that happened?” I joked

“Pussy Fairy must’ve sat on our faces last night while we slept,” Marni teased.

“Yeah, that’s it…that’s the story we’ll stick with,” I replied, the remark making us both smile…

Showered, clean and coiffed, we decided to fix breakfast, cooking bacon and eggs with toast and jelly. It was while we were cleaning up that the Fleetwood Mac song came on, the familiar tune getting us both into it, both of us singing along.

Have to say, while McVie and Nicks we ain’t, we weren’t half-bad, both singing in harmony and on key. When the song ended, the sound of clapping made us both snap our heads towards the screen doors of our porch.

“Nicely done, ladies,” Susan said with a smile, “May we come in?”

“Of course…sorry, we didn’t know y’all were out there,” Marni answered.

“We really weren’t eavesdropping,” Sue explained, taking the cup of coffee that I had poured for her, “But, hearing you two singing, we just had to wait until it ended.”

“I was serious,” Susan said as she stirred the cream into her coffee, “Both of you sing really well.”

“Well, thank you,” I replied, doing a small curtsy afterwards.

“We just wanted to say our goodbyes, girls,” Sue said, “Duties of careers are calling us back to New Orleans early, I’m afraid.”

“Bummer,” Marni remarked, adding, “Well, meeting the two of you has been a highlight of our trip.”

“For us as well,” Susan replied, “Don’t suppose there’s any chance that your travels will take you to New Orleans is there?”

“Actually,” I chimed in, “It, along with Austin, are on our ‘short list’ of cities that we’d like to explore for a couple of days during our drive home.”

“Perfect!” Sue piped up smilingly, “You’ll stay with us, no arguments, its done.” Her tone left no room for discussion about it.

Marni and I exchanged looks, both shrugging our ‘OK’ with her invitation.

“Here’s our address and numbers,” Susan added, sliding the piece of paper that she had been writing on, to me, “Call us the day before you’re coming, then call us when you hit the city and I’ll give you directions.”

“I’ll plug your address into the nav-system of the car, it’ll find you, but, we’ll call after we’ve hit the city limits to let you know we’re near,” Marni contributed, taking the paper from me.

The four of us shared long hugs of goodbye, Marni and I truly sorry that they had to leave early. We really enjoyed the short time that we got to ‘hang’ with them. With final cheek-kisses given and taken, they took their leave of us.

“Looks like its letting up,” I opined with a glance to the rain that was, now, falling gently, the sky becoming less dark.

“If not a run today, I wouldn’t mind an afternoon of sunning and swimming,” Marni suggested.

“Sounds perfect,” I agreed, “Meanwhile, I’m going to check in on my mailbox at work, if you don’t mind, there may be some responses I might need to take care of.”

“Knock yourself out, I think I’m going to fool around with my sketch book for a while,” Marni answered, following her words with a soft, almost-lustful, kiss to me.

“Had fun last night, kiddo,” She said as she hugged me after the kiss.

“Yeah, me too,” I replied while brushing the hair from her cheek with my fingers, smiling at her.

“Any regrets, Jules…you know, about what we’ve been doing with each other on the trip?” Marni asked, her voice not as much serious, as it was seriously curious, about the answer.

“I do have two regrets,” I replied, leaning against the island sink, looking at her.

“You do?” She asked, her tone clearly showing alarm.

“My first regret is that I didn’t discover the fun of Ankara escort playing in girly-land much earlier in my life,” I declared with a smile, “But, my biggest regret? My biggest regret is that you and I didn’t start this sooner in our relationship,” chuckling, Marni’s grin showing that she knew I had just pulled her chain.

“Things happen when they happen for a reason, babe,” Marni remarked, “But, I guess it doesn’t hurt anyone if we play catch-up.”

“Works for me,” I agreed…

I was curled up on a corner of the large, ninety-degree couch working with my IPad, and Marni was sitting at the other corner, sketching God knows what, both of us humming with the tunes playing in the background on the satellite TV system.

“You know what you said earlier, about regretting that we didn’t start this sooner?” Marni asked casually while her hand moved her pencil on the pad, her eyes clearly focused on whatever she was skteching.

“Yeaaah?” I sorta’ answered, my concentration focused on the email I was reading.

“Doesn’t mean that I hadn’t thought about it,” She announced.

That got my attention.

“Really?” My one-word question sounding incredulous.

“Right after you kicked Prince Charming out of your place, about two weeks after that, I started getting random thoughts about, maybe, putting the moves on you.”

“Wow…not sure how I would’ve reacted to that, back then,” I mused.

“Kinda’ what I finally came to think,” Marni replied in agreement, “So, I kinda’ stopped thinking about it.”

I was really interested now.

“When did you start thinking about it again?” I asked, truly curious.

“When you asked me to join you on the trip, the ‘thoughts’ returned,” She replied, adding, “In Salt Lake City…when we stopped for the night and you went in to take your shower? I started thinking about you in there, naked and wet, and I got turned on.”

“Is that the real reason you wanted to shower with me?”

“That, and I wanted to see you naked, in real life, to see if you looked like my mind’s image when I masturbated a couple of times,” She answered, closing her sketch pad at the same time and laying it on the sofa.

“And, did I?”

“Better…” She replied, pulling her tee over her head as she walked towards me. Kneeling next to me, she leaned her body forward, moving her breasts until one of her nipples brushed across my lips.

We didn’t come up for air until an hour or so later…

After we had satisfied the latest of our seemingly endless carnal desires for each other, we spent the rest of the afternoon tanning and playing in the water, playing like school-girls on vacation, both of us sneaking quick feels of the other under the water while the gentle surf moved us around at will.

Deciding that we’d return to the Magnolia Cafe where with had lunched with the Susans for dinner, we dressed casual, leaving the duplex at around sunset.

On the drive north from Gulf Shores, we both noticed the not-so-subtle, flashing sign of a ‘Lovers Boutique’ across the four-laned highway on my side of the road. We both looked as we passed, Marni keeping her head turned towards it as we passed by.

“Like toys?” She suddenly asked, her face now turned towards me.

“Think I broke my favorite Slim-Jim during my self-imposed period of doing without,” I chuckled in response with a quick glace aside towards her.

“Good to know,” She remarked cryptically.

Dinner was better than we anticipated, the two of us sharing a piece of pecan pie for dessert, over coffee. Signaling our waitress for the check, Marni casually asked, “Mind if I drive us back?”

“Be my guest,” I answered with a smile, pushing the car keys across the table towards her from where I had laid them when seated.

“Sorta’ early on a Saturday night, want to do a quickie tour of the island?” Marni asked as we approached the ‘T’.

“Why not?” I averred, “We haven’t really seen much of it, have we?”

Turning left, east, at the light, Marni put us into the right lane of the four-laned street, closer to the curb.

“Lots of high-rises, time-share condos, it appears to me,” I remarked as we drove by one after another, after another.

“Yeah, seems like this end of the island is all high-rises,” Marni said as we rose above an inlet on a high-rise bridge. Off in the distance, ahead of us on my side of the road, we could see some rather bright lights, cars leaving and entering from lots on both sides of the highway.

‘Florabama’ a sign proclaimed, the ramshackled structure obviously a bar, festooned with neon beer signs. In smaller, but readable letters, the sign said that the bar straddled the Florida-Alabama state lines and, sure enough, there was the welcome sign announcing that we were now in Florida.

“Well, that is just way-fucking-cool,” Marni proclaimed, “Get drunk in one state and pass out in another,” her remark bringing chuckles from us.

“Wow, didn’t realize we were ‘that’ close to Florida,” I commented as Marni searched for a spot Ankara escort bayan to turn around.

Driving back past the bar, other signs proclaiming that it was ‘famous’, we could see that the vast majority of patrons were of college age, but also with a ‘smattering’ of thirty and forty-somethings, some on motorcyles, others walking around near the bar, drinks in hand.

“Must be a happening place,” I remarked as we drove by, Marni nodding her head in agreement.

“Want to do our side of the island?” Marni asked, “drive past our place, to the other end?”

“Might as well, but if you see a liquor store along the way, stop, we could use some beer,” I replied and it was a fact. We had ‘ordered’ a twelve-pack of Corona when we sent the agent our list but that was already gone.

The island, the west side, our side of the ‘T’ was mostly beach-homes on the Gulf side with apartment complexes and one or two time-share condos north of the road, not on the beach.

“Really like that we got beach-side,” Marni remarked as we took in the drive, some of the homes producing whistles of admiration.

“I’m gonna’ guess that beach-side homes are pricey,” I said after passing an obviously expensive house.

“Want to walk the beach a bit?” She asked, pulling into a small lot that fronted a public beach area, deserted, no other cars in the lot and the nearest house a few hundred yards away.

We left our shoes in the car, walking barefoot towards the water-line, hand in hand, the warm sand feeling good to our bare skin. We walked for about fifteen or twenty minutes, strolling more than walking. We would stop every once in a while to examine shells, the less-than-full moon providing enough light for us to feel safe, to see our way.

Off in the water, maybe twenty yards or so, about a hundred or so feet ahead of us , we could hear giggling and laughter coming from the breaking surf, the sound of the waves almost drowning out the sound of the laughter.

Stopping us with a tug of her hand, Marni made a ‘Shh’ sign with her finger against her lips, her head-nod indicating where I should look.

There were three gals of indeterminate age frolicking in the water, laughing aloud as the waves pushed them towards the shore, body-surfing the small breakers, then walking back out to do it all over again.

“Looks like fun,” I commented.

“Not sure I’d be comfortable doing it at night, though…I kinda’ like to be able to see what’s in the water with me,” Marni averred.

“Ditto,” I agreed and, continuing to watch them play, we saw that two of them who had ridden the same wave into shore were taking off their two-piece suits, tossing them onto the beach then running, naked, back out to meet their friend in the waist-deep water.

When the two nudies reached the third girl, one of them sank under the water at the same time that the other one quickly unhooked the bra-top of their friend. Rising and blowing water from her mouth, the one with the bottom half of a suit in her hands caught the top-half thrown by her friend and surfed to shore, tossing it to join the other suits laying on the beach.

“I don’t think they even know we’re here, that there’s anyone watching them,” Marni said, her voice low.

That comment was brought about because, when the suit-tosser rejoined the other two, the one who had her suit taken was suddenly sandwiched between her friends, her friends’ hands now fondling and feeling her body between them, kisses between the three being exchanged freely.

“Kinda’ hot watching them make out,” I said while keeping my eyes glued to the mini-porn show going on out in the water.

“Yeah…it is,” Marni replied after a heart-beat, her eyes also staying focused on the three chicks, her fingertips softly brushing my ass through my shorts.

One was now bent at the waist as she sucked on the middle girl’s ample breasts, the third one kissing the back of the suckee’s neck while her hand was obvously doing ‘things’ under the water to the girl’s bottom.

“Wonder where they’re staying?” I mused, becoming aware of some heat going on between my legs.

“Why? Want to join ’em?” Marni snickered, her eyes turning to look at me.

“Have to admit, it sure looks like the three of them of enjoying the hell out of what they’re doing,” I replied, jumping a wee bit when I felt Marni’s hand squeezing my ass-cheeks softly.

“If you looked up recreational lesbian-sex among friends in a thesaurus,” Marni commented further, her hand now rubbing on my kitty between my legs from the back, “There’d be link to a video of those three.”

“Like porn?” Marni suddenly asked, her question sounding like an afterthought from her statement about the video thingy.

“Don’t dislike it if it’s done right…at least if it has a modicum of class about it,” I answered after thinking about it for a few seconds, “well, as much ‘class’ as one might find in porn, anyway.”

One of the girls must’ve have finally noticed that we were watching them, saying something to her Escort Ankara two friends and pointing towards us. When the other two saw us, the three of them started laughing and giggling, sounding embarassed and excited at the same time.

“We better go,” Marni suggested and, with a wave to the girls which they returned, producing more giggles, we started our walk back to the still-deserted parking lot, the traffic on this end of the island almost non-existent.

Nudging me against the front fender as she ‘chirped’ the car unlocked, Marni stood on her tiptoes and kissed me, her hand sliding under my tee to cup and fondle one of my girls, her tongue sliding easily into my welcoming mouth.

“Get in the back seat,” She said after breaking off the kiss, her head swiveling to look around, checking if there was anybody that could see us.

She joined me in the backseat, closing the door behind her. Looking at me intently, she started unbuttoning her blouse, shrugging it down her arms. Unsnapping her shorts, she squiggled them off of her, followed by her panties.

Watching her strip in the backseat of my car got me hot, it really did. When she was totally naked, she slid lower with her back to the door, her head just below the window so’s not to be seen.

With one leg folded up on the seat and her other leg splayed and stretched out length-wise, she started pulling at her pussy’s lips.

“Make love to me, baby, please?” She cooed, her eyelids half-closed, her voice sultry, “Do me in the car, here…now, baby, and when we get back to the house, I promise I’ll fuck your eyes out.”

“Don’t have to ask me twice,” I smarted off, already scrunching my butt against my door so’s that I could get my head between her legs to do just that.

Glad I picked the 700-Series Touring Sedan, I thought as I moved my body around into the right position, anything smaller and this wouldn’t be happening.

“Damn, you taste good,” I cooed while my mouth and tongue enjoyed her sweetness, her hands holding on to my head as I ate her.

I decided to get serious about getting her off when, stretching forward so that she could fondle my breasts, she started pinching my hard nipples between her thumbs and forefingers of her hands, the slight pain producing a lot of pleasure for me.

The lights that swung quickly through the car, stopped us in our tracks, neither moving or saying anything, both of us seemingly holding our breath, and me with a mouthful of wet pussy. As quick as they had appeared, they disappeared, obiviously a car turning around in the parking lot.

Listening intently, we heard the diminishing sound of a car engine as the vehicle drove away on the highway.

“That was close,” Marni remarked, her fingers resuming the pinching of my nipples, her hips resuming its squirming on the car-seat, responding to my resuming cunnilingus of her.

After the scare, the intensity of our back-seat love-making amplified, the incident fueling my horniness and excitement at the whole-sex-in-public thing. Didn’t know I’d like doing that but, as it turned out, I surely did.

I had my tongue flicking her clit rapidly while I slid my finger into her very wet pussy, in and out, rubbing it, at times, up and down her puckered asshole, something she seemed to be liking.

On a whim, because I had never done it before, at the same time that I clamped my mouth over her pussy, chewing and gnawing hugrily on her, I slipped the tip of my finger into her asshole, producing a sharp gasp from Marni, followed by a low, almost growling moan as she relaxed, moving her hips slowly against the pressure of my finger-tip.

Empowered by her reaction, I pushed further into her puckered-hole, up to the mid-knuckle, slowly fucking her ass with my finger while sucking her pussy feverishly.

“Oh babe, oooooooh babe,” She cried out, her voice loud in the closed car, “Ooooh fuck, I’m going…I’m coming, I’m coming,” the bucking of her pussy to my mouth, and her ass against my finger, shaking the car violently.

She squeezed off two smaller ones after the shaking had ended from the big one, her breath coming in bursts, her breasts rising and falling rapidly. Sliding my finger out of her ass slowly, I reached with my other hand to the top of the console, in the catch-tray, retrieving a small pack of antiseptic hand-wipes that I always keep in my vehicle.

Slowly wiping my fucking-finger, I looked down at her nakedness, her eyes closed, her breathing slowed and a big-assed smile on her lips.

“Never did that before,” I said, “never fingered anyone in the ass before,” adding, “You seemed to like it, though.”

“Ya’ think?” She replied, her voice full of sarcasm, pulling herself up with her hands around my neck and kissing me afterwards.

“Want me to do you?” Marni asked, her panties in her hand, waiting to hear my answer.

“Uh-uh,” I answered, “I want you to drive us home so that you can fuck my eyes out, like you promised.”

She did…

Day 8…

Our mutual decision to hold Sunday, the Lord’s day, “unto itself”, a day of rest, had nothing to do with Marni’s, or my, religious views.

Nope, had everthing to do with the fact that we both needed to give the love-boxes a day of rest, rest and healing.

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